Lavrov said NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg had lost touch with reality


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said so NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has lost touch with reality. According to the head of the foreign ministry, it is difficult to take his statements seriously. He commented on Stoltenberg's words about a possible increase in the Alliance's presence on the East Wing.

“You know, I haven't considered his remarks in a long time. I think he's lost touch with reality, & rdash; Lavrov said.

Earlier this week, NATO announced that it was putting its forces on alert and intending to send them to Eastern Europe to defend the Allies and detain Russia. Stoltenberg also said that the deployment of other Allied forces in the region did not threaten the Russian Federation.


The perverts tortured the Russian MP by sending intimate photos

Photo: Social Networks

Chelyabinsk Assembly Deputy Legislature Olga Muchometyarová said that she closed the opportunity to write her private messages on social networks and even considered deleting her accounts. According to the MEP, she has so far been deterred from radical measures by the desire to be available to people and to receive requests for help from them, not only officially. Recently, however, working over the Internet has been particularly difficult, the deputy complained.

according to. She also spoke of recent unpleasant events: a resident of Zlatoust did not receive a response from a Member on the social network to her complaints about debts for housing and communal services, and criticism against the choice of people began to spread in the local public.

According to, the deputy asked all citizens to contact her officially in case of unavailability on the social network, through work contacts: “I will definitely see everything there and take her to work.” she noted that she had previously been helped with debt when the woman officially turned to the deputy. Now she will take her lost message back on the social network and try to provide help. Muchometyarova also noted that since her youth, despite her child's studies and presence, she has been making money on her own and “did not expect … that a representative would solve the worldly problems I had created.”

Another argument against social networks for work Muchometyar was appointed by a large number of disproportionate citizens. In her opinion, some enemies posted her contacts “on a page for particularly anxious men.”

“I started getting photos with rude content, & ndash; said the deputy. & ndash; I'm not old enough to admire it.


Peskov said where Putin kept the money

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov issued a statement on sanctions against Russian President Vladimir

Peskov explained that freezing “Putin's assets” would have no effect because the head of state kept the money in Rossiya Bank, which is already subject to sanctions.

Earlier, the US Senate published a bill on sanctions to be imposed on Russia “in the event of its invasion of Ukraine” or further escalation of the conflict around the country. The proposed measures affect President Vladimir Putin and the entire Russian top leadership.


Named the reason for announcing the search for Navalny's brother


Reason to deploy Oleg Navalny wanted & ndash; the brother of opposition Alexei Navalny, formerly a Rosfinmonitoring terrorist and extremist, & ndash; was his failure to appear after the verdict in the control authorities. His lawyer, Nikas Paraskevov, told TASS on Wednesday.

The lawyer clarified that Oleg Navalny, according to the authorities, did not report to the federal prison service.

“Associated with the submission of the prison inspection … because Oleg allegedly not inspected “, & ndash; He clarified the defender.

In an interview with Interfax & nbsp;, he added that “the inspector came to his place of residence and apparently did not find him there”. Asked whether Navalny Jr. had left Russia, the lawyer said he did not know. revealed that the Federal Prison Service had asked the court to replace the sentence with a real sentence, with a meeting scheduled for February 18.


Kadyrov explained what he meant by his statements about Ukraine


Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov in Telegram – The channel clarified that he had expressed his views on Ukraine as a blogger and an ordinary person, and not as the head of the country's region.

he would have taken Ukraine a long time ago. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in connection with the Chechen head's statement that Vladimir Putin laid the foundations for the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, of which Chechnya was a part.

In addition, Kadyrov in the case of terrorism in Syria, “Russia must protect its interests until it has to defend them on its own territory,” and if there are no people in Ukraine who can resist the United States, “then we must help them.”

> < According to him, the Kremlin does not give him any instructions for expressing certain theses. Kadyrov added that if he needed to speak as the region's leader, he would say, "I say this, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov."


National Interest announced Putin's foresight, which NATO rejected in vain

National interest: President Putin foresaw the NATO crisis in 2007, but his words were not heard

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia needed security guarantees from the United States and NATO countries. even during a speech at the Munich conference in 2007. But according to the author of an article in The National Interest, the message was not understood.

As a result, there was a crisis in relations between Moscow and the West.

“The speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007 was be dispelled by any doubts as to whether Russia considers NATO policy in general, and the Alliance's relentless march east, in particular, to be provocative and threatening. Putin has warned his Western counterparts to change course, “wrote Ted Carpenter.” US officials believed that such rhetoric was not conducive to “heart-to-heart relations” between East and West.

At the same time, Ted Carpenter believes that NATO members have done enough to fan the situation.

Former author British Ambrose Evans-Pritchard published an article in The Telegraph stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a good chance of “overthrowing the European strategic order”. The author writes that there is now a gas famine in Germany, US President Joe Biden has no strategy and NATO is toothless. According to Evans-Pritchard, Ukraine therefore proved defenseless against the “Russian invasion”. It should be noted that the Kremlin and the Russian Foreign Ministry have repeatedly rejected accusations from the West that Russia is threatening Ukraine.


NATO has shown on the map its troops to detain Russia

Telegram Channel & quot; Military Observer & quot; has published a map of NATO showing the countries to host NATO battle groups in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. The Alliance believes the contingent is a major factor in deterring the “Russian threat.” Dozens of highly prepared Alliance forces can be used to reinforce them.

NATO. Russian military forces on the adjacent side are also considered.

Data published at the end of 2021.


Almost the entire Mediterranean Sea and airspace have been closed

Most of the Mediterranean Sea and the airspace above it are “closed” “conducting a large-scale NATO exercise” Neptune Strike – 2022 “.

NATO has launched an exercise with a strike group of US aircraft carriers, along with the forces of other allies in the alliance, practicing coordinated maneuvers in the Mediterranean.

The exercise, called Neptune Strike, has been running since 2020 and is not designed to test any potential scenarios related to Ukraine, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Friday. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday. She said in January that “these exercises will help demonstrate the unity, capabilities and strength of the transatlantic alliance.”


Russia has accused the United States of strengthening terrorist positions in Syria

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Permanent Mission Press Service Russia United The states issued a statement accusing the US authorities of negotiating to strengthen the terrorist forces in the Syrian Arab Republic.

It is said that the worst situation has developed in Syrian Idlib.

“Heyat Tahrir Ash-Sham” (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation) in Idlib as a human shield American diplomacy actually supports militants at the expense of its taxpayers, “he writes.

Russian diplomats also said that at the same time the US was “rebranding Idlib perpetrators” as an alternative to the legitimate Syrian government.


Puškov advised the “pompous” Kuleb not to “snuggle too much”

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Russian Senator Alexei Puškov in his telegram-channel turned to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleb with advice not to have the illusion that Ukraine is able to be “equal” in the balance of power on the world stage; with players such as the United States and Russia.

In this context, a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation called on the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to reduce his own pathos.

Nobody will ask Ukraine anything about strategic issues …. We are talking about relations and power relations between Russia on the one hand and the United States and NATO on the other, “Pushkov wrote.

Ukraine, according to In the current situation, the interests of the expansion of America and the North Atlantic Alliance with the interests of the Russian Federation in ensuring its own security appear to him only as a “field of conflict.

” “There is a fierce struggle. That is the point. And not in the” wish list “and whims of Kiev,” the senator concluded.