A new group of fighters from the banned “Right Sector” has arrived in the DLR.

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Representative The head of the Ministry of Defense of the DLR, Eduard Basurin, said in an interview with journalists that another section of the “Right Sector” banned in the Russian Federation had arrived in the republic.

1st Independent Battalion of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In the area of ​​the settlement of Pavlopol, which is under the control of Kiev, the presence of members of the Right Sector DUK (banned in the Russian Federation , – said Basurin.

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WSJ: US prepares sanctions against “pro-Russian separatists” in Ukraine

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The Wall Street Journal with a link to Sources say the US authorities plan to impose sanctions on some “pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine” in the near future.

According to partners in the publication, Washington believes that such a decision could put pressure on Russia. According to the daily, restrictive measures will be imposed on four individuals. The sanctions will reportedly be announced on Thursday, January 20.

The WSJ also notes that the decision to impose sanctions on Ukrainian officials indicates doubts among the US authorities about imposing direct sanctions on Moscow.

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Nobel laureate, editor-in-chief Novaya Muratov, was fined for failing to label him

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In Moscow, the world court fined Editor-in-Chief Novaya Gazeta, Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov, and the publication he kept for failing to label the banned organization.

On January 14, the court found Muratov and the newspaper guilty of disseminating information about the banned organization.

According to the court decision, a fine of 4 thousand rubles was imposed on Muratov, the editors – 40 thousand rubles.

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Zhirinovsky, who announced Nazarbayev's death, commented on his appeal

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky commented on the president's first video report Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The politician previously assumed that the former Kazakh leader was no longer alive.

At the same time, he did not understand why Nazarbayev had remained silent for so long, despite protests in the country. “We are glad that Nursultan Abishevich is alive and well. But he spoke to the people 10 days later before the main events took place in Kazakhstan, “said the Russian politician.

Zhirinovsky called Nazarbayev a very influential person who had headed the state for 30 years. However, as leader of the ruling “Nur Otan” party, he did not ask his members to take to the streets to help restore order.

Zhirinovsky wrote in his Telegram channel that Nazarbayev did not provide a clear picture of what had happened. If the protests were an attempted coup, then it is not clear why the main events did not take place in the capital, but in the city of Almaty in the south of the country. “Or was it the task of some foreign centers?” Zhirinovsky asked.

The LDPR leader recalled that in Kazakhstan “there are no groups, no winners, no slogans, no banners, no program”. As a result, a clear answer is needed. & quot; And only when it arrives & ndash; we will understand why Nursultan Abishevich was silent for 17 days, “Zhirinovsky emphasized.

Zhirinovsky previously said that former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev is most likely long dead. & quot; So hide quietly, don't say anything and be alive? That is out of the question, “the politician added.

However, on January 18, Nazarbayev, who has not been seen in public since last year, broke the silence and released a video message. He specifically stated that he had been a pensioner since 2019 and that Tokaev had all the powers he said. He also denied rumors of a conflict between the country's elites. Political scientist, head of the Eurasian Analytical Club Nikita Mendkovich, also suggested that the former president of Kazakhstan could be absent due to illness.

Nursultan Nazarbayev was found: video of his appeal was published

Look related video

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Named 4 versions of the fate of Nursultan Nazarbayev

Photo: kremlin.ru

Many people in Kazakhstan and around world wonders where the former president of the republic Nursultan Nazarbayev is now? The authorities of the Republic did not provide any precise information about his stay. “MK” special correspondents visited Nazarbayev's hometown of Shamalgan, where locals reported arriving there on January 2 and 3, then left for Kyrgyzstan in an armored car and flew to the United Arab Emirates.

First version is the death of the former president of the republic. According to kp.ru, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that Elbas (the leader of the nation) died a long time ago and was buried on the same day according to Muslim customs. The politician did not believe that Nazarbayev would be hiding. The head of the Liberal Democratic Party also suspected that the death of the Kazakh leader was violent. This version was refuted by the former Minister of Information of the Republic Yermuchamet Jertysbayev. He said he had recently spoken to Nazarbayev's assistant and that his boss was alive and well.

According to the second version , the ex-president took refuge in Kyrgyzstan. Nazarbayev's fellow citizens reported this to the MK. They said he visited the village of Shamalgan from January 2-3. From there, Nazarbayev in an armored car went to Kyrgyzstan. Many telegram channels have reached the same conclusion. Photographs of documents from the Kyrgyz customs house were published. They confirm that Nazarbayev and his brother Bolat left for the neighboring republic. In addition, Elbasa Aliya's youngest daughter was married to the son of former Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev, Aidar.

According to the third version Nazarbayev is in the Emirates. It is a continuation of the second. His fellow citizens also informed that the ex-president from Kyrgyzstan would fly to the UAE. In addition to the riots, his daughter Aliya commented on social media and the position of a woman – Emirates – appeared on her account. Aliya then deleted all of her social media pages.

According to the fourth, official version , Nazarbayev is in the republic's capital, Nur-Sultan, and continues to work. This was announced by his spokesman Aidos Ukibay. According to him, Nazarbayev holds consultations and is in direct contact with Kazakh President Kassy-Jomart Tokajev.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko confirmed that he had called Nazarbayev and discussed the situation in the republic. This version was also supported by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan, Serzhan Abdykarimov.

