Former “House-2” participant on Donbas service: “Nazis mocked for fun”

How a reality show participant came to the fore

In Russia, December 5 is celebrated as Volunteers' Day. What drives volunteers? A question to which there is perhaps no clear answer. For some, “saving” is a state of mind, for some, helping others is an ideology of life. They are not always understood, some even condemn them and look for a catch in every act. Others admire and cite them as examples. But one way or another, these people are among us. The MK correspondent spoke with Nataly Khim, a former participant in the “Dom-2” show, the call sign “Wolf Mother”, who came to Donbass as a volunteer in 2014 and spent three years in the militia.

Photo: From my personal archive < p style = "text-align: center;"> “ I got into an argument on Dom-2″

This slim blonde could be more of a model or an actress – without too much flattery, I will say that her appearance allows it. But she chose a different path for herself. Looking ahead, I note that during our conversation, the question was “How could this girl end up in a war?” with a sense of pride that, despite all the political, economic and social difficulties, there are people ready to help those who need it.

– It was a long time ago, in 2007. In general, I went there to bet. Before the war, I sang a little and starred in movies. My friends and I celebrated on February 23, and then I heard a phone call on my cell phone inviting me to come to the project. The friends heard it and started, “Yes, you're weak, you're not going …” Well, I went on principle. It so happened that other participants voted for me and I stayed. Just a few days later, my family found out where I was. There, as soon as you sign the contract, your phone is immediately removed. But I didn't want to stay there long, so I didn't have a relationship with anyone, but just constant conflicts. At that time, I still had the image of a child: shaved bald head, grinders … Of course, the producer did not like my position, and because of that we also had scandals. Four months later, the heat level hadn't risen anywhere and I decided I had had enough. The project has been completed. Speaking of volunteering, before Donbas, I joined the Liza Alert search team and I remain there to this day. I try to help the animals whenever possible.

– Let's start by knowing before Donbas what war is. At the end of the second Chechen campaign, I arrived in Grozny with humanitarian aid. Therefore, I had a clear idea that there is no resort. No illusions.

My youth passed in a so-called informal environment: skinheads, football fans … At that time we were very close friends with the Shakhtar fan club.

Shakhtar is a Ukrainian professional football club from Donetsk, which plays the Ukrainian Premier League. Winner of the UEFA Cup, thirteen-time champion of Ukraine, thirteen-time winner of the Ukrainian Cup, nine-time winner of the Ukrainian Super Cup, four-time winner of the USSR Cup.

Even before the tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014, the guys from the “support” (fans supporting the team. – Auth. ) began to agitate me to side with Ukraine. At first, I didn't quite understand where they were calling me. There were a few vague phrases: “Come on, let's go there.”

Shirokino Photo: From the Personal Archive

I will not hide the fact that at first the idea of ​​Maidan itself was as close to me as it was to many others. But no one expected how it would turn out. People were “divorcing,” pushing for painful, lively topics that made everyone very tired: unbridled corruption, nothing can be done without money, but there is no money … And then Odessa happened when people were burned alive. It just didn't fit in my head. In our crowd, opinions split and then it became clear who, where and on whose side.

And so I come to Donetsk, but it turns out that my “barkers” are already in Kiev. I remember we called, I said, “I mean, are you in Kiev? You are residents of Donetsk. What did you forget there? “And they said to me,” Live. Come to us, too. Let's go to Azov to serve together. “

I didn't believe my ears. “What” Azov “?! – I shout on the phone.” You will kill your own people, you will set fire to your own houses? “

– They became zombies, heard nothing and no one.

Of course, I was very offended then. I left everything in Moscow, came, I think, nowhere, and how to continue – it is not clear. “Mine” – everyone in Ukraine, more precisely those I considered “mine”. By the way, they also wrote to me later: like, we'll meet on the battlefield, they sent all sorts of threats … To make you understand, I was only 25 years old at the time.

Fortunately, in addition to those “comrades”, I had other acquaintances in Donetsk. In general, I loved this city very much before the war and I often went there. For myself, I have clearly decided to stay here in the militia. I simply could not return and live in peace in Moscow, knowing that people, children, were being killed here. Grandmother comes out with a cross on the tank and the tank crushes her … It was impossible to remain indifferent. You know, if I didn't stay there, it wouldn't be me.

– Of course, it's scary. For yourself, for those who stayed in the Donbas, for those who left the side of Ukraine … This is a very strange feeling: you knew people, you even befriended someone. Now, if you meet and the situation forces you to do so, you will kill him. Simply because otherwise he will kill you.

