Named a country that can help Europe “free itself” from Russian gas

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Lebanese analyst edition Al In his material, Mayadeen Hada Rizk named a country that is able to supply Europe with enough gas, which will allow Russia to refuse supplies.

As the publication says, Qatar is now attracting the world's attention. According to experts, this country is considered one of the most influential players in the energy market. Qatar is the third country in the world in terms of natural gas reserves. Qatar is currently bound by liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets mainly by long-term agreements with Asian countries and other importers, so it will not be able to redirect these supplies to Europe in the short term. In the medium term, however, Doha could benefit if Europe chooses LNG as an alternative to the Russian pipeline.

After investing tens of billions of dollars in increasing gas liquefaction capacity, Qatar gas production is expected by 2027. . reach 126 million tonnes per year.

At the same time, Qatar is expected to demand that Europe ban the resale of any liquefied natural gas supplied outside Europe, as well as sign long-term contracts. Due to short-term contracts, the Cathars will not risk their main markets in Asia. Qatar and the EU still have disagreements on this issue. The fact is that European countries are now working on clean energy projects and do not want to be bound by long-term agreements.


Shoigu spoke about Ukraine's failure to capture Snake Island

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Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu said the action on the occupation of Snake Island by the Ukrainian authorities on the eve of Victory Day had “turned into a complete failure.” . Shoigu also announced that Russia had destroyed about 10 helicopters, 30 drones and three boats in three days.

Shoigu described the attempt to conquer the island as “adventurous.” He stressed that any provocations will be suppressed in the future.


Shevchuk commented on his protocol for pacifist words at the concert

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DDT group leader Yuri Shevchuk spoke about the situation at a concert in Ufa, where he told the audience about his understanding of the homeland and uttered a number of pacifist phrases. As previously known, law enforcement officers came to the artist's locker room immediately after the concert.

Producer Radmir Usaev said security forces had been talking to the musician for about an hour, “not even missing the band's director.” He also said they wanted to detain According to Part 1, Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation), a musician faces a fine of 50,000 rubles.

V. Shevchuk in an interview with Kommersant, he confirmed that everything was as it was: “After a stormy and long applause, we went to the opera locker room.” I said a lot of things there. “



The State Duma spoke of disrupting NATO's plans for the Sea of ​​Azov


Member of the State Duma Mikhail Sheremet from the Crimea in an interview with RIA Novosti said that as a result of a special military operation, Ukraine had lost access to the Sea of ​​Azov. This has thwarted NATO's plans to build military bases and establish itself in the region. Following the liberation of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, as well as the southern part of the DLR, Ukraine has in fact lost access to the Sea of ​​Azov, “Sheremet added.” NATO ships and the Alliance's military bases were to be located there. The special operation made it possible to guarantee security.


RIA Novosti has published the names of dead and captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Lists of Ukrainian soldiers who were lost, captured or died south were provided by Russian law enforcement officials.

RIA Novosti employees have made available lists of Ukrainian soldiers who have been lost, captured or have died to the south. Russian energy ministries. This was announced in the Telegram publication.

It is reported that there are more than two thousand names on the list. This usually refers to the lower command staff and the rank and file. According to the agency's partner, Ukrainian officers are most likely to be placed on other classified lists.

“Lists of Ukrainian soldiers who have been captured, disappeared, have died south of the front,” the source said. According to him, the Ukrainian army has experienced an acute shortage of personnel in the last month, so territorial defense fighters and recruits who were called in during the general mobilization are sent to the front.

The interviewer added, among other things, that the military command is in no hurry to add new recruits to the death lists, because the reaction to the deaths of young people can become very “painful for public opinion.”


Washington offers Minsk to arrange transit of Ukrainian grain

US authorities may lift sanctions on Belarusian companies The Wall Street Journal reports that fertilizers, if Minsk agrees to transit Ukrainian grain through its territory.

. Specifically, the United States proposes to transport grain from Ukraine by rail through Belarus to the port of Klaipeda (Lithuania).

