Klishas: exhaustive measures must be taken to return Scythian gold

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Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Under constitutional legislation, Andrei Klishas called the court decision on Scythian gold political and expressed the view that Russia should appeal against it.

In order for the exhibits to return to Crimea, the country must “go through all the instances and adopt an exhaustive list of measures,” Klishas stressed.

After a seven-year trial in the “Scythian gold” case, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Ukraine.

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Aliyev and Erdogan opened the airport in Karabakh

Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey Ilham Aliyev Recep Erdogan on Tuesday attended the ceremony of opening an international airport in the Karabakh city of Fizuli (formerly Varanda), which came under the control of Baku as a result of an armed conflict in the region.

Erdogan's plane landed at the airport in the morning, Aliyev met with a colleague and together they cut a ribbon symbolizing the opening of a new air port. Aliyev also briefed Erdogan on the progress of the work, which involved Turkish builders.

The base of the airport was laid in January this year and they began flying to the port eight months before the planned opening & ndash; the first test flight took place on August 22.

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The DLR reported a mortar attack from Ukraine

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Soldiers of the Armed Forces Ukraine shelled an area near the village of Novaya Maryevka in the south of the DLR. The representation of an unrecognized republic in the Joint Ceasefire Control and Coordination Center informed about it.

According to the office, the shelling took place from 6:20 to 6:45. A total of 20 min was fired from Ukraine. There is no information about the victims and any injured yet.

The embassy noted that the Ukrainian side ignored the request for a silence regime.

Since July last year, further ceasefire control measures have been in place in Donbas. Despite the agreements of the members of the contact group, the situation has worsened since February. There are regular skirmishes on the contact line, both sides report killed and injured.

See also: Ukraine has submitted new demands on Russia in Crimea and Donbas

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The Communists consider the abolition of the pension reform to be the main task

Their leader, Gennady Zyuganov, hopes for a bill to the State Duma. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not an “incomprehensible radical group” but a systemic party and is fighting “for a course that will change this system to another”, said the plenary of the Central Committee, which took place on October 23 in Moscow. Region.

Photo: Natalja Muschinkina

The plenary session on the results of the September elections and the party's new tasks was held at the Snegiri health complex near Moscow “taking into account outdated restrictions,” Gennady Zyuganov said at the beginning. Those present in the room had to have a negative PCR and sit in one chair. However, the red masks with party symbols were not at all.

The main report was presented on behalf of the Presidium of the Central Committee by the First Deputy Mr. Zyuganov and the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov. The official results, announced by the ÚVK, are questioned in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and believe that “United Russia” actually received 15 percent less than according to the official results, and the Communist Party – 6-8 percent more. “The State Duma gained the power it wanted to gain, but the real balance of power in the mood of society was greatly disturbed,” Mr Melnikov said.

In the Duma, which gained power, we remind you that United Russia has almost 50% of the votes on the party list and a constitutional majority of 324 votes thanks to victory in the vast majority of single-member constituencies, and the Communist Party Russian Federation won less than 19% on the party list, but compared to the previous by convening, the size of the faction increased from 42 to 57 people and held 9 candidates with one mandate. This “best result in the current century” is considered by the Presidium of the Central Committee.

Over the last 10 years, no more than 7% have voted at home in all federal elections, and now the number of “domestic workers” has risen to 14.4% (in 34 regions – from 15% to 34%). domestic votes were collected to an extent that exceeded the physical capabilities of the seriously ill, but also all who could not come to the site for other “valid reasons.”

However, the Communists consider electronic remote voting, which was used in 7 regions of the country, to be the “most scandalous and most dangerous innovation” of the last election: they “unequivocally” do not recognize the results of electronic voting in Moscow, where some “living” polling stations defeated the candidates from the authorities and was left behind after entering the data from the DEG. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as you know, does not question the results of the country-wide election, but 356 lawsuits and complaints have been filed with the courts and law enforcement agencies in individual regions and districts. principle of equality of voters, “said the speaker. Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Tuva, Bryansk, Kemerovo are considered” zones of total counterfeiting “, Rostov, Tyumen and the Crimean Republic, these regions have become masters in the use of the old proven technologies.

