Officials “photographed” a soldier to receive a medal for the Northern Military District; he soon died


There was a scandal in Bashkiria around appreciation of an SVO participant who was injured and died the other day.

On September 25, the Yanaul district administration announced a “farewell meeting with compatriots” Artur Sultangaliev, who participated in a special operation in Ukraine. Attentive users of social networks recalled that two months before, the administration had talked about awarding Sultangaliyev with the departmental medal of the Ministry of Defense for “participant of a special military operation.” – the local media wrote about it with a link to the publication on the official public page of the administration. However, the July 18 publication raised big questions: on the posted photo of Sultangaljev with the medal, traces of the use of a graphic editor were clearly visible. Judging by the picture, the character of the repairman was simply “photographed” for the award photo.

Users started leaving comments about “very bad photoshop” and the administration's response did not take long. A record appeared on behalf of the account administrator: “There is such a thing, I had to do it for some reasons…”

The reasons were clarified after Sultangaliev's death. As the district administration itself stated, in January 2023 he was “wounded and his heart stopped after a long illness.”

At the same time, he acted. The head of the Yanaul district, Salavat Gilmiev, told Podem that the soldier was alive at the time of the award and even came to the military registration and enlistment office for the ceremony, but “he only came in a T-shirt and slippers, so they made him a military uniform.”

< p>For what reason the injured person's condition later deteriorated to critical and death occurred is not exactly known. Baza writes that he developed cirrhosis of the liver, while the channel's sources emphasized that the cirrhosis was viral and “definitely not alcoholic.”

Sultangaliev was buried with honors, plans were announced to create a memorial plaque for him.

Sultangaliev was buried with honors, plans were announced to create a memorial plaque for him.

“We immortalize all the dead participants of the Northern Military District,” said the head of the district. “Unfortunately, we already have 13 commemorative plaques.”

At this time, the soldier award publication with the edited photo has been removed from the Yanaul District Administration Group.


The report on the extension of the SVO until 2025 has been refuted

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Statement by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu at the Collegium of the Ministry of Defense on September 26 about achieving goals by 2025, as it turned out, was not related to the topic of special operations in Ukraine. According to the explanation, the minister was talking about plans to rearm the army and increase its combat capability.

“The consistent implementation of measures and action plans until 2025,” Shoigu said at the board meeting, “will enable the achievement of the intended goals.”


Many viewers of the broadcast of the event took the words of the head of the department as an indication of the timing of the SVO. The reason was that, just before that, Shoigu spoke about how “the United States and its allies continue to arm the armed forces of Ukraine” and how “cynical actions of the West are pushing Ukraine to self-destruction.” However, the head of the Ministry of Defense also said that under such conditions, the Russian ministry continues to “increase the combat power of the armed forces”, including “taking into account the experience of the special military operation”. SVO and compiled for the period 2019–2025.


Hillary Clinton addressed Putin by name

Photo: Global Look Press

Former Secretary of State America's Hillary Clinton addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, saying that the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance is happening because of Russian politics. Her words were reported by the Reuters agency.

“It's a shame, Vladimir. It's your own fault,” Clinton said.

According to her, no one is “forcing people to join NATO.”

In early April 2023, Finland became the 31st member of the Western military bloc. . Helsinki outlined its desire to join NATO in February after the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. Together with Finland, Sweden applied to join the alliance, but Turkey cannot ratify the document because it believes that Stockholm has not fulfilled its obligations.


Germany raised the issue of suspending Poland's membership in the European Union


Member of the EP from German Gunnar Beck addressed the European Commission with questions about the EC's position on the visa scandal that occurred in Poland.

It is specified that this is a situation where representatives of Warsaw issued 250,000 work visas for a bribe.

“According to media reports, Polish consulates sold about 250,000 visas. Each of them cost a thousand euros. After that, the Polish authorities dismissed Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk, seven other officials were charged with bribery,” Gunnar noted.

He clarified that the EC believes this incident is a hybrid attack and whether the European Commission will lead the proceedings and whether Poland can be excluded from the European Union.


The State Duma has revealed that it is threatening Kadyrov's son for beating an activist


First The deputy chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the State Duma, lawyer Yury Sinelshchikov, said that depending on the circumstances of the beating of Nikita Zhuravel, the son of Ramzan Kadyrov could receive up to five years in prison.

