Professional Regulatory Authority, Monitoring Committee and Asean Architect Council

Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA)

The Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of each participating ASEAN Member Country shall be responsible for the following:

– consider applications from the ASEAN Architect (AA) and authorise the ASEAN Architect (AA) to practise as a Registered Foreign Architect (RFA), either in independent practice or in collaboration with one or more licensed Architects in the Host Country, where appropriate, subject to the domestic laws and regulations;
– monitor and assess the professional practice of the Registered Foreign Architect (RFA) and to ensure compliance with this Arrangement;
– report to relevant local and international bodies of the developments in the implementation of this Arrangement, where required;
– maintain high standards of professional and ethical practice in architecture;
– notify the ASEAN Architect Council (AAC) Secretariat (set up under Article 4.3.5) promptly in writing when a Registered Foreign Architect (RFA) has contravened this Arrangement, or when an Architect who is also an ASEAN Architect (AA) is no longer qualified to undertake practice of architecture in the Country of Origin, has not complied with Continuing Professional Development (CPO) policy of the Country of Origin at a satisfactory level or has seriously violated technical, professional or ethical standards either in the Country of Origin or in the Host Country whereby such violations have led to deregistration or suspension from practice;
– prepare rules and regulations to enable the implementation of this Arrangement; and
– exchange information regarding laws, practices and prevailing developments in the practice of architecture within the region with the view to harmonisation in accordance with regional and/or international standards.