The plenary also noted the use of spoiler parties (especially the “Russian Communists” and the “Pensioners' Party”) and the non-admission of people's candidates as methods of combating the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (Nikolai Platoshkin was deprived of the right to vote wife Anzhelika Glazková, “on the basis of a completely vague document” about the presence of foreign property (election of Pavel Grudinin). Everyone who was withdrawn from the election or admitted to the election was still actively campaigning for the Communist Party, the report said. Mr. Grudinin was sitting in the hall, and when he was applauded, he bowed and gratefully pressed his hand to his chest … Mr. Melnik. Now, in order not to lose public attention, he said, we must move forward. And he listed the “urgent tasks” as seen by the Communist Party leadership.

First, the party's discipline and unity need to be strengthened – because now, given the Communist Party's growing support, “propaganda sources of the authorities are distorting the issue of schism on a daily basis”, “hitting leaders”, “hanging labels.” .) it was more pleasant if our party turned into a branch of a historical museum, talked exclusively about international issues, did not criticize anyone and took a strictly reserved place. “Said the first deputy chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. He proposed to include in the law” On Political Parties “a ban on interference in internal party affairs not only by state bodies but also by” state media. “

Dreaming is said to be harmful …

Explanatory work is needed among the allies on the left, which are also trying to drag themselves away from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the following was said. “We passed the first test,” the speaker admitted: after a meeting of parliamentary party leaders with the president (held via videoconference on September 25), “even those sources who came to the Russian Communist Party in the election on the electronic vote that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is satisfied that there are active people in the party who could do one thing and another, but not the party leadership. “Mr Melnikov called all of the above” nonsense. ” he told him “absolutely everything” to the president, but he couldn't say more – because the TV broadcast of the meeting was 30 minutes late (which is true), and if he “said it differently, nothing would get there.”

And then the first vice-chairman of the Central Committee questioned whether the CPRF was a “systemic” party. If we mean the political system, then yes, he said, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is inside the system, because in the political process it has factions in parliaments of various levels, participates in the elections of governors and presidents. And if outside the word “system” – underground, this is not the path of the Communist Party: the party within the system fights for its change, “stands on its feet and engages in real politics”, unites parliamentary and non-parliamentary forms of work …

There is an urgent need to engage in all discussions on acute socio-economic issues, as “the country is entering an acute crisis phase,” the plenary said. Inflation at the end of October is already at 7.5%, prices are rising and the draft budget for next year envisages cuts in spending on many key social and economic items. “They are already entering into a controversy with us, probably some other numbers are given, the estimated expenditures of all extra-budgetary funds and the budget are added up, the picture is improving,” he said. Melnikov, without naming the specific articles in question. (Especially about the cost of health care, note in parentheses.) It is good that they are arguing with us, that is, they see strength in us – they did not argue before, it was clear from his words. CPRF deputies will not support the “capitalist budget”, the plenary decided, but substantive amendments to the bill will be ready for the second reading. On Tuesday, October 26, Mr. Zyuganov later said that a meeting of the Communist Party faction with Finance Minister Anton Siluanov would take place – such circumvention of factions before the vote on the country's first financial plan at first reading has become a tradition.

Interestingly, one of the “new challenges” in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is considered to be “revealing the true face of” New People “who entered parliament on the basis of successful advertising aesthetics and authority of the former mayor of Yakutia” (Sardana Avksentieva – “MK “.) He sees a competitor in this small faction in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation:” they have their hands untied, they do not decide on anything and at first they can quite successfully imitate the opposition “…

We intend to seek and soften the rules for holding mass street events in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – as you know, at the end of last year amendments to the corresponding law were made, which regulate the behavior of the beneficiary, ie. , legal from the point of view of the authorities, an event extremely problematic, almost impossible. After the election, a number of communists were persecuted (“9 people spent 10 days in the Moscow region, soldered one article – organizing unauthorized street events,” Mr. Zyuganov later told reporters) and now the Presidium presidium. on organizing events “not for everyone, but at least for parliamentary parties, because” the parliamentary opposition party is not some incomprehensible radical group. “

Many warm words were heard from the tribune to the party's leader Gennady Zyuganov and other party members who actively participated in the elections. “Special thanks go to the Secretary of the Central Committee and the representative of the State Duma, Alexander Yushchenko, who drew the first number on the ballot in the election during the draw in the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. to the State Duma, “said Mr. Melnikov with a smile.

