AP: US authorities have not promised Turkey to lift objections to Sweden and Finland in NATO

Part of NATO leaders before a dinner hosted by King Felipe VI of Spain. Royal Palace of Madrid from the 18th century. Photo: Global Look Press

The US government has not made any promises to Turkey in exchange for its decision to lift its objections to Sweden's and Finland's accession to NATO, the AP agency said on Tuesday, citing a high-ranking source from the US administration. > Amid speculation about the role of the United States in breaking the stalemate, a senior administration official said Washington had not offered Turkey any concessions to persuade it to accept the agreement. But the official said the United States had played a key role in helping to bring the two sides closer together, the agency said. and Finland to help stimulate negotiations.

Recall – an agreement between Turkey, Sweden and Finland was reached on Tuesday at the opening of a NATO summit in Spain. In exchange for concessions from the Scandinavian countries, Ankara agreed to accept them into the North Atlantic Alliance. The dominant theme of the summit was the Russian special operation in Ukraine. According to experts, it will determine the direction of NATO for the next years.

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Ukraine's armed forces have been convicted of preparing chemical weapons provocations to charge Russia

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Ukrainian special services they are preparing a provocation in the Odessa region to accuse the Russian armed forces of using chemical weapons against the civilian population. This was announced by the head of the Center for National Defense Management of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Mikhail Mizincev.

To do this, in the sanatorium of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Primorsky” representatives of the SBU arrived in the Odessa region on June 18, 2022. Collaborated with the institute management on issues of admission, accommodation, as well as providing medical assistance to victims of chemical damage. According to Mizinceev, the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the OPCW should pay attention to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities intend in the near future to “spread similar provocations through the Western media and on various Internet sources.”

In addition, as the colonel general said, Ukrainian nationalists have equipped firing positions in medical facilities in the cities of DLR and Chernihiv. There, locals are forcibly detained under the pretext of ensuring their safety. In addition, they do not have to be intentionally informed about what is happening there. area. Residents of the surrounding houses are being held on the premises under the pretext of providing security. If such a plan is implemented, the settlements of Maksimilyanovka, Georgievka and Maryinka could be flooded, as well as areas sown and farms.

civilian infrastructure and treat civilians exclusively in a humane manner. “

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Biden was embarrassed to talk about NATO threats in Madrid

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US President Joe Biden slipped again during the public appearance. This happened in Madrid, where a meeting of NATO leaders began on June 28.

The American leader became embroiled in threats against the alliance, initially noticing that he himself was threatening his own position. But Biden realized the mistake and said that NATO was still dealing with external threats from the east, as well as challenges from the south.

This is by far the US President's first reservation. Earlier, he mistakenly included North Korea among the countries that imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. It happened while speaking in front of the graduation class of the American Naval Academy in Annapolis.

On Tuesday, Biden had to end his participation in the G7 summit. in Germany ahead of schedule. According to the DPA, the American leader left the summit in advance due to weather conditions. He hurried to Madrid, where a meeting of NATO leaders begins.

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Zelenskyj is set to address the UN Security Council on Tuesday

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyj asked to hold his speech via a video link at today's meeting of the UN Security Council. The source said.

“Zelensky sent a request for his speech via a video link to today's meeting of the Security Council,” the source said.

He added that Albania, which is now chairman of the Security Council, intends to comply with the request of the President of Ukraine and to hold a speech.

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Biden promises to tighten sanctions against Russia

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US President Joe Biden said the US would continue to tighten sanctions against Russia. He told reporters after talks with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

“We will continue to tighten sanctions against Russia,” Biden said.

another 57 people and more than 100 organizations. Former Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and his family and TV presenter Tina Kandelaki were on the “black list.”

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Draghi says Putin's participation in the G20 summit has been ruled out

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi he said Russian President Vladimir Putin would not attend the G20 summit in Indonesia in person. According to Draghi, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ruled out such a possibility. “As for President Putin's presence in the G20, I have also seen this statement, the President of Indonesia is excluding him, he (Putin) will not come,” Draghi told reporters. He added that a remote speech could be organized. At the same time, Russian Presidential Adviser Yuri Ushakov had previously said that Putin had received an invitation from the Indonesian president to attend the full-time summit. However, according to Ushakov, it has not yet been decided whether Putin will participate.

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Putin arrived in Tajikistan

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Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. There, he will have a private meeting with President Emomali Rahmon.

During the interview, the Heads of State intend to discuss bilateral cooperation and also outline guidelines for developing further relations. One of the topics will be the situation in Afghanistan, as well as measures to ensure border security. In addition, & nbsp; leaders can discuss the issue of Tajikistan's accession to the EAEU.

After visiting Dushanbe, the Russian president will head to Turkmenistan. The Caspian Summit will take place there. on the legal status of the Caspian Sea. “

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Peskov: special operations in Ukraine may end before the end of the day

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Commented by Dmitrij Peskov words Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he expects the armed conflict with Russia to end by the winter if the West increases arms supplies.

“The Ukrainian side can stop everything before the end of the day,” he said. According to a Kremlin spokesman, this requires an order from Zelenský to the Ukrainian armed forces and nationalist groups to lay down their arms, and it is also necessary to meet the conditions set by Russia. “And everything can end before the end of the day,” he stressed. “Everything else is a fabrication of the head of the Ukrainian state.”

Peskov said that the Russian side was following Putin's words that “the operation is proceeding according to plan and is achieving its goals.” Asked if Moscow had any deadlines for completing the special operation, Peskov replied that such deadlines did not exist.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to G7 leaders on Monday via video link. He again called for the provision of modern missile defense systems and other weapons to Kiev, which in his opinion will help Ukraine end the armed conflict with Russia before the winter. Zelensky also demanded that the West recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Commenting on a request from Ukrainian leader Peskov, Russia's investigating authorities DLR and LPR are carrying out work that will result in a body of evidence of acts committed by the Ukrainian armed forces “bordering on acts of genocide and terrorism against the people of those republics.” “. “These are real crimes,” said a Kremlin spokesman

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Global Times: NATO will not be able to prevent Russia from meeting the objectives of the special operation

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Despite NATO cannot prevent Russia from meeting the objectives of the special operation, writes the Chinese edition of the Global Times.

The author believes that the United States and its allies will soon face the need to recognize Russia's legitimate security concerns. Federation in Eastern Europe.

The publication notes that the alliance's “aggressive rhetoric” conceals disagreements and contradictions within the bloc. NATO has long used all its capabilities, the article emphasizes.

The publication believes that arms supplies to Ukraine and sanctions against the Russian Federation will only lead to negative economic consequences for the Alliance's countries.

” > According to the publication, some members of the alliance have already admitted that they have exhausted all military supplies to Kyiv and the supply of new weapons to Ukraine will require time and considerable production effort.

As the author of the Global Times summed up, Washington is losing its authority and he is forced to coordinate his vision of the world order with the rest of the international community. .

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The Ukrainian army used the American MLRS HIMARS in Donbas for the first time

photo: HIMARS MLRS. source: wikipedia

On Tuesday at 7:20, Ukrainian soldiers fired a missile from the M142 HIMARS MLRS at Perevalsk in the People's Republic of Luhansk. This was reported on behalf of the republic in the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination.

“Shelling from the settlement was recorded by the armed formations of Ukraine. Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) according to the settlement of Perevalsk using M142 HIMARS MLRS, “said the representation in its telegram channel.

LNR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko said that this is the first case of using these missile systems with multiple launch systems in the LNR.

Last week, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that HIMARS had arrived in the country. In early June, Washington announced its readiness to deliver the MLRS to Kiev as part of another military aid package.

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