Putin commented on the desire of G7 leaders to undress for photography

Photo: Kremlin.ru.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with journalists before leaving Ashgabat.

He commented on the jokes of G7 leaders at a summit in Germany who discussed whether they should undress when they took pictures to show off their muscles and everyone. to show that they are “colder than Putin.”

“I don't know how they wanted to undress, but I think that would be a disgusting sight,” said the Russian leader.


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The Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin celebrated Nazi banders

Ambassador of Ukraine to Jerlin Melnyk. video frame. source: social networks

In an interview with journalist Tipo Jung from Germany, where the celebration of Nazism is forbidden by law, Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk began celebrating Nazi accomplice Stepan Bandera as a “freedom fighter. He said live on YouTube on Wednesday that he had visited Bander's grave in Munich, “because it is important to so many Ukrainians as the embodiment of the struggle for freedom.”

Melnyk also said that “A freedom fighter is not subject to any laws.” He compared him to Robin Hood, whom “we all honor” and at the same time “acted against the law.”

At the same time, the ambassador claimed that Bandera had no ties to Nazi Germany. On the other hand, he explained the mass killing of peaceful Poles by Ukrainian nationalists in Volyn and Galicia during World War II, saying that “there were also many murders and atrocities”. The Ukrainian diplomat also said that “Poles want to politicize this story. ”

Meanwhile, Bandera was the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). He was one of the initiators of the creation of the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” (UPA, an organization recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), which was the so-called military wing of the OUN. – UPA (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) was founded in October 1942. It operated mainly in western Ukraine – it fought against the Soviet army in cooperation with the Nazis. These nationalist organizations are responsible for a huge number of crimes. These include the mass extermination of the Polish population in Volhynia in 1943, which is called the Volyn massacre. Together with the Poles, the nationalists brutally killed thousands of Ukrainians who refused to cooperate with them.

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A military expert told how fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces saved the Russian landing at Gostomel at the cost of their lives

Photo source: screenshot.

In the liberated territories of Ukraine, Russia should involve in self-defense units not only fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have surrendered, but also men aged 25-40 years loyal to Moscow. This was announced Ukraina.ru military observer born in Kharkov, retired colonel Gennady Alekhin.

The expert noted that they should stand side by side with the Allied army. He admitted that his idea sounded paradoxical, but made a lot of sense. Alekhin announced a little-known fact.

“Now few people know that during the events in Gostomel, when our airborne forces occupied and held the bridgehead, they were assisted by two crews of howitzers of the armed forces Ukraine. Unfortunately, they fulfilled the task at the cost of their lives, but these are the first shoots, “remarked the expert.

Alekhin also recalled the practice 20 years ago, when local troops were formed in the north. The Caucasus, together with the Russian army, is successfully destroying radical Islamists.

The military observer stressed that the command should realize the importance of serious explanatory work with the people of Ukraine. The sooner she understands this, the more successfully the tasks in Kharkov, Nikolaev and Odessa will be resolved.

US National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes previously warned that the conflict in Ukraine would be long.

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The laminated bridge over the Irpin exploded after a lightning strike

Photo: Global Look Press

In the Kiev region near the village of Demidov, lightning struck a bridge mined by militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Sputnik Near Abroad, the explosion killed one person and wounded two.

It is remarkable that the army planted explosives in case the bridge over the Irpin was quickly destroyed. At the same time, the movement of people and cars was not stopped.

Israeli political scientist Yakov Kedmi pointed out an interesting circumstance – this bridge had already been destroyed to slow down the movement of the Russian coalition, but then restored with great glory. He described the reason given by the authorities as absurd. Locals say there was no lightning. The mine exploded on its own.

Earlier, Oleg Ustenko, Ukraine's economic adviser, said the republic would need about $ 1 trillion to rebuild the economy and infrastructure.

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Military correspondent Sladkov said why the Ukrainian army is throwing new spears

photo: Javelyn. source: wikipedia

Servants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are massively leaving on the battlefield equipment and weapons of Western production, which Ukraine received as aid from the EU, the USA and others.