“Yushchenko applauded the loudest of all, whose hand stained with Bashkir honey (Mr. Yushchenko ran for Bashkortostan – MK.) Drew the first number for us, helped us,” said Mr. Zyuganov. There was laughter in the hall.

But, as it turned out, the results of the draw were not everywhere for the communists. In the Omsk region, the first topic of voting in the regional elections reached “Russian communists”, “and an unprecedented 11% voted for them and only two voted for in the State Duma elections,” the boss complained. Omsk Regional Committee Andrei Alekhin. “We also won 11% in the regional elections of the” Communists of Russia “and also had the first number and we have the fourth,” said Maria Prusakova, head of the Altai Territorial Committee, who spoke next. “The hopes that people have in us are primarily linked to the abolition of pension reform,” she said, proposing “to hold a referendum on abolishing the increase in the retirement age.”

Mr. Zyuganov did not comment on this idea, which is clearly contrary to the Kremlin's ideas on how the “systemic” KPRF should behave. However, he later told reporters at a briefing that the Communists had already submitted a bill “on the abolition of the pension reform” to the State Duma. “The authorities seem to be thinking because people are dying out at an accelerated pace,” the party chief said vaguely and encouragingly.

they say, mouth …

Of the 12 facts crammed into the ballots acknowledged by the Central Election Commission, three – “unfortunately in the Bryansk region”, “the election took place in a demonic atmosphere,” said Andrei Arhitsky, head of the local regional committee. However, the committee of inquiry has not yet initiated criminal proceedings, and the prosecutor's office has forwarded all complaints to the regional election commission … “These are not counterfeiters, but criminals, no country in the world is less than 10 years old. I saw a lot of outrage, but in such a way that in a classic Russian region, soaked in the blood of ancestors, “the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not resist. “According to Forbes magazine, his wife, the owner of a peasant farm, is the third richest wife of Russian civil servants, according to the state news agency,” he continued, supporting an earlier proposal to demand the resignation of the governor and even

Governor Bogomaz an official whose resignation was requested at the October Plenary of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. As for the president, his name was not in vain at all. And Gennady Zyuganov told reporters that at the time of three and a half hours he was listening to a recording of Vladimir Putin's communication with members of the Valday Club, and the head of state “had new moments and assessments” that he, Gennady Zyuganov, “had been waiting for 20 years.” > It is not difficult to guess what kind of evaluation it was. The president “officially said that capitalism is not equaling, capitalism is degrading and that a turn to the left is inevitable, I would like him to materialize this assessment in the new politics within the country,” Mr Zjuganov said. And he reminded that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has long had a program that will ensure a “turn left” towards socialism.

If that happens, of course, the president's hands will reach out.

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Syrian militants agreed

Heads of Syrian militant organizations “Jund Ash- Sham “banned in Russia, Muslim Ash-Shishani and representatives of Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham reached an agreement.

According to the Telegram Channel Directorate 4, according to him, Ash-Shishani and about seventy of his charges left the place where they settled in the At-Turkman Mountains (mountain system of Syrian Turkmen).

About others the details of the agreement are unknown. Some foreign jihadists from other groups refused to lay down their arms and face the so-called Sharia court.

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The “green passes” system divided the people of Italy into two camps

“Citizens are considering moving to countries with less stringent COVID-19 restrictions”

In Italy, protests against the compulsory presentation of “green cards” – COVID electronic certificates for access to the workplace. Demonstrators accuse the authorities of violating their rights and freedoms and demand that the government meet their demands, especially the abandonment of the new outdated system. A Russian woman living in the Italian village of Argenta told us more about the situation with COVID-19 in the country.

The Italian Government does not hide that such harsh measures are intended to encourage unvaccinated residents to be vaccinated. Currently, more than 85% of the country's adult population has received both doses of the drug from COVID-19. Approximately 4 million people of working age are still unvaccinated. Most of those who have not been vaccinated are citizens over the age of 50.

The Italian Ministry of Health is convinced that only a system of “green cards” can protect the country from new outbreaks of a pandemic and save it from a nationwide blockade that is catastrophic for the economy. p>

The epidemiological situation in Italy is now relatively favorable. The number of new cases of coronavirus is maintained at 2.5-3 thousand people per day and the number of daily deaths does not exceed 30-40. This, in conjunction with the new restrictive measures, has caused dissatisfaction on the part of the population.

