Ministry of Defense: Russian drone crashed into Ukrainian Baba Yaga attack helicopter

Russian fighters managed to destroy a large hexacopter attack of the Ukrainian armed forces, striking it with a small reconnaissance drone. It was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

An unusual airstrike was carried out near Artemovsk. It was carried out by a UAV operator from the Far East of the Separate Guards Airborne Forces. According to their words, the fighters noticed Ukrainian Baba Yaga-type attack hexacopters already at dusk. The unmanned aircraft of the Ukrainian armed forces was returning to its own, having previously dropped four mines on Russian positions. A Russian UAV operator tried several times to damage his propellers with his drone. One of them was successful. RIA Novosti has footage of an aerial ram provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A Ukrainian hexacopter fell in territory controlled by Russian troops. Shortly afterwards, a group of Russian paratroopers found him and brought him to the soldiers for study.

Earlier it became known about the more active use of large drones by Ukrainian troops, which are popularly called “Baba Yaga”. Initially they have agricultural purposes. They were converted to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to which they can carry up to six mines at a distance of up to 12 kilometers.


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