Nationalists destroyed the bodies of 120 foreign mercenaries in the Azovstal plant

Photo of Azovstal: Global Look Press

By Crematorium in one of the bunkers at the Azovstal factory was discovered by Komsomolskaya Pravda war correspondent Dmitry Steshin, where Ukrainian militants destroyed more than 120 bodies of foreign mercenaries.

crematorium in Azovstal

The journalist assumes that Azov militants (against Azov cases are criminalists “investigated in Russia, – “MK”), was ordered to destroy foreigners after it became clear that they would not escape captivity.

Steshin said the mercenaries' documents and personal belongings had been burned. However, the executors in a hurry apparently did not “check the result”. “Or perhaps because of their stupidity,” the military commander does not rule out. that “this bunker is the first, but not the only one, to have such surprises for the world community.”


Kandelaki drove Zacharova to tears with the subject versions on Putin's desk

Photo: Social Networks

Acting Director TNT Channel Tina Kandelaki posted a photo of President Vladimir Putin from a meeting on her Telegram channel.

According to her, experts noticed that a mysterious black object was lying on the table of the head of state. Kandelaki said experts are now asking about the purpose of the item. p>

Kandelaki meant the song June Song, which Chebotina released on the night of June 25. The lyrics were written in English by Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The diplomat noticed this publication from Kandelaki and responded to it in her Telegram channel.

tears !!! ” – wrote Maria Zakharova.


Johnson's statement about the settlement around Ukraine was described as “monstrous” by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

photo: boris johnson. source: wikipedia

The statement of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that any attempts to resolve the Ukrainian conflict will only increase instability in the world, the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called “monstrous”.

In Written on Sunday on the Telegram channel that Johnson's remark was “the best explanation” for “British political humor”. According to the diplomat, it is “gloomy, funny and very vulgar”, which at first you even refuse to believe.

But if you remember that “we are talking about a regime of” liberal democratic monarchy “, then as Zakhar's” everything fits instead. ”

So she commented on Johnson's statement he made at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. He said that at this stage, attempts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine would only help maintain instability in the world and strengthen Moscow's position.


The United States declared unity with Germany in the diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian conflict

Photo: Michail Verny

Done in the White House a statement that Washington and Berlin are unanimous in their views on the need to reach a diplomatic solution to the situation around Ukraine.

“They remain committed to providing security assistance to Ukraine.” the leaders did not go into specific details on how to achieve this. But both countries have “equally broad access to a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian conflict.”


Johnson and Macron agreed to step up aid to Ukraine on the sidelines of the G7 summit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with French by President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G7 summit, which began in Bavaria, according to a press release distributed by Johnson's office.

The parties agreed on the need to support Ukraine and & nbsp; Johnson and Macron have agreed to step up work on arms supplies. They also agreed to continue close cooperation between London and Paris in the field of defense.


Johnson called the award a refusal to support Ukraine

Boris Johnson. Photo: AP.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who arrived at the G7 summit in Germany, made a statement about the price that the West will have to pay if it refuses to support Ukraine.

As head of the group, the British government noted the need for honest Reuters notes that if Russian President Vladimir Putin is allowed to win during a special operation, Ukraine will be detached from its vast pressure. and Russia will “continue the mining program.”

In this case, the price the West will pay “will be much, many times higher.”


Note that the three-day talks between G7 leaders at Elmau Castle in southern Germany will focus on the situation in Ukraine and the consequences of sanctions imposed on Russia. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to speak via video link.


A military expert named the following targets of the Russian army in a special operation

Vladimir Evseev. Photo: Snapshot from video.

Military expert Vladimir Evseev spoke about the tasks he can assign to a Russian group participating in a special operation in Ukraine after all DLR and LPR territories have been taken control.

& quot; The liberation of Donbas will take about one up to one and a half months, “said a specialist in an interview with the portal

He added that then considerable forces can be used in other areas.

” For example, to liberate the city of Zaporozhye , “suggested the expert.

He described this direction as important, because it is necessary to” interrupt roads, railways, roads “towards Kharkov. Then it will be possible to quickly control Kharkov.

Vladimir Evseev named the southern direction as another priority. In his opinion, the soldiers may be tasked with entering the Nikolaev region and Odessa.


In Russia, they proposed accepting school leavers for contract service

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

State Duma Defense Committee proposes to amend the legislation and offer school graduates contractual service in the army. To this must be added Article 34 “On military service and military service”. The document has already appeared on the Russian parliament's website.

The changes should be considered as early as June 28. The initiators of the bill were deputies Vasily Piskarev, Andrei Kartapolov, Ernest Valejev, Anatoly Vyborny and Dmitry Savelyev.