“One has the impression that the Italian authorities, which are imposing disproportionately harsh and premature restrictions, not only want to prevent a new wave of the pandemic, but also not fall into the trap of last year,” said Elena from Argenta, Ferrara, Italy. – In the autumn of 2020, morbidity and mortality in the country rose sharply. Then people began to criticize the government for not taking care of its population in advance, not realizing that with the onset of cold weather, the virus would begin to spread more actively and did not take real measures to combat it. On the other hand, we must not forget that the vaccination campaign is also a business in a way. Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money on this. More and more pharmacies are opening even in the smallest Italian cities.

Of course, the new antivirus restrictions are reflected in everyday life. Previously, there were virtually no summer verandas in Italy, and locals usually drink coffee quickly and run for work. He doesn't sit for hours in restaurants. However, with the introduction of the new rules, many establishments began to place additional tables in front of the entrance or quickly create verandas from the ground up to give visitors without “green leaves” the opportunity to eat outside.

Now, in order to enter public and private institutions, shops, shopping malls, gyms, we must also provide either a vaccination card or proof of recovery from COVID-19. Those who have not been ill or do not want to be vaccinated may have coronavirus tests every 48 hours. People are willing to pay a lot of money for it, just so they don't get an injection.

For example, my friend attended a doula course (a specialist in the professional care of a woman in childbirth – “MK”). Her classes start in November, but she is still not vaccinated and does not seem to be getting ready. I asked my friend if she would be allowed to study when she was still not vaccinated. It turned out that it is enough to perform a coronavirus test every 2 weeks. At the same time, he understands very well that if he is prepared for this opportunity, he will have to either leave the courses or get vaccinated.

Many of my acquaintances were vaccinated under pressure from employers. The fact is that employees who break the rules risk being left without pay. Absence of an employee at the workplace due to a lack of confirmation is equivalent to absence and is therefore not paid. Authorities also warn that the deliberate relocation of unvaccinated workers for whom a green card is not required is unacceptable.

My friend's husband works in a logistics company. At one time he was very politely and kindly asked to talk about his intentions regarding vaccination, and then it was made clear that if he was not vaccinated, he would be sent on unpaid leave and replaced by another worker. Why not fire? ”

According to Elena, protests became more frequent against the background of the introduction of the “green passport” system. They are now held regularly. People do not agree with being forced to be vaccinated. They believe that this is a direct violation of their rights and freedoms.

“Recently, my yoga instructor posted a very emotional post on Facebook, in which he talked about a completely wild protest in Trieste, which was pacified by the police,” Russia continues. “She was virtually paralyzed by what had happened. In her opinion, the Italian constitution was trampled and trampled into the mud, and the authorities lost all respect for ordinary people. It condemned the violence used by the police against peaceful demonstrators. Women, men, the elderly and children calmly went to the demonstration to defend their legal rights, but the police suddenly decided to check the strength of their baton heads. Hydrants, smokestacks and tear gas were also used.

My teacher even decided to close her school until the division into vaccinated and unvaccinated was over. For her, yoga is also a symbol of the unity of people of different nations, cultures and religions. He therefore does not want to divide his students and sow strife among them because some have a “green pass” while others do not. Now all her courses will take place online. And by the way, this is not the only yoga school that has ended for this reason. So it is also a kind of protest, albeit calmer.

Some Italians are considering major changes in their lives, including moving to countries with less stringent restrictions on coronavirus. It seems to me that this is now not only a problem for the people of Italy, but also for the citizens of many other countries. On the one hand, no one seems to be talking about compulsory vaccination. At the same time, the authorities use tools of coercion that simply force people to be vaccinated. It is difficult to say whether this is right or not, because the conditions are really quite extreme now, a pandemic is raging in the world.

In the meantime, everyone should have the right to choose. In addition, people may have objective reasons why they cannot be vaccinated. These are contraindications for health, negative experiences and even fear. These factors must also be taken into account. “

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Biden: Global warming has caused $ 100 billion in damage


US President Joe Biden said the damage caused by global warming in the country in 2021 is about $ 100 billion.

“This year alone, global warming has caused us more than $ 1 trillion in damage, sorry, $ 100 billion,” said the White House chief, making a reservation.

Note that Biden made the statement in the state of New Jersey, which suffered from the transition from Hurricane Ida, saying that there are uncontrollable elements associated with climate change. weather events ’.

