The President of Venezuela signed decrees on the entry of Guyana-Essequibo into the country

Photo: Global Look Press

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro legally formalized the entry of the Essequibo territory, which is disputed with Guyana, into the country. The publication Ultimas Noticias wrote about it.

Among the signed documents is a decree on the creation of the new, 24th state of Venezuela and the appointment of Captain Alexis Rodriguez Cabello as its leader.

In addition, Nicholas Maduro signed the decrees on the creation of a comprehensive defense zone for Guyana-Essequib and also on the creation of the National Commission for the Defense of Essequib.

Also, the head of Venezuela approved a new map of the state. Other important documents include the decree on the creation of divisions of the state oil and gas company in the annexed region.

3. In December, Venezuela held a referendum on the annexation of Essequiba. 95 percent of the country's population voted for the region to become part of Venezuela.

In 2015, large oil reserves were discovered in the region. In September 2023, Guyana's leadership allowed six foreign companies to drill in the waters, including within the borders of the disputed region.


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