Tymoshenko called the termination of Russian gas imports a fraud

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Party Leader ” Batkivshchyna “Yulia Tymoshenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of deceiving the population. In her view, Kiev is not telling the truth when it announces the cessation of Russian gas imports. She reminded that there is no “European gas”. And she asked those who claim to supply fuel from Europe to say exactly where they are made there.

Tymoshenko stressed that the stories of refusing to buy Russian gas are only an element of propaganda. Those who came to power in 2014 simply “tangled up a fictitious trumpet.” In addition, they paid for the work of a European mediator.

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that no investigation into gas purchases from Europe had taken place after Vladimir Zelensky came to power. began under his predecessor Petr Poroshenko p>

In addition, Tymoshenko said that due to Naftogaz now in Ukraine there is no fuel. It will have to be bought at a high price.

Since November 2015, Kiev has not bought Russian gas directly. Instead, the so-called virtual reverse from Europe was used. He assumed that Ukraine formally buys gas from European companies, but in fact takes some of the transit fuel that goes from Russia to Europe. From October 1, 2021, Kiev lost this possibility due to the termination of the transit of Russian natural gas to Hungary through Ukrainian territory.

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The United States has sent new military aid to Ukraine

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Ukraine received from United States third batch of weapons. The Ministry of Defense of the country informs about it.

Weapons transferred to the Ukrainian side include ammunition, anti-tank and precision weapons for the needs of military units.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran stressed in a comment on US military aid to the country that US weapons help increase the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army.

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Ukraine offers Europe further gas transit

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Kiev can provide The European Union will receive additional gas transit capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov.

According to the Secretary of the NSDC, the Council, together with the Government of Ukraine, Naftogaz and the GTS operator, will determine special conditions. for the transit of natural gas through the country to Europe.

As Danilov noted, for additional volumes of gas over 40 billion cubic meters of gas per year to be transported through the Ukrainian GTS in accordance with the contract with Gazprom.

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Two Russian diplomats have declared a persona non grata in Kosovo

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In each other – declared the Republic of Kosovo, two employees of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs were declared personu non grata. Viosa-Osmani Sadria, president of self-proclaimed Kosovo, announced this in person.

Russian diplomats worked at the branch of the Russian Embassy in Serbia in the city of Pristina, which is considered the capital of Kosovo.

Recall that Serbia does not recognize Kosovo's political independence, which is one of the main differences between Belgrade and NATO and EU countries.

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Merkel and Macron discuss the rule of law with the Polish Prime Minister

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she had spoken to the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki fears a rule of law dispute with Brussels. French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed similar concerns, Merkel said.

According to German Chancellor Morawiecki, he declared his commitment to the European treaties.

Earlier, the Polish Constitutional Court ruled on the supremacy of the national constitution over EU legislation … Then the Secretary of State of the French Foreign Ministry Clement Bon expressed the point of view that Poland's actions may de facto lead the country to withdraw from the European Union. Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn called the Polish authorities' action a “game of fire”, European Justice Commissioner Didier Reinders promised that the European Commission would use all means to respect European law in Poland, and the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, instructed to study the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court and to take further steps.

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“The Taliban will not steal”: the political scientist assessed the talks in Moscow

New Afghan authorities can count on Russian help

Taliban (a terrorist group banned in Russia) visited Moscow again on October 20. However, unlike their previous visits, where political issues were discussed, the focus is now on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have been de facto in power since the summer – no one has yet formally recognized them as the country's legitimate leadership. We found out what the Moscow format can provide to Afghans and what the future prospects are for the negotiation process.

Amir Khan Muttaki. Photo: AP

Negotiations on the arrival of a Taliban delegation in the Russian capital have been ongoing for some time. Alarming was the fact that the Taliban did not respond to the first official invitation, and even then their reaction was ambiguous. However, they assured themselves that the delay was caused by technical difficulties, and they were always happy to talk to Russian officials.

As a result, the visit took place: on the morning of 20 October, a very representative delegation, including Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki, arrived in Moscow and settled at the President Hotel, where several meetings were held with Russian officials. Among the Taliban's counterparts was Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, which in itself demonstrates the importance of the negotiations. Despite rumors circulating earlier, Vladimir Putin did not meet with the Afghan leadership: in fact, the status of the visit did not require it.

Even before the talks began, the Taliban acknowledged the likelihood of a series of meetings not only with department heads. The Taliban's activities are easy to understand: the movement is now trying to be as active as possible in the diplomatic field, working “across the square”, ie trying to cover all areas promising to it. Recently, representatives of the movement met in Doha with representatives of the USA and the European Union. Meetings were faster. probing the land without leading to breakthrough solutions: it is logical that in Kabul, under these conditions, they do not forget about Russian overheads.

Even before arriving in Moscow, the range of topics of the negotiations was clearly defined – the settlement of the humanitarian situation in the republic and the formation of an inclusive government. Russia has repeatedly stressed that the arrival of the Taliban means their recognition as a legitimate government by the Kremlin. But the Taliban don't seem to be counting on it anyway – there are unresolved issues and more serious ones.