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In Sudan, 140 people were injured in the day during protests


At least seven people died in Sudan, during protests organized after a military coup attempt, reports Reuters with reference to data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic.

It should be noted that the death was caused by gunshot wounds.

Along with the cited information, that 140 people were injured during the protests.

On 25. October, the chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, Army General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, declared a state of emergency in the country. He also promised to hold parliamentary elections in July 2023, after which power would be transferred to the elected government.

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Moldova will open a “second front” against Russia: the Marines have already arrived

Without gas, but with American weapons

Moldovan and Ukrainian bloggers found the US Army in Chisinau. According to telegram channels, four hundred Marines are accommodated in civilian clothes in one of the capital's hotels. If we add to this information about the US Air Force aircraft landing in Chisinau with a load of military equipment, a reasonable question arises: who is Moldova going to fight? MK experts shared their versions.

Photo: pixabay.com

Not all experts agreed to speak on this topic. In Chisinau and Tiraspol, some political analysts abstained from commenting on the lack of information. But something is known for sure. For example, on September 26, a US Air Force military transport aircraft landed at Chisinau Airport with military equipment for the Moldovan National Army. The entire batch of $ 5 million worth of military equipment will be delivered to several parties by the end of 2021. What kind of cargo has arrived is not reported. It is believed that there may be small arms, communications equipment, light artillery and Hummer vehicles.

According to the official version, American technology is needed to “improve interoperability when participating in international peacekeeping operations.” But where are the guarantees that it will be used exclusively for peacekeeping? No one gives guarantees. And for a while, Moldova is officially a constitutional neutral state. Why does it need “interoperability” with the armies of NATO member states? Direct military supplies from the United States are already violating the country's neutral status. It was with this kind of “peacekeeping” that it all started in Georgia and Ukraine. We all remember how it ended. It's not all over. By the way, as stated on the website of the US Embassy in Moldova, of the 5 million, the Moldovan government has set aside only one. The rest is a gift from “partners”? Just for beautiful eyes?

This whole alarming militaristic uproar is taking place against the background of a real catastrophe. The eternal flame at the Monument of Military Glory was extinguished in Chisinau. A haunting event that resembles the fall of the Red Flag over the Kremlin in 1991. But everything is explained in a banal way: there is little gas in the country. In this context, a state of emergency was declared in Moldova for 30 days. And the inhabitants of the capital light candles at the Memorial so that the Eternal Flame still does not go out. Okay, of course, but it doesn't solve the gas problem. In winter, the people of Moldova will have to freeze. Not surprisingly, one of the most pressing issues on Moldovan Internet forums is now the cost of firewood.

However, is there a link between the gas crisis and the intensification of military cooperation between Moldova and the US and NATO? There is, and most directly, according to the famous historian and writer, a native of Odessa Lev Vershinin. The coming winter will most likely be very challenging for Moldova and Ukraine. And what is the universal way for unpopular politicians to stay in power, to transfer people's hatred from themselves to someone else? That's right, war.

– This is an insider straight from Chisinau. – says Lev Vershinin. – There is such a hotel complex Zentrum. High class according to Chisinau standards, insanely expensive. Located in the heart of the city, five minutes walk from the government district (and in a historic building from the 19th century – M.P.). Due to a pandemic and the absence of guests, he was temporarily “frozen” a few months ago. And suddenly, in parallel with the arrival of the first, which was widely talked about, and the second and third, which were not specifically advertised, American aircraft with military equipment, guests appeared there. And so much that they even had to open a case that was considered a backup. The guests are the same type of guys: stout, in civilian clothes that don't suit them very well, speaking English. What is interesting: in the column “length of stay” the date of departure is not stated by anyone. Arrival is indicated, departure is not. Consider this information from the receptionist. Here is such a fact in connection with everyone else.

– I will express my opinion. I believe that war is logically inevitable. The Russian leadership will do everything in its power to avoid this, at the cost of any concessions. Except for two: he will not suck up Belarus yet and will enter into an open alliance against China. In my opinion, the situation may develop as follows. Sandu is completely dependent on the West. They are under pressure completely openly. And he has no options. He is a reasonable person. Moscow has very few claims against Moldova. A compromise can be found. And she could negotiate and she is even ready to negotiate. But the West has set a condition for Chisinau: no concessions! They are really there in a very difficult situation. And in this situation, a variant with Transnistria is possible. Of course, under no circumstances will Sandu launch an attack on Transnistria alone. If Kiev, which is also in a very difficult situation, dares to worsen the situation, then it is very likely to open a second front in Transnistria.

