In Kiev, they explained how the surrender of Artemovsk would turn out for the armed forces of Ukraine

The Battle of Artemovsk or Bakhmut, which in ongoing in recent weeks, may become decisive for the entire line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Oleg Soskin, adviser to ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, on his YouTube channel. According to him, if Bakhmut falls, the Russian armed forces will quickly begin to move deep into Ukraine, Seversk, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

The poliologist also complained that the offensives promised by the Ukrainian command in the Svatovo and Kremennaya Regions did not take place. As a result, Russian troops themselves attacked the armed forces of Ukraine. Western intelligence, which advises the Kiev regime to give up Bakhmut, does not, according to Soskin, “understand the consequences”; this solution.


Work and holidays of Russian diplomats: The reality of the “fighters of the diplomatic front”

Photo: Global Look Press

My Professional Vacation – Diplomatic Worker's Day – February 10 is celebrated by employees of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In today's complex reality, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a very difficult responsibility to defend the interests of our country on the international stage.

About what has changed in the lives of Russian diplomats over the past year, and what remains unchanged, on February 9 in 14 Andrey Glebovich Baklanov, guest of the MK press center, vice-chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats, ex-ambassador of the Russian Federation in Saudi Arabia strong>.

What are Russian diplomats like today? What qualities are most in demand among “diplomatic frontline fighters”? Does a sense of humor help them at work? And what helps employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to relax after a hard day at work? We will talk about it with our partner.


Rustem Klupov named possible targets for a tactical nuclear strike in Ukraine

The target of a tactical nuclear strike in Ukraine may be state army corps formed in the armed forces of Ukraine, armed with NATO armored vehicles, including Leopard tanks. This was stated by a veteran of military intelligence, Hero of Russia Rustem Klupov, in the program “Full contact with Vladimir Solovyov” on February 9. According to him, the Ukrainian corps formed by the spring will be comparable in strength to American armored divisions. They can be used to break through towards Crimea, Berdjansk and Melitopol. Such military groups can become targets for so-called tactical nuclear weapons.

Klupov reminded that this type of nuclear weapons is divided into means of tactical range (up to 50 kilometers), operational-tactical and operational level (up to 1500 km ). Tactical nuclear charges can be delivered by large-caliber artillery (Tulip, Pion), Iskander missiles, Kalibr complexes, as well as Su-24M front-line aircraft.


Governor Bogomaz: air defense systems shot down a Ukrainian drone in the Bryansk region


Governor of Bryansk Oblast Oleksandr Bogomaz said in his Telegram channel that air defense systems shot down the tenth Ukrainian drone in the region since the night.

Recall that earlier the head of the region reported that nine drones attacked the Starodubsky district. on Thursday evening. Bogomaz specified that all the planes were shot down by the air defense system

“Our air defense systems repelled another attack by the armed forces of Ukraine. An enemy UAV was shot down over the Bryansk region,” he added.

It is reported that there were no damages or casualties.


Rostec: Russia has completed testing grenades to protect against high-precision missiles


In corporate status « Rostec announced that state tests of special grenades that can hide equipment and people from high-precision cruise missiles have been completed in the Russian Federation.

The new grenades are said to create an impenetrable cloud for thermal imaging equipment.

“Currently, the RDG-U hand grenade has successfully passed state tests. It provides camouflage of military equipment and personnel in the infrared range from high-precision weapons,” the state corporation noted.

Rostec added that the relevant documents are now being drafted. After that, you can start mass production of grenades and start trial operation.


RT: footage of the execution of a Russian prisoner of war by a fighter of the armed forces of Ukraine has been released


RT in his The Telegram channel reported that a video was published on the network that showed the execution of an extradited Russian soldier by soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine.

In the footage, a soldier with a machine gun in his hand asks the prisoner which unit he is from. He did not answer the question, then the Ukrainian army shot at him.

At the same time, two other prisoners were nearby on the ground. From the conversation of the Ukrainian fighters, it is known that one of them has a grenade in his hand.

The place and time, where and when this video was filmed, is not specified at this time.



