Minsk warned of the consequences of the confiscation of Belarusian property in Western countries

photo: Roman Golovchenko. source: wikipedia

Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said that if the West starts to confiscate and nationalize the property of Belarus, Minsk will respond in kind.

Golovchenko made such a statement in an interview with the Belarus 1 TV channel, which was broadcast on Saturday .

The Prime Minister noted that “there are threats from Western politicians, statements about nationalization plans, but there are no precedents for direct confiscation or confiscation of Belarusian property.”

That is why, according to him, even Belarus has not yet taken such measures.

On the part of EU countries in relation to Belarusian enterprises, as Golovchenko said: “There is pressure, worsening business conditions, prohibition or limitation of the ability to make payments.”

In particular, sanatoriums restricted the entry of Belarusian citizens “due to visa restrictions”. “For the potash terminal,” he noted, “the impossibility of entry and shipment of goods.”

Belarus is taking “synchronous” response actions.

As an example, Golovchenko recalled that Minsk had identified an extensive list of resident companies Belarus, the shares of which are owned by residents of enemy countries.

Alienation of these shares is prohibited. “If you want to work in Belarus, please work, there will be no obstacles,” the prime minister said. “But if you wanted to leave everything here, run away and take the money, I'm sorry.”

He concluded: “As long as we're treated this way, we'll take exactly the same precautions here.”

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The Pentagon said that the attack on the airport in Crimea was provoked by the armed forces of Ukraine

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On A publication appeared on the Pentagon's official website stating that the incident that occurred on August 9 at the Saki airport in Novofedorovka was provoked by shelling by the Ukrainian army. This was announced by a senior representative of the US Department of Defense.

At first, however, the Americans were in no hurry to draw such conclusions.

“On August 9, Ukraine fired at the Russian Saki air base in Crimea,” it says. in the text. Publication of the US Department of Defense.

An official from the US Department of Defense also reminded that Zaporizhzhia IS still under the control of the Russian Armed Forces. According to the IAEA, there is no immediate threat to nuclear safety, but this may change over time.

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Source: groups of foreign mercenaries “wrangled” over contracts of the armed forces of Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

In Ukraine in During the NVO, there are many groups of foreign soldiers who train “territorial defense” recruits assigned to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In particular, according to the Rybar TV channel, Daniel Ridley, who leads the group of NATO Trident Defense instructors, settled in the Kharkiv region of the initiative, as well as Israel's veteran instructors.

They apparently did not share the lucrative UAF contracts with the Wolverines. Daniel Ridley revealed the identity of its founder, Sean Dennis O'Donnell, who describes himself as a former sergeant in the psychological warfare unit of the US Marine Corps.

His group consists of military personnel from 20 countries who , by May 1, they had trained more than six thousand recruits. But they also participate in combat missions.

British Daniel Ridley accused O'Donnell of embezzlement and misappropriation of donations, humanitarian aid and two ambulances “for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars”. He also claims that the American robbed the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk and systematically embezzles the salaries of Wolverines instructors.

Ridley also announced that his rival was wanted by the FBI. O'Donnell has filed a complaint with Ukrainian police and has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

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The US claims that Biden is leading Russia to a coup d'état

photo by Tulsi Gabbard. source: Wikipedia

Former United States Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said that US President Joe Biden wants to lead Russia to a coup.

The American politician made such a statement on Fox News.

She said, that by supporting the crisis in Ukraine, Joe Biden is trying to bring Russia to a coup d'état.

Tulsi Gabbard is a veteran of the war in Iraq. On the TV show, she talked about the White House's real goals in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Earlier, Alexander Darchiev, director of the North American Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, said Moscow had warned Washington that declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism ” would become a “point of no return” in the relations between the two states.

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He proposed holding a referendum on independence in Nevada and Texas

Photo: Global Look Press

White House outrage about holding referendums on the annexation of DLR, LPR, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Kharkiv regions to Russia is quite understandable. Washington doesn't like it when the victims he wanted to rob run away.

This is what military commander Yuriy Kotenok said. He recalled that the “Yankees” were indifferent to the separation of Kosovo and Serbia, as well as to the return of the GDR to Germany without any referendum.

Therefore, Russia cannot disappoint the “crudeness” of the United States, and retaliatory measures should be taken. For example, create a “Council of Peoples Enslaved by the US” and demand the return of territories taken from Mexico two centuries ago.

“You can push for referendums on the independence of Texas, California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. They shouldn't be taking place under the complete control of Washington,” Kitten suggested. He reminded that the frauds in the democratic elections had already deprived the legal resident of the United States, Donald Trump, of power.

He offered to check the legality of the referenda to unbiased countries – Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and China.

