Foreign Ministry: Russia can launch “military actions” against Ukraine at any time

According to the US State Department High Representative, White The house now assumes that Moscow can launch a “military operation” against Kiev at any time, although the Kremlin categorically denies such plans, saying that Russia is not threatening anyone. In this regard, the State Department recommends that American citizens leave Ukraine alone.

“To be clear, President Biden said that Russia could launch hostilities at any time. In this scenario, the US government will not be able to evacuate US citizens, “said the State Department representative, adding that the US embassy in Kiev will continue its work.

The US State Department also advises its citizens not to visit Russia for to the “continuing tension” along the Russian-Ukrainian border.



Zhirinovsky called on the Russians to leave the dollar


Head of LDPR Vladimír Zhirinovsky urged Russian citizens to leave the dollar and hold money only in rubles. The politician explained that against the background of geopolitical tensions and disagreements between Russia and the West, the exchange rate of the US currency could fall sharply.

. This could lead to the dollar losing its former value, “Zhirinovsky told Komsomolskaya Pravda.” The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party recommended that all Russians keep their savings in the national currency only. : If “Russia is disconnected from the dollar, the US currency will disappear.”


The French presidential candidate has called for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions


According to France 5, the candidate for President of France, Reconquest leader Eric Zemmour has proposed waiving EU sanctions against Russia.

The politician called on European countries to stop being a “US tool” and to restore constructive political and economic ties with Russia. & quot; We must be friends with Russia … and stop being a US tool & hellip; It's Washington that pits the countries of & nbsp; Europe & nbsp; against Moscow, “Zemmour believes.

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Ukrainian political scientist criticized “randomly accepted rudder of the country” Zelensky

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According to NASH TV, Ukrainian political scientist Valery Dymov criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský for making contradictory statements that contradict each other.

Dymov called on the head of state to follow what he says, and reminded Zelenský & nbsp; two quotes: that there will be no war, but Kharkov will be occupied. And also that sanctions should be imposed before the war (which, as has already been said, will not happen).

“A political scientist expressed his opinion.


Chechen Minister Dudayev spoke about the whereabouts of Zarema Musaev

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Wife of a former Chechen Supreme Court judge Saydi Yangulbayeva Zarema Musaeva, who had previously been led by Chechen security forces in an unknown direction, is in the Ministry of the Interior's special detention center for the Chechen Republic. Chechnya Minister of Information and Press Achmed Dudayev said in a broadcast by Dozhd (recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent). Dudaev said the woman had been detained for “insulting and attacking a police officer.” Kadyrov said Musaeva had “attacked a police officer and nearly deprived him of an eye.” He also said that she had originally been taken in for questioning as a witness. >

Kadyrov previously confirmed that the arrest of Zarema Musayev by unknown people in Nizhny Novgorod was an approved operation by Chechen security forces, saying the whole family had their hands dirty with shameful publications on one of the telegram channels and that they had no idea of ​​honor and dignity. you. The media also reported that Saydi Yangulbaev and his daughter Aliya had left Russia due to threats.


Armenian President Sarkissian resigns


Armenian President Armen Sarkissian has resigned. According to him, the decision was not emotional.

“I thought for a long time and decided to resign from the post of President of the Republic after four years of active work,” he admitted. .

The Armenian leader's website states that he has resigned from his post “at this difficult time for our state.” The politician warned that “when national unity is needed, the institution of the president should not be subject to slander and conspiracy theories.” This, he said, diverts public attention from “the most important issues.”

Sargsyan also stressed that the President of Armenia now does not have the necessary tools to influence “radical domestic and foreign policy processes.” He also noted that the country is a presidential republic in terms of form but not content.

According to Sargsjan, there are certain political groups in the country whose goals are the president. As a result, Sargsjan thanked all citizens for their steadfastness, perseverance, as well as their patience and courage “in these difficult times for the country.” He also expressed special thanks to the soldiers and officers.