To sum up, we can say that no one has actually seen Nazarbayev in recent weeks. All information about him comes from third parties.

See also: Nazarbayev visited his home village on January 2-3, flying over Kyrgyzstan to the UAE.

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Lavrov spoke about Russia's role in creating the conflict over Ukraine

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russia is not involved in creating conflict situations around Ukraine, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, Moscow has not provoked new conflicts.

At the same time, when Lavrov talks about the consequences that Germany threatens Russia, he cannot predict what steps Berlin will take “in one situation or another”. At a press conference after talks with German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, the Russian minister said the Russian federation was still waiting for US and NATO responses to security proposals. Russian Foreign Minister urged Germany not to politicize the Nord certification pipeline Stream-2 “. This is counterproductive, he stressed at the press conference. Burbock herself said at a meeting with Lavrov that relations with Russia were very important for the new German government and for her personally.

Lavrov said at a meeting with a colleague from Germany that Moscow would like to see more constructive relations with Berlin. and is focused on overcoming the accumulated problems.

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Nazarbayev published a video message to the people

Photos: Video footage

Former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for the first time he broke the silence since the events of early January and commented on what had happened. A video from the national leader, who was already considered dead by many, appeared on the Web on Tuesday, January 18.

“The events in January shocked all of Kazakhstan,” Nazarbayev said in a video. “The goal … was to destroy the integrity of the country and the basic state.”

The politician called the incident a “tragedy” that “became a lesson for all of us.” He urged them to “protect independence as the apple of the eye” and find out “who organized all the pogroms and murders.” Nazarbayev also expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.

Nazarbayev also responded to “numerous challenges” concerning him. According to the statement, he did not consider it necessary to intervene in the situation and even act in public, as he has been a pensioner since 2019 after the transfer of powers from the President to Kassym-Jomart Tokajev. He made sure he stayed at home despite the rumors.

“I am on a well-deserved rest in the capital of Kazakhstan and I have not gone anywhere,” Nazarbayev assured. He said that Tokaev “has full power”, he would soon be elected chairman of the Nur Otan party, so he said “there is no conflict or confrontation in the elite.”

“I've been working tirelessly for our country for 30 years.” He listed successes: “strengthened borders”, “carried out progressive reforms”, “built an independent Kazakhstan”, achieved good results in the socio-economic sphere, “Kazakhstan has become a recognized and authoritarian state”. According to Nazarbayev, his goal has always been stability and peace for the country, and all people “need to protect these enduring values.” He called for unity around the president and support for his reform program.

“I wish you, dear compatriots, health and prosperity!” – concluded the politician.

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Russia and Belarus have enabled the involvement of all military potential

Photo: mil.by

Russia and Belarus she began to consider a situation where, for security reasons, it would be necessary to involve the full military potential of both countries. Russia's Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin told a foreign military attaché. According to him, Moscow and Minsk regularly work out the possibilities of using a regional group of troops. Fomin warned that a situation could arise where “the strengths and resources of a regional group would not be enough to ensure the security of the EU state.” As a result, you need to be prepared to strengthen it. Therefore, it was decided that the full military potential must be involved for a common defense.

In addition, joint exercises of the Armed Forces of Russia and Belarus “Allied Resolve-2022” will take place from the hour. February 10 to 20. Russian and Belarusian troops will carry out tasks in the area of ​​suppressing external aggression and combating terrorism. This will affect, in particular, the strengthening of border sections on possible routes of illegal infiltration by Belarusians and the blocking of arms and ammunition supply channels.

February 2022 in two phases. The first will last until February 9. Joint exercises between Russia and Belarus will begin on February 10 and last for 10 days. This is the second phase of verification

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The blogger revealed the origins of the militants who took part in the riots in Kazakhstan

Photo: AP

Islamic State militants took part in the riots in Kazakhstan ” (ISIS, a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) that had Kyrgyz passports. The WarGonzo telegram channel writes about this, referring to resources in Bishkek's power structures.

According to the channel, many Central Asian terrorists returned to their homeland after defeating groups in the Middle East by acquiring new documents for themselves. It was the easiest thing for them to obtain a Kyrgyz passport due to corruption by local authorities. Former ISIS fighters who fled Syria and Iraq and received Kyrgyz passports said in a statement. According to the channel's author, at least 3,000 natives from Kazakhstan fought in ISIS. Some have died, some have returned to their homeland, some still remain in the Middle East.

The number of criminal cases following the riots in Kazakhstan has previously been reported to reach 695.

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Russia's foreign ministry has responded to allegations of evacuation of diplomats from Ukraine

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian Foreign Ministry denied information about the alleged evacuation of Russian diplomats from Ukraine. They noted that the Russian embassy in Kiev was functioning normally.

The New York Times had previously stated, referring to a senior Ukrainian security official, that diplomats at two Russian consulates in the country had been ordered to prepare to leave. .

At the same time on January 5, 18 people allegedly left Kiev. They were mostly children and wives of Russian diplomats. A total of 30 people from Kiev and Lviv are to leave Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, meanwhile, has ridiculed the “scenario competition” taking place in the United States for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He commented on the words of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland about the work that Washington has done in this direction.

According to him, there are 17 special and intelligence services in the United States. .. “Already the 17th Plus Ministry of Foreign Affairs – 18 scenarios Maybe they are announcing a competition,” Lavrov grinned.

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