Trump called General Millimno an “idiot” and taught business

Former US President Donald Trump spoke of fate military equipment in Afghanistan.

“We have $ 18 million in Afghanistan, $ 28-29 million in helicopters, various types of helicopters, and many of them are almost new, just unpacked.

And it's Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Millimne, says, “Sir, I think it will be cheaper to leave all that equipment there. Otherwise, you'll have to transport all this to Pakistan, then on to our bases … “

” And then I realized he was a damn idiot! All you have to do is hire someone to move the equipment and return some of what you moved. So it will be free. So I became a super-successful businessman, “Trump concluded.


Adam Barrow is re-elected President of the Gambia

According to Reuters, incumbent Gambia President Adam Barrow won the presidential election, which took place in the country on December 4.

As mentioned, 53% of voters voted for it. His main election candidate was former country vice president and current opposition bloc leader Usein Darbaud. The main political rival managed to get only 28% of the vote.

Barrow lived in London at the beginning of the 21st century, where he worked as a security guard in a shopping center. After returning to his homeland, he became an entrepreneur. In 2016, he was nominated for the first time as the presidential candidate of a coalition of seven opposition parties. Until then, Adam Barrow had held no political office.


Blinken hopes that Moscow will prefer de-escalation on the Ukrainian issue

According to the head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken hopes that the Russian side will go the way of de-escalating the conflict on the Ukrainian issue and withdraw its troops from the border.

“We hope that the Russian leadership will choose the path of de-escalation, withdraw its troops and start using diplomacy for existing disagreements,” Blinken, quoted by the Foreign Ministry's press service. He also pointed out that Washington is ready to help resolve the crisis, in particular by promoting the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which, according to the head of the US Foreign Policy Department, “can be a way to resolve conflicts over the Donbas or eastern Ukraine.”/p>


The United States has announced China's intention to build a military base in West Africa


China plans to create military base & nbsp; in Equatorial Guinea on the Atlantic coast of Africa, reports & nbsp; The Wall Street Journal with reference to US government sources.

The PRC's intentions are supported by data from the US secret services, which has raised concerns in the White House and the Pentagon. Against this background, US Deputy National Security Adviser John Feiner flew to Equatorial Guinea. & nbsp; The purpose of his visit was to persuade the president of the African state to reject the Beijing proposal.

The publication emphasized that in 2017, China had deployed an overseas base & nbsp; in Djibouti, which became the first China in Africa.


Belarus has announced retaliatory sanctions against the United States and Europe


Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said that next week Minsk will impose retaliatory measures against Western sanctions. He said this on the Belarusian-1 television channel.

According to him, the Belarusian authorities will draw up decisions that “will be announced in the coming days, of course immediately after the weekend.” Golovchenko added that retaliation would be “absolutely adequate” and “symmetrical.”

The Belarusian prime minister added that his country had not attacked anyone. However, if an economic or hybrid war breaks out against the republic, then “the actions will not go unanswered.” Earlier, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said the government should address the issue of anti-sanctions against the West. This must be done clearly and without bureaucracy.

According to him, Belarus has been preparing for the next package of sanctions in the last six months. Thanks to this, the country managed to maintain economic growth and prevent the transfer of problems to ordinary citizens, Lukashenko added.

Previously, the European Union introduced a fifth package of sanctions against Belarus. The list contains 17 individuals and 11 companies. In total, the restrictions affected 183 citizens of Belarus and 26 organizations. Sanctions include a ban on individuals entering Europe and the freezing of citizens 'and companies' accounts.

In addition, the United States and Canada have imposed sanctions on Dmitry Lukashenko's son. In total, Washington has imposed economic sanctions on 12 Belarusian legal entities, 3 aircraft and 20 individuals.


The United Kingdom has pledged to investigate the “patriots' fictitious complaint” against Oxxxymiron and Noize MC

Photo: RF IC

Appeal to the Committee on behalf of a “group of patriots”, at whose speech the IC chief Alexander Bastrykin ordered an inspection, proved to be an invention. Earlier on the IC website, it appeared that the head of the department, Alexander Bastrykin, had ordered “to carefully study the arguments given in the appeal to him on the initiative of the” group of patriots “”. It was also reported that the call was published in “one of the media” and that a “patriots' group” said rappers Oxxxymiron and Noize MC were “promoting a negative attitude towards law enforcement” and that there had also been “attempts to rehabilitate Nazism and extremist activity.” “.