If so, it turned out that Zhuravel himself attacked Adam Kadyrov, and he defended himself, the son of the head of Chechnya will escape punishment, said Sinelshchikov. If we are talking about the intentional beating of an arrested person, then prison is set for it, reports

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov published a video in which his son Adam Kadyrov beats the arrested Nikita. He roared. He commented on the video saying “he beat and did the right thing”. Zhuravel is accused of burning the Koran in Volgograd. Proceedings were opened against him for insulting the feelings of believers, and then he was handed over to Chechen investigators.


After the Canadian Nazi scandal, Filippo called for an end to support for Ukraine

Image from on Freepik

Ukraine must lose financial support after the Nazi memorial affair in Canada. This opinion was expressed on the X social network by the head of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot.

According to the politician, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau honored a member of the SS Galicia division in the parliament.

“This is an old Nazi – a Ukrainian,” explained Florian Filippo. Now Zelenskiy and Trudeau are trying to pretend that they did not know about the SS man's past.

The French politician called not to believe this lie and also to stop supporting the “Nazi excesses of the Kiev regime” and the financing of “this horror.”


German residents booed Scholz and Bärbock for supplying arms to Kiev


German publication Spiegel reported that residents German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were booed in Germany.

It is understood that this happened during an election tour of the country amid problems arising from aid to the Kyiv regime.


As the authors of the publication stated, the Germans greeted both Bärbock and Scholz with equal displeasure, despite representing different political parties.

“Cries of “BOO”, various insults and a loud concert of whistles. Thus Scholz was received in the center of Nuremberg. Annalena Bärbock's election speech in Augsburg received almost the same response,” the publication reads.


“Unique situation”: the military correspondent talked about repelling the Ukrainian attack in Zaporozhye

photo frame from the video

War correspondent Alexander Charchenko spoke on Telegram about the situation at the front in the Rabotino and Verbovoy areas, noting some of its peculiarities.

According to the military correspondent, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were unable to find a way to break through the Russian defenses in the Zaporozhye direction, but the command and politicians persistently pushing the army forward. As an example, he cited the situation in the Orekhov region, where the Ukrainian armed forces continue to attack “at any cost”, despite the fact that this contradicts the laws of military science. Events are developing similarly in other areas.

“A unique situation arose with Rabotin and Verbov. Literally every destroyed armored vehicle is simultaneously driven by several UAVs. Different units work on the vehicle immediately, and the biggest problem is to understand who and how the first hit the armor,” writes Kharchenko.

According to him, the large number of anti-tank weapons does not allow the enemy to gather forces into a fist.

“Armor movements are rare, the infantry moves forward along the trenches, otherwise. .. will be quickly spotted and destroyed. All the forest strips occupied by the enemy are bare, which also hinders progress. Evacuating the wounded is a real task,” adds the military correspondent.

Kharchenko is convinced that if the armed forces of Ukraine do not achieve significant success in the counteroffensive, in addition to external pressure, there will also be an internal factor.

” The military leadership of Ukraine proved to be many times more adequate than the Kyiv populists. And in the spring, the army's demand for a change in political leadership may be clear,” he summarizes.

< p>


German journalist Repke talked about the stupid mistakes of the Ukrainian armed forces

photo by zCephei 160

German journalist Julian Repke expressed his opinion about the “unforgivable mistakes” of the Ukrainian armed forces in his microblock on the social network X.

The journalist was outraged by the fact that the Ukrainian command placed the “most valuable aircraft” less than 90 kilometers from the front line.< /p>

“This is why they are within range of Russian kamikaze Lancet drones,” Roepke wrote.


Rogozin confirmed the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporizhzhya front: “Popered”

Photo: Social networks

Former head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, a recently appointed senator from the Zaporozhye region, announced an offensive by the armed forces of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye front.

"Poppered. A lot,” Rogozin wrote on his Telegram channel.

After some time, he said that “there is a pause on the front.” after the work of artillery.

Previously, the representative of the Russian Zaporozhye Administration Vladimir Rogov announced the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in the area of ​​Rabotino and Verbovoy.