– I found the end of 2014 in Lugansk. First I went to LPR, I wanted to get into service with Alexei Mozgovoy or Alexander Bednov. But unfortunately I did not have time to get to know them personally, I went to Donetsk. Then they were gone. And I just nailed to the militia and I stayed.

S Polynkov Photo: From the personal archive

– Well, of course, at first they were different jokes, not without it. But I didn't hear any vulgarities from anyone and no one bothered. Fortunately for me the first year, no one knew that I was a participant in the Dom-2 project, otherwise I can't imagine how many jokes I would hear about myself. Probably this show was not so popular in Ukraine and people didn't know me. Or maybe I've changed so much. I don't know.

– In 2015, I was invited to a live broadcast and someone there met me and wrote that I was in “House 2”. But at that time, all colleagues took it more or less normally.

The Nazis made fun of the prisoners

– Lots of people. Igor Strelkov, Givi, Motorola. Mamai and I were very friendly.

Oleg Mamiev, call sign “Mamai”, a participant in the war in Donbas, lieutenant colonel of the DLR Armed Forces, commander of the international Pyatnaška brigade, one of the founders of the Donbas Volunteer Union, died on 17 May 2018.

Together we came up with a birthday present for Sasha Zacharchenko: we wanted to give a black wolf. But Oleg did not live to see this moment, and we presented the gift together with the boys from Pyatnashka. The wolf cub was named Faithful Alan Mountain Winds.

Mamai and I also dreamed of moving the bombed Dokuchaev Zoo to Donetsk and a new, large one where they could stand so that the animals could move freely. Zacharchenko supported us in this idea. But they didn't have time.

– Oh, listen, whatever you have to do. It so happened that the money was not a penny. For some time I worked in Igor Ivanovich Strelkov's warehouse with humanitarian aid. By the way, he is the only person who has gathered huge supplies of humanitarian supplies for animals to various domestic and small shelters. I was offended because of the animals and just asked him to send at least some food to the “4 Paws” shelter, where we took the injured animals. And Igor Ivanovich sent a few tons and began to do it continuously. What was there for the animals! Thanks to this, not only advertised shelters were provided by feeding, such as Pif, where money and food from abroad were always sent, but also ordinary, domestic and private shelters. They were in need more than anyone else, but no one cared.

It's not just people who suffer from war. We ourselves brought seriously injured animals to the shelters from the front line, and the girls took care of them. There were no days off: you were on the front line, then in the warehouse.

We lived in a locality and in closets of all incomprehensible, when the financial situation was a little better, in a hotel … We moved constantly. There was nothing like that – that's all. The longest place I've lived was the Central Hotel.

– Of course not. They made a discount and that's fine. We paid 900 rubles a month for water and electricity.

– Everyone has different ways. I personally rented an apartment in Moscow. We always helped each other. The money will come to my apartment – I'll buy something for the guys. Then if they don't do well, they will help. Yes, we actually had everything in common. There is no other way to survive the war.

– Good. That's really very good. Except when the people were sold to the Ukrainians and handed us over. For example, we carry water, bread, medicine, the locals see it, and after a while we come under fire. Once a school bus with children almost came under such shelling. Fortunately, we managed to deploy it. In Novolasp (Telman District – “MK” )) It was. First the machine gunners fired at us, then the snipers started working. Upon arrival, they already understood who was shooting what. Two hundred meters to the car. I had to crawl over rocks, over broken glass. There was a girl with us, the driver's wife, she thought: she was walking in a dress and heels. At the beginning of the trip, I told her, “Why did I dress like that? You're setting us up. How can I get you out then ?! “It was hard for her to crawl at all. As we drove through the houses, we saw a bus with children. The driver seemed to be asleep and did not see them bombing. I had to block the car. I fly to the bus and shout at the driver … In general, they turned the bus around. Fortunately, nothing happened to anyone.

– A lot. There were even prisoners who said they were glad they came to us. I remember catching a 17-year-old boy, so he generally said he came to us on purpose. He was afraid to openly side with the Donbas because he understood that inadequate Nazis were serving around him and would kill him if he found out.

– Often. Both ours and Ukrainians. The side of the plate that concerned the prisoners. Sometimes they just mocked for fun. When I think about it, I keep crouching. It seems that time has passed and I myself somehow try to abstract from the memories, but I still can't fully return to a peaceful life. Gone is the habit of listening to every noise. And in front of any fireworks, firecrackers – you are immediately looking for where they are flying from.

