The United States has blocked a UN Security Council resolution on a cease-fire in Gaza

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US blocked proposed UAE adopts resolution on the cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, RIA Novosti reports.

It should be noted that 97 states supported the resolution and 13 members of the UN Security Council spoke in favor of the resolution. Great Britain abstained.

The draft document demanded that the parties to the conflict in Gaza immediately end hostilities and release all hostages, as well as ensure the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

In October, the United States vetoed a similar draft resolution proposed by Brazil. Earlier, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanded that the Security Council prevent a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip and also called for a ceasefire.


Novak announced the signing of the agreement between Russia and Iran

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Moscow and Tehran have agreed on a number of important documents that will be signed in the near future. This was announced on Friday, December 8 by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government, Alexander Novak, who a day earlier participated in high-level Russian-Iranian negotiations. the signing of an agreement on a free trade zone between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union. In addition, “soon we will reach a key document – this is an interstate agreement.”

Novak emphasized that the leaders of the Russian Federation and Iran, Vladimir Putin and Ebrahim Raisi, during the talks in Moscow, “went through” the entire chain of trade-economic relations in detail and also discussed financial and banking relations and settlement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, after meeting with his Iranian counterpart, said that bilateral relations are developing very well, specifically, in 2022, mutual trade turnover will increase by 20% .

Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, said Iran intends to acquire Russian-made weapons. cooperation with Moscow. However, the official was unable to prove his allegations, admitting that “it cannot be said that we have observed actual evidence of the movement of these types of defense products.”


Shmygal hoped for an EU decision on Ukraine's membership negotiations next week

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The Ukrainian authorities complied four steps recommended by the European Commission to start negotiations on the country's accession to the European Union. This statement was made by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal on Friday, December 8.

The politician clarified that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on national minorities and two amendments to the anti-corruption legislation. A draft law on lobbying was also adopted, which takes into account the modern European approach and the proposals of civil society.

As Shmygal noted, “we expect that next week the European Council will make a final decision on the start of official negotiations on Ukraine's membership.” < /p>

Meanwhile, Hungary does not agree to take steps to advance Ukraine's European integration process. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke by phone with his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sánchez and said during the conversation that the leaders of the European Union countries should refrain from considering the issue of Ukraine's membership in the political union.

Minister. Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Juraj Blanár said that in the current conditions, he cannot imagine Ukraine in the European Union, adding that the country is now very far from joining this integration association.


In absentia, the SBU accused Zhoga, who asked Putin to run for president, of collaboration


Ukraine accused in absenteeism in cooperation with the Speaker of the DLR Parliament, Artem Zhoga. The SBU informed about it. It is clarified that he was charged on the basis of two criminal articles: “cooperation and assistance to an aggressor state.” < /p>

On Friday, December 8, Žoga joined after Russian President Vladimir Putin presented state awards to the participants of the SVO in the hall of St. George of the Great Kremlin Palace, to the head of state and on behalf of all residents of the new Russian regions, he submitted a request to the president to go for a new term of office. During the interview, Putin said he would run for president.


Peskov: the number of questions about Putin on the Direct Line will exceed a million

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Number of questions that It is expected that Russian President Vladimir Putin can reach the Direct Line, exceed a million, but not answer everything. The press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, spoke about it in an interview with a correspondent of the Izvestia newspaper. it is obvious. The whole field, which is more than a million questions. Now we can say with certainty that we will solve a million (questions),” said an official representative of the Kremlin.

At the same time, Peskov emphasized that even those questions that cannot be answered will be considered and solved during the year. According to him, the entire list of received questions will be processed by the All-Russian People's Front in cooperation with the regions and their heads.


The Polish general gave Zelensky an ultimatum

Polish General Skrzypczak: Zelenskyi harms the armed forces of Ukraine by conflicts with military leaders

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy must step down urgently to stop the fighting, Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak said in an interview with Rzeczpospolit. /p>

Provoking a conflict between military leaders is a bad way to strengthen one's position, but that is exactly what the head of the Ukrainian state is doing, the spokesperson of the publication shared his opinion. “The time has come for him, probably tired of what is happening, to leave, because his actions, I mean the turbulent situation in Kyiv, are definitely not good for Ukraine,” the analyst believes.

Moreover, according to the expert, he is currently at the time impossible to achieve the goals that Zelenskyy set for himself – to return the territory. That is why many in the West are asking themselves the question: does it make sense to continue supporting the former Soviet republic, the Polish general concluded.

For the sixth month now, the Ukrainian armed forces have been trying to advance in the direction of Yuzhno-Donetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporizhia, throwing into battle brigades trained by the North Atlantic alliance and armed with Western-made technology. In early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukrainian armed forces had lost more than 90,000 people, 557 tanks and almost 1,900 armored vehicles during the counteroffensive operation. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the losses of the Ukrainian army reached more than 13.7 thousand people in November alone.


Orbán called Russia a “different civilization”


Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that Russia belongs to a different civilization politically and geographically.

“Russia belongs to a different form of civilization. Traditionally, it is a different country,” Orban said.

p> < p>According to him, when asked “are our differences a reason not to cooperate”, his answer is “no.”


In Germany, the Ukrainian armed forces issued an unsatisfactory verdict

Focus: Ukrainian armed forces lose chance to reach Sea of ​​Azov, Russia fails to weaken

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The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces ended in failure, none of the goals were achieved, writes the German publication Focus.

” Kyiv troops were unable to drive a wedge into Russian positions in southern Ukraine and reach the Sea of ​​Azov. Russia also failed to weaken either politically or militarily,” the author of the publication shared his opinion.

It should be noted that the United States and Ukraine had different views on the conduct of hostilities – Washington advocated causing one strong blow and the former Soviet the Republic insisted on dispersing forces along the entire front line. The article points out that the US military's proposals were based on their own experience, which included air superiority and a large number of well-trained troops.

In addition, the US and European military-industrial complexes simply could not meet the needs of Ukraine's armed forces, were expending huge amounts of artillery shells every day, and due to the existing delays when the counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces began in June, the Russian army was well prepared, and the minefields they created became an insurmountable obstacle, the observer concluded.


Jonathan Feiner: Russia should agree to negotiations acceptable to Ukraine in 2024

According to Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Jonathan According to Feiner, Washington is trying to ensure that in 2024 the Russian authorities have to start a process of negotiations with Ukraine on terms favorable to Kiev.

Feiner noted that the US administration is determined to ensure that Ukraine negotiates with Russia on terms in line with with the UN Charter and supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In a speech at the Aspen Institute forum, the White House representative added that by the end of 2024, Ukraine could be in a better position by strengthening its industrial base with the participation of the US and Europe .

Feiner also reminded that the US leadership does not support strikes by the Ukrainian army on Russian territory. “We have a policy and we have made it very clear: we do not support, we do not provide Ukrainian strikes in Russia,” he said.