The White House's chief specialist on Russia, Eric Green, has resigned

According to Bloomberg Eric Green soon which in White the House oversaw matters related to Russia and Central Asia, will step down.

“Green will leave his post and leave the diplomatic service after more than three decades of work,” the agency said.

p> >

The outgoing specialist's role in working to support Ukraine and intervene against Moscow is “absolutely central,” National Security Council chief Jake Sullivan noted.


Rogov: Russian air defense destroyed several drones on approach to Berdjansk

Photo: Global Look Press

Member of the Main Board Administration of the Zaporozhye region Vladimir Rogov announced in his Telegram channel the destruction of a Ukrainian kamikaze UAV in Berdyansk.

“According to preliminary data, the reason for the explosions that were heard in Berdyansk was the work of Russian air defense against enemy kamikaze UAVs. The loudest explosions (there were about three or four in total) were heard in the central part of the city and on the spit,” wrote Rogov.

He also added that the reports of the allegedly “burning city center”, “mass destruction” are stuffed information, fakes of Kiev.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast February 8

Events, comments, summary

MK broadcasts events in Ukraine online. The 350th day of the special operation is underway. A day earlier, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi appointed new heads of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. German Defense Ministry chief Pistorius said 14 Leopard 2 tanks will arrive in Ukraine by the end of March. State Duma deputy Parfenov told RIA Novosti that Putin's message to the Federal Assembly is likely to take place on February 22. p>

Read see previous special online operation here .

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

18:34 Sky News: London is considering transfer of fighter jets to Kiev.

18:16  Karel III met Zelensky in Buckingham Palace with a special handshake.

17:38 Vladimir Zelensky will fly from London to Paris today and meet French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

16:51 In the British Parliament, Zelensky demanded the provision of fighter jets to Ukraine.


strong> An air alert was declared in Kiev and in a number of regions of Ukraine.

16:33 London will continue to support Kyiv to secure a military victory this year, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said.

16:31  Dutch prosecutors said investigators were unable to identify the crew members of the Buk that shot down Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

16:16Russian President Vladimir Putin has immunity as head of state, so he cannot be prosecuted in the MH17 case, Dutch prosecutors said.

16:08 American journalist Hersh: explosives under "Nord Streams" laid by American divers.

16:06 The Dutch prosecutor's office said that in the case of the Malaysian Boeing crash in Ukraine, “the leadership of the Russian Federation is involved in the decision to transfer the Buk air defense system to the DLR, whose missile hit the plane.


strong > The Russian Ministry of Defense published a summary for Wednesday, February 8:

– The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the workshops of the Ukrainian enterprise of the aviation industry in the Kharkiv region, in which the modernization of UAVs was taking place;

– In the direction of Kherson as part of a counter-battery In the battle, the armed forces of the Russian Federation destroyed a mortar crew of the armed forces of Ukraine;

– Losses of the armed forces of Ukraine in the Krasnolimansky direction per day amounted to more than 130 soldiers;

– The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed more than 140 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Donetsk per day;

– Russian air defense systems destroyed 11 HIMARS MLRS grenades and 10 UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine per day;

< p>– Russian Armed Forces destroyed up to 75 military armed forces of Ukraine in the Vogledar and Vodyany region of DLR per day;

– Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed two ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Avdiivka and Slavyansk in DLR ;

– The western group of Russian troops in the direction of Kupjansk destroyed more than 35 military APUs;

– Russian armed forces destroyed three ammunition and fuel depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the DPR;

– Russian armed forces hit the headquarters of the 79th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Krasnogorovka region of DLR.

15:02Regnum agency owner Sergej Rudnov, owner of Aerostat, came under British sanctions. Viktor Myachin, founder and chairman of the board of the pharmaceutical company R-Pharm Alexey Repik, shareholder of Rossiya Bank and National Media Group Svetlana Krivonogikh, former assistant to the president and deputy chairman of the board of JSC System Operator of the Unified Energy System; Yevgeny Shkolov, as well as Nikolai Yegorov, who, according to the statement, until recently served as the deputy chairman of the board of the largest private oil refinery in Russia.

