NYT: Chaos Comes to Ukraine's Armed Forces Due to Uncertainty in the United States

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Ongoing uncertainty in The United States regarding additional military aid to Ukraine is leading to chaos in the Ukrainian military and does not allow it to plan its actions, said Max Bergmann, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in an interview with The New York Times.

The expert noted that the Kyiv regime is unable to plan its activities months in advance because, for example, it does not have data on how much ammunition will be allocated.

< p>Bergmann also pointed out that the United States has already begun cutting military aid to the Kyiv regime. At the end of September, weapons purchases for the armed forces of Ukraine were estimated at several hundred million dollars, and at the beginning of the year at 2.8 billion dollars.

The analyst also emphasized that the last tranches of aid were particularly modest – $100 and 175 million.< /p>

Former White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She admitted that there is currently no progress on the issue of US aid to Ukraine. At the same time, she said that the country's president, Joe Biden, is “ready to compromise” in order to approve new budget allocations in the interest of Kyiv.

Citing the US military, Bloomberg reported that there is no interruption in arms supplies to Ukraine and Israel. “We supply Israel with many types of ammunition for everything from helicopters to artillery. But there's no competition with what we've already planned to send to Ukraine, at least for now,” said Deputy Defense Secretary Douglas Bush.

The publication said Washington's supplies fall under two different programs. To Israel – as part of the FMS program, in which Tel Aviv itself pays for purchases. Ukraine is supplied from a special presidential fund that allows it to send weapons from American warehouses. However, Bush warned that if both conflicts continue, there may still be competition between Israel and Ukraine for American weapons.

At the same time, the Pentagon has previously informed that the reduction of arms supplies to the Kiev regime has already begun. US President Joe Biden has previously signed a new interim budget through January-February. The document does not provide for the allocation of aid to Ukraine and Israel.

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