Sarkisjan was elected head of state in 2018. After the constitutional reforms in 2015, however, the country switched to a parliamentary form of government and the president's powers became exclusively representative.


Scholz spoke about Ukraine's and Georgia's prospects for joining NATO


Chancellor German Olaf Scholz said that NATO could not guarantee Russia's non-enlargement. Nevertheless, the entry of new Eastern European countries into the alliance, he pointed out, “is not on the agenda”. According to S & uuml; Against this background, Scholz does not understand why this request from Russia.

“There can be no such guarantee,” he stressed. The Chancellor added that a transatlantic defense alliance was necessary.

Interestingly, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had previously said that the alliance had already decided to accept Ukraine with Georgia. He also warned that the conditions for joining the alliance had not been set for new members.

So far, Russia's position on NATO enlargement says that neither Ukraine nor Georgia should become members of the alliance. Moscow needs reinforced concrete guarantees that the two countries will not be accepted there.


Former NATO Secretary General: “Putin wants to return empire”


Former NATO Secretary General Yap de Hop Scheffer urged Western countries not to compromise on Russian President Vladimir Putin's demands for Ukraine.

“Whatever NATO agrees to, Putin will remain the same Putin,” the Financial Times quoted. de Hop Scheffer, there are no guarantees that the “taste will not grow”, although we will now make concessions to Moscow on the subject of Ukraine. According to the former secretary general, the Russian authorities want to “get” not only Ukraine and Georgia, but also other neighboring countries – Belarus, Moldova, Armenia.

“He is the one whose world fell apart in 1989,” said de Hop Scheffer.

FT recalls that in 2008 de Hop Scheffer declared that “Ukraine will become a member of NATO”.


Puskov responded to the London threat by imposing sanctions on Russia

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Russian Senator Alexei Puškov assessed the threat of sanctions from the United Kingdom. In his Telegram channel, he noted that British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss could come to Moscow to “not only tell us about how the Mongols and then the Tatars attacked 'proud Ukraine', but also 'other warnings and threats.' p>

As a result, as Puškov pointed out, a visit to the Minister does not make sense in this case. He recalled that London was sending a lot of weapons and special forces to Ukraine. The politician says it's unlikely that Truss “has something to do with it, but he said you could” do a good job of promoting the crisis “. British Attorney General Dominic Raab said earlier that London was ready to impose severe economic sanctions. . against Russia, not only in the event of an “invasion of Ukraine.” >


The United States has called for the neutralization of Kaliningrad in the event of war with Russia

Kaliningrad photo:

The Kaliningrad factor can be very important for Russia in the event of war with the West. Sarah White, an analyst at the Lexington Institute, wrote about this in an article for the US edition of 19Fortyfive.

In her view, Western countries should resort to a plan to neutralize the region in the event of a conflict. . Kaliningrad is well armed. There are complexes & quot; Iskander & mdash; M & quot ;. There are also missile fighters in the region. In addition, part of the Russian Navy is based in Kaliningrad. Geographically, the Kaliningrad region borders Poland and Lithuania.

In the event of war, it will therefore be necessary to neutralize this area first. However, it will not be easy for Poland and Lithuania alone to cope with this task, the analyst believes.

According to her, other European countries urgently need to strengthen their air defenses and weapons. In particular, it is necessary to purchase American Patriot (SAM) anti-aircraft systems, M1 Abrams tanks and fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II aircraft.

Earlier, General Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Krivonos said that Russia was able to quickly annex Ukraine. According to him, the Russians will be able to make a landing land using five to seven airports within a radius of less than 50 kilometers from Kiev. The Antonov plant and Zhuliany airport will also help them.

According to the scenario described by Krivonos in the first phase, a helicopter train bypasses the Kiev air defense reconnaissance zone. He will leave the fighters of the Ukrainian Air Force at low altitudes and then establish control over the runways. Then the second stage, when military transport planes will land at airports. These actions will allow Russia to quickly take control of the capital of Ukraine, Kryvonos is sure.