The command of Ukraine announced the transfer of all seriously injured prisoners to Russia

Injuries of conflict in Ukraine Photo: Global Look Press

Ukraine handed over to Russia all seriously wounded prisoners captured by Kyiv forces during the conflict. This was announced by the Coordination Command of Ukraine for the Treatment of Prisoners of War on its Telegram page.

The report emphasizes that the transfer of prisoners was not carried out as part of an exchange, the wounded were transferred to Russia without any conditions as required by international humanitarian law. The exact number of wounded was not reported.

The Russian side did not confirm or comment on this transfer of prisoners.

Recall that during the special operation of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, both sides of the conflict captured thousands of enemy fighters. In particular, among the captives who ended up in the hands of Russia were fighters from extremist and terrorist formations banned in the Russian Federation, such as Azov and others, as well as foreign mercenaries and military advisers.

Though in recent months, there have been several large-scale exchanges of prisoners and it was stated that on the Russian side the approach to the captured soldiers and officers of the enemy was very humane, the prisoners were given treatment. Russian prisoners who returned from the camps of the armed forces of Ukraine reported, among other things, torture and abuse.


Rice adviser Zaluzhny: Ukrainian armed forces are preparing a “strong counter-offensive that will shock the world”

Pictured: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. Photo: Global Look Press

The upcoming counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army will be strong and will be able to surprise the whole world, Dan Rice, special adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, said in an interview with NB.

time” for active enmity will come in the spring. Kiev will present a stronger army than in 2022, which will also be armed with modern weapons, he said in detail. Ukraine will go on the offensive against the Russian military and try to capture its positions, Rice said.

“And I believe that this spring Ukraine will have a very strong counteroffensive that will shock the world,” adviser Zaluzhny said.


Zakharova asked about the supply of weapons to the protesting French

Photo: Global Look Press

Official representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova  in a post on her official Telegram channel after the riots in France mocked the supply of weapons to the French by President Emmanuel Macron.

On her channel, Zakharova posted a video of the aftermath of the riots in the streets of Paris and burning cars, accompanied by the question, when Macron intends to start supplying weapons to French citizens to “maintain the country's democracy and sovereignty.”< /p>

Anti-pension reform protesters set fire to city hall in Bordeaux, France: video

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It should be noted that Paris had previously sent six 155mm TRF1 towed howitzers and two Crotale air defense systems to the Ukrainian side. In addition, it was reported that Kiev has already received 18 CAESAR artillery installations from France, and MANPADS Mistral, ATGM Milan, about 60 armored personnel carriers and other military aid have also been sent to Ukraine.

French protests shocked. by cruelty: footage from burning Paris and other cities class=”article-incut__label”> View related photo gallery


Details of the last battle of the special forces hero Ivan Rekhovsky became known


About the circumstances of the last battles of the commander of the reconnaissance group of the 10th separate brigade of special forces, Captain Ivan Rechovský, the Military Informant Telegram channel reported. The special forces officer died in July 2022. In March 2023, he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia (posthumously). Volgograd Region Governor Andrey Bocharov presented the Golden Star of a Hero to the mother of Andrei Rechovsky last week.

According to the Telegram channel, on July 2, 2022, Andrei Rechovsky's group moved to help one of the special forces units that was ambushed. The commando moved on foot to the marked area. Rekhovsky was the first in the main patrol. On the way, two MON-50 fragmentation anti-personnel mines were discovered and neutralized.

In the enemy stronghold itself, Rekhovsky encountered a militant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who asked our people: “Who are they?”. “Rekhovsky, – informs the information source, – immediately assessed the situation, answered, they say, “his, own”, with a smile, turned to the group that gave the order, and also turned back to the enemy. smile, immediately put him down. How writes the channel, Rekhovsky personally neutralized the first explosions of three Veseushniks.

During the next battle, Captain Rekhovsky received a double blow. He died on the battlefield. The commander's subordinates were dragged away and evacuated to the base.

