Western MPs adopted a statement against SP-2

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Chamber of Deputies The United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine have issued a joint statement against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

States and Germany on “Nord Stream-2”. In accordance with this decision, the construction of the gas pipeline is actually resumed.

The statement also says that SP-2 is allegedly a geopolitical project aimed at expanding Russian influence in European countries and creating the dominance of Russian gas in the energy market in the European Union.

In addition, the authors of the statement believe that the construction of the Joint Undertaking-2 threatens the national security of the USA and EU countries. The statement paid special attention to issues of Ukrainian-Russian relations: the authors of the document believe that the pipeline will give Russia the opportunity to “blackmail” Ukraine by blocking the pipeline passing through its territory.

Senator Robert Menendez of the Democratic Party signed the statement on behalf of the US Congress.

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Bloomberg: Germany will not block SP-2, regardless of US position

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Germany does not intend to the move will cut off gas supplies from Russia via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline or even move to direct threats, preferring to use EU sanctions as a tool to put pressure on Moscow. Bloomberg reported, citing its sources. At the same time, it is assumed that neither the position of the United States nor the fact that the Chancellor will be replaced in Germany in September has much influence on this policy.

The publication states that practically all the country's political forces are in favor of putting the gas pipeline into operation.

The Financial Times previously expressed the view that the agreement between Germany and the United States on Joint Undertaking-2 “is wrong at all levels.”

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Speaker of Parliament elected in Armenia

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New Parliament of Armenia elected its chairman. He became former Vice President Alen Simonyan.

The first session of the reconvening National Assembly of Armenia began on 2 August. It was chaired by the oldest member, a representative of the Kurdish Armenian community, Prince Hasanov. The ruling party nominated Alena Simonyana, who had previously served as vice-president of the National Assembly of Armenia, as Speaker of Parliament.

Alen Simonyan was born in 1980, graduated from the Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University, served in the country's armed forces, played in KVN and became the champion of the Armenian League. Nikol Pašinjana has been a member of the leadership of the civil contract party since 2013. Simonyan was elected a member of the National Assembly of Armenia in 2018. In 2019 he was elected Vice-President of the National Assembly of Armenia.

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Naryshkin said he was proud to be included in Western sanctions lists

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Director of the Russian Foreign Federation of Intelligence Sergei Naryshkin expressed the view that good relations can be established between Russia and the collective West, although the path to their establishment is “very long” and “will require great effort and great will on both sides.”

As an example of the need for good international relations, Naryshkin cited the interaction of Russian and US intelligence services in the fight against terrorism.

At the same time, on Naryshkin on the LIVE channel, Soloviev LIVE on YouTube said he considered it a “matter of pride” to get on the Western sanctions lists on the days he was a member of the State Duma.

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The Czech Republic offered Timanovska political asylum

Belarusian athlete Kristina Timanovskaya received an offer from Czech Republic on granting political asylum in the Republic, Foreign Minister Jakub Kulganek said on his Twitter.

It is assumed that Timanovska, if she accepts the offer, will be able to leave Japan together with Czech athletes using a special board.

Earlier, Timanovskaya, a short-distance runner, was outraged on social networks that the coaches had decided to put her on the 4 × 400 relay. Then it was decided to send the girl to Belarus “because of her emotional and mental state”. The Belarusian diaspora in Tokyo blocked the airport and did not allow it to be taken away. A representative of the All Japan Refugee Bar Association arrived at the airport later. After some time, Timanovskaya was sent to a safe place, where, according to an IOC representative, she spent the night. The athlete has already applied for political asylum in Poland.

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In the USA, a report was submitted stating the laboratory origin of COVID

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House of Commons Foreign Affairs Representative McCall Committee released a report on Monday alleging that COVID-19 had escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. According to the politician, it is time to completely abandon the version in which the virus has spread around the world from the seafood market.

As reported, coronavirus leakage may have occurred before September 12, 2019. The authors of the document are convinced that they have gathered sufficient evidence for their version.

According to their version, scientists from the laboratory of the Chinese Institute, with the help of American experts and government funds from China and the USA, tried to modify the coronavirus. In addition, this work could be secret.

China, in turn, denies any allegations of a possible coronavirus leak from its Wuhan laboratory. WHO experts hold a similar position.

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Putin congratulated the staff and airborne veterans on their vacation

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Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff and Airborne Veterans on Their Professional Vacation – Airborne Forces Day. The corresponding report is published on the Kremlin's website.

According to Putin, special people have always served in the air force, who are characterized by strength, unwavering character and fraternal solidarity. At the same time, paratroopers show courage, audacity and courage in the most difficult situations.

