Roskomnadzor threatened the Communist Party of the Russian Federation by blocking the website to provoke protests

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Roskomnadzor sent the Communist Web the party is alerted to possible blockages due to calls for participation in uncoordinated events. The website informed about it.

“A party source was asked to immediately remove the publication” containing calls for citizen participation … in an uncoordinated mass protest, “the editors said.

After that notice of the meeting has been removed from the website of the party. Instead, the source published information about a “meeting with members of the Communist Party.”


The Russian chief of staff met with military leaders from Pakistan, India and China

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense

Head of the Russian On September 24, General Staff General Valery Gerasimov discussed military cooperation with the Chairman of the Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Armed Forces, General Nadim Raza. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the meeting took place in Moscow. Yesterday, the Pakistani army watched the military exercises of the Peace Mission 2021 at the Donguz training ground in Orenburg. General Gerasimov thanked his colleague for his personal participation in the active phase of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's military exercises.

In recent years, military cooperation between the two countries has intensified. The detachment of ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet took part in the multinational naval exercise AMAN-2021, the bilateral naval exercise Arab Monsoon-2021 and anti-piracy maneuvers that took place in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden. The frigate of the Pakistani Navy “Zulfikar” again took part in the main naval parade in St. Petersburg.

During the talks, the chiefs of staff discussed the situation in Afghanistan after the change of power there.

Photo: Ministry of Defense Press Service < On the eve of Valery Gerasimov, who also took part in exercises in the Orenburg region, he held bilateral meetings with the Chief of Joint Staff of the Central Military Council of the People's Republic of China, Colonel General Li Zuocheng and Chief of Staff of the Indian Armed Forces, General Bipin Rawat. China and India are also members of the SCO.

Two days ago in Helsinki, they met with the Chairman of the Corps of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Mill.


The State Duma buys 450 Chinese smartphones for deputies

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

450 smartphones were purchased for State Duma representatives the eighth convening Chinese company of 4.3 million rubles. The agreement was signed at the end of the summer.

The number of facilities corresponds to the number of mandates of the new convocation of the State Duma. As stated in the purchase materials, smartphones must support two SIM cards and also work in fourth generation (4G) mobile networks.

Their screen diagonal is at least 6 inches and the size of the built-in memory is & nbsp; at least 64 GB. The processor must be eight-core, writes RBC. Your smartphone must support Wi-Fi technology, as well as Bluetooth, GPS, and a fingerprint scanner. The gadgets will be delivered by December 31, 2021.

It was previously announced that the state apparatus would eventually switch to Android. This is because Apple products are more prone to hacking.

On September 21, the Central Election Commission of Russia published a breakdown of the number of seats in the State Duma of the new convocation. & quot; United Russia & quot; as a result of the election, it won 324 seats. The Communist Party will have 57 seats. & quot; Just Russia – for the truth & quot; will take 27 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party – 21, and the New People – 13.

In general, the results of the election revealed that representatives of eight parties had joined the State Duma. Especially in constituencies with one mandate, “ ER“ won in 198 constituencies. CPRF candidates became leaders at nine. Then “ Just Russia – for the truth“, which won eight, and the Liberal Democratic Party – & nbsp; two. And also in single-member districts near Rodina (leader Aleksey Zhuravlev), the Civil Platform (Rifat Shaikhutdinov) and the Growth Party (Oksana Dmitrieva), one candidate-leader, each according to the results of processing 100% protocols.

There are also five candidates who have been appointed from constituencies with one Duma mandate. Three of them are in Moscow. This is TV presenter Anatoly Wasserman, actor Dmitry Pevtsov and coordinator of the search and rescue unit LizaAlert Oleg Leonov. More & nbsp; one by one – & nbsp; in Adygea and Crimea.


Reasons for the assassination attempt on Zelenský's assistant Sergei Šefír

It is suspected that he was staged

The first assistant to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenský and a close friend of the head of state, Sergei Shefir, was attacked near the village of Lesniki. His driver received 3 out of 10 bullets that pierced the body of a foreign car, in serious condition he was transported to the intensive care unit. The official himself was not injured, but in shock he was taken to a safe place by the police. In Ukraine, they are discussing versions of the reasons for the assassination.

Photo: facebook. com/UA.National.Police

Sergei Shefir, like Zelensky, was born in Krivoy Rog, starred in KVN, wrote sketches for KVNschikov and scripts for movies and series, especially produced by Servant People. He and his brother Boris are Zelensky's closest collaborators.

Deputy Arakhamia, who reported the assassination, told reporters that in 50% of cases, Shefir himself drove the car, but this time the car was driven by a professional driver. The car of the president's adviser is not armored.

The first thing the Ukrainian media remembered after the report on the assassination of Shefir was the August spit between President Zelensky and his friend. After that, they even talked about Shefir's removal from the presidency.

The leader of the “servants of the people” Arahamia categorically denied the conflict between Shefir and Zelensky. Although the media even reported that the presidential assistant was even trying to leave the territory of Ukraine so that he could sit in a quiet atmosphere, whether in Israel or in Western Europe. According to Arakhamie, traces of the assassination attempt should be sought in the bosses' crime camp, as it was Shefir who prepared the boss with facts about “smuggling kings” and other criminal structures that might long for revenge.

Volodymyr Zelensky, who is on a business trip to the USA, “immediately continued to provide all the necessary information regarding the shooting of the car with Sergei Shefir.” This is confirmed by the press secretary of Vladimir Alexandrovich, Sergei Nikiforov. According to him, the reason for the assassination attempt could have taken Zelensky and Shefir “the course of de-shadowing and de-oligarchization of Ukraine.”

