Peskov's daughter stood up for foreign media agents and remembered history

“They closed some eyes, but woke others up completely?”

It's unfinished. She said on social media that she had “studied an open letter from executives” of a domestic publication proposing changes.

“It's not easy for you and I will always try to be there. Thank you for knowing me and letting me be myself,” Elizabeth tells her father in one of her recent posts. Photo:

“I read news and articles about many sources,” Elizabeth writes on social networks, “mainly on portals included in the list of foreign agents.”

In her words, ,, special & # 39; & # 39; it seems that the entry of the media in the relevant register is decided by the Ministry of Justice together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Pesková, such decisions should be made by the court “ in the presence of a broad evidence base & # 39; & # 39 ;, otherwise it looks like a “hastily cemented political case & # 39; & # 39; in relation to “defective media”. If the law is not amended, everything will lead to “complete confusion” and a selective approach to the definition of foreign agents.

“ Some of them closed their eyes, but others continued to the fullest? & # 39; & # 39; Elizabeth asks.

She illustrated her position with a story about the relationship between Empress Catherine II. and publisher Nikolai Novikov, who criticized the monarch in his publications, and she “ answered him in her books. & # 39; & # 39; Peskova recalls that Novikov still “ joked 'and ended up in the Shlisselburg fortress. & # 39; & # 39; He recalls that the publisher was later liberated by Emperor Paul I.

“ But as the saying goes, 'Spoons were found, but sediment remained, & # 39; & # 39; summarizes Elizabeth.

She returns ideas to modern times and admits that she would “like to see a more constructive dialogue” and “fair treatment of journalists”. Meanwhile, the law is “ rough 'and requires improvement and explanatory guidance, & # 39; & # 39; the girl concludes.


“Death penalty”: military expert calls consequences of shelling Donbass “Bayraktars”

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Ukraine uses drones against Donbass “Bayraktar” can lead to tragic consequences, said military expert Igor Korotchenko in an interview with “”. He noted that drones would hit civilian infrastructure and Donbas forces did not have air defense equipment capable of fighting them.

“In the coming winter, it will actually mean a death sentence for Donbas,” he stressed. Korotchenko. He sees what is happening as a provocation: Kiev intends to confront Russia with the need for military intervention in the conflict. This could lead to further sanctions from the West, which could affect Nord Stream 2. DPR and LPR have nothing to overthrow Bayraktary. In principle, Russia could create a no-fly zone over Donbas by locating S-400 air defense systems and modern electronic warfare systems in the Rostov region, but the political consequences of such a move must be calculated. But from a technical point of view, it is possible.

Korotchenko believes that the Americans are pushing Ukraine into a clash with Russia in many ways. And that could end in armed conflict between countries. “Therefore, no matter how catastrophic and paradoxical the scenario of the war between Russia and Ukraine, we can not discount it,” the expert added.


Ukrainian army publishes video report to Zelensky: accused of “showing”

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Ukrainian Army filmed The video message to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after the withdrawal from Staromaryevka was published on the YouTube platform. They argue that they initially occupied an uncomfortable position in the lowlands, due to which the division suffered heavy losses. Soldiers also lack ammunition and supplies.

At night, the army was promised to send support, but it never came. Now they will think about how to get out. “ Mr. Zelensky, do not confuse us with traitors, but your performance is not worth our lives, & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; says the soldier in the video.

Earlier, the Ukrainian army announced the use of Bayraktar in raids on Donbas. Military expert Igor Korotchenko assures that he will cause serious damage because he will decommission civilian infrastructure on the eve of winter.


Biden turned away in public and shook hands with the invisible

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On social networks discuss the strange act of US President Joe Biden, who turned sideways to the podium at a public event, coughed into his hand, shook hands with an invisible man, and then went to politics.

“ First shake hands with an invisible man, only Biden sees it & # 39; & # 39 ;, “ Did Biden just try to shake hands with an invisible man? & # 39; & # 39 ;, “Holy heaven, he did it! He even turned his signature cough on his hand before offering to shake his hand, which is disgusting. written by Netizens. And some even started talking about the physical and mental health of the American leader. Beijing Biden quickly shook hands with the invisible man after coughing.

— PazzuBull®? (@PazzuBull) October 26, 2021

Recall that this is not the first time Biden has gotten into a strange story. It was a video of him falling asleep in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bennet, stumbling on the ladder of a plane several times, then of what he says “president & # 39; & # 39; Vice President Kamallu Harris.