Putin is pleased that the current generation of soldiers and officers is proud of the history of the airborne forces and deeply respects their veterans. According to the president, Russian citizens know that paratroopers will never disappoint them.

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In Uzbekistan, joint military exercises with Russia begin against terrorists

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Russian military exercises and Uzbekistan began in the mountainous region of the Central Asian republic of Termez. This area is located in the Uzbek region of Surkhandarya on the border with Afghanistan.

The participants of the exercise according to the Central Military District were welcomed by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Central Military District, Maj. General Nikolai Tereshchenko and Uzbek Deputy Minister of Defense for Combat Training Colonel Kadyr Tursunov … They said that this event should strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

The exercise will be attended by about 1.5 thousand soldiers from Russia and Uzbekistan. The Russians will perform assigned tasks on Uzbek military equipment.

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In the fierce fighting in Maribu, 40 Houth fighters were killed

Dozens of Houthi fighters were killed by Yemen in the fierce fighting with government forces in the last 24 hours in the provinces of Marib, Lahj, Juf and Al-Bayda, military and tribal leaders said on Sunday.

At least 40 Hutsis were killed on Saturday and Sunday in the Rahab area, south of Marib, when government forces repulsed progress in the region's mountain areas, Colonel Yahiya al-Hatemi, director of military media, told Arab News Yemeni army.

The Yemeni military official said that the army and allied tribes, with the air support of the Arab coalition, launched a counter-offensive in the area and managed to capture the mountain and weapons left behind by Houth militants.

War planes conducted several rescue raids in the province of Marib, focusing on military vehicles with fighters and weapons aimed at the battlefield.

The tribes reported seeing at least two combat vehicles that caught fire in the Marib province after the fire caught fire.

By taking the Hutis from Mount Al-Abzah, they will gain faithful control of a large strip of land south of Maribu and effectively suppress the Houthi threat to the city of Marib from the south.

Despite casualties in the south, the Houthis continued to aggressively attack government forces in areas west of Marib, local media reported.

The Houthis attacked a government force in the Al-Mashjah and Al-Qasar regions, but were unable to achieve any territorial successes.

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Israel demands evidence of Iran's involvement in a deadly tanker attack

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday, 1 August that Israel has “proof” that Iran is behind the deadly attack on a tanker off the coast of Oman. Tehran denies that Bennett threatens retaliation.

Bennett's statement came after Iran denied Israel's “unfounded allegations” of being responsible for the attack, which killed two crew members, and Tehran pledged to protect its interests after its opponent insisted on UN action against him. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzade commented on the attack in Tehran and denied any involvement, saying Israel “must stop such unfounded allegations” and noted that “this is not their first time they have filed such allegations against Iran.” “.

On Thursday, the tanker MT Mercer Street, owned by the famous Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer, was hit off the coast of Oman.

“There is evidence of this and we expect the international community to show the Iranian regime that they have made a serious mistake,” the Israeli prime minister told a weekly government meeting in comments sent by his office.

> that Iran attacked the ship “.

“Iran's aggressive behavior is not only dangerous for Israel, but also harms global interests, freedom of navigation and international trade,” he said.

Two crew members, one British and one Romanian, were killed on Thursday in an attack on an oil tanker en route from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.

The U.S. military said the first signs “clearly indicate” “Hit the drone on Mercer Street. “US Navy personnel are on Mercer Street to help the vessel's crew,” US Central Command said. “U.S. Navy explosives experts are on board to ensure the crew is not in further danger and are ready to support the investigation into the attack.”

Dryad Global analysts said the attack had “signs of an ongoing shadow war between Israel and Iran.”

Britain on Sunday condemned Iran's “deliberate, targeted” attack on the tanker after concluding that Tehran is under attack.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called the attack “illegal and callous” and said the UK was working with its international partners to develop an agreed response to what he called an “unacceptable” strike./p>

This is said to be the fifth attack on a ship linked to Israel since February, and two ships linked to Iran were attacked during the same period.

Iran's state television station Al-Alam, citing “informed regional sources”, said the attack was a “response to a recent Israeli attack” on an airport in central Syria, where Iran supports the regime.

On Saturday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and agreed to work with other allies “to investigate the facts, provide support and consider appropriate next steps,” the State Department said in a statement. .

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has ordered his country's diplomats to insist on UN action against “Iranian terrorism.”

He said: York.

“Iran is not only a problem for Israel, but also an exporter of terrorism, destruction and instability, which hurt us all. Lapid Skaz Al also spoke to British Foreign Secretary Dominick Raab, stressing that “the attack on the ship that killed the British citizen needs to be thoroughly responded to.”

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