Poklonska refused to be ambassador to Cape Verde

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Former Crimean Prosecutor and former State Representative Duma Natalia Poklonskaya announced that plans to appoint her Russian ambassador to Cape Verde had been canceled. According to her, the reason was “personal circumstances”, but what – she does not specify. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the information. The name of the new ambassador has not yet been announced.

“No, I do not plan to,” Poklonskaya told TASS when asked about leaving abroad. “Personal circumstances have changed.”

The former MP added that I always wanted to be useful to my home country.

“I am therefore ready for any position where I will be useful to the state,” she said. . .

The upcoming appointment of an ex-prosecutor to a diplomatic post, known last summer, and in October, it was announced that President Vladimir Putin had already appointed her to office by decree. In Kiev, however, politicians and officials, including Russian counterparts at Ukraine's foreign ministry, predicted problems in her new job and threatened to “ruin her life.” She herself ridiculed such threats and urged anyone who wanted to ruin her life to line up.

On the morning of January 19, at the same time as the resignation report, Poklonská congratulated the Russians on Epiphany.

On the morning of January 19, at the same time as the resignation report. p>

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“I wish “Good and happy events in life,” she wrote on her telegram channel. “Health and honest, sincere relationships!”

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Erdogan invited Putin and Zelensky to a meeting in Turkey to resolve the conflict

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited the Russians and Ukrainian colleagues Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky to Turkey to settle disputes between Russia and Ukraine. The deputy Turkish president informed about it.

As mentioned, Erdogan will come to Ukraine in the next few weeks to negotiate with Zelenský.

It was previously announced that Turkey plans to discuss supplies with the United States. new generation F-35 fighters. This was stated by the Minister of National Defense of the country Hulusi Akar.

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A temporary road closure has been announced in Alma-Ata due to an anti-terrorist operation

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Traffic on certain sections of Alma Street – Aty will be temporarily closed on Wednesday due to an anti-terrorist operation, the city police press service informs.

Bogenbai batyr in the north and south direction, as well as along Tole bi avenue from the street. Zheltoksan to Nazarbayev Avenue in the eastern and western directions.

Police advised citizens to be lenient with temporary restrictions, choose the route in advance and strictly adhere to traffic regulations.

Previously, this was the case. announced that a state of emergency had been lifted in Alma-Ata. The city's airport has started to operate normally, local authorities said.

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The state of emergency in Almaty was lifted

The state of emergency has been lifted in Almaty. The airport resumes normal operations. This was reported by local authorities.

The state of emergency in Almaty was previously announced at midnight on January 19.

By January 19, CSTO plans to complete the process of withdrawing peacekeepers from Kazakhstan. . Allied aid has played a major psychological role in successfully repelling the aggression of terrorists and bandits, and has also helped save the Almaty from destruction, Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev said.

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The Foreign Ministry did not rule out a Russian attack on Ukraine from Belarusian territory

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Foreign Ministry Spokesman she told reporters that the United States was considering moving Russian troops to Belarus as a possible preparation for the invasion of Ukraine.

“We believe that Russia can attack Ukraine from the north under the guise of a joint exercise with the Belarusian army,” she said at the briefing. Belarusians completely unacceptable. ” The Foreign Ministry has already expressed its concerns about Minsk.

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A new group of fighters from the banned “Right Sector” has arrived in the DLR.

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Representative The head of the Ministry of Defense of the DLR, Eduard Basurin, said in an interview with journalists that another section of the “Right Sector” banned in the Russian Federation had arrived in the republic.

1st Independent Battalion of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In the area of ​​the settlement of Pavlopol, which is under the control of Kiev, the presence of members of the Right Sector DUK (banned in the Russian Federation , – said Basurin.

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WSJ: US prepares sanctions against “pro-Russian separatists” in Ukraine

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The Wall Street Journal with a link to Sources say the US authorities plan to impose sanctions on some “pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine” in the near future.

According to partners in the publication, Washington believes that such a decision could put pressure on Russia. According to the daily, restrictive measures will be imposed on four individuals. The sanctions will reportedly be announced on Thursday, January 20.

The WSJ also notes that the decision to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials indicates doubts among the US authorities about imposing direct sanctions on Moscow.

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Nobel laureate, editor-in-chief Novaya Muratov, was fined for failing to label him

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In Moscow, the world court fined Editor-in-Chief Novaya Gazeta, Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov, and the publication he kept for failing to label the banned organization.

On January 14, the court found Muratov and the newspaper guilty of disseminating information about the banned organization.

According to the court decision, a fine of 4 thousand rubles was imposed on Muratov, the editors – 40 thousand rubles.

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