The State Duma has proposed to proactively strike the United States with nuclear weapons

Russia has three ways to influence the US . One of them is a nuclear strike at a test site in Nevada. You can even use the missiles strategically.

This proposal was filed on YouTube National Course by Deputy State Duma of United Russia Yevgeny Fedorov.

“This is a training ground where the US military is located. there are no civilians there, and if you warn two or three days in advance, it is a pretty good event that demonstrates the seriousness of the intentions, “said the deputy. Fedorov noted that Russia can afford such actions and has “The missile that hits Nevada may be blind, but basically it could be a nuclear explosion because the test site is nuclear is designed for explosions,” the politician said.

He also proposed demonstrating flights over cities and “bombing” US laboratories with biological weapons, saying the Deputy would feel that the threat of a Russian retaliation against US aggression was not a bluff. to your policies.

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Roskomnadzor demanded the removal of the blocking of the Russian delegation's site in Vienna

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Roskomnadzor reported that the department had sent Meta, which owns Facebook, called for unblocking the Russian delegation's account at Vienna's military security and arms control talks.

Roskomnadzor also noted that blocking the Russian delegation's site violated key dissemination principles. The agency called it an act of censorship, which is prohibited by the Russian constitution.

It previously became clear that the delegation's Facebook page was unavailable. On Twitter, the Russian delegation noted that the Facebook account had been blocked after security warnings were published there.


Peskov called NATO an instrument of confrontation

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov in In an interview with CNN, he said that NATO promised in the early 1990s that it would not expand eastward. But there was no legal document.

Peskov emphasized that the North Atlantic bloc is by no means a dove of peace. It has become a weapon of confrontation, not stability.

“NATO in our environment is an organization created for confrontation, not defense. And this weapon of confrontation is moving closer and closer to our borders every day,” he said. Peskov.

According to him, Russia's relations with the military bloc have reached the “red line” due to Ukraine's military support. Peskov stressed that Russia is never going to discuss the issue of missile deployments in the Kaliningrad region with anyone. A Kremlin official has admitted that it is not yet possible to say what the finals of European security talks will be.

US and NATO arsenals in Ukraine.

“On our part, we rule out the deployment of offensive weapons there. That is why we demand legally enforceable safeguards, “Peskov said.” .


Warehouses of things found in Kazakh marauders: from vacuum cleaners to antifreeze mixtures

Citizens of Kazakhstan have begun reporting their neighborly robbers to the police

The anti-terrorist operation in many regions of Kazakhstan has ended. The state of emergency was lifted in Karaganda, Turkestan, the regions of eastern Kazakhstan and Chimkent. Now Kazakh police are targeting robbers. The information about the profits from the riots comes from different parts of the country. What they won't find on violent carriers: from rubber gloves and children's toys to expensive equipment and firearms.

Photo: AP

Kazakhstan's police department publishes reports of detained raiders almost every hour. The portrait of rioters is almost always the same – young villagers aged 20 to 27. In the Alma-Ata area, law enforcement officers detained two groups of robbers who robbed shops at gas stations. Packages of machine oil, antifreeze and beverages were confiscated from them.

Another group of young people from Esik town and Kyzylzhar village were detained at the behest of supporters. At home, they found kitchen knives, gas stoves, sports and children's items (jeans, sweaters, jackets, sneakers, shoes), several canisters with antifreeze. “As it turned out, the detainees were repeatedly prosecuted for theft, but escaped the reconciliation sentence. According to them, they stole equipment, things and objects in Almaty from Tekhnodom and Sulpak stores,” police said.

During the inspection of the car of four residents of the village of Aymen, televisions, vacuum cleaners, music speakers, microphones, synthesizers, toys in boxes and other household appliances were found in the car. It turned out that the equipment was stolen from the Alma-Ata “Dream” store.

At the urging of the initiative citizens in the Alma-Ata region, a weapons and ammunition depot was rediscovered. on a farm near the village of Sebek. In addition to the weapons arsenal, one police shield was found. The involvement of the farm owner in the riots will now be clarified.

Civil patrols in the village of Panfilovskoye in the Almaty region found many boxes of branded women's shoes worth hundreds of thousands of tenge in the villagers' car. The man claimed to have found the shoes “in the swamp.” But the boxes were clean and new. He was handed over to the police along with his shoes.

And in the car of a 20-year-old resident of Bolek, traffic police officers saw gloves, drapes, a sewing machine, accessories, a water filter, a paper box wrapped in orange tape with the words “Technodom” with a package of orange drapes with the emblems of the shopping center. p>

Citizens generally did not avoid the opportunity to get at least some goods for free – even pennies.