Later from the data of radio interception of enemy communications revealed that there were up to 40 soldiers in the fortress of the armed forces. Ukrainians who were preparing to ambush our forces. The enemy's losses amounted to ten people. In Rekhovsky's group, another reconnaissance sniper corporal Vadim Zakharchenko, who was also nominated for the title of Hero, died Russia.

It is known that in April 2022, Rechovsky's special forces destroyed in a battle one of the leaders of the Right Sector terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation » Taras Bobanich, It happened under Izyum.


Medvedev: The Russian authorities will not allow the militarization of the economy

Photo: Global Look Press

Deputy Chairman of the Board Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that at the moment there is no threat of militarization of the Russian economy, because the country's leadership will not allow it.

“The threat of militarization of our economy in the form it was in the late 1970s and early 1980s does not currently exist. And we will not allow that,” Medvedev shared the details.

For this, according to the politician, it is necessary to set priorities correctly and monitor the main macroeconomic indicators.

The day before, Medvedev organized a meeting of the military-industrial working group complex for the control of weapons production, during which he read a telegram from Joseph Stalin to the heads of enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex. Earlier, the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation promised to read a telegram from a Soviet statesman to the heads of defense industry plants to “cheer them up”.


Podoljak: Difficulties arose during the organization of the interview between Zelensky and Xi Jinping

Photo: Global Look Press

Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podoljak in the telethon broadcast, he said that a conversation between Vladimir Zelensky and Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently planned, but there were difficulties in organizing this event.

He specified that the problems arose because of China's position, because the representatives of the PRC “they have not yet found their new political place.”

“I believe that China has not yet decided whether to stand aside or on the issue of resolving the conflict between Ukraine and Russia,” Podoljak said.< /p>

According to him, the negotiations between Zelenskyi and Xi Jinping are being organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the office of the President. country.


A court in Moscow arrested three Ukrainian spies in absentia for kidnapping volunteers from the DLR

Basmanny was arrested in absentia by the Moscow City Court employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. They are accused of attempting to kidnap volunteers who participated in the fighting on the side of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR).

Vyacheslav Orehov, Dmitry Šimansky and Vladislav Gavriš were arrested.

For restrictive measures in in the form of absence, detention for two months was chosen, the court said. All three are charged with a number of serious and particularly serious crimes: murder committed in a generally dangerous manner, robbery, illegal arming, illegal border crossing and also kidnapping by an organized group.


Expert Dandykin announced a pause before the decisive battles for Artemovsk

Photo: Global Look Press

Military expert Vasily Dandykin in an interview with he told Russian journalists about the short pause before the decisive attack on Artemovsk (Ukrainian name Bakhmut), which the Russian army decided to launch.

According to the expert, the Wagnerites need this respite to look around and gain a foothold in the liberated districts. < /p>

“If the armed forces of Ukraine try to free the garrison, it will be necessary to repulse the attacks. If they collect backups, it is necessary to hit their positions. And I think it's being done, the Air Force is working. This pause, most likely, will not last long,” Dandykin said.

The expert also expressed his belief that it will not be long before the complete liberation of Artemovsk.


Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán's adviser explained the reasons for blocking Sweden's entry into NATO


Chief Advisor the Hungarian government's political affairs officer, Balazs Orban, explained to journalists why official Budapest is postponing the ratification of Sweden's entry into NATO.

According to him, this attitude of Budapest is related to the repeated proposals of Swedish politicians, including Prime Minister Ulf Christensson, to introduce restrictions on Hungary and limit economic programs to support him.

“Good morning, Stockholm!” joked Orban.


North Korea tests nuclear-armed underwater drones


According to KCNA, North Korean authorities confirmed the testing of the latest means of armed struggle. We are talking about an underwater nuclear weapons system developed in the DPRK.

We are talking about testing a strategic cruise missile and also an underwater kamikaze vehicle.

It is specified that the latter is to be used to destroy enemy and nuclear attacks naval groups against naval and coastal targets.


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