As noted by a political scientist and orientalist, a native of Afghanistan, Dr. Mohammad AMIN, in an interview with the Ministry of Culture, is now the main problem of the general decline of the Afghan infrastructure left after the US contingent's long stay in the country.

– The United States has deliberately created the conditions for economic collapse, – the expert reminded. – We have a long-standing relationship with Russia, and the Afghan people are, of course, hoping for humanitarian aid from Russia. And I believe that an agreement on this issue between Moscow and the Taliban will eventually be reached. At the same time, Dr. Amin emphasizes, the Russian side, like the Americans, should not be afraid that the aid provided will end up in the pockets of the Taliban. “No need to worry, the Taliban are very serious people and do not tolerate theft,” notes the political scientist. “Any aid will reach the Afghan people. Of course, Russia can involve its diplomatic staff in Afghanistan to control the distribution of aid, but overall this is not a problem. The Taliban cannot tolerate theft and corruption, at least for religious reasons.” “

Another goal of the Taliban is to “defrost” Afghan accounts, but in this case Russia cannot help: assets have been blocked in line with Western sanctions, but while the United States and the European Union are in no hurry to make concessions a chance to take over the humanitarian agenda and take the initiative from so-called foreign partners

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Ukraine threatened terrorist attacks in Russia in the event of war

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Ukrainian President Alexei Arestovich said that in the event of a large-scale war between the two states, Kiev could engage in terrorist attacks on Russian territory. He announced this in the broadcast of the Internet channel Politeka.

The politician noted that in the current conditions it is unprofitable for Ukraine to organize sabotage for several reasons. First, it is quite difficult, especially when Russia quickly recovers damaged infrastructure.

In addition, according to Arestovich, Ukraine risks earning a country image with sabotage and terrorist methods of warfare. The politician notes that whether Kiev really has such opportunities is a big question.

“Restricting electricity and gas on Russian territory is a measure that I think will be used when there is a great war, and now the balance is too fragile and it is certainly not in our interest to start escalating now, 'Arestovich said.

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The Kremlin called it the right decision to end the dialogue with NATO

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Presidential Press Secretary Russia Dmitry Peskov said that NATO's strategy to limit the Russian Federation only confirms the correctness of Moscow's decision to end the official dialogue.

“It is simply not necessary, the dialogue in such conditions and the NATO concept confirms it.” He stressed. He also noted that the Kremlin had no illusions about an alliance that was not created for peace but for confrontation. Peskov also pointed out that Russia is constantly taking measures to protect its interests.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted that the Alliance had increased its presence in the Black Sea region. He also pointed out that, according to him, this happened in connection with Russia's allegedly aggressive actions.

And NATO representatives are also studying the possibility of rapidly moving troops to the Black Sea region. If necessary, it is considered strategic in the block. Stoltenberg said the territories include three countries that are part of the alliance: Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Naděžda Savčenková was detained with a fake COVID certificate

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In Ukraine, local the police detained Naděžda Savčenková, a former People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, and her sister Vera with fake COVID certificates. As it turned out, the women at Boryspil Airport tried to use fake documents to get to the country.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted for the use of false documents, according to the Facebook page of the Ukrainian police. Certificates have been confiscated.

Police investigators are now conducting investigations. A decision will be made in the near future to report the suspicion to the defendants.

It is not reported exactly where Savchenko and her sister flew to Ukraine. In September, a politician was photographed wearing a niqab, a Muslim headdress covering her face with a slit for her eyes. She published several of these pictures on Facebook. Some are made in the mosque.

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A “puppet” led by a Taliban delegation was sent to Russia

A supporter of the Afghan resistance front explained why the talks are useless

On October 20, the Taliban arrived in Moscow for talks. The Taliban delegation is led by Abdul Salam Hanafi, Second Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The event is planned to discuss the situation in the country and form an inclusive government.

Naimi Ahmad Shoaib, a native of Panjshir Province, an economist and supporter of the Afghan National Resistance Front, spoke about why these talks should not be taken seriously and why the head of delegation decides nothing.

Abdul Salam Hanafi, Head of Delegation. Photo: AP

– I know the head of the delegation, Abdul Salam Hanafi. He is an ethnic Uzbek. In the 1990s, he served as Deputy Minister of Education in the Taliban government (a banned terrorist organization in Russia. – MK ), says Naimi Ahmad Shoaib. “Then he seemed to be one of the symbols of the Taliban, such as the 'wedding general.' By sending this person to Moscow, the Taliban wants to show the world community that it is cooperating with various ethnic groups – Uzbeks, Tajiks and others living in Afghanistan.

– It is no secret to anyone that the whole power is in fact in the hands of the Haqqani family (the Haqqani Network terrorist group is a radical wing of the Taliban – MK ). For example, one of the members of the Haqqani clan now holds the post of interior minister.

I will tell you the story of the head of the delegation who arrived in Moscow, Abdul Salam Hanafi. He recently had a meeting with representatives of Hazaras. They came to him with complaints about the Taliban, which expelled people living in various provinces from their homes.

