Ukrainian border guards have refused to violate Belarus' airspace

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In the State of the Border the Ukrainian service stated that it had not detected any breach of airspace with Belarus.

The ministry also stressed that it had not received any information about the incident from the Belarusian side.

In the meantime, earlier information appeared on the website of the Belarusian State Border Committee that a Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-8 had detected a violation of the airspace of the Republic of Belarus on Saturday. The Civil Procedure Code of Belarus claims that the Ukrainian side has been informed. The site also published a video of a Ukrainian helicopter flying over Belarus.


A Ukrainian combat helicopter has violated Belarus' state border

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State Border Committee He told Belarus to violate the country's borders by a Ukrainian military helicopter.

According to the Belta news agency, the incident took place during Ukrainian military exercises near the border in Belarus.

On Saturday, December 4, the Mozyr border guard unit in the area of ​​the “Novaya Rudna” control passage violated the airspace of Belarus by a Ukrainian Mi-8 military helicopter.

The report states that the Ukrainian helicopter crossed the Belarusian border at an altitude of about 100 meters and flew to a depth of about 1 km.

Belarusian border guards informed the Ukrainian side about the incident.


Erdogan changed the export name of Turkey

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Turkish President Recep According to the government journal Resmi Gazete, Erdogan changed Turkey's export brand with its decree. This is necessary to increase the recognition of Turkish products abroad.

Now Turkish products will not bear the Made in Turkey brand, but Made in T & uuml; rkiye. It should be noted that the second option best reflects the culture and values ​​of the Turkish people. In addition, from December 4, all official documents of the country will use one word T & uuml; rkiye & ndash; place Turkey, Turkei and Turquie.

It is worth noting that the word Turkey in English has a different meaning – & ndash; Turkey. It was these animals that were represented in the Anglo-Saxon world in various cartoons of Turkey.


In the Czech Republic, they offered to shelter the Russians fleeing Putin

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Commentary of the Czech edition of Forum 24 Jan Ziegler suggested authorities to repeat the events of 1919 and provide refuge to those Russians who are fleeing the policies of President Vladimir Putin. According to the author, these Russians are mentally close to Europeans and can be of great benefit to the Czech Republic.

“In 1919, Czechoslovakia decided to help Russian refugees who had fled Bolshevik terror in their country,” Ziegler recalled in his material, adding that tens of thousands of Russians took advantage of the opportunity.

The author calls on the Czechs to be proud of this act, because the country gave an opportunity for a new life to those Russians who could not live under a communist dictatorship. Ziegler also pointed out that educated Russians were coming to the country at that time, who were useful.

“At that time, Russian schools operated in Prague, there were Russian scientific societies, Russian performances, concerts of outstanding Russian performers, exhibitions of Russian artists,” the article states.

The author emphasizes that history repeats itself and the Czech Republic could now become the home of those Russians who “do not want to live in modern, almost dictatorial Russia.” they are “imprisoned for the slightest disapproval of the ruling regime in Moscow.”

The author emphasizes that the Czech Republic can offer these people to become their second home … “These Russians belong to a nearby area of ​​civilization. They are close to us linguistically. They are talented, hardworking, know how to behave and will be a great advantage for our country, “writes Ziegler.


AP: US intelligence has provided details of an alleged Russian “invasion” of Ukraine

Photo: AP. The day before, during a conversation with reporters, President Joe Biden promised that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be “very, very difficult” to take military action against Ukraine. At the same time, according to a source from the US administration, US intelligence has determined that Russia is planning a possible military offensive in early 2022.

According to the AP, according to new secret service data, the Russians plan to deploy about 175,000 troops to the operation in Ukraine. An unnamed representative of the Biden administration noted that almost half of the group had already been deployed in various locations near the border with Ukraine. The plans envisage the relocation of 100 battalion tactical groups along with armored vehicles, artillery and equipment. He added that Russia's main demand to the United States was to ensure that Ukraine never joined NATO. In response to a question about US intelligence findings, Biden himself said: “We have known about Russian actions for a long time and I expect to have a long discussion with Putin.”

US experts at the same time, they state that Ukraine's army is now armed and better prepared than in previous years. Meeting it, as well as the sanctions imposed by the West, will cause serious damage to the Russian economy if Moscow launches hostilities against Kiev.


After the criminal proceedings began, Rashkin decided to return from the hospital to the State Duma

Will go to parliament until the court verdict

Committee of Inquiry Alexander Bastrykin has launched criminal proceedings against Deputy Valery Rashkin, who is being investigated for illegal lottery hunting. No interrogations or searches have been carried out against the communist so far. He plans to leave the hospital where he underwent the planned eye surgery on December 3 and start working at the State Duma.

