The DPR has allowed the abolition of the death penalty

People's Council of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) he said he allowed the abolition of the death penalty after hostilities on its territory. Also after the completion of the war crimes trials and tribunals.

Elena Shishkina, chairwoman of the DLR People's Council's Criminal and Administrative Legislation Committee, said that once the hostilities ended, the will of the people of Donbas would become part of “their great homeland – Russian Federation “, then the legislature will not have to abolish the death penalty, as the DLR will live in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

If the DLR remains an independent republic, then the issue of the exclusion of the death penalty will be The representative of the republic

In the territory of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces are continuing a special military operation.

The day before, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the city of Severdonetsk had been taken over. The territory of the Azot plant, from which civilians were withdrawn, is also fully controlled.

The LPR confirmed that the fighting for the city of Lisichansk is continuing. They are already taking place in the city itself.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in St. Petersburg. The parties agreed that Russian companies would improve Belarusian military aircraft. Russia will also transport Iskander missiles to Belarus.


Kaliningrad Governor Alichanov likened the EC to Kafka's nightmare


The head of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, said that there are more bureaucrats in the EC than in Kafka's nightmares. He commented on the blockade of Kaliningrad.

He added that at present the European bureaucracy is no worse than the Soviet one and at some point even surpasses it.

“The number of sanction packages will soon increase to tens. The word “Kaliningrad” did not appear in the fifth package. I believe that without listing Kaliningrad in the sanctions lists, they could cancel Lithuania's accession to the European Union, “Alichanov said on social networks.

According to him, the Russian side is paying for the transit of Kaliningrad. It has no military cargo or dual use.

“There are more bureaucrats in the European Commission than in Franz Kafka's nightmares. They just screwed up and prepared answers to all the questions, “Alichanov added.


Chomsky called the US's final goal a “game” against Russia

American political essayist and religious philosopher Noam Chomsky that Washington will continue to harm Russia.

In an interview with The Nation, he reminded that the White House and NATO have been arming Ukraine since 2014. At that time, joint military exercises with the alliance began to be actively carried out, and steps were also taken to integrate the country into the military bloc. “Of course, all this was done deliberately for the purpose of provocation,” Chomsky is confident.

These processes accelerated when Joe Biden became president of the United States. The expert appealed to the Foreign Ministry, which acknowledged that before the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the US authorities refused to discuss any concerns about Moscow about security issues.

the very existence of civilization in order to weaken Russia and ensure that it suffers enough. There is no moral basis for this, “Chomsky emphasized.


Ukraine has bought about 3,000 anti-tank grenade launchers from Germany

photo by

By newspaper & nbsp Welt am Sonntag, sources from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine said that the official Kyiv bought a large batch of anti-tank grenade launchers from Berlin at its own expense.

It is specified that we are talking about anti-tank grenades. -tank grenade launchers type RGW 90 Matador of the German defense concern DND.

“The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has purchased another 2900 anti-tank grenade launchers type RGW 90 Matador from DND,” the report said. from Germany a total of about 8,000 anti-tank grenade launchers.


The United States will announce the delivery of medium- and long-range missile defense systems to Ukraine


According to CNN, sources in Washington this week announced plans by the US authorities to announce the supply of new weapons to Ukraine.

It is specified that we are talking about medium-range and long-range missile defense systems.

“Within a week, the US authorities will announce that purchased advanced ground-to-air missile defense systems and handed them over to the Ukrainian authorities, “the report said.


Nationalists destroyed the bodies of 120 foreign mercenaries in the Azovstal plant

Photo of Azovstal: Global Look Press

By Crematorium in one of the bunkers at the Azovstal factory was discovered by Komsomolskaya Pravda war correspondent Dmitry Steshin, where Ukrainian militants destroyed more than 120 bodies of foreign mercenaries.

crematorium in Azovstal

The journalist assumes that Azov militants (against Azov cases are criminalists “investigated in Russia, – “MK”), was ordered to destroy foreigners after it became clear that they would not escape captivity.

Steshin said the mercenaries' documents and personal belongings had been burned. However, the executors in a hurry apparently did not “check the result”. “Or perhaps because of their stupidity,” the military commander does not rule out. that “this bunker is the first, but not the only one, to have such surprises for the world community.”


Kandelaki drove Zacharova to tears with the subject versions on Putin's desk

Photo: Social Networks

Acting Director TNT Channel Tina Kandelaki posted a photo of President Vladimir Putin from a meeting on her Telegram channel.

According to her, experts noticed that a mysterious black object was lying on the table of the head of state. Kandelaki said experts are now asking about the purpose of the item. p>

Kandelaki meant the song June Song, which Chebotina released on the night of June 25. The lyrics were written in English by Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The diplomat noticed this publication from Kandelaki and responded to it in her Telegram channel.

tears !!! ” – wrote Maria Zakharova.


Johnson's statement about the settlement around Ukraine was described as “monstrous” by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

photo: boris johnson. source: wikipedia

The statement of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that any attempts to resolve the Ukrainian conflict will only increase instability in the world, the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called “monstrous”.

In Written on Sunday on the Telegram channel that Johnson's remark was “the best explanation” for “British political humor”. According to the diplomat, it is “gloomy, funny and very vulgar”, which at first you even refuse to believe.

But if you remember that “we are talking about a regime of” liberal democratic monarchy “, then as Zakhar's” everything fits instead. ”

So she commented on Johnson's statement he made at a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. He said that at this stage, attempts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine would only help maintain instability in the world and strengthen Moscow's position.


The United States declared unity with Germany in the diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian conflict

Photo: Michail Verny

Done in the White House a statement that Washington and Berlin are unanimous in their views on the need to reach a diplomatic solution to the situation around Ukraine.

“They remain committed to providing security assistance to Ukraine.” the leaders did not go into specific details on how to achieve this. But both countries have “equally broad access to a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian conflict.”