Council representative Magomedov: Russia can leave Ukraine without industry

Photo: Lina Korsak

Besides demilitarization Deindustrialization of Ukraine also threatens The country can remain without industry. Verkhovna Rada deputy Musa Magomedov stated this in an interview with Politeka channel.

According to his information, every fifth Ukrainian company is currently closed, roughly 50 percent of production is unprofitable. About a third earns and transfers money to the budget.

If we do not find a way to support industry now, according to Magomedov, it will end in the complete deindustrialization of Ukraine. “This is what our enemies want. Our enemy Russia wants us to cease to exist as an industrial state,” said Magomedov.

The deputy is convinced that it is impossible to wait for the end of the conflict and restore industry, because it is the “blood” of the economy.

< p>Previously, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov declared the country bankrupt. According to him, the current management of the square cannot fulfill the budget. Three-quarters of this is in grants or loans.


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