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Criminal proceedings against a representative of the State Duma may be initiated only with the consent of the State Duma itself. To obtain it, the Attorney General must turn to the deputies with a proposal and the majority of the Chamber must vote “for”. One week ago, Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov received a sanction from the State Duma to initiate criminal proceedings against Valery Rashkin (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) under Article 258 of the Criminal Code (“Illegal Hunting”) and secondly to bring him to administrative responsibility for refusing a medical examination. state of intoxication and finally to carry out inspections in the Member's residential, non-residential and office premises and to apply preventive measures in the form of a ban on certain events.

The head of the committee of inquiry Alexander Bastrykin informs about the official website of the committee of inquiry after receiving the decision of the State Duma to waive the immunity of the Prosecutor General, he complied with the law. The investigation will, of course, be led by lower-level investigators.

Valery Rashkin himself spent this week in the hospital, where he went for a planned ophthalmological operation – which took place on Monday. He must be released on December 3, “MK” confirmed in the Communist Party's Moscow City Committee. Will the MP appear in his office in the building on Okhotny Ryad immediately, or at least next week? After such complex operations, a rehabilitation period of at least a few days is set, “although Valery Fedorovich often neglected doctors' recommendations in this sense and went to work, although he was not very healthy,” Nikolai Gerashchenko, head of the Moscow City Communist Party's Moscow City Council. MK. “We have another operation ahead of us,” explained Mukhamed Bidzhev, a lawyer on the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. persons, the penalty is a fine of 500 thousand to 1 million rubles or imprisonment for a definite period. 3 to 5 years). Mr Bidzhev said there were no official documents to confirm this, and Mr Gerashchenko added that he was “still silent” about the administrative case.

Information about the “Rashkin case” on the committee of inquiry's website (illustrated by a photo of a disheveled and confused MP after a hunt at the place of arrest on the night of October 28) says that “necessary investigations” are already “underway”. However, if it takes place, without the participation of a deputy. Nothing is known about the summons to the interrogation. And what exactly (apartment, garage, barn, office in the State Duma or the Moscow City Conservatory, reception reception room) and for what purpose the law enforcement officers want to search – “Mr. Bidzhev said. According to him, the choice of preventive measures is also not clear. The lawyer believes that “there is no corpus delicti in Rashkin's actions” because he did not intend to poach.

As regards precautionary measures, a ban on certain conduct can only be imposed by a court at the request of the inquiry. You can choose one or more acts from the list proposed by the Criminal Procedure Code: it contains a ban on leaving the house at certain times of the day, a ban on visiting certain events or places, communicating with certain people, keeping correspondence, using the internet or driving a car. It is difficult to say why a measure similar to house arrest is needed in this case and how it will be compatible with parliamentary activities.

In addition, Mr Rashkin will remain a Member throughout the investigation and trial and will lose his mandate under the Law on the Status of Senator of the Russian Federation and a Member of the State Duma only if the guilty verdict becomes final. Although it turns out that the punishment is not related to imprisonment …

Sergei Obukhov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) told the Ministry of Culture that after the call of Gennady Zyuganova members of the party released a few days ago (criminalizes Rashkin, as well as several others communists, compared to the “witch hunt” in the United States during McCarthy) “signatures in support of Valery Rashkin are collected in Moscow, Saratov and other regions.”


Lukashenko was looking for a new position for himself

The Constitution of People's Distrust

Belarus's President Alexander Lukashenko said that a referendum on a new constitution for the republic should take place in February 2022. Lukashenko also did not rule out early presidential elections, which he can take part in. he himself. However, the draft constitution itself has not yet been published and they plan to do so by the New Year. We found out how realistic Lukashenko's plan is and what the consequences can be.

Photo: According to the Belarusian politician, the publication of the draft constitution can take from two weeks to one month. The document will be submitted to a referendum in 2022 if, as Lukashenko said, “the war will not begin.”

Lukashenko says the new constitution will strengthen the position of parliament and government, and a new institution will be prescribed in the basic law – the All-Belarusian People's Assembly. But a strong presidential power will remain in the country, the current head of Belarus assures. Moreover, he himself has not yet decided whether to be re-elected president, but he certainly knows that he is not going out of big politics.