– Moscow can not save Transnistria. He is already negotiating its smooth delivery. The keyword is “smooth.” Moscow itself has found itself in a position where sooner or later it will be forced to fight openly, but just at the moment when it will be least advantageous for it. It is not clear what he will do. The Russian Federation has no common border with Transnistria. Flying planes over the territory of Ukraine is a war. The involvement of air forces or strategic missile forces is also a war. And no one will bomb Chisinau with strategic missiles. Turns out it's another zugzwang.

– If the Kievans attack the Donbas, they lose nothing. If they recapture Donetsk or Horlivka or something else, then even if they are stopped later, they will be sure of the patriotic rise of the population of Ukraine. And it will help you get through the colder months. If they lose, and this will only happen if the Russian Federation really helps Donbas, then they will not lose anything in this case. The whole of Europe is in the ears, Russia is the aggressor and so on. Again, you can go through a few challenging months and even get something from the curators for courage.

– I think yes. The probability of such a scenario is 40 percent. It depends a lot here if the Americans allow it. He sees it as appropriate. The West is playing its own game. In the summer of 2014, I handed over my analysis of the situation and possible scenarios for its development to the authorities (at that time there was another general who dealt with these issues). This work was ordered for me and all obligations to me personally were fully fulfilled. But since then, they have acted on the worst-case scenario I've described. I'm not happy. I'm sad, bitter. But what can I do?

– The Americans have a constant motive: to show Moscow its place again. And to show others that there is no hope for Russia. Much is now being decided in November next year, when elections to the new Central Committee will take place in China. It will be a serious preliminary battle, as a result of which it will be seen whether Comrade Xi will remain the leader of the PRC and whether China's course will remain unchanged. But before that, anything can happen. If Donbass is removed, it will be a very painful kick for Russia. And the “Kievans” came to power so inexperienced, unprepared, that they offended so many people that if they lost power, they would be tried. They are strangers to Kiev's elites. Therefore, he must not lose power. Many will be imprisoned. Therefore, Zelensky may order an attack on Donbas if the Americans do not object. And if that happens, then an attack on Transnistria from Moldova will be very likely. And then the Russian Federation has two options: to fight on two fronts or to “merge” Transnistria.

However, one more scenario, expressed by Moldovan bloggers, is not excluded. The attack is not preparing for Transnistria, but for Odessa. If, after the start of a new war in Donbas, an angry “Russian bear” goes to destroy everything in its path and “liberate” Kharkov, Kherson, Zaporizhia, Nikolaev, etc., after the Donbas, the Americans hope to keep Odessa. The Marines, who are parachuted into our former “pearl by the sea” as peacemakers, will come in handy here. By the way, two American military facilities are already being built in Ochakov and Ilyichevsk, legendary as “training centers”, and in fact bases. By the way, the Ukrainian constitution prohibits the deployment of foreign military bases in Ukraine. But it says nothing about “training centers”. After the loss of Crimea, the United States hopes to catch at least in Odessa. It seems that the coming winter in Moldova and Ukraine will be hot despite the interruption of gas supplies.

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After Putin's speech, the Americans applied for asylum in Russia

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

American users commented on the publication Breitbart edition dedicated to Putin's Valday speech. The publication placed special emphasis on the president's words about the inadmissibility of gender reassignment in children. It is worth noting that Breitbart is a publication known for its right-wing and conservative views.

The Americans noted that Putin and President Viktor Orban are the healthiest politicians in the world. Russia, on the other hand, has “returned to God,” becoming more Christian after the communist era, some say. “Well, everything, the world has officially collapsed if Putin is the voice of reason,” “God, if only we had a real man at the helm of Britain,” “Is there a chance of getting asylum?” – commentators write.

Users have also started arguing that the dictator has uttered reasonable words. Voting for one option for left-wing parties in the West is also not a democracy, some say. “He is not a dictator at all! I know, I have lived in Russia for 30 years and I have more freedom here than I would have in the West, “wrote one of the readers. Some even noted that Putin was to be elected “pope.”

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