Including spears against spears. tank missile systems.

This was announced on Wednesday in his telegram channel by military commander Alexandr Sladkov.

According to Sladkov, every reporter “moving in the front line” will say that he saw hundreds of abandoned “intact “spears.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian army get rid of them due to the large weight and dimensions of these cannons and at the same time low combat effectiveness.

” If they were as good as our Cornet, “- they would be used , “Sladkov wrote.

He also believes that the Ukrainian army would take every spear with him if it were” as light as our RPG-7. “

But they will leave them.

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The fighter “Azov” told about his escape from Mariupol by helicopter

Photo: Global Look Press Russian Federation for the extremism of the Azov Battalion to the beginning of a special military operations in Ukraine had eight years of experience in combat operations. A native of the Carpathian region with the call sign “Molfar” said that in Mariupol he commanded the communication department of the city defense center.

“Molfar” was seriously injured in mid-March during a raid. Doctors diagnosed a wound in the abdomen and fragmentation of the pelvis. He was later transferred from the city hospital to a shelter near Azovstal. At that time, the gunmen still had medicine, and droppers were placed on the lying wounded man to stabilize his condition.

“Molfar” spent several days in the catacombs under the plant, and then he was told that the Wounded would try to evacuate. helicopters that were already on their way and arrived in two hours.

At first he didn't believe in that possibility.

“Then it was crazy. Every second of this flight seemed as long as life. The pilots did a very good job, it was a real miracle, “Molfar told reporters.

He explained that the helicopters were flying at very high speeds at ultra low altitudes. The wounded were taken first to Zaporozhye and then to the Dnieper. The gunman indicated that the Russian army did not expect such audacity from the pilots and confused the helicopters with their own. In addition, at that time, the Russian air force undertook up to 100 combat flights a day.

Molfar added that on February 26, it was clear to the militants that they would be surrounded in Mariupol. They were ready for it, but they did not expect the Russian army to come from Crimea so quickly. The 503rd Battalion tried to remove the blockade of Mariupol. However, he did not have enough staff and intelligence.

See also: “About 100 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries were destroyed near Kharkov”

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Korotchenko called for a complete paralysis of Ukraine's railways

Igor Korotchenko. Photo: Snapshot from video.

The editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, Igor Korotchenko, said that the Russian armed forces should respond to Ukraine's provocations and “demonize Russia” during a special operation with real victories, moving forward and “crushing the Ukrainian armed forces.” “.

In addition, in an interview with the FAN, he noted that care must be taken to ensure that Kyiv does not fire on Russian territory with NATO long-range weapons. “It is necessary to destroy key railway infrastructure facilities, especially bridges in the west and south of Ukraine,” he said, adding that strikes were necessary to completely paralyze Ukraine's railways. performs such strikes selectively, but “large-scale strikes are necessary.”

Korotchenko added that this would be the best response to NATO's decision to expand military assistance to Ukraine.

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Russian aircraft destroyed the French self-propelled guns “Caesar” in Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Ongoing special tasks military operations in Ukraine destroyed the Russian air force in the area of ​​the Cuban island unit of self-propelled artillery (ACS) “Caesar” French production. This was announced by an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, at a regular briefing.

artillery and mortar units in 68 districts.

In addition, Konashenkov said that Russian troops destroyed manpower and military equipment in 216 districts.

Also in During the briefing, an official representative of the Russian The Ministry of Defense stressed that the help of Russian planes destroyed the base of foreign mercenaries in the Nikolaev region.

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The Kremlin answered Johnson's words about Putin as a woman

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Presidential Press Secretary Russia Dmitry Peskov ironically reacted to the words of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an interview with ZDF that if Vladimir Putin were a woman, he would not launch a special operation. Old Freud would during his whole life about such an object for research! & quot ;, & mdash; said & nbsp; the head of the Kremlin press service.

Recall that Boris Johnson noted in his reasoning that “military operations”; it is the result of “toxic masculinity” and has called for more women in leadership positions.

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