Sandu made a harsh statement about Russia

President of Moldova Maia Sandu on TV8 made a statement , that the promotion of European values ​​requires a complete rejection of cooperation with Russia.

According to Sandu, it is necessary that people not only say that they support European values. She emphasized the need for politicians to demonstrate by example that they live and work according to these European values. The President of Moldova pointed out that it is not enough to just say: “We are with Europe, with Moscow and with everyone.”

Sandu added that the leaders of the countries either believe in democracy and show it. every day at work, or is it “just talking.”


Trudeau launched a scathing attack on Russia

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Prime Minister of Canada Justin In a report on the Nazi veteran in parliament, Trudeau accused Russia of propaganda. This is reported by Sky News.

According to Trudeau, Western countries must collectively repel “Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation” and also continue to support Kiev.

MK previously wrote that Elon Musk defended Russia after accusing Canada of propaganda.


Former NATO Secretary General Robertson: Russia is seven times better than the West in the military industry

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Former Secretary General NATO's George Robertson said that Russia in the military industry many times exceeds the capabilities of Western countries. His words are quoted by the British newspaper The Times.

According to Robertson, the Russian Federation currently produces 200 tanks and two million artillery shells per year. As noted by the former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, it is twice more than before the start of the special military operation (SVO) on the territory of Ukraine and seven times more than the West produces.

In addition, Robertson also assessed the capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU ) to maintain the pace of the counteroffensive. He emphasized that the Ukrainian armed forces do not have enough artillery shells for this, and also noted that long-term military operations exhaust Ukrainian military personnel.


The Human Rights Council commented on the beating of a Koran burner by Kadyrov's son

Representative of the Human Rights Council at President Valery Fadeev said that provocations in the form of burning the Koran are unacceptable, however, there are rules for detaining the accused. He also commented on the video released by Ramzan Kadyrov, which shows the beating of a Koran burner.

Fadeev noted that burning the Koran is a serious crime that must be punished in accordance with the law. He emphasized that such provocations are unacceptable in a country with many religions and denominations. This information was announced by the Telegram channel of the Human Rights Council.

At the same time, the head of the Council also noted that there are rules for detaining accused and suspects, which must be strictly followed. He expressed hope for a fair trial against those accused of burning the Koran.

Member of the Council for Human Rights Marina Akhmedova also responded to the video. She wrote on her Telegram channel: “Despite my gratitude to Kadyrov for his help in the North Caucasus, I do not agree with beating a person who is in a defenseless state. This outrages me.” She also emphasized that no offense to religion justifies breaking the law and that the punishment should be determined by the court, not Kadyrov's son. She also expressed the opinion that it is unacceptable to use a person's vulnerability to harm them.


Ambassador Berdyev: The United States has decided not to invite Putin to the APEC summit


Special Ambassador On Marat Berdyev, on behalf of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the United States of America has informed the Russian Federation through bilateral channels that it will not invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the APEC summit to be held in San Francisco.

According to him, the US representatives announced, that they will not invite a number of leaders of other countries to this year's summit because they are subject to sanctions restrictions.

“We continue to work with Washington to get US officials to fulfill their commitments as the host of the summit,” Berdyev noted.

He explained that this White House decision shows “bad will on the part of the US,” as well as a tendency to “maintain a confrontational approach to issues of multilateral economic cooperation.”


Ambassador Antonov: The United States should avoid dangerous words that increase anti-Russian sentiment in Armenia

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Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov commented hope that Washington will refrain from dangerous statements and actions that could contribute to the strengthening of anti-Russian sentiments in Armenia. In his words, quoted in the telegram channel of the Russian diplomatic mission, he emphasized that such actions confirm that the United States and its allies do not seek the normalization of the situation and peaceful development in Transcaucasia, but in fact are trying to cause strategic damage to Russia and deliberately destabilize the Eurasian space with with the aim of pushing Russia out of the region.

Antonov commented on the statement of the representatives of the US administration that Russia is not a reliable security partner for Armenia. He noted that such insinuations by local officials are outrageous and that Americans actually support the non-constructive public statements of Armenian politicians who seek to absolve themselves of responsibility for their mistakes in domestic and foreign policy.


Kirby: Washington has not yet decided on delivery of ATACMS missiles to Kiev

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According to a CNN report, coordinator Officer for strategic communications of the US National Security Council John Kirby stated that Washington has no final decision regarding the delivery of ATACMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine.

“I have nothing to announce regarding ATACMS at this time,” Kirby noted.< /p>

Recall that earlier a number of American media reported that American President Joe Biden allegedly promised his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky to provide Kiev with this type of weapons.


Wall of fire: video of the burning Kulbakino airport in Nikolaev after the Russian attack

photo frame from the video

In the evening the Russian Armed Forces struck to a strategically important facility for the Ukrainian armed forces – the Kulbakino military airport located east of Nikolaev.

According to preliminary data, the Ukrainian armed forces used the airport as a launch point for attacks on Russia by British Storm Shadow missiles.

< p>Judging by the photo, Ukrainian Su-24M aircraft were also destroyed.

There is no data yet on the type of ammunition that hit Kulbakino, but earlier FAB with UMPC flew to Kiselevka.


PMC “Wagner” announced the continuation of work in Belarus and Africa

Photo: stock footage of the video.

PMC “Wagner” announced that he did not stop and continues to work in African and Belarusian directions.

This is stated in a publication on the Telegram channel “Unloading Wagner”, close to the management of the group company.

“There is no talk of any closure of the company,” the statement stressed. He also notes that the PMC command solves all assigned tasks and leads the company's management.

The group also asked not to believe rumors and not to trust information only from the company's official channels.


Former CIA analyst Johnson revealed which regions Kiev will give up

Larry Johnson. Photo:

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson on the Dialogue Works YouTube channel called the unconditional surrender of Ukraine the only way to end the conflict.

According to the expert, Russia will not give up the DLR. , LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Johnson also emphasized that Kiev is now in no position to dictate any terms to Moscow.

“None of these regions are coming back,” the former CIA analyst continued, adding that if Ukrainian armed forces refuse to capitulate, Russia the army will bleed them to death and defend their territories.