The innovation removes the qualification for contracted service workers. Previously, only people with a secondary vocational education could sign a contract.

Previously, age restrictions were lifted. Now the first contract can be signed by anyone over the age of 18 and eligible to serve.


Dmitry Peskov denied information about Putin's emergency statement

Vladimir Putin's meeting with Alexander Lukashenko in St. Petersburg. Photo: Global Look Press

Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied information from a number of telegram channels about the arrival of Head of State Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin to create a kind of “emergency statement.”

videos filmed by passers-by that allegedly showed the president's convoy arriving in the Kremlin around 11 p.m. Two hours earlier, Putin was in St. Petersburg for a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.


RIA Novosti confirmed Putin's return to the Kremlin. It turns out that & nbsp; Peskov only denied the reason for his return.


Ukraine's armed forces in Severodonetsk and Lysychansk were hit by a disaster

The main thing is not to lose pace

The Russian military department has confirmed the fact of serious progress by our troops in the Severodonetsk-Lysichansk region. This means that the tactics of hard suppression of fire by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in this area are beginning to bear fruit. Before that, the front line in this area remained virtually unchanged for several weeks, enemy positions were processed by artillery.

Photo: Global Look Press

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, ten towns and villages in the northwest of the LPR were liberated in five days, including key ones such as Mirnaya Dolina, Vrubovka, Nikolaevka, Ustinovka and Rai-Aleksandrovka. These settlements are located near the roads, which were supplied by a large group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which was first located in Severodonetsk and then was forced to go to Lisichansk due to our offensive. It is now impossible to supply these units with weapons, ammunition, fuel and manpower.

At the same time, our units deal with a small boiler in Gorski and Zolotoje south of Lisičansko. Our intelligence believes that the remnants of the 3rd Battalion of the 24th Mechanized Brigade are blocked there; 15th Battalion 128th Mountain Assault Brigade; 42nd Battalion, 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade; 70th Battalion, 101st Territorial Defense Brigade; brigade artillery group 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade; Nazis of the “Right Sector” (banned and recognized as terrorists in the Russian Federation) and foreign mercenaries.

The total number of about 2000 people. About as many as have been hiding in Mariupol for more than a month at the Azovstal plant. But there is a difference: neither in Zolote nor in Gorski are the dungeons as powerful as the prisoners in Azovstal. Experts therefore believe that the process of liquidating this boiler will go much faster. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that 41 soldiers surrendered during the day.

According to the testimony of the prisoners, the supply of besieged units is lacking, morale is extremely low, commanders prefer to “evacuate”. To this we must add constant heavy fire from our artillery and missile divisions.

What's next? According to experts, the catastrophe of the Ukrainian armed forces in the area of ​​Lysichansk and Severodonetsk can, under certain conditions, significantly accelerate the course of a special military operation. Other destinations are Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Seversk, Artemovsk (Bachmut). These are the last major LPR cities under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In recent weeks, lines of fortified positions have formed around them, but they are not as strong as those that originated in Avdějevka or Novomichajlovka, where entire underground concrete cities were built in 8 years. In addition, the mood in the Ukrainian armed forces is changing: there are many deserters, there are facts about disobedience to commanders.

So Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his telegram channel about the situation around Zolote and Gorsky: “The cleansing is taking place in stages, the circle of forces of the National Guard, Ministry of Defense, Russian Interior Ministry and LPR militia is gradually narrowing, Nazis are identified in buildings and methodically demilitarized.”


According to him, “our forces are using a new tactic of warfare and bringing tangible success.” “In recent days, the liberation of the territory from the Ukrainian occupiers has been much faster and more efficient. There is obvious panic among the Nazis, “Kadyrov said.

Military blogger Yuri Podoljak noted that up to 800 people had already been captured in Gorsky-Zolotoi. This “process” continues. The “catch” seems to be rich here, “he predicted.

According to his calculations, there may be 7 to 9 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Lisichan pocket. Ukraine's armed forces alone have killed more than 1,000 people here in the last few days.

At the same time, many observers believe that the Ukrainian armed forces could withdraw part of their troops from the threat of siege in Lisichansk, Zolot and Gorny. The South Wind Telegram therefore notes that part of the forces of the 24th Independent Mechanized Brigade, the 10th Independent Mountain Assault Brigade and the 57th Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could have time to regroup and introduce stricter control over the Lisichansk-Seversk Road.

“It is now important for the Russian Federation's armed forces to maintain the previous pace of the offensive in order to encircle as large a group as possible in Lisichansk,” the information source notes. – Otherwise, the meeting with them is to be at a new defensive line, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped from Seversk to Artemovsk. As the width of the front decreases significantly, we will expect even more massive and furious artillery battles.