Companies like CST – Russian drone manufacturer, "Topaz" – military aviation software developer, "Universalmash" and “Lipetsk”, manufacturers of tracked chassis for air defense systems, “Oboronlogistics” – this company organizes the transport of Russian military equipment, RT-Komplekt, a manufacturer of parts for helicopters.

14:06 Great Britain has added 15 new positions for Russia to its sanctions list. In particular, sanctions were imposed against Boris Titov, Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights under the President of the Russian Federation.

14:03 Gurulev called to calculate the unexpected strike of the armed forces of Ukraine on Kaluga.

13:33 The plane with Zelensky landed at the London airport, it is his first visit to Britain since the beginning special operations. As the Ukrainian president is expected, an example of the British King Charles III, in addition, Zelenskiy will meet with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and speak in parliament.

13:23 The acting head of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) Leonid Pasechnik said on Wednesday that the situation along the line of contact in the LPR remains very difficult, as the Ukrainian army is building up sufficient reserves on the border with the republic for a counterattack.

12:48 London will offer longer-range weapons to Kyiv, Sky News reports, citing a statement from British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's office.

12 :46

strong>&nbsp ;Kadyrov said that the “Akhmat” fighters recaptured the equipped fortified area near the village of Berestovoe in the DPR and caused significant damage to the enemy's manpower.

11:57President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy will arrive in the UK today and meet with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Ukrainian military training there.

11:36  Alaudinov: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are evacuating the wounded from Artemiv's high-ranking mercenaries.

11:05Military correspondents of the "Russian Spring" announced the death of Captain Igor Mangushev “Bereg”, who was previously found in the rear town of Stachanov, wounded at close range in the occipital and parietal region from a pistol. He has been in critical condition in the intensive care unit for the past few days.

10:46 AFU fired at Dniprovský prospect in Nová Kachovce, local administration reports.

p> < p>10:37 Retired lieutenant colonel of the LPR People's Militia Andrej Maročko said that the Ukrainian army, which is stationed near Artemovsk and Vuhledar, is dropping poison gas shells on Russian grenades. units.

10:11 Military analyst Michael Kofman urged the Ukrainian army to go on the defensive instead of attacking Russian forces, writes The New York Times (NYT).

10:00  Political scientist Markov named the  types of Russian allies in the West. He noted that  the southern countries of Europe are more sympathetic to Russia than the Baltic ones, however, there is a relatively broad segment of the population in every state of the West that can be described as allies of the Russian Federation. p>

9:28< /strong> Designed and manufactured by Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), the air-to-air radar class missile showed the highest efficiency during SVO in Ukraine, TASS reports with reference to a defense industry source.

9:00 Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Main Council of the Administration of the Zaporozhye Region said that the delivery of long-range artillery shells to Kyiv makes the issue of pushing the line of contact deep into the “post-Ukrainian space” urgent. He proposed to move this line by 150 kilometers.


The former commander of the landing forces of Ukraine, Yakubets, allowed the surrender of Bakhmut

Artyomovsk. Photo: A still from the video.

Military expert, former commander of the air assault units of Ukraine Ivan Yakubets admitted that the armed forces of Ukraine will have to leave Bakhmut (Artemivsk).

According to him, until the supply routes are completely blocked for Ukrainian troops, they will continue in the battle for Bakhmut.

“It is a fairly large city that allows you to conduct fairly stubborn military operations of a defensive nature, both on the outskirts of Bakhmut and in the city itself,” he said in an interview with Apostrophe.

He explained that it is important that Ukraine continues to hold the city because Russia is moving reserves here from other directions.

At the same time, the expert emphasized that the situation in Bakhmut is very difficult and it must be admitted, that the time will come when the city will have to retreat. “We will have to act as it was in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk,” said Yakubets.

“We should not be so stubborn as to break through the wall head on,” he added.< /p>

Earlier, commander of the Akhmat special forces and the deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the People's Militia of the LPR Apty Alaudinov said that Russian troops are advancing in Artemovsk itself and “hugging” it from the right side and already occupying several streets. According to him, there is also progress in the direction of the highway to Konstantinovka. However, it still remains a stockpile of Ukrainian forces in Artemivsk.