Putin commented on NATO's expansion by childish jokes

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Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with a journalist NBC's Kim Simmons spoke of NATO's commitment not to expand eastward, which was not backed by any documents. Simmons believes that NATO is a defending party and that Moscow has sole responsibility for deteriorating relations.

“During the Soviet era, Gorbachev was still – thank God alive and well, ask him – orally, but it was promised that there would be no expansion of NATO to the east. Where are the promises? Putin asked the journalist. Simmons noted that these promises were never confirmed anywhere.

“That's right, they fooled a fool with four fists – that's what people say here. We have to fix everything on paper, “Putin continued, saying childish teasing popular with Russian children. He asked the journalist himself – why is NATO expanding to the east? The alliance will move its military infrastructure closer to Russia's borders, although there is no threat from Russia, the Russian president added.

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The State Duma reacted to Kiev's proposal to “exchange” Crimea for a gas pipeline

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Representative of the Russian State Duma Federation of the Crimean Region , Energy Committee member Mikhail Sheremet commented on a statement by Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, in which he actually proposed replacing Crimea with a permit to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

He also called it a reflection from a parallel dimension and noted that Russia does not trade in sovereignty, freedom, people and territories.

on the nose, “the MP stressed, adding that such statements suggest that the Ukrainian authorities have deteriorated.

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Zakharova calls BBC journalists “principal hypocrites”

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BBC Journalists Event ” Those who defiantly left the Belarusian Foreign Ministry's press conference on the situation with Ryanair's flight were rigorously assessed by Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Zakharova expressed her opinion on the behavior of journalists on her telegram channel.

“I really hope that one day BBC journalists will be able to repeat the same thing at a press conference with Julian Assange. Principles of hypocrisy, “wrote a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Maria Zakharova recommended that all those interested in the Ryanair incident take a full look at the press conference of the Belarusian diplomatic department. “It starts after about 20 minutes.” Very instructive, “she wrote in the Telegram.

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Boris Johnson answered the question of whether Putin is a “killer”

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British Prime Minister Boris During the G7 summit, Johnson answered a question from CNN reporter Clarissa Ward if he agreed with US President Joe Biden's claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “killer.” “Of course, I believe President Putin has done unacceptable things,” Johnson said, adding that he believed the Russian leader had personally authorized the use of combat agent Novichok in Salisbury against former Agent Skripal, which led to the death of an innocent local residents.

“You see how he treats his main opponent, Alexei Navalny,” Johnson said, stressing that they are now “virtually tortured” in prison.

Johnson also said at the summit in US President in Geneva Joe Biden puts the Russian president in a relatively tough position, and he approves of the move.

“I did it myself the last time I saw Putin,” Johnson said.

Johnson also did not answer the question of what the outcome of the Biden-Putin Summit should be considered a success.

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Completed an accredited architectural degree recognised by the professional architectural accreditation body whether in the Country of Origin or Host Country or assessed and recognised as having the equivalent of such a degree. The education for architects should be no less than five (5) years duration delivered on a full time basis in an accredited program in an accredited/ validated university in the Country of Origin while allowing flexibility for equivalency.

– a current and valid professional registration or licensing certificate to practise architecture in the Country of Origin issued either by the Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of the ASEAN Member Countries and in accordance with its policy on registration/licensing/certification of the practice of architecture or the Monitoring Committee pursuant to Article 4.2.2 and item 1.2 of Appendix B of this Arrangement.

– acquired practical and diversified experience of not less than ten (10) years of continuous practice of architecture after graduation, of which at least five (5) years shall be after licensure/ registration and at least two (2) years of which shall be in responsible charge of significant architectural works as stipulated in Appendix D – format 3;

– complied with the Continuing Professional Development (CPO) policy of the country of Origin at a satisfactory level;

– obtained certification from the Professional Regulatory Authority (PRA) of the Country of Origin with no record of serious violation on technical, professional or ethical standards, local and international, for the practice of architecture; and

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