North Korea has confirmed a successful long-range missile test


Yonhap News Agency reports that North Korean authorities confirmed the successful testing of the new long-range guided missile.

It is stated that at the same time test launches of the tactical missile with a flat flight path were made.

“January 28 around 8.00 and 8.05 were from the city area. Hamhung fired two grenades towards the Sea of ​​Japan …. They flew about 190 kilometers with a maximum flight altitude of about 20 kilometers, “the agency said.


Elon Musk accused Biden of “taking Americans for fools”

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American billionaire, Tesla founder Elon Musk has signed up He criticized US President Joe Biden in his Twitter microblog, “insulting” him for not mentioning his merits in making electric vehicles. The billionaire was outraged by Biden's tweet about the success of American manufacturers in this sector of the economy.


“Biden considers American citizens stupid,” Musk wrote


Washington has threatened retaliation if Russia deploys troops to Cuba

According to US State Department spokeswoman Neda Price, “If Russia moves in this direction, then the US response will be swift and decisive,” Price said in response to a journalist's request. deployment of Russian weapons to Cuba.

Recall that at the end of last year, Moscow prepared draft security agreements with Washington, as well as a security agreement. These documents included, in particular, legal guarantees rejecting NATO's further enlargement to the east, joining the Alliance of Ukraine, and establishing US military bases in the post-Soviet space.



Lavrov recalled the Ukrainian rehabilitation of Nazism

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called one of the The main priorities of the international community are to counter attempts to review the results of World War II and to rehabilitate the Nazis in a number of countries. The statement was made in a diplomatic message to participants in the “Keeper of Memory” event. And it is the duty of all mankind to “preserve the memory of the victims of the” brown plague “and to honor the memory of those who” liberated the world at the cost of their lives. “

Lavrov called for everything that “in many Western countries, as in Ukraine,” Nazis and collaborators are being vigorously rehabilitated.


The President of the Human Rights Council called the arrest of Zarema Musayeva to be appropriate from the point of view of the criminal code


Head of Presidential Rights Council Valery Fadeev said the arrest of the wife of former Chechen Supreme Court Justice Saydi Yangulbaev in Nizhny Novgorod and her delivery to Chechnya was in full compliance with the law. “” Zarema Musaeva was arrested. HRC service – in accordance with criminal standards “.

According to Fadejev, the woman is currently serving 15 days in prison” for petty hooliganism “in a special detention center, but after this time she will be at large.

“We believe that the legal situation will continue to evolve,” the HRC chief added.



The Ukrainian army opened fire on Donbass, there is the first victim

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

People's Press Service Officer Luhansk People's Militia A. Mazeikin said that while the situation in Donbas is being actively discussed at the international level and the Ukrainian authorities are confidently declaring their commitment to a peace settlement, Ukrainian militants on the contact line show the real intentions of Kiev.

Today, the Ukrainian security forces from the positions of the 30th Brigade near the settlement Troitskoje fired from LNG and heavy machine guns towards the settlement. Veselogorovka.

A soldier was killed as a result of the incident.

The security forces of the republic were forced to open fire. The exact details of the enemy's losses are specified.


The chairman of the State Duma committee announced that the application for recognition of the LPR and DLR would be discussed in February

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Duma Committee In early February, the CIS, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots intend to discuss a draft Duma call submitted by the Communist Party faction to Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the recognition of the self-proclaimed DLR and LPR as independent. Committee Chairman Leonid Kalashnikov spoke about this.

Earlier, members of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation asked him in his draft letter to the Russian leader to consider the issue of self-confidence recognition. It should be noted that the Committee has asked all factions to provide their views. views on this issue so that the committee's conclusion can be further adopted.


The Kremlin has spoken out against “allowing the blockade” on the cemetery because of Putin


Press Kremlin Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on information that appeared in a number of media that on Thursday, January 27, the people of St. Petersburg complained about the closure of Piskarevsky Cemetery due to commemorative events with the participation of President Vladimir Putin. Photos of people at the cemetery fence, who are watching the head of state about to lay flowers inside, began to circulate on social networks. It was also claimed that among those allegedly not allowed to go to the cemetery were survivors of the blockade.

Photo of the day: Vladimir Putin arrived to lay flowers at Piskarevskoye Cemetery in St. Petersburg – in honor of the 78th anniversary of the complete liberation of the city from the fascist blockade. At the same time, the blockade runners themselves were not allowed into the cemetery – they left them standing behind the fence.

Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

– Novaya Gazeta (@novaya_gazeta) January 27, 2022

Peskov told Rise to move around the cemetery & nbsp; they did not block and citizens were free to enter the territory.

& quot; They only asked a little to wait when Putin laid the flowers & quot ;, & mdassh; & nbsp; added Peskov.

He noted that & quot; and that it was very fast & quot; it didn't take more than 10 minutes.

& quot; & mdash; & nbsp; So that's not true & quot ;.

Today, on & nbsp; According to the Kremlin press service, the president “honored the memory of the fallen soldiers-liberators and the inhabitants of the city.”


Peskov spoke about Putin's response to arms supplies to the DLR and LPR

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Dmitry Peskov told reporters what Putin knows about MEPs' initiatives on DLR and LPR. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation had previously announced the need to recognize these republics and called on United Russia to provide them with weapons. “Putin is aware of this view. He likes how sensitive this issue is, but now without the president's reaction, “Peskov said.

He noted that the situation in unrecognized republics is very” painfully perceived “by our deputies. “Our MPs,” our citizens cannot be indifferent to the fate of the people of Donbas, & nbsp; but so far it is a party initiative, “Peskov emphasized. something new & raquo ;.


A customer of an aggressive anti-Russian campaign in the United States has been revealed

Photo: Ukraine and potential war are increasingly appearing in the series American publications. Journalist Tucker Carlson has found that large military-industrial corporations are behind the aggressive propaganda. The American Thinker magazine reports about it.

The author pointed out a series of articles in Politico that are available to users without a subscription. In addition, newspapers are distributed free of charge in Washington. Each such publication is signed with the phrase: “Presented by Lockheed Martin Prime.”

“Lockheed Martin” & mdash; & nbsp; Next to the articles is an ad unit, which you can click to go to the official website of the F-35 & mdash; it is produced by this company.

Carlson also pointed out publications in another publication & mdash; Washington Post. There was an article entitled “Biden must show that the US is ready to support Ukraine militarily if necessary,” wrote one Michael Vickers, a former Special Forces and CIA officer. It turned out that after his resignation he was appointed to the board of defense of BAE Systems.

“This is a godless alliance of many branches of world government, arms dealers, mercenaries and the media. The coalition benefits from wars, so its members persuade governments to join the wars, and then the conflicts drag on indefinitely, & mdash; & nbsp; Carlson believes.

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