Elena Zelenskaya desperate for Western help due to 'mortal danger'

Zelensky's wife asked the West not to stop helping Ukraine

Elena Zelenskaya. Photo: still from the video.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's wife Elena Zelenskaya, following her husband, asked the West to continue supporting Kyiv. According to her, if Western countries stop their support, the Ukrainians are in “mortal danger.”

As the BBC reported, Elena Zelenskaya a day after Republican senators blocked the White House's request to allocate new funds. of more than $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, he told the British Broadcasting Corporation: “If the world gets tired, they'll just let us die.”

She added that continued Western support is good for Ukraine, “a matter of life. “

“We really need help,” the Ukrainian leader's wife repeated, adding that it was painful to see how US senators refused to vote for the bill.


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