95,000 Muscovites used the re-voting function in electronic elections

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The election observation capital informed that 95,000 people used the re-voting feature on Friday and Saturday during electronic voting.

At the beginning of Saturday, 50,000 re-voting cases were recorded. And another 45,000 such cases were recorded during the day.

Under the rules of remote voting, the voter has the right to return to voting within 24 hours of the first sitting, but no more frequently than once every three hours. However, on September 19, this can only be done until 20:00.

At the moment, the turnout of electronic voters was 80.5%, with more than 1.6 million people voting in the federal constituency.

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Bulgarians call on Russia to secure “liberation” after military exercises

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On the Bulgarian portal dir.bg published material on military equipment used in exercises “West-2021”. It is emphasized that the total number of participants in the exercise reached 200,000 people. Combat robots “Platform-M”, “Nerekhta” and “Uran-9”, fighters Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-34, MiG-31BM, Tu-22M3 bomber and other types of modern military equipment were introduced. p>

The article emphasizes that Russia's main strategy in conflict with NATO is ballistic missile strikes. “Such a war will inevitably lead to the exchange of nuclear intercontinental missile strikes,” the article reads. The publication was accompanied by footage that was asked for reader evaluation.

Bulgarians have traditionally been divided into two parts – pro-Russian and Western supporters. “Good work, brothers!” They will tear them away from European values, “” A strong army is a strong state. May Russia liberate us for the third time – once from the imperialism of the Turks, once from the imperialism of the Germans, now from the Americans “,” A strong Russia is a guarantee of the existence of Bulgaria. If it warms up, the Americans will flee, just like in Afghanistan, “Russian supporters write.

Some pro-Western Bulgarians saw “communist propaganda” in the article. And some quickly expressed their opposition to contemplating Russian military power. “Russia has always come to Bulgaria for occupation.” After liberation, they called us “Transdanubia” and longed for us to become part of the Russian Empire. After September 9, the Russian army invaded Bulgaria as an occupier, “wrote one of the commentators.

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Expert on the perception of elections during a three-day vote

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The move itself is very important vote: the work of observers, there were or were not significant cases of violations – all this affects the perception of elections. The perception of the election process begins to take shape by the end of the first day of voting and, of course, affects the motivation of voters, because after all, the majority will vote on Sunday. And Friday and Saturday are changing in this situation in the next phase of the campaign, linked to the way voting is already taking place.

In this campaign, participation in polls, ie the number of people who answer that they will definitely go and prefer to go, began to grow a few weeks before election day. This was evident in the way people were indirectly interested in the possibility of voting at a distance and, if possible, in how they could vote on weekdays to relax at the weekend. Of course, as a result of the three-day voting course, turnout is growing in itself, and secondly, people's readiness to vote and go to the polls is growing precisely as the number of opportunities to do so expands.

A large part of the information campaign is, of course, devoted to the legitimacy and purity of the process in relation to all innovations. What are secure packages, how does electronic voting work? This means that all these new forms have given much room for maneuver and credibility in the process. It's a fact. That means it's convenient – yes, but it required the system to make a number of additional efforts to protect the process in different senses.

Of course, for people who are afraid of infection, the three-day voting process is, after all, another motive. We understand that they will not stand in the ranks and crowds.

Alexey Chadayev – Director of the Institute for the Development of Parliamentaryism

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Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Energy has named a way to block Nord Stream 2

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Ukraine should connect with everyone with her partners and allies to force Russia to comply with the terms of the EU's third Nord Stream 2 energy package, which will allow it to be “defeated”, Ukrainian Deputy Energy Minister Olena Zerkal said in an article on European truth.

“If all Russian gas pipelines comply with these rules, then various suppliers and traders will enter the competition. And we will be able to maintain transit, load our gas transmission system and at the same time significantly reduce prices, “says the official.

Zerkal does not rule out that the Kremlin has already decided to suspend the transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine. This means that Ukraine must begin to rebuild the entire gas transmission system.

The Deputy Minister added that she considered it necessary to carry out a successful reform to ensure that Ukraine's gas transmission system meets European requirements. In her opinion, Russia will prevent this in every possible way. “That is why part of the future victory over the Kremlin is in the hands of each of us,” Zerkal emphasized.

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The Russian-speaking Baltic population was predicted to disappear

The people of Riga explained why this would happen

The problem of the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic republics will be solved naturally. This point of view was expressed by a resident of Riga Alexei in an interview with Lente.ru as part of a project dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the collapse of the USSR.

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The source stated that that with the change of generation, the Russian-speaking inhabitants of the three republics will either assimilate or leave. As an example, the man cited his own family and noted that his grandchildren would hardly speak Russian.

Alexey expressed the hope that they would no longer have conflicts over the issue of nationality, while only two identities: local and European.

“It will obviously be better,” he said.

Another participant in the publication, a resident of Tallinn, Sergei, said that the problems of the Russian-speaking people of the Baltics were the result of their passivity after the republics gained independence. He noted that the Russian-speaking population was not fighting for their rights because they believed they could maintain their position in these former countries. of the USSR.

