Medvedev advised Zelenysky to return to the idea of ​​a gas consortium with Moscow

According to Stena, the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform for Life party Viktor Medvedchuk criticized Kiev's aggressive attempts to disrupt the opening of Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, saying President Vladimir Zelensky's team had chosen the wrong strategy to confront Moscow.


Medvedchuk called the joint statement by the United States and Germany on Nord Stream 2 a “cold shower for the Ukrainian government.” Even an amateurish approach … to building international economic relations, the politician stressed.

According to Medvedchuk, Zelensky should return to the long-developed project of a trilateral consortium for gas transmission with the participation of the European Union as a consumer of Russian gas and Russia as its supplier and guarantor of filling the Ukrainian GTS with blue fuel.

“The creation of a trilateral gas consortium could be a driving force for the 'reset' of relations between Ukraine and Russia,” he concluded.


Ukraine has decided that Lukashenko has already sold his homeland to Putin


In the Ukrainian media paradoxical analytical material on the last meetings of Russian President Vladimir Putin with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko was published. In the article, readers are led to the idea that Lukashenko may have already sold his homeland to Vladimir Putin.

After the European Union imposed deferred sanctions against Lukashenko, the head of Belarus to avoid economic collapse is facing an election – either to hold early elections and release political prisoners, or to agree with Russia on money, according to Novoye Vremya.

“He asks Russia, but she doesn't give it to him very willingly and not as much as he wants. As a result, Lukashenko said they had nothing to lose, I'm crazy, so I'll impose sanctions on Russia,” he writes. author with reference to the ban on the transit of European goods through the territory of Belarus in Russia.

Then Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko met in St. Petersburg, where, according to the Ukrainian author, the Russian leader indicated that the Belarusian economy was not doing so badly due to ties to Russia. In other words, if ties are tightened, then the Belarusian economy will collapse in just one month.

Lukashenko in response, as the article emphasizes, recalled that he is fighting the opposition, and made it clear that this war, including and for Russia.

“They argued with Lukashenko for five and a half hours. I don't remember such long negotiations between the two presidents, “the author notes, adding that in the end, Putin promised Lukashenko some money, not raising gas prices, and also providing a billion-dollar loan.

“Lukashenko was extremely dissatisfied with the results of these negotiations,” the Ukrainian material said, referring to the Belarusian state media, which allegedly did not pour honey this time after the meeting.

“But it is quite possible that Lukashenko did not like this meeting also because Putin still twisted his arms and managed to get Lukashenko to relinquish part of his sovereignty over Belarus,” suggests the author of Novoy Vremya. She also notes that after Lukashenko's return to Minsk, mass searches and arrests began in the non-state media and NGOs. “Why is this happening? Lukashenko is very worried that the riots will not start after everyone knows Vladimir Putin, “concludes the author.

However, he is also proposing a second version. According to the author of the article, Lukashenko, he is likely to compensate for the lack of money by mass repression.

the author writes and analyzes Lukashenko's actions.


China outraged the map shown on American television during the opening of the 2020 Olympic Games


Chinese Consulate in New York protested against the “bad map” shown by the American television channel NBC Universal during the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This is stated in the “Sport-Express”.

On the map, Taiwan and some islands in the South China Sea, which China considers its own, were separated from the PRC.

The Chinese consulate noted that NBC “damaged the dignity and feelings of the Chinese people.” The PRC diplomatic mission called on the TV channel to “acknowledge the seriousness of the problem and take action to address it.”

They then removed the relevant line and “made” it Ukrainian.


In Kiev, they talked about Ukraine's problems after the launch of Nord Stream 2


Construction completion ” Nord Stream – 2 “will be the main problem of Ukraine in ensuring the energy security of the state. This opinion was expressed by the CEO of LLC “Operator of GTS Ukraine” Sergei Makogon in the broadcast of the television channel “Ukraine 24”.

According to him, transit to Ukraine guarantees the availability of resources in the country and also guarantees state military security.

“As long as we have transit, it will unite the hands of our northern neighbor, because Ukraine is still one of the main transit countries for Russian gas to Europe,” Makogon explained.

The director of the GTS operator in Ukraine “condemned the agreement between the USA and Germany regarding the Russian gas pipeline.

Earlier, US Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland announced on July 21 that Washington and Berlin had agreed on a pipeline project. According to her, Germany has committed itself to achieving anti-Russian sanctions if Moscow uses energy “as a weapon” against European countries. Berlin will also have to reach an extension of the Kiev-Moscow gas transit agreement.


Maduro admitted the participation of the USA in negotiations with the opposition

Photos: still from the video

President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro allowed the US delegation to participate as a mediator in negotiations with the opposition. The TV channel Telesur informed about it.