The same version was made by Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the President's Office, who disseminated the following report: Without public support, they have obviously embarked on a path of direct threats and attempts at physical intimidation. Let us recall that just these days the Verkhovna Rada is considering a law “On oligarchs”, which will significantly complicate the existence of large business in Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky himself said today that he did not know who ordered the assassination attempt, but promised a “strong answer”, and is a weak point when he greets him with shelling of the adviser's car. After Zelensky spoke at the UN today, he will fly from New York to Kiev.

Skeptics have begun to develop a version of political technology on social networks. It is said that the shooting of the enemy was organized by the head of the presidential office, Andriy Yermak, who recently pushed Shefir out of a “dignified body”. This assumption was supported by people selling flowers near the site of the attack on the Audi A-8. According to their observations, a car with holes on the left side of the body drove into the parking lot of the ATB supermarket … already with bullets in various places at the driver's door.


The video was captured by the SBU and the national police from surveillance cameras aimed continuously at the central ATB parking lot.

According to the “MK”, ​​members of the pro-presidential faction “Servant of the People” are also in favor of the “staged” “Nature of the Shefir attempt.” It is true that no one knows why their idol needed this show.


Due to the tense situation, Serbian senior military personnel visited the Raska crew

Photo: Military observer.

The Serbian Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff of the National Armed Forces visited the garrison in the town of Raska and the Permanent Preparedness Force on the border with Kosovo, where tensions are still growing. He writes the TG channel “Military Observer”.

Serbia plans to buy a Chinese-made UAV Rainbow CH-95 reconnaissance and strike aircraft instead of the previously planned Turkish Bayraktar TB2.

Turkey, on the other hand, continues to expand into the Balkans.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with the leadership of four countries in the region in Antalya. Bilateral meetings took place behind closed doors with Serbian Prime Minister Anna Brnabic, Croatian Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic, the head of Northern Macedonia, Steve Pendarovsky, and members of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The United States has proposed providing “destructive” aid to Nord Stream 2


Former US National Security Adviser Victoria Coates, who held the position under Donald Trump, advised Joe Biden to take new action to fight Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible. The Fox News server informs about it.

According to her, the American president must stop complaining about the inevitability of running the gas pipeline and the inability to stand up to it. To this end, it proposes doubling the sanctions, which would later make any aid to the pipeline destructive.

As a second scenario, Coates proposed to support the proliferation of clean and safe nuclear energy and to refrain from shutting down nuclear energy. power plant. European countries can diversify their natural gas resources.


The video captured the incredible C-17A Globemaster III flight over Brisbane

Thursday, September 23 one Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Amberley from the RAAF base he conducted several low-level tests in preparation for the Sunsuper Riverfire in Brisbane, Australia.

The plane flew over Mount Cootta and Suncorp Stadium, then headed south along the rivers near the south bank to the Goodwill Bridge. , after which it will move east along the cliffs of Kangaroo Point to Storey Bridge.

The test flight had two spans: one at an altitude of 300 meters and the other at an altitude of at least 90 meters.

The incredible passage of the C-17A Globemaster III military transport aircraft through Brisbane.

– Ali Özkök (@Ozkok_A) September 23, 2021


The public headquarters summarizes the results of the elections in Moscow

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Federal, municipal and this year's district elections were calm and normal, experts said Wednesday morning during a meeting of the public election observation headquarters in Moscow.

“ There have been several incidents where ballot boxes have had to be canceled, but there are few such cases. The rest of the gross violations were not recorded. During the detailed examination of the various requirements by the analysis group, the information was mostly not confirmed & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; said the head of public headquarters Alexei Venediktov.

Elections in the capital were held in two modes & ndash; usual, with voting in polling stations and online & ndash; when the voter voted remotely using a computer or mobile device Participation in online voting was 96.5% and remote electronic voting could be watched by everyone thanks to a live broadcast on the city portal

Members of the Moscow Public Chamber, members of the Moscow City Duma, representatives of the Moscow Electoral Committee, human rights and public organizations also attended the final meeting, together with observers from the public headquarters who personally monitored the elections.

Following the meeting, the public headquarters intends to formulate its recommendations, which will then be sent to election commissions at various levels, the mayor of Moscow and city deputies.


Pushkov: Europe does not want to see Ukraine in either the EU or NATO

photo frame from the video

Federation Council member Alexey Pushkov in his Telegram – the channel assessed Ukraine's chances of one day joining the European Union and NATO.

“Europe does not want to see Ukraine in either the EU or NATO. In 2015, I was clearly told at a high level in Paris: “ If nothing changes in Ukraine, we will not pump money into this black hole of corruption, & # 39; & # 39; wrote Pushkov.

Therefore, in the opinion of the Russian senator, the head of Ukraine “ rushes to the world platforms and asks everyone to support his little-needed commitments, such as the Crimean platform. and I call on the UN to address the hopeless Ukrainian affairs that have reached the impasse of the Ukrainian leadership itself. '


The Hungarian Foreign Minister announced the threat of a new Cold War in the world


Humanity is approaching a return to the cold state of war. this opinion was expressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary Peter Siyjarto. He noted that the coronavirus pandemic brought one positive change in international relations – countries became more dependent on each other.

“We live in a world of interdependence, so we hoped that, given that,” East-West cooperation will be more based on respect. Unfortunately, I don't see it, but the emerging threat of a new Cold War, “said the diplomat. He said tensions were rising between the PRC and the United States despite an increase in trade.

“International cooperation or diplomacy has not led to steps towards a respect-based approach. This is an issue that I fear will bring several challenges to the global community in the future,” Siyjarto emphasized.