NATO allies feared agreements between Russia and the United States


Following negotiations with Russia on security guarantees, it has become clear that the unity of Western countries may not really be that strong. As the Wall Street Journal notes, while the United States and its allies are publicly united in rejecting Russia's demands to exclude NATO enlargement, behind the scenes some allies, especially those close to Russia, have expressed concern about several ideas expressed by officials during the talks. The diplomats of the North Atlantic Alliance said that.

We are talking mainly about a proposal to reduce the scope of military exercises. Representatives of some European countries therefore asked the US to clarify this proposal further. They are also asking for an explanation for the US proposal to renew restrictions on medium-range missiles.

At the same time, US and NATO representatives said that they had not yet submitted such specific proposals. but simply expressed ideas about positions that could be negotiated.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reassured and noted that there would be much more consultation among the Allies than any proposals or agreements would be made.

“If something turns into concrete proposals and even more so into concrete agreements, then it will be discussed in detail with the Allies,” he said in an interview.

At the same time, some allies fear that NATO, which has rejected Russia's main demands, may make some concessions so as not to anger Moscow completely.


A version of Russia's unexpected response to US sanctions has been published

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo:

Russia can unexpectedly and asymmetrically respond to the United States to one of the most severe sanctions against Moscow that Congress is preparing. Experts expect Russian President Vladimir Putin to address the issue in his speech to the Federal Assembly.

Possible answers therefore include a ban on imports of household appliances from the United States into Russia, including food processors and refrigerators. Russia will thus overtake the US intention to impose such sanctions. The volumes of these supplies from the US to Russia are small, so the economic damage will be negligible and the political effect will be impressive.

Russia may also ban the purchase of vehicles and machinery and equipment in the US. The volume of such transactions is about $ 4 billion per year (according to 2020 data). Russia can easily find analogues of these products on the world market.

Finally, Russia can restrict or completely ban the supply of its petroleum products to the United States. This could be painful for the US, the publication said. According to experts, Russia is now in second place in the supply of hydrocarbons to the United States and the volume of transactions is about $ 12 billion. In this case, some oil refineries in the United States may come to a halt, with crisis emerging on farms that put pressure on politics.

Please note that there is no official confirmation of this version of Russia's response to possible US sanctions.


“Looks like he's gone”: Satansky spoke of the fate of Nazarbayev

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

Russian scientist and political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky tends to agree with those who believe that the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has died. “It is very likely that he has gone to another world, and all we are seeing in this post-Soviet republic is the problem of the inheritance of power with the inevitable struggle for it” by opposing elites, “Satanovsky said. And dozens of signs along Nazarbayev Avenue were ripped off the streets of Alma-Ata, and literature dedicated to the first president and T-shirts with his likeness were removed from store shelves.

Satanovsky noted that Kazakhstan is a rich country and that the Americans are working there with the British, Germans and French, and the Turks with the Chinese and Russia have something left. Now Nazarbayev's relatives are losing their high position and leaving the country. “There is such confusion in the narrowest circle that one involuntarily recalls the death of Comrade Stalin and its consequences,” the political scientist writes on his Telegram channel.

Satansky also believes that the situation is far from over. According to him, the fight against law enforcement moved to the countryside. At the same time, despite assurances from the country's authorities, there was no security in Kazakhstan and no.

“Let's repeat: Kazakhstan has ceased to be the island of stability and order that it has looked like for so long and which many have sincerely considered,” the political scientist said. Satanovsky also notes that no one has yet answered the questions of whether Kazakhstan's current President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev will retain the power with whom he will have to share that power, what awaits the peoples of Kazakhstan, whether the country is degrading to the level of “ordinary Asian atrocities”; what external players will do there.

The expert notes that in Kazakhstan, a lot of crime and the drug mafia and the educated urban population are too thin. In addition, there are far more Islamist radicals in the country than anyone can imagine.

Satanovsky believes that Nazarbayev's legacy will now be revised, but after a while his era will be remembered as “golden.” century & quot;

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Kedmi called the loss of an ally in the face of Kazakhstan a deadly threat to Russia


Kazakhstan is of strategic security importance to Russia. Yakov Kedmi, an Israeli diplomat and political scientist, former head of the Nativ news agency, thinks so.

Kazakhstan. The loss of Kazakhstan to Russia and the transition of Kazakhstan to the position of Ukraine is a death sentence for Russia. Everyone knows that, “Kedmi said on the Right to Know program. “So he talks about Ukraine, Romania, but that means Kazakhstan in particular.”