The head of state expressed the hope that the parties, with the support of Norway, would be able to start negotiations early next month.

“I hope that at the beginning of August we will be able to sit at the negotiating table with the support of the Norwegian Government and the possible participation of governments from other countries around the world. It could also be the United States, “said the Venezuelan leader.

According to Maduro, the diplomats have agreed on preliminary topics for negotiations to be held in Mexico.

Earlier, Nicolas Maduro announced his readiness to negotiate with the opposition. He noted that one of the main topics will be the participation of opposition politicians in the regional elections in November 2021.


France relaxes law on sanitary passages amid protests


On August 24, French senators did some relaxation of the amendment to the law introducing the system of hygiene cards in the country, as well as proposed to speed up vaccination against COVID-19, states BFM TV.

The French government plans to make it mandatory for residents of the country over the age of 12 from 30 August to visit most public places and even to use intercity transport. To obtain a card, you will need to undergo a series of vaccinations or submit a recent negative coronavirus test.

The law also introduces mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare professionals.

On July 12, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the compulsory vaccination of health professionals and also announced the introduction of ID cards for the spread of the more infectious “delta” strain of coronavirus.


“He recorded the palace for his mistress”: officials' statements became fiction

They learned to hide their property, but the state did not “learn” to look for it

The palace of the former head of the Stavropol traffic police in the territory of Stavropol, Alexei Safonov, whose investigation he suspects of a large bribe that was heard around the world, is recorded on his partner. Therefore, there was no palace in the statement of income and property that Mr. Safonov, as an official of relatively high rank each year, submitted. The question arises: why are all these statements at all, if they do not give an idea of ​​the level of well-being of officials, police officers and MPs, which is more or less close to reality?

We talked about this with the expert in the fight against corruption, Professor of the Free University Elena PANFILOVA.

Photo: Alexey Merinov

Anti-corruption legislation requires senior officials, officials and police officers, starting with certain functions, to report annually detailed information on cash receipts, their sources, securities, stakes and shares in the share capital of various companies and banks, real estate (and which is owned and which is rented or free to use), as well as vehicles. Similar information should be provided about your spouses and minor children. Only extremely generalized data are available to the general public: we see only the total amount of cash income for a given year, without listing their sources, only the area of ​​land, house or apartment and country of their location are reported real estate and we know nothing about shares and accounts.

– It makes sense and it won't go away from all these stories. However, the declaration consists of three elements: submission of the declaration to the control authorities, publication of the declaration and verification of the declaration. In the system we have developed since 2008-2009, the first and second elements work: statements are made, they are made public. But the third element, quality control, obviously didn't work. And it's not surprising, because all this time we haven't heard anything about real experts appearing in large numbers in government agencies who know what to look for and how to check these statements. And I don't think it worked either, partly because there is no political will to reveal anything en masse.

Of course, in many other countries, citizens who are obliged to make a declaration try to cheat, remove, hide, someone “forgets” something. Even in Russia, they have quite cheerfully learned to rewrite property to relatives, adult children, wives and girlfriends of common law … But here we return to the first thesis: in such a desire to hide property there is nothing new from the declaration, but if there is desire and ability seek and control everything possible. And recent stories show that as soon as they want, they'll find her right away.

– Even in these emulated data, you can find a lot, as journalistic investigations show. The fact that a substantial part of the information that should have been opened and published has become closed with the adoption of anti-corruption legislation is absolutely true … As far as world experience is concerned, everything is different in different countries. In some places, the data are published in approximately the same volume as in Russia, but on request, any voter can obtain more detailed information about their representative. For example, in Germany. And such a mechanism could work for us if we were interested. But on the one hand, we have the UN Convention against Corruption, which we have signed and ratified and which needs to be implemented, and on the other hand, we have a desire to implement it so that no one knows anything.

– As soon as the story with the declaration of the couple appeared, very quickly many stopped trusting even adult children and began to divorce, to live in civil marriage. And not only MPs – there are also plenty of them among officials. In general, however, there are standards in international law that allow for the inspection of divorced spouses when reviewing the declaration, provided that the period since the divorce does not exceed approximately one year, approximately three years. Law enforcement officers around the world are well aware of this divorce trick. There is an international organization FATF (Group for the Development of Anti-Money Laundering Financial Measures, Develops Global Standards for the Fight against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing – “MC”) and, according to its recommendations, controls money laundering that may be related to publicly divorced spouses.