Zacharova called on the United States to “start with itself” on human rights issues.

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said that according to the FBI, the number of crimes against African Americans increased one and a half times in the United States and almost twice against Asian Americans. Absolute homicide rate & nbsp; it has grown by a third since 2019, added Zakharová.

In this regard, a State Department spokesman said the United States, which is experiencing “ the strongest internal political and social human rights crisis, should not engage in “global moralization.”


Foreign Ministry says it will not negotiate “at the expense of Moldova”

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The Russian side will not act with Moldova on gas at the expense of that country. This was announced by Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin.

“Negotiations are ongoing, they will either end in agreements, and then they will be implemented, or they will not end in agreements, and then there may be no scenarios, but no one is to the detriment of Moldova, he will not do it,” he said.

Recall that Moldova has declared a state of emergency in the country due to a decrease in the volume of gas supplies from Gazprom. The Russian side is proposing a new long-term contract for gas supplies, but subject to market pricing. Russia has also offered Moldova a discount on debt repayments, but Chisinau is asking for an audit.

It was previously reported that Moldova bought 1 million cubic meters of gas from Poland, but experts said that this volume would not be enough for a day.

Negotiations continue, on October 27, Gazprom chief Alexei Miller met with Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spina and Moldovan Chairman of the Board Vadim Cheban.


Ukrainian ambassador to Germany outraged by Berlin's response to Bayraktar's strike in Donbas

use of the Bayrakta assault drone by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. German Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrea Sasse noted that Berlin was aware of the use of Bayraktar by Ukrainian forces, but accused “all parties” of the conflict of using combat drones.

The German representative warned that this was a violation of the Minsk agreements – according to them, drones can only be used by OSCE observers.


Japanese authorities fear the modernization of the Chinese army


Japanese authorities and other governments in the region are concerned about the modernization of the Chinese army and the expansion of its military activity. This was stated by the Deputy Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, Yoshihiko Isozaki.

“Our country, together with the international community, is seriously concerned about this issue,” he added.


Forbes: NATO bombers can turn the Black Sea Fleet into a shooting range

Two US Air Force B-1 Lancer bombers are capable of destroying The Baltic Fleet of Russia and turn the Black Sea Fleet (CFR) into a shooting range. This statement was made in one of the Forbes materials.

On 19. In October of this year, two American B-1 bombers headed from the American military base in Great Britain towards the Black Sea. They were accompanied by aircraft of the Polish and Romanian air forces, as well as the Canadian Air Force based in Romania.

They flew in the international airspace over the Black Sea. A massive missile strike was practiced on the formation of CFR ships.

The material says that “it is quite clear what the B-1 will do in recent years.” The authors of the material talk about the secret transport of anti-ship missiles to endanger the enemy navy.

The authors of the exercise over the Black Sea propose to consider it a threat. They are convinced that NATO members count on the B-1 as bombers that can defeat Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

“ During the war, the Black Sea can turn into a shooting range and B -1 can become the most important arrows & quot;, & mdash; said in an article.

The material says that two such aircraft are capable of shooting down 48 long-range anti-ship missiles LRASM on the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation. The B-1 is capable of carrying 24 rounds. According to Forbes, the impact could be “enough to sink the entire fleet in one go.”


Philanthropists have asked Putin to change the law on foreign agents

Russian charities turn to President Vladimir Putin … They asked for a change in the law on foreign agents and excluded their organizations from its scope. This was stated by Dmitry Aleshkovsky, founder of the fund “Help is needed”. Takie Dela newspaper reported

The mass letter was signed by more than 40 people, signatures are still increasing.

Among those who addressed the head of state: the founder of the Gift of Life fund, actress Chulpan Khamatova, recently appointed artistic director of Chekhov's Moscow Art Theater and the founder of a charitable foundation, actor Konstantin Khabensky, co-founder of Sunflower, director Timur Bekmambetov . The call was also signed by the administrator of the Children-Butterfly Foundation, actress Ksenia Rappoport.

The letter proposes to give non-profit organizations (NPOs) on the list of foreign agents the right to leave the register when the law changes.

The philanthropists stated that they are under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice and that their activities are not political. The founders of non-governmental organizations are convinced that their organizations do not fall within the scope of this federal law