“The Russians believed that nothing would work without them. And no one will put pressure on the Russians unless they are too involved in politics. “Well, we have it,” he concluded.

After gaining independence, the Baltic republics refused to grant citizenship to the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Latvia and Estonia. These countries still have a significant number of so-called non-citizens, although their numbers have been declining over the years.

Lithuania became the only Baltic republic to grant citizenship to all residents without exception.

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The Taliban has deprived Uzbek of its official status in Afghanistan

Photo: Wikipedia.org.

The Taliban (banned in Russia) passed a temporary law that stripped the Uzbek language of its official status in Afghanistan.

By law, the official religion of Afghanistan is now Sunni Islam Hanafi madhhab, and both are official languages ​​- Pashto and Dari.

At the same time, many people in the northern provinces of Afghanistan speak Uzbek and have a significant Shiite community in the country.

The head of the executive is the president, who will be elected by the citizens and members of the high council.

The country is also introducing a holiday – “Independence Day from the British, Russians and Americans.”

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The CEC announced three targeted attacks from abroad

Photo: Michail Kovalev

CEC announced the first day of voting targeted computer attacks on department resources. They all came from abroad. & Nbsp;

„17. September, we recorded three targeted attacks from abroad, “said the head of the Federal Center for Informatization (FCI) within the Central Election Commission. Russia, Alexander Sokolchuk said at a briefing today.

At the same time, he did not name the countries from which the attack was carried out, but it was a controversial issue due to technical problems.

According to him, unknown hackers tried to identify the vulnerability of the Russian CEC's Internet portal.

“I mean, the attack was quite strong,” he added.

Also according to Sokolchuk on Saturday at 11:30 & nbsp; the DDoS attack and protective equipment on Russia's CEC portal blocked about 246,000 requests. He ruled out that the main attack would be carried out on Sunday. & Nbsp;

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Lukashenko pardoned the polluter of the flag and a commentator on the Telegram

13 lucky people are released from the list of 100 people

On the eve of the Day of National Unity, Alexander Lukashenko pardoned 13 opposition people who were serving their sentences in the country's colonies. The President of Belarus was asked to show mercy on August 9 during the Great Conversation. At the same time, he received lists of 100 prisoners recommended for release. 13% of them were awarded.

Photo: president.gov.by .

According to the chairwoman of the special commission, Olga Chupris, who said about the act of grace the day before, the release of such a small part of the prisoners is due to the fact that not everyone had the right to do so. For example, about a quarter of the prisoners on the list have not yet been convicted, 17 people are constantly violating their sentences, and more than a dozen have committed crimes related to drug or arms trafficking or corruption.

And some on the list refused to write a petition for mercy addressed to President Lukashenko. For example, opposition leader Nikolai Statkevich. And yet 13 people are now leaving the cells. Olga Chupris did not mention the names of the pardoned. But Belarusian activists have identified the identity of a few lucky ones.

Nurse Julia Kaševerová from Vitebsk was among those released. She was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for kicking a police bus and removing a mask from a security officer. In court, Julia said her actions were related to security forces preventing her from providing assistance to the injured protester.

Maxim Shavlinsky from Orsha, who was also pardoned, was sentenced to 2 years of “chemistry” for comments in a telegram chat. Viktor Kalinovskiy from Brest received 2.5 years of “chemistry” for inscriptions at bus stops and at trade stalls. Valery Loza from Svetlogorsk was sentenced to 2.5 years for insulting a law enforcement officer and also pardoned Igor Bykovskikh and Sergei Rudinsky. Evgeny Poshelyuk was given two years for desecrating the national flag. He is now also released. The names of the other pardoners are not yet known.

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The Council announced a signal from the United States via Nord Stream 2

Photo: nord-stream2.com

US State Department's chief energy security adviser Amos Hochstein on the Nord Stream 2 program is a clear signal to Kiev about the futility of fighting the pipeline, according to Alexei Kucherenko, deputy chairman of the Batkivshchyna Verkhovna Rada, first deputy chairman of the Energy and Housing Committee.

“Look, we forgot that there is a country that has been telling us for a long time what to do, it has a plan for us,” the deputy remarked.

According to Kucherenko, a representative of the Foreign Ministry during his visit, “completely calmed” the Ukrainian authorities.

provide silly conversations, “he added. During his visit to Kiev earlier, Amos Hochstein said that Ukraine should not focus on “With the right flow – 2” and on the modernization of the Ukrainian energy sector.

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Norway requested an open military exercise “West-2021” from the Russian Federation

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Minister of Defense of Norway Frank Bakke-Jensen demanded that the Russian side conduct the West-2021 military exercises openly and predictably, according to the NRK edition.

According to him, such actions should be held openly so as not to cause misunderstandings and unintentional escalation of conflicts.

“We urge Russia to be open about its exercises,” Bakke-Jensen said.

The Norwegian Minister also called on the Russian Federation to comply with the transparency obligations under the Vienna Document of 2011. Bakke-Jensen noted that Russia was strengthening its power positions in the north. The minister noted that Norway and its allies “are closely monitoring developments.”

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