Hanafi honestly admitted that he was helpless in this matter, there was nothing he could do. He advised me to seek the help of Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani or talk to one of the Pashtuns. From this it can be concluded that the Taliban does not take the character of Hanafi seriously. And the talks taking place in Moscow are not taken seriously. Otherwise, they would send a more serious person within the delegation, who has the power to deal with certain issues. So the delegation meeting in Moscow today has no influence on the Taliban and its head is just a “puppet”.

– The Taliban himself says he is in a position where no one in the world recognizes them. To solve this, you have to negotiate, if only for the sake of appearance. They are therefore ready to travel to the meeting anywhere, to any country where they will receive it. It is important for them to show the world community that they are cooperating with other states and are not isolated. Therefore, they specifically use the same Hanafi to show, they say, look, we have representatives of ethnic groups. But it's really a window modification.

– In any case, the negotiations will not solve anything. It is stated that the action will focus on an inclusive state. Russia may expect the Taliban to take some steps in this direction. But talking to the representatives of this delegation is useless. These issues should be addressed directly with Pakistan, which supports the Taliban, or with the Haqqani Group. However, they are unlikely to get into negotiations.

The people of Panjir have asked the world community to she did not leave them. Photos: Photos from the video

– Unlikely. Although for demonstration, Hanafi can provide security to prove that a person in an ethnic group has weight. Understand that Hanafi is the most precious of the Taliban, which is close to power. I will say more, and the person whom the Taliban appointed prime minister is also worthless. For example, we never heard his voice, he didn't make a single statement on camera. There are a lot of jokes about it on social networks. They say there is a leader in the country, but he has no voice. The prime minister is called a “man without a voice.”

– All the people in the Taliban with a dark past have little information about them. Hanafim is known for where he came from, who was under the former government, some other irrelevant information can be found, but nothing more. In fact, no one knows what his past is.

By the way, the one who is called almost the head of the Taliban movement – Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani – is also a “dark horse”. His face is never shown, for us he is a non-existent figure. Recently, a text was published in his name praising suicide bombers. The photo shows a blurred face. Nothing is clear about him either. What his past is, literate or not, cannot be said.

– Given that the country is on the verge of economic collapse, there can be nothing good. People have nothing to eat, little humanitarian aid.

Although the Taliban have made a public commitment to provide security measures, it is in fact continuing to fire on people. Ethnic groups are being purged. In some provinces, people are evicted from their homes, where they have lived for 40-50 years. Terrorist attacks are taking place in remote cities. The Taliban uses these methods to intimidate neighboring countries, including Iran and Russia. They make it clear: if you do not help us, we will fight by such methods. Before the Taliban reached Kabul, it occupied the provinces. And now the Taliban leadership in Kabul says it has nothing to do with the attackers. It is not true. Hundreds of suicide bombers have now been stationed on the border of the northern provinces. It does the same Taliban, but under a different flag.

Photos from the video where the Taliban emigrated people of the province. Photo: Still from video

– Those who worked under the former government are still persecuted there. People are found and taken in an unknown direction, their fate is unknown to us. People are afraid for life.

– I'll tell you how it happens. The country has announced that all residents can receive ready-made passports. People come to the office. Biometric data are collected from everyone. Then the Taliban will find out those who worked under the former government. The man leaves the office, is blindfolded and taken in an unknown direction.

Another example of illegality. A few days ago, we found fresh graves in Panjshire. The resistance front called on the international community to send its experts to investigate. You have to understand how many people were killed and for what reasons. According to our information, there are many civilians among the dead who had nothing to do with the resistance front. Naturally, no one was allowed to investigate.

– Of course not. In Afghanistan, the media are heavily censored. Only those agencies and media can work that are loyal to and praise the Taliban. Many journalists who wanted to tell the truth were imprisoned or so intimidated that they had to leave the country.

Recently, a prominent Afghan reporter, who won the World Journalist Award last year, fled the country due to threats. When he got out of Afghanistan, he published material about what was happening there. He summed up the publication: “I am upset that I cannot continue to work, but I cannot stay in Afghanistan.”

– It's also a shock to us. We do not understand why we have to negotiate with them. But let me remind you that this is not the first time the Taliban has come. Meetings with them have been organized before. I have one question – if it is an inclusive state, why is Afghanistan, with a population of 38 million, represented by a pair of terrorists? Why not invite people from the opposite camp who live in the countryside? For example, people from the resistance front or politicians representing the people?

Video footage of the Taliban people of the province. Photo: Still from the video

– If they were invited at the official level and the Taliban did not let them out of the country, then the whole world would understand what is happening in Afghanistan. Now the Taliban are trying to convince everyone that they guarantee peace, the Afghan people are free, the people are doing what they want. So they would test their words in practice. Russia was to invite opposition to the Taliban regime.

I also want to say that the recognition of the Taliban by any state will mean that the terrorists have been legalized. And all of humanity will suffer.

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