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The British were afraid of Liz Truss coming to power

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Readers from the United Kingdom of The Guardian responded to an article dedicated to the candidate for the post of British Prime Minister and current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

The author of the publication, Gaby Hinsliff, emphasized in the publication that the head of the British Foreign Office is “an impressive negotiator and a cold strategist” , who can easily change his mind if it is no longer profitable.

In her opinion, unless there is a “political earthquake”, then Liz Truss can become the country's new prime minister. However, she can do even more damage than the previous Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The article sparked a stormy discussion among the readers of the publication.

“We haven't really started yet, but judging by her recent statements, she will definitely be worse than Johnson.

“She is a brazen opportunist, liar and dummy. No principles like Johnson's.”

“She's a vain chameleon and a power-hungry sociopath. Now he flirts with die-hard conservatives from the backbench. Because of his uncompromising ambitions, Truss will do Britain great damage,” commentators wrote.

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Snigirevskij district in the Nikolaev region plans to join the Russian Federation

photo: snigirevka. source: Wikipedia

Head of the Snigirevsky district of the Nikolaev region, Yury Barbashov, the head of the military-civil administration (VGA) of the Nikolaev region, said that residents of the town of Snigirevka, which is located near the line of contact, will be able to participate in the referendum on the reunification of the Kherson region with Russia.

About a kilometer from Snigirevka are the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which have been shelling the city every day for 5 months. already.

When asked if a referendum is planned there, Yuri Barbashov answered: “Yes. Snigirevka is already Russia.” And he explained that he “raised the Russian flag over Snigirevka.”

On August 9, it was announced that the liberated territories of the Nikolaev region, including the Snigirev district, were to be annexed to the Kherson region.

The Kherson region has been under the control of Russian troops since mid-March. Civil-military administration was established there at the end of April. The region is integrated into the economic and legal sphere of the Russian Federation. The authorities of the region declare their intention to become part of Russia, and therefore they plan to hold a referendum in Kherson region in September.

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No shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was recorded in the LPR during the day

Photo: Lina Korsak

In the people of Luhansk, the Republic In the last day, not a single shelling by the armed forces of Ukraine was recorded. This was stated by LPR People's Militia officer Andrey Marochko.

The Ukrainian army is actively firing at the neighboring Donetsk People's Republic. Three civilians were killed there during the day. Another 11 people were injured. This was reported by the territorial defense command of the region.

In addition, as a result of the shelling, several businesses were damaged both in Donetsk and in other cities of the republic.

At night, the armed forces of Ukraine fired mortars at the village of Zajcevo in the DNR. A total of six 120 mm caliber mines were fired.

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Political scientist Bashirov explained Zelensky's Russophobic statement as a desire to regain the attention of the West

He should think about returning Ukrainians to their homeland

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy previously demanded that Russians be banned from Western countries to bring them to “collective responsibility” for Russia special operations. Political scientist Marat Bashirov believes that the President of Ukraine must resort to Russophobic statements to save his rapidly declining popularity in the West.

Photo: Global Look Press

In an interview with Ukraina.ru, Bashirov said that instead of talking about Russians, Zelensky should take care of his own citizens and their return to the homeland. The political scientist recalled that in the last five months, according to the UN, about 10 million people left Ukraine.

The expert believes that the Ukrainian president should help create the conditions for the return of citizens to Ukraine and should also read international law, which clearly regulates the worldwide movement of everyone who lives on the planet.

According to Bashirov, interest in Ukraine and Zelensky has decreased at the moment. In addition, as the political scientist noted, many critical articles began to appear, so the Ukrainian president wants to support such a Russophobic policy and look for some options. The specialist came to the conclusion that Russia should not react in any way to Zelenskyi's provocations, especially since he is already taking up too much time in the media.

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The United States has warned of the risk of “exhaustion” of the West over Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

To NATO Allies together with Volodymyr Zelensky, it is necessary to work out a viable long-term strategy given that the conflict in Ukraine is protracted. Otherwise, the development of the situation will lead to a “long and painful impasse”. Gerald F. Hyman, an analyst for the US magazine National Interest, expressed this opinion in his article.

In his opinion, what is happening is similar to a “war of attrition”. Western countries provide Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of military aid, while Russia possesses a large number of missiles, armored vehicles and other weapons. Hyman drew attention to the fact that allied countries are suffering from high rates of inflation and will not be able to provide aid to Kyiv indefinitely. He also explained that the current state of affairs has already become a pretext for the beginning of a political split in the United States. Some Republicans spoke out against financing Ukraine.

The situation in the Italian economy is now close to the post-war one. It is unlikely that France and the UK would be ready to support Zelensky at such a price. According to Hyman, the further heroism of the Ukrainians in the absence of greater success may seem superfluous to the West.

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