– Therefore, our Rosfinmonitoring should also theoretically consider divorced spouses as subjects of verification. In this case, it is not so much about corruption as about money laundering, but as you know, corruption and money laundering go hand in hand …


The Mexican president proposed the creation of a regional union based on the EU principle

The President of Mexico has proposed the creation of a regional Latin American Union of countries according to the principle of the European Union. Andres Manuel López Obrador believes this will improve the continent's system of international relations. In addition, the Mexican leader hopes to fight with his neighbors against the “whims of the great power.”

Obrador called the policy of dismissal and appointment of rulers in a particular country at the behest of a powerful neighbor unacceptable. He demanded a farewell to sanctions, isolation, blockade and interference in internal affairs.

The Mexican politician pointed out that his country's experience can help to create the same strong ties as in the European Union. However, Obrador also noted the importance of preserving the traditions and taking into account the reality of Latin American countries.


The chances of a Russian complaint to Ukraine against the ECHR are given

Moscow finds out how to ruin Kiev's relations with the West

Russia has turned to the European Convention on Human Rights with a complaint against Ukraine for violations of human rights and freedoms. Despite the fact that Moscow does not recognize the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, it hopes that Western justice institutions will force the Ukrainian ruling elite to stop pursuing anti-Russian policies. To this end, the complaint has compiled a wide list of episodes starting with the events of Euromaidan.


The report on the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights appeared on July 22 on the website of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office. The ministry accuses Kiev of killing civilians, illegal imprisonment, and cruel treatment of people, including the Maidan and the Union of Trade Unions in Odessa in 2014.

, Russian companies, shelling of Russian territory, defeat of DPR and LPR residents in the field of political rights.

In addition, the department complained to the ECHR about the blockade of Crimea (including water – we mean the end of fresh water supplies to the peninsula from Ukraine), attacks on Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine and even the MH-17 crash near Donetsk, blaming Ukraine.

As stated in the press release of the Prosecutor General, the lawsuit describes in detail the process of unconstitutional change of power in Ukraine in 2014. According to the ministry, Kiev then began to violate the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Russian President's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow expected the ECHR to respond to her complaint, although there was a possibility that there would be no response at all. He also stressed that Russia wants to understand what is happening.

“All these allegations against Ukraine have been made by Russia more than once, and they all fit into Russia's official interpretation of events over the past seven years.” This is nothing new. Probably if there is a reaction from the ECHR, these motives will get a second breath, but if it does not react, nothing will change. And Ukraine at the official level is unlikely to respond to this situation, “- said” MK “ Ukrainian political scientist, expert of the International Center for Advanced Research Mykola Kapitonenko .

Meanwhile, the head Leonid Kalashnikov told the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs that after the ECHR, Russia could complain to Ukraine before the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

– Usually one complaint is written, which indicates the rules of the article that violate the Convention. On the other hand, the ECHR may split appeals into episodes, consider everything in bulk, or pack everything together. This complaint has not been heard by the International Court of Justice at the same time, and the ECHR is still the last time people seek justice …

– The ECHR often acts illogically. In my practice, we complained to two different applicants about the same issue of voting rights, with exactly the same justification. But we accepted one complaint, the other was not. In the second case, the letter stated that there were no grounds for assessing the case in the ECHR. In addition, the request does not contain any justification, it simply writes: “The complaint is inadmissible, therefore all documents are destroyed and the assessment of the case is completed.”

– The decision of the ECHR is binding on all countries that have signed the Convention. Ukraine has signed the document, so it will have to comply with the ruling of the European Court of Justice. In particular, it will have to stop persecuting the Russian-speaking population if the ECHR decides that such persecution is taking place. Otherwise, he will face a diplomatic scandal.


The Netherlands will return home to the Russians, who have provided information on the MH-17 case

Photo: AP.

A Russian couple who fled to the Netherlands and provided confidential information about the crash of a Malaysian Boeing MH17 flight to Donbas will be extradited to Russia.

According to De Volkskrant, the couple released confidential information only two years after arriving in the Netherlands. The newspaper does not provide details on what information the Russians provided for security reasons.

At the same time, the IND Immigration Service believes that Russians should have information about MH17 shared as soon as they arrive in the Netherlands. Therefore, the IND rejected the Russians' application for asylum. Currently, according to the publication, the couple lives in the Netherlands and is awaiting deportation to Russia.

The point is that the Russian wife allegedly witnessed an accidental telephone conversation in which she was reported to have died the insert. She and her husband then moved to the Netherlands, stating that they were allegedly exposed to threats and ill-treatment by Russian special services.

At the same time, the IND Immigration Service did not consider it logical that the FSB would pursue the couple and refused to give them refuge. However, the couple's lawyer has now turned to the European Court of Human Rights.