“Challenge” was originally published in LiveJournal by blogger Dmitry Yakushev. In his contribution, he wrote that he had been “brought” by the letter and considers it important to “provide maximum publicity for this document”. The published text, on behalf of anonymous authors, said rappers Miron Fedorov and Ivan Alekseev were criminals and that their activities had “become a national threat, worse than NATO's expansion.”/p>

“Damn. Stop, – writes the blogger. – It was a joke. Fictional appeal, specially written in idiotic form. Satire for our time. “


Putin has promised to continue supporting the volunteer movement


President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian volunteers on Volunteer Day, which is celebrated on 5 December. The head of state said he would support the adoption of laws to support volunteering.

“Of course, I will support all initiatives … in support of the volunteer movement,” Putin said.

He added that he would support, among other things, the law on volunteer insurance.


Belarus has promised Ukraine a harsh response in the event of a border breach


Border guards Belarus warned Ukraine that from now on they would act extremely harshly in the event of new border-breaking incidents. This was stated by a representative of the border department Mozyr Sergei Pavlov, informs the state agency Belta in Telegram. The measures have not yet been announced.

A military attaché at the Ukrainian embassy was summoned to the International Military Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus on Sunday. He was given a protest note in connection with the growing violation of the republic's borders in the airspace by the Ukrainian side.

This happened after the violation of the borders of Belarus on December 4, 2021. This was done by a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter.

The Defense Attaché was informed that Ukraine was avoiding dialogue on resolving controversial issues on international military cooperation as well as arms control. The military attaché was also provided with evidence of Kiev's escape from “ fulfillment of commitments under regional confidence and security measures. & # 39; & # 39; He was also told that Ukraine would conduct a series of exercises near the Belarusian border. In Belarus, a combination of these facts sees the possibility of threatening the security of the Republic of Belarus to the south.


Europe threatens to close Nord Stream 2 in case of “Russian invasion of Ukraine”


Germany should close the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project if Russia attacks Ukraine. This was stated by Manfred Weber, leader of the centrist faction of the European People's Party and co-chairman of the Bavarian Christian Social Union.

According to him, NATO should force Russia to understand that aggressive actions against Ukraine “ will come at a high price & # 39; & # 39 ;; according to Bild am Sonntag. Such a “high price” fate of Nord Stream 2 may be just the case.

Weber added that if Moscow actually “uses weapons”, the pipeline will end.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ukrainian company & quot; Naftogaz & quot; Yuri Vitrenko called the German decision to allow Nord Stream 2 to establish a subsidiary a “mockery”. He believes that Nord Stream 2 does not comply with EU rules and therefore cannot be certified. He also condemned the idea of ​​licensing only part of the pipeline.

In recent weeks, the West has been actively discussing the issue of Russia's alleged preparations for the invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies the allegations. Russian diplomats have repeatedly stated that this rhetoric is used to pull NATO troops to Russia's borders. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the country was not obliged to report to other states the movement of its troops through its territory.


The family asked Lukashenko to pardon the Russian woman Sapega

Photo: Belarusian President's website

Relatives of arrests In Belarus, Russian women Sofia Sapieha repeatedly turned to Minsk and Moscow. They asked the girl for pardon.

As Russia's stepfather Sergei Dudich said, he is now under house arrest. According to him, his wife repeatedly wrote to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and also to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Sapieha's own father filed Lukashenko's video plea asking for clemency.

However, until all these actions have had the desired effect, the website of the radio station “ Moscow says & # 39; & # 39; But the Russian woman's family still does not stop trying to save her.

Dudich remembered seeing her for the last time in August. After that, the girl was under house arrest in Minsk. As a result, they wrote a petition to the committee of inquiry and were allowed to meet.

The stepfather of the Russian woman added that Sophia had a pre-trial agreement with the investigation. It was thanks to her that she was able to avoid punishment. “ According to the consul who saw her on Friday, Sonya is simply depressed by the accusation, & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; added a man.

On Sunday, Sophia Sapega, a Russian citizen who was detained with Roman Protashevich in May as a result of a forced landing in Minsk, was eventually charged. The case of the Russian woman will soon go to court. She is accused of incitement to hatred and is punishable by six years in prison under this article.