Recall that in 2021, Westernkali was Belaruskali, the largest producer of potash. fertilizers, on the sanctions list. The restrictions were later imposed on the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC).


Joe Biden and Si Jinping may meet in the coming weeks

Assistant President for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan. Photo: Global Look Press.

US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping may meet for talks in the coming weeks. At the briefing, Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, announced that. .

According to CNN, the bill should be delivered to the US president for signing in Asia because the Senate approved it after the president left Washington. According to CNN, Biden will sign the document in South Korea, where he will fly on Friday, and from there he will go to Japan on Sunday.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on May 19

Statements by politicians and ministries, sanctions and the economy

The governor of the Kursk region Starovoit said that in the morning the Ukrainian armed forces fired on the village of Tyotkino: one person died. The head of the UN World Food Program, Beasley, sent a letter to Vladimir Putin asking for the opening of Ukrainian seaports for grain exports. Meanwhile, the administration of US President Biden refused to comply with Kiev's request for the supply of more missile systems. Washington is said to be afraid that Ukraine will use them to strike targets in Russia. Read online the previous day's special operations here.

Photo: Donetsk Press Agency

Rain and raised hands: footage of militants surrendering near Azovstal appeared

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12:35 Russia will expel five Portuguese diplomats in retaliation.

12:22 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara would not support Ankara. the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. At the same time, he is confident that he does not intend to sever relations with Putin or Zelensky.

12:20 & nbsp; Russian pop stars have decided to create a Russian Music Association, which will bring together those who are against the abolition of Russian culture. Russia's People's Artist Nikolai Baskov said.

12:18 & nbsp; If Ukraine expresses its readiness to return to the negotiating table, the Russian Federation will give a positive answer. This was announced by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko.

12: 15 & nbsp; The British authorities included Aeroflot and Rossiya on the list of sanctions. and Ural Airlines.

12:10 & nbsp; Kursk Regional Governor Roman Starovoit said residential, distillery and sugar factory buildings had been damaged by shelling from the Ukrainian side of Tetkino.

12:00 & nbsp; Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakhar said US media reports about Russia's use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine suggest that US authorities may be preparing an information ground for further provocation. This time it could be apocalyptic. The Foreign Ministry also emphasizes that the Russian Federation has never threatened anyone with nuclear weapons. as claims of exclusivity and racist prejudices.

11:30 & nbsp; Rus. Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova said she would apply to the United Nations International Maritime Organization. He will ask for help in releasing sailors detained in Ukraine from civilian ships assigned to Russian ports.

11:18 Musician Yuri Shevchuk has been accused of discrediting the Russian armed forces. It happened after his concert in Ufa yesterday. There, the DDT leader spoke out against a special operation in Ukraine. Recall that for individuals under this article is fined up to 50 thousand rubles and for legal entities & mdash; up to 500,000.

11:11 & nbsp; In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense has released new footage of captured Ukrainian militants leaving Azovstal.

11:10 & nbsp; The Russian Ministry of Defense held a morning briefing. As Igor Konashenkov said, 7 command posts were hit by airborne rockets during the day. Among the targets were the command posts of the 24th Motorized Infantry Brigade in Nikolajevka and another 104th Territorial Defense Brigade in Konstantinovka. In addition, 11 artillery depots near Bachmut, Konstantinovka, Iljinka and Minkovka in the DLR were hit.

At the same time, the S-300 divisions near Bolshiya Lomzak in the Nikolaev region and Buk-M1 near Slavyanogorsk in the DLR were destroyed. The Russian Air Force hit 2 command posts and another 58 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment.

More than 340 nationalists were also destroyed by air strikes, and 62 military units were also neutralized. . During the entire operation, 172 Ukrainian aircraft were destroyed, as well as 125 helicopters, 942 drones, 313 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,158 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 395 MLRS installations, 1,562 cannons.

