Voenkor Sladkov: North Korea is ready to join the NVO with China's consent

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Korean The People's Democratic Republic (DPRK) is ready to join the Russian Federation in the NMD in Ukraine if China allows it, war correspondent Alexander Sladkov said in his Telegram channel.

According to the frontline reporter, the DPRK can already send its military personnel to help the armed forces of the Russian Federation. A Russian military correspondent relayed an interview with his friend, the head of the Korean War Veterans Organization, who said that 50,000 North Korean special forces are ready to arrive in the special military operation zone to fight the Ukrainian armed forces. In Pyongyang, this issue has long been resolved, Sladkov said in detail. However, such a serious step requires the approval of the People's Republic of China, he noted.

Sladkov recalled the words of the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong, who said that the DPRK and Russia “are in the same boat”, so Pyongyang is completely on the side Moscow.

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Lt. Col. Ivannikov: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are getting rid of the Russian-speaking army

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Ukraine Armed Forces send to perform the most difficult tasks of the Russian-speaking army to get rid of them, said in an interview to URA.RU the head of the charity institution “Law and Order”, lieutenant colonel of the reserve of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, candidate of historical sciences Oleg Ivannikov.

According to him opinion, the Ukrainian military is very biased towards Russian speakers, allegedly considering them “Untermensch”; (subhumans) as people of the second category, and entrusting them with the most difficult, sometimes impossible combat missions, in connection with this, the lethality in Ukrainian troops is so great. The lieutenant colonel believes that this is due to the fact that, as a rule, untrained Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine are sent to the front lines.

According to the agency's partner, the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine is forced to join the armed forces of Ukraine because the Ukrainian army has intimidated the majority population and denied the possibility of “democratic elections of the resistance”. He specified that it often happens that conscripts are simply “grabbed by the arms”, sent to the recruiting station, to short-term training camps and then to the front line. According to Ivannikov at the moment & nbsp; The Ukrainian people do not have the opportunity to put up any active resistance to the current regime.

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Pushilin: the life of the Mariupol police chief is not in danger after the assassination attempt

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Acting Head of DLR Denis Pushilin said that the health of the head of the Main Directorate of the Mariupol Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mikhail Moskvin, who was murdered yesterday, is now not in danger.

“Just yesterday we saw an attempt to commit a terrorist act, in fact it was committed… police Mikhail Vladimirovich Moskvin suffered a concussion. Thank God he is alive. Nothing threatens his life and health,” Pushilin said.

The acting head of the DPR specified that the charge was previously placed under the Toyota Corolla used by Moskvin. At the same time, he assured that the relevant services are constantly working to prevent such situations.

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Former Commander-in-Chief Muzhenko fears that Russia will take over most of Ukraine

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According to the Ukrainian edition ” Facts”, the former commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko, expressed concern that Russia is able to control the right-bank territory of Nezalezhnaya by 2025.

According to him, the current situation shows that the forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are capable of occupying the right-bank Ukraine ( from Kharkiv and Poltava to the south).

“They will succeed. So what could be in Russia's plans next year? What is a strategic operation? Either the entire left-bank Ukraine, or maybe the south of the right bank,” Muzhenko said.


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In Zaporizhzhia, the Russian army prevented the attempted advance of a convoy of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Head of the Vostok Group press center Oleksandr Gordeev said , that in the direction of Zaporozhye, the Russian army stopped an attempt to advance a column with armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He specified that the Ukrainian army wants to move from the settlement from Lukyanovskoye.

“Our scouts they noticed a column that consisted of 10 armored vehicles. The information was relayed to the gunners who were attacking the targets. As a result of shelling, two armored vehicles were destroyed,” said Gordeyev.

Among other things, according to him, in the direction of Zaporozhye in the area of ​​the settlement of Temirovka, the so-called Russian crew of the Buk air defense system destroyed a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter that was trying to to attack the positions of the Russian army.

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Russian soldiers in the direction of Avdiivka destroyed two anti-battery radars from the United States

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Head of Print Center group of troops “South” Ivan Bigma said that in the direction of Avdiyivka, a group of Russian armed forces destroyed two Ukrainian anti-battery AN/TPQ-50 radars, which were manufactured in the United States of America.