Donbass Volunteer Badge Photo: From personal archive

– Enough. Let me tell you, there were women who were braver than some men.

– The girls are mostly local. Guys – 50 to 50. The girls were really appreciated, protected as best they could.

– Well, how can we be without it? Yet people live. I married in the war myself. Our wedding was the second most discussed after Motorola's wedding. The whole internet buzzed …

Arsen Pavlov, the call sign of “Motorola”, is a participant in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, commander of the anti-tank special unit “Sparta” DLR. He died on October 16, 2016.

In general, we thought there would be some provocation at the wedding – more precisely, we were even warned that it was possible. But the blessing took place in silence. Then in 2016 I gave birth to a child in Donetsk and went to Moscow with my daughter. And my husband still serves in Donbas.

“There is always propaganda that Russia is the enemy”

– I came to fight because I needed to , and not because of a soldier or anything, so I stayed in the “unofficial.” Someone checked out.

– It's gotten worse. More violence. See for yourself (Ukrainian. – Auth. ) children. They didn't figure it out themselves – that is, someone put such thoughts and words in their heads. It is constantly rumored that Russia is the enemy and all their troubles are because of the Russians.

– I do not think. The most important ones remained. Why should they leave, leave their homes and run? Do you know how to understand that a person born in Donbas is Russian? He didn't run. I'm not saying that everyone should follow suit. But personally, I'm proud of these people. They live for the good of their country, so that their children can live there, without war, without Maidans …

– Let me tell you straight: everyone already understands that this is the most commercial war. And why Mozgovoy was killed. And why didn't Sasha Zacharchenko happen. Now it seems to me that the 2014 scenario is playing out in Donbass. And it will not be possible to stop without Russia's help. Many are now dissatisfied with Putin, but I personally believe that he is not to blame, but his surroundings. And he needs to clean this environment. In my opinion, war is a kind of vicious circle that can be broken not by forced reconciliation, but by non-standards. Because the standards now used to unify countries no longer work. Pay attention to Armenia and Azerbaijan. No matter how much they have done, armed conflicts are still going on.

As far as Ukraine is concerned, it seems to me that once its financial support from the West has stopped, the war will end.

Wedding photo: From the personal archive < p>– I went to Moscow in 2016, after the birth of my child, – I had to make documents and so some issues were resolved. It took more time than I originally thought. And when everything was settled, I realized there was no point in going back to Donbas. year 2017. What was I supposed to do there? At first I still went there often and then less and less.

But it was hard to get rid of the habit. And now it happens, he will find it. Do you think, “Why is that? Mine is all there and I'm here. “She's just holding a baby. If it weren't for my daughters, she'd be long gone. Especially when I see what's going on now.

– I've been thinking about that, too. a situation where volunteers come to the rescue and not those who should come to work or work, but for those who are waiting for help, where it came from is not so important. to instill in children the care of those in need. Otherwise, society is doomed.

There was a pause after my question. It doesn't help because of something, but simply because it can't help it.

“I don't even know what to say,” Natasha was the first to break the silence. And it doesn't matter who or where you help: you take humanitarian aid to the front line, you brought a bag to your grandmother or you didn't leave a dog hit by a car m die on the street. Above all, you help.


The West can impose sanctions on Russia and limit currency exchange

The possibility of imposing sanctions against the largest EU Russians and The US is considering banks and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). According to Bloomberg, this will happen if Russia “attacks” Ukraine.

This release was announced by a source familiar with the discussion of this issue. According to him, restrictions on the conversion of rubles into US dollars and other foreign currencies, including euros and pounds sterling, are being considered.

The West has also begun thinking about restricting investors' ability to buy Russian debt securities on the secondary market.

As Bloomberg noted, the most radical option would be for Russia to deny access to the SWIFT financial payment system. But in the West, they understand that it would harm ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation. European and American officials have so far decided to take advantage of Russia's ability to convert the ruble into currency.


The Ukrainian authorities have asked the United States for military equipment for Afghanistan

asked the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov Lloyd Austin's Pentagon to expand arms supplies to the country, including through the weapons systems the US military wanted to supply to Afghanistan. “The list that Reznikov sent to Austin included naval and air defense means, as well as electronic warfare,” foreign policy said.

Kiev, among other things, expected to receive some military equipment. , which US officials planned to deliver to Afghanistan before the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) came to power there …. These were Mi-17 ammunition and helicopters.