10:42 & nbsp; Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russian Muslim fighters were showing resilience, courage and selflessness during Russia's special operation in Ukraine. He said this in a greeting to participants in the Tatarstan celebrations dedicated to the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgaria.

10:40 Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak warned that & nbsp; The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is unlikely to be launched for political reasons.

10:35 & nbsp; he laughs last, he laughs best. ”

He pointed out that Americans are considering a ban on Russia repaying our debt obligations in dollars. This is not the worst decision for the Russian Federation, Medvedev is sure. & quot; Or you don't have to pay at all. And to use the unspent money for exactly those purposes that American seniles won't like, “he added.

10:20 & nbsp; Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnik said that by that he resorted to harsh rhetoric against Olaf Scholz did not want to offend him. The diplomat was only trying to push for a change in German policy towards Ukraine.

9:55 & nbsp; (recognized as an extremist and banned in Russia) Velichko and Nemicheva.

9:40 & nbsp; DLR chief Pushilin said that more than half of those in Azovstal Ukrainian army had already laid down their arms.

9:25 & nbsp; A video appeared on the Internet calling on another unit of the 115th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Zelenský. Soldiers stationed in Severodonetsk inform the President of Ukraine that they refuse to carry out combat orders.

9:16 & nbsp; War correspondent Dmitry Steshin reports that Deputy Commander of the Nationalist Azov Battalion (recognized as an extremist and banned in Russia) Svyatoslav Palamar (Kalina) has resigned.

9:10 & nbsp; During the shelling on May 19 in the morning, at least seven missiles hit the distillery in the Kursk region. This was stated by the director of the company.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has decided to extend martial law as well as general mobilization. Volodymyr Zelensky calls for an extension of martial law, which expires on May 24, as well as a period of general mobilization in Ukraine.

Ramzan Kadyrov spoke about the situation in the special operation zone. According to him, everything is calm. He added that “we are going 100% according to plan, we will liberate Ukraine”. Kadyrov also spoke about the prospects of mobilization in Russia. According to him, no one should report it. Everyone “should mobilize and stand around the president.”

Sweden and Finland have officially applied to join NATO. Croatian President Zoran Milanovic also said that his country could block Turkey's process of considering Sweden's and Finland's applications to join the Alliance.

& nbsp;


Medvedev spoke of sanctions and grain: “We are not idiots”


Deputy Head Council Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian Federation published a new post on the Telegram channel, which, according to international structures, devoted itself to the food crisis, threatening the world against the background of the situation with Ukraine. According to Medvedev, “there are different Sullivans and Blinkins,” he realized the consequences of sanctions against Russia, and now “the West is backing up.” – quoted the hero of the “Twelve Chairs”.

Medvedev writes that importers of Russian wheat are “very tight without supplies from Russia” and will grow in European fields, except for juicy weeds without our fertilizers. ” He also said he had discussed the situation with the president of Namibia, and the country's authorities “understand that rich countries are imposing sanctions to make the poor poor.” As for European countries, they are not at risk of famine, but ordinary Europeans will be forced to pay exorbitant prices, the former prime minister continued.

Medvedev assured Russia that it is ready to meet its import obligations, but expects “help” from partners. He finds the situation where countries impose sanctions on the Russian Federation but also “require food supplies” is strange.

“It does not happen, we are not idiots,” Medvedev said. security noted that the world & quot; needs fields and agricultural machinery, fertilizers and hands accustomed to sowing & lt; … & gt; “Russia knows how to do it”, you just don't have to interfere. He also stressed that the country will meet its own food needs in the first place.

“No export supplies at the expense of its market.” said Medvedev.


Deputy Commander “Azov” Kalina said in a video that he remains in “Azovstal”

Photo: Social networks

Ukrainian media distributed video message Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment (recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) Svyatoslav Palamar (Kalina).

with several hundred other soldiers. According to Kalina, the rest of the regiment's management remains with him.

“The operation continues, I will not reveal the details,” he says in the video.