Following the adoption of the new constitution, the media often designate the post of chairman of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly (VNS) as one of Lukashenko's likely offices. You do not have to go through universal direct and secret ballot to take this position. All you have to do is vote for the pre-selected representatives of the largest trade unions, social movements, parliament and government in the country. At the same time, under the new constitution, the SNR is expected to be able to dismiss judges, prosecute the president, set key foreign and domestic policy guidelines, and overturn other authorities' decisions if they conflict with the country's “national interests.”

Experts interviewed by the Ministry of Culture believe that the enormous breadth of the powers of the VNS has become an obstacle to a general debate on the future constitution.

Former presidential candidate Tatiana Korotkevich said “MK” that the topic of constitutional reform is discussed only on television, while in society the mood itself does not want to vote at all. “It was originally assumed that in the new constitution, the powers of the president would be redistributed in favor of parliament and government, but this did not happen. Instead, it seeks to divide powers between the president and the SNC, which will consist of 3,000 people and take over the functions of the legislative and executive branches of government. Nobody knows how it will work, “says Korotkevich.

The main disappointment of the Belarusians, however, according to the former presidential candidate, was that the referendum on the constitution would not become a referendum on keeping Lukashenko in power. In any case, he intends to stay in politics, which completely devalues ​​the vote.

“So far, we know only the approximate date of the referendum – February 20, 2022. From a purely technical point of view, this is possible, because according to the rules, a month should be set aside to discuss the bill. We don't know anything else yet, this creates a completely absurd situation. Many Belarusians do not even understand why this referendum is needed and do not want to participate, although the state media say that 70-80% of citizens are ready to vote for a new constitution. Even though no one has seen her yet, “ said Belarusian political scientist Valery Karbalevich .

According to the expert, there can be two reasons why the draft Constitution is constantly being postponed. “First, the Kremlin may be dissatisfied with the new constitution and Lukashenko is forced to reckon with the position of Russia, which is actually its only ally. Maybe he specifically decided to declare Crimea to appease Moscow, says Karbalevich. “Second, Lukashenko may not have decided for himself until he was in the new constitution. On the one hand, he wants to lead the VNS, take the presidential powers with him, but at the same time he does not want to weaken the presidential power. It is very difficult to get out of this mutually exclusive dilemma. “

Another Belarusian political scientist Dmitry Bolkunets He recalled that the issue of the referendum in Belarus had been debated for a long time, but became most acute after the mass protests began in August 2022. . Lukashenko either does not see the political crisis or does not want to notice it, “said Bolkunets MK.

The political scientist noted that after the adoption of the new constitution, Lukashenko can arrange early presidential elections and he himself will go to the ANC, where he will have even greater powers than in the previous post. In this sense, the Belarusians may have short relief and even hope for reforms, but they will not last long.

“If Lukashenko becomes king, a dangerous situation of dual power could arise in Belarus,” he warns. Bolkunets. In addition, he assumes that pro-government experts and officials think so, and therefore they are delaying the creation of a new constitution. “Lukashenko wants to create a regime that combines the features of the DPRK and Iran. Nobody knows how to do it so that the state does not collapse, “says Bolkunets.


Kuleba expressed his readiness to negotiate on the Donbas in any format


Ukraine remains on diplomatic way of resolving the conflict in Donbas. This was stated by the head of the local Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba. He added that Kiev “is ready for any format of negotiations”. At the same time, the diplomat insists that Russia must also prove its readiness. At the same time, the Trilateral Contact Group is not ready to return to face-to-face meetings in Minsk. For the next year, or even two, all negotiations due to the pandemic were transferred online.

This spring, the Ukrainian side insisted on the need to change the negotiating country after the pandemic. Kiev representative Leonid Kravchuk suggested postponing meetings to Poland.

Ukraine considers Belarus an undemocratic country. The statement came after the presidential election in 2020. Lukashenko won at the time, but the Belarusian opposition believes the election results have been falsified. According to Ukrainians, Alexander Lukashenko is an illegitimate president. Kiev has announced that it will only call “Dad” by name, without specifying its position.


Biden spoke about the upcoming meeting with Putin

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US President Joe Biden said he hoped for a long conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, the American leader added that he “does not respect any red lines in the issue of Ukraine.”

Earlier, the assistant to Russian President Yuri Ushakov announced a conversation between Putin and Biden in the near future. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the same.


U.S. authorities fear commercial spyware threats

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the US presidency is concerned about the threat of commercial spyware.

It has previously been revealed that the iPhone devices of some Foreign Ministry employees have been stolen from prison by software from the Israeli company NSO Group. Psaki said the US authorities intend to counter the distribution of commercial software for hacking operations.