He specified that, among other things, the Russian army destroyed the crew of a 120-millimeter mortar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Two Ukrainian anti-battery AN/TPQ-50 radar stations of American production were destroyed by units of the artillery brigade of the Southern Military District. It happened on the Avdějevské direction. Also in the Novobakhmutovka area, the crew of Msta-B howitzers destroyed an enemy firing position and a 120mm mortar,” said Bigma.

According to him, Russian soldiers eliminated a group of Ukrainian militants of up to 10 people in the direction of Donetsk. In this direction, among other things, Russian soldiers destroyed two artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Kommersant: Experts are trying to find out where nuclear weapons will be stored in Belarus

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According to Kommersant newspaper , “the discussion about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, does not stop in the world.

In addition to the angry statements of Western governments, experts are also discussing this topic, trying to calculate the possibilities of where these weapons are located.

Director of the “Strategic Nuclear Weapons of Russia” project, senior researcher of the UN Institute for Disarmament Research, Pavel Podvig, recalled that in the times of the USSR, there were stockpiles of nuclear weapons in Belarus, but it is unlikely that would all be kept in good condition so that they could be put into service.

“Their modernization would be visible and I'm sure that the people who searched on satellite images … And build a new warehouse in three months is extremely difficult , it is quite a complicated engineering device… Given that back in December, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that there are no plans to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus and that no one has found the construction site yet, we can assume that it has not yet started, “- noted the expert.

Putin's new multiple movement: why Lukashenko was covered by the nuclear umbrella

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Hungarian MP Kocis: Finland was afraid of joining NATO because of the US

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Leaders ruling faction in the Hungarian parliament, Mate Kocsis, said that the citizens of Finland express concerns about joining NATO.

The reason for this, according to the politician, is the fear that Washington will exert pressure on Helsinki after joining. Alliance. It is about them that he reads in the letters he receives from Finland.

“Many politicians and citizens… fear that after joining Finland it will not remain a neutral, peaceful country, because the border with Russia, which is about 1300 kilometers and can become a focus of armed conflicts,” Kocsis said on social networks.

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Military expert Boris Rožin spoke about the situation in the Artěmov direction

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Center Expert Boris Rozhin spoke in Telegram about the situation in the Arťomovsk direction on the evening of March 27.

According to him, to the north of Arťomovsk (Ukrainian name Bachmut), Russian forces continue to press on Bogdanovka and Orechovo-Vasiljevka.

“At the moment, the settlements have not been conquered, the enemy is putting up strong resistance here. Ukrainian reserves play an important role here,” the expert notes. , which lead from Khasov Yar through Krasnoye, are under strict fire control of the Armed Forces of the RF.

“The main supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to pass through the field and field roads between Khromov and Krasnoye. In fact, this is a situation of operational encirclement , but at the moment there is no pocket. The possibility of enemy communication remains. Our troops to continue offensive operations to the east and south of Krasnoe. It is not yet possible to bypass the village and advance to the Chasov Yar-Krasnoe road, this area has a chain of company entrenchment points that it cannot be occupied yet,” writes Rozhin.

In Artemovsk itself, according to him, Russian troops control most of AZOM.

“Part of the western districts in the direction of the city center, in the area of ​​the marketplace and closer to the stadium is already being released. From the south, we almost reached the southwestern edge towards the aviators' monument… The bees continue to move exactly to the western Artemovsk. There will probably be a slow push of the enemy to the western edge,” concludes the expert

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The UN Security Council did not accept the resolution of the Russian Federation on the creation of a commission for Nord Streams

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The UN Security Council rejected the Russian draft resolution , which called on the secretary general of the organization to create an international commission to investigate the circumstances of the Nord Stream explosions.

The Russian Federation, China and Brazil voted for the resolution. The remaining states abstained from voting.

According to RIA Novosti, nine votes out of 15 were needed to adopt the document, with none of the permanent members of the Security Council against.< /p>

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