As you know, the total length of the border between Russia and Kazakhstan exceeds 7,000 km. The country is followed by transport corridors with Russia's Central Asian allies – Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

“If units (CSTO. -” MK “) did not enter, uranium mines and uranium enrichment plants would be defenseless. This is far behind all of Kazakhstan's problems … Kazakhstan accounts for (it is) 40 percent of the world's uranium reserves … That is very important, “said Kedmi.

According to him, the main problem of Kazakhstan and its relations with Russia is that Nursultan Nazarbayev was led by the United States throughout his years and saw in it a guarantee that the country, which is among giants such as Russia and China, will maintain its independence.

Kazakhstan's political goal is US support, US orientation… This is the main problem of Kazakhstan and Russia. Until today, until the coup attempt … This situation is the cause of everything that happens and will happen. If this (US orientation – “MK”) continues, then there will be a lot of problems, “the expert concluded.


Ukraine has blamed the Germans for wanting to make money on Nord Stream 2


Naftogaz Ukraine CEO Yuri Vitrenko said that Germany does not have the right to use gas supplies via Nord Stream 2. He has proved his view that this is at the expense of other countries. Vitrenko shared his opinion with the FAZ.

The top manager believes that no more pipelines are needed to supply fuel to Europe. The one who goes through Ukraine is now loaded by a quarter. In addition, if Germany becomes the largest gas distribution center in Europe, it will gain an edge over other countries. According to Vitrenk, this should not happen.

The businessman believes that European companies should decide for themselves how they want to import “blue fuel”.

The new pipeline has already been built and ready to work. Its capacity is 55 billion cubic meters per year. It stretches from the coast of Russia across the Baltic Sea to Germany. In order for the facility to work, it is necessary to pass a certification procedure for the operating company. In accordance with European law, she must create a German “daughter” and make an application on her behalf.


The son of British Queen Prince Andrew was stripped of his titles and military ranks

The Duke of York has fallen out of favor on allegations of sexual abuse of a minor

Trouble continues to haunt Queen Elizabeth II's son. – Prince Andrew, accused of sexually abusing a minor, is forced to relinquish military titles and royal patronage duties.

Royal Sky News commentator Alastair Bruce says the palace's current announcement serves as “a clear statement from the Queen that the Duke of York will not be attending any royal events at this time,” especially as her platinum 70th anniversary approaches. the rise of Elizabeth II. to the British throne: “It will be a very difficult task for the queen, because she is not only the monarch but also the mother.”

The decision was made after the prince's lawyers failed to persuade a U.S. court to drop a civilian sexual abuse case in which American Virginia Giuffre accuses the Duke of York.

According to Sky News, the titles of the prince Andrew deprived, appear as follows: Colonel of the Grenadier Guard, Royal Colonel of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, Chief of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, Chief of the Yorkshire Regiment, Deputy Honorary Commander of the Royal Lancers, Honorary Commander of the School of Small Arms Corps, Chief of the Royal Irish Regiment, Chief of the Royal Rangers of York etc.

Prince Andrew himself still denies all allegations against him and claims that he does not know this woman. A source close to Prince Andrew said on Thursday night that he would “continue to defend” Giuffre's accusations, “Buckingham Palace said.

in case of loss of the Duke of York in court. “He may not be forced to retire like a normal person, but he may be asked to relinquish his title for a time,” a Times quoted a source.

Buckingham Palace previously said that after Andrew's temporary refusal to perform the official duties of a member of the royal family (this happened in 2019), he would also not participate in military-related events.

According to the press, it could be for the prince sent into some kind of “inner exile” because Andrew cannot because of the risk of extradition.

Recall that in early 2019, six women testified against the famous American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. In July of the same year, the financier was arrested in the United States on charges of selling people into sexual slavery, sex with minors and bribing potential witnesses. found dead in cell. Most recently, in December 2021, a U.S. court found Epstein's girlfriend, “Socialist,” Ghislaine Maxwell, guilty of child molestation and a number of other crimes.

Shortly after Epstein's death, Virginia Giuffre (formerly known as Virginia Roberts), who testified against the financier, said that in early 2000, Prince Andrew was a frequent participant in intimate parties hosted by an American billionaire, and she personally had sex with the Queen's son three times. she was only 17 years old at the time.

Although in her early testimony Virginia Giuffre claimed that the prince's behavior was common (“He was not rude, he just said 'thank you' and what kind words he left and left”), later said she was sexually abused by Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew himself in 2019, Prince Andrew, said in an interview with BBC Newsnight that he did not remember ever meeting Virginia Giuffre at the time of which speaks. His lawyers also insisted that, under a 2009 court agreement, Giuffre, who had received compensation from Jeffrey Epstein, had pledged not to sue anyone in a billionaire case.

Last October, the BBC recalled – The London police announced the end of the investigation against Prince Andrew and decided that no further action would be taken against him.