The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned the United States not to become a party to the conflict in Ukraine

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Deputy Foreign Minister Russia's Sergei Ryabkov said that the US and NATO are worsening the situation in Ukraine with their statements about the possibility of an attack on Russian territory from the Ukrainian side. Moscow warns Washington about de-escalation towards the Russian Federation.

As the deputy minister emphasized, the situation is now extremely acute. Moscow would not want Washington to become a party to the conflict. However, the United States has not yet heard the warning, Ryabkov added.

Previously, Washington authorized the armed forces to use American weapons in Crimea for self-defense, as Politico wrote with reference to an anonymous White House source.


Later Russian Senator Sergei Chekov pointed out that American weapons can be used to strike not only in Crimea, but also in other territories of the Russian Federation. Specifically, these are the regions of Bryansk and Kursk.


Preparations for protests over the demolition of a monument to Soviet soldiers have begun in Latvia


Minister Kristaps Eklons of the Latvian Ministry of the Interior said in an interview with the TV-3 channel that law enforcement agencies, security services and the administration of Riga are preparing for possible protests after the announcement of the decision to demolish and dispose of the monument to the Soviet Union. soldiers in the capital of the republic.

“We are working out various scenarios of close cooperation. We will be ready to prevent the growth of potential riots,” said the head of the Ministry of the Interior.

The mayor of Riga announced on August 3 that the monument, which is said to have no artistic value, was demolished and disposed of. The “Russian Union of Latvia” has already announced a protest action on August 22 in the square behind the monument.


The professor predicted direct US intervention in the event of a major Russian victory in Ukraine

Photo: Ukraine, may result in US intervention in the conflict . This prediction was made by University of Chicago political science professor John Mearsheimer in an article for Foreign Affairs.

The expert describes several scenarios of American intervention at once.

If it is not the case. resolved within a year, Washington, the author believes, may consider introducing small contingents of ground troops to help Kiev.

According to an American political scientist, the more likely scenario of American intervention is that the Ukrainian army “begins to disintegrate and Russia wins a big victory “. The administration of US President Joe Biden does not intend to accept such an outcome, and the United States could try to reverse the trend by choosing to directly participate in hostilities.

There is a third possibility, which Mearsheimer describes. It indicates an unintentional escalation. So, according to this version, Washington will be unwittingly drawn into a military conflict by some unpredictable event that “develops in an upward spiral.”


Named the personal account of one of the best special ops snipers

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One of the most effective military snipers serve in the Derivation unit during a special military operation. This was said by military expert Alexei Sukonkin. “One of the snipers of my sponsored company Derivation… brought his personal account to seven tens,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. The sniper's name and call sign are unknown. At the same time, the expert notes that the sniper uses a common Austrian SSG-08 rifle. “In some cases (for example, during the battles in Popasnaj) I used the VSS rifle and very successfully. Sometimes older comrades allow him to shoot from ASVKM.


Commander of the Trojan Department Novikov: Arms supplies to Ukraine have become almost unlimited


Section Leader « Troy” Vladimir Novikov said that the supply of weapons from Western countries to Ukraine has become practically unlimited and open.

According to the fighter with the call sign “Alabai”, the West is currently carrying out massive deliveries of various types of weapons. weapons.< /p>

“If earlier these supplies were somehow hidden, now they are imported openly, in unlimited quantities,” added Novikov.

He clarified that such actions have a certain effect, but cannot change the final result.

“You can't say it's critical, but these deliveries are really tangible,” he emphasized.


Kadyrov commented on Zelenskiy's blood feud

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The head of Chechnya explained in his Telegram channel why it makes no sense to declare a blood feud against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, although according to the head of the republic it would be possible.

Kadyrov explained it. by the fact that Zelenskyi himself is a hostage of the West and is forced to follow other people's orders.

“I do not justify him in any way. He is a voluntary cell rabbit who is bred for meat and skin by the same West who fed Ukraine Nazi Banders and Azovism (“Azov”, a terrorist and extremist organization, is banned in the Russian Federation. – editor's note),” reads the post of the head of Chechnya.

He also pointed out that the blood feud of the Chechens it is not a relic of the past, as “liberal politicians” believe, but a tool that prevents thoughts of committing murder.

Earlier, Kadyrov noted that “the idea of ​​superiority but a certain race” is instilled in society from childhood.

In his opinion, the lion's share of TV channels, as well as the Internet space of Ukraine, has been stuffed with fascist ideology since the collapse of the USSR. In kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, for many years there was “undisturbed agitation of Hitler's values”. “A whole generation of Nazis grew up ,” says the head of Chechnya in your Telegram channel.


Bloomberg: Putin plans to come to Bali for the G20 summit

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According to the US agency Bloomberg, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has announced Russian leader Vladimir Putin's plans to attend the G20 summit to be held in Bali in November 2022.

As Widodo detailed in an interview with Bloomberg Indonesia editor -Chief John Micklethwaite, in addition to the President of the Russian Federation Chinese President Xi Jinping is also expected at the G20.

"President Xi Jinping will come. President Putin also told me that he would come,” the publication quotes Joko Widodo.


Zaporizhia authorities: Zaporizhia NPP did not suffer as a result of the night shelling of Energodar

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Military Civil Administration Zaporozhye region reported that the shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not damage the nuclear power plant.

“The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was not damaged as a result of the nighttime shelling of Energodar,” local authorities reported.

It should also be noted that the radiation level in the ZNPP area is normal.


The State Department explained when work will begin to replace START-3

According to US State Department spokesman Ned Price Washington is ready to begin developing a new security treaty to replace START-3 only if the Russian side begins to act as a “responsible nuclear power.”

“The United States is ready if Russia begins to act as a responsible nuclear power .” at the negotiations on a new framework that will replace the expiring START-3 in the coming years,” Price emphasized.

At the same time, he pointed out the importance of observing the previous treaty. “We understand the value of START-3, now the value of this treaty is even greater than it was in the previous years of its existence,” Price added, adding that Washington will do everything to preserve the key provisions of these agreements.< /p>

START III – Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on measures to further reduce and limit strategic offensive weapons.


Arestovič criticized the ban on Schengen visas for all Russians


Advisor Oleksiy Arestovich, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said in a comment to the Washington Post that he does not agree with the idea of ​​introducing a ban on granting Schengen visas to all citizens of the Russian Federation.

“I'm still not in favor of collective responsibility,” he said.

According to Arestovic, it is necessary to refuse the granting of visas “more selectively”.

He expressed the opinion that the denial of entry to the Schengen area should be issued against those Russians who support the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. At the same time, Arestović noted that it would be “technically difficult” to identify such citizens.