Israel is enclosing Lebanon

border fences in the north of the country in connection with deteriorating situation in Lebanon against the background of the acute energy crisis and internal armed conflicts. A “military observer” writes about it.

Lebanese authorities have previously investigated a soldier who opened fire on a group of protesters in Beirut during recent clashes in the capital

According to the army, the soldier shot a member of Hezbollah in self-defense. The man died.

There was a battle in the area of ​​the Palace of Justice in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Hezbollah and Amal forces protested here against a judge who explodes in a port in Beirut. Hezbollah is accused of the explosion.

Suddenly the shooting started. Army units were drawn into the area.


France has announced the penetration of a “Russian mole” into the local Ministry of Defense


In 2017, the French Ministry of Defense “Russian mole”. This statement was made by Bernard Bajollet, former director of the French Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), without providing any specific evidence.

According to him, he drew the attention of the country's authorities to this information. He emphasized that the priority was the fight against terrorism, but that “espionage activities did not stop.”

but indicated that this information related to classified information and its disclosure was “prosecuted.”


Vučič intends to speak Russian in the State Duma


Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic has announced his intention to perform at the State Duma of Russia and on television in Russian. The head of state plans to visit Russia in November to meet with Vladimir Putin.

On Sunday, October 17, the Serbian leader visited a gym in Belgrade, where he met in particular with his class teacher, Russian teacher Irina Galkina.

When he addressed her, he remarked that he now taught Russian language courses almost every day. Vučič also expects the teacher to watch his speech in front of members of the State Duma and on Russian television and will inform him if something goes wrong.

Earlier, Vučič indicated that he intends to meet with Putin on November 25.


The French ambassador left Belarus at the request of Minsk


French Ambassador in Belarus Nicolas de Lacoste has left the country, the French diplomatic mission in Minsk told TASS. The reasons were not disclosed.

According to France-Presse, Lacoste left the country due to demands from the Belarusian authorities. Minsk demanded that the ambassador leave the republic by October 18.

It is well known that the recently appointed Ambassador to Belarus, Lacoste, never presented his mandate to President Alexander Lukashenko.


Zelenskyj called it a condition for the exchange of Medvedchuk

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Ukraine would consider exchanging Viktor Medvedchuk about imprisoned Ukrainian citizens, if such an offer came from Russia, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an ICTV broadcast. He noted that the reason would be Russian citizenship of Medvedchuk.

“On the other hand, if Russia, for example, confirms that Mr Medvedchuk, for example, has Russian citizenship, it is quite possible. Let's say it's quite possible, & # 39; & # 39; stressed Zelensky.

However, there was no direct evidence that Medvedev had Russian citizenship. In the meantime, he remains Ukraine's representative for the people and is subject to Ukrainian legislation.

Recall that in May, the head of the NSDC Aleksey Danilov announced the possibility of exchanging Medvedchuk for imprisoned Ukrainians in Russia. The politician is now accused of treason. It should be noted that there was no verdict on Medvedev.


The Iranian chief of staff arrives in Moscow to meet with Shoig

Mohammad Bagheri. Photo:

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Bagheri arrived in Moscow for an official visit.

The Iranian delegation will stay in Moscow for four days and will meet with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoiga and Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.

Discussions on arms supplies and the situation in Afghanistan are planned during the talks.


An American journalist praised Putin

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

CNBC TV presenter Headley Gamble, who worked as a moderator during the “Russian Energy Week”, he praised the Russian president according to the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin '. Recall that it was previously announced that during the plenary session, Putin praised Gamble and called her a “beautiful woman,” but complained that he did not listen to his answers.

But now it has become known that this is an American conversation, and Putin was not restricted. They were able to exchange words behind the scenes of the forum. “Glad to see you! You look very good. How are you feeling? Aren't you cold? Are you comfortable?” Gamble said.

Practical gambling photo: Photos from the video

Television the presenter also admitted to the Russian president that she feels uncomfortable in Moscow because of the cold. Putin joked in response. Those Siberians are not those who are not afraid of frost, but those who dress warmly.

It is worth noting that Gamble was very brave in his conversation with Putin. She appeared on the Russian Energy Week stage in a tight black dress and Louboutins in high heels.


New York Times: Nobel Prize reveals split in Russian opposition

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Nobel Prize winner, editor -boss “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov cooperates with the Kremlin, reports The New York Times. Supporters of Alexei Navalny, who does not intend to make any compromises, opposed this decision. The publication believes that this has raised many questions – & nbsp; it is worth seeking change through relentless resistance, or attempts to improve the existing system are still acceptable.

Muratov himself asked he hated the counter-question against the claims made against him & ndash; they are willing to do something to improve the lives of others. The president's spokesman Dmitry Peskov also congratulated Muratov on the Nobel Prize. “ But an outburst of anger has shown how fragmented and weakened the Russian opposition is – & nbsp; in particular because the authorities are working hard to suppress dissent, closing groups of activists and news channels and forcing more and more dissidents and journalists into exile, & # 39; & # 39; “The daily said.

Muratov is often accused of not publishing data on the wealth of the Kremlin elite. The journalist himself replies that he does not intend to interfere in the private lives of “ children and women & # 39; & # 39 ;.

Meanwhile, Putin said that Muratov himself intends to use the Nobel Prize as a pretext for violating Russian laws, then his responsibility will still wait. “Regardless of their achievements,” everyone must understand clearly and unequivocally: Russian laws must be observed, “the president said, adding that this was a signal to Muratov – & nbsp; that there were no guarantees.


Former senator from the Astrakhan Gorbunov area has died


The Astrakhan Region Administration has announced the death of a former member of the Federation Council from Gennady Gorbunov.

“ In the 76th year, our compatriot, Russian statesman Gennady Alexandrovich Gorbunov, died & # 39; & # 39; it is stated in the statement.

The regional authorities expressed their deep condolences to the family and friends of Gennady Alexandrovich.

Recall that from 2001 to 2016, Gennady Gorbunov served as the head of the Federation Council Committee for Agrarian, Food Policy and Nature Management.


The Japanese demanded the eviction of the Russians due to a Russian film about the Kuril Islands

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release of Vladimír Kozlov's film “ Kunashir & # 39; & # 39;, which tells the story of Russian life on the island. Many traces of World War II remained in Kunashir – & nbsp; they are cannons, broken dishes, abandoned ships. The Japanese cemetery on the island is deserted. Overall, Kunashir is a bleak landscape.

The trailer for the film presents a local view of Kunashir. “There are only weapons, tanks and dumps,” he says.

Some Japanese commentators have accused former Prime Minister Shinza Abe of failing to negotiate the return of the island. Others rightly pointed out that the foreign ministry was then headed by the current head of government, Fumio Kishida.

“ Until Russia disintegrates, the islands will not return, & # 39; & # 39; “ The Russian mafia under Putin's leadership will certainly not return the islands to us, & # 39; & # 39; islanders may be relocated to other regions because they themselves have recently moved to the South Kurils, & # 39; & # 39; write subscribers. Many recalled that the USSR had seized the Kurils after violating and attacking Japan's pact of neutrality against Japan.

It is worth recalling that the current Prime Minister Kishida previously advocated the return of all four Kuril Islands in his speeches.