The administration is currently considering Joe Biden has all sorts of options for strengthening Ukraine's armed forces.

Earlier, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that US troops were not needed to protect the country from aggression, only weapons were needed.


Japanese authorities have criticized Russia's idea of ​​tax breaks in the Kuril Islands


Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi criticized the idea of ​​a Russian law to provide tax incentives to new organizations that have registered in the southern Kuril Islands.

According to him, this proposal runs counter to Japan's position on joint economic activities and the territorial issue.

“We intend to build a constructive dialogue with Russia on this tax issue, but without harm to both countries,” he added.

It was previously reported that the Eastern Military District was talking about starting training with shooting at the islands of the Kuril Ridge. It is said that members of the army rifle units began training.


India is lobbying for the supply of Russian S-500 Prometey air defense systems

India has started to actively lobby for supplies to the country the latest Russian air defense systems S-500 Prometheus.

The United States has tried to stop the sale of Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems to India. This was announced today by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Indian partners “refused to obey Washington's orders,” Lavrov said.


Peskov: NATO's presence in Ukraine will force Russia to defend its interests

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the potential presence of Western military formations in Ukraine was “extremely worrying” for Russia, and that if such NATO plans were implemented, the country would be forced to respond.

In an interview with RT Peskov, he said that the British military had previously spoken about its readiness to send a number of troops to Ukraine – “not only training but also combat.”> He also pointed to NATO's aggressive policy and refusal to recognize “Red lines”.

“We don't like that,” Peskov concluded.


Kuleba expects clear signals from Biden to address Russia


Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said he did not expect any breakthroughs in the upcoming conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

“I think that tomorrow each party will declare its maximalist vision of the logic of further negotiations and then various teams will work to further develop the situation,” – said in the ICTV broadcast.

The head of the Ukrainian The State Department expects the US President to give “very clear signals” about what Ukraine's partners will do if Russia opts for an operation against Kiev.

Kuleba also noted that Ukraine is aware that they will not be fought by NATO, but by the countries of the North, and the Atlantic Alliance can do “a lot.”


MP: The US has chosen Ukraine as a new place of tension in the world


Deputy State Duma of Russia Federation Adalbi Shkhagoshev said that after leaving Afghanistan, US authorities “ found & # 39; & # 39; another, advantageous for itself, a place of tension in the world – Ukraine. Therefore, in his opinion, Washington has recently commented more and more on the plans that Moscow allegedly has for the military occupation of Kiev.

Shkhagoshev added that Washington specifically selects speakers, such as US Deputy State Secretary of State Nuland, President of Ukraine Zelensky, to keep tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

“ When the United States lost in Afghanistan and left there, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars, the military lobby needed to find another place of tension in the world. They chose Ukraine, “the deputy added.


The United States has decided to boycott the Beijing Olympics


Washington will not send official delegation to the Winter Olympics in China. Jen Psaki, the US administration's secretary, said. According to a White House spokesman, the decision was made in connection with numerous human rights violations, including the Xinjiang genocide. The American delegation will not take part in the Winter Olympics in 2022 and the Paralympics in 2022 in Beijing, Psaki stressed.

At the same time, the White House has assured that a diplomatic boycott will not prevent American athletes from participating in the Olympic Games. According to Psaki, athletes from the United States will receive the full support of the US authorities, but from home.

It has previously been reported that the United States is threatening to boycott the Beijing Olympics. China has again expressed dissatisfaction with the issue.


The US promises military aid for Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine


If it is possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine The US could provide military assistance to the Allies on NATO's eastern flank. A representative of the US administration said this.

According to him, in this case there will be a request for extended support from the allies in the eastern wing. This will be followed by a positive response from the United States “with additional forces, capabilities and exercises to be conducted there.” At the same time, the American side does not intend to use military force directly against Russia in the event of an invasion.

In addition, the US administration believes that the Russian Federation is ready to attack Ukraine from three sides: the south, the west and the northeast. However, he added that it is not yet known whether Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to “invade” Ukraine. Sanctions may affect in particular the “narrower circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They can also be introduced against energy companies. The measures also include disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT system.

In addition, sanctions may affect Russia's national debt. In addition, action can be taken against Russian banks.

In recent weeks, the West has been actively discussing the issue of Russia's alleged preparations for the invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies the allegations. Russian diplomats have repeatedly stated that this rhetoric is used to pull NATO troops to Russia's borders. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the country was not obliged to report to other states the movement of its troops through its territory.