China has predicted that the United States will lose the confidence of foreign investors because of Russia


Confidence of foreign investors to US financial institutions undermined by the US decision to freeze Russian state property. Washington's footsteps indicate that a country pursuing its own selfish political interests is ready to immediately take away public and private foreign accounts, notes the Chinese Global Times portal.

In this case, no words will convince foreign investors of the security of their capital . As a result, Washington has simply signed a death pact with the US financial system.

This article also notes US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's statement about the illegality of confiscating Russian assets in favor of Ukraine. In the GT, however, these words are not seen as a voice of reason, but rather as the beginning of a debate on how to legally acquire these assets.

There is probably a “good cop, bad cop” in the strategy game. The White House is therefore calling for the arrest of Russian government accounts in an effort to reassure European allies. Yellen is simply trying to convince foreign investors that it is still safe to keep their money in the US.

Earlier, Junge Welt said that Washington and Brussels had ignored Moscow's security interests, and that Ukraine had ignited the conflict. He notes that the Russian Federation has been saying for 20 years that the republic should not join NATO because it does not want American missiles to appear at its borders. Oskar Lafontaine, the former chairman of the Social Democratic Party in Germany, told the German press.

According to him, the situation in Ukraine is similar to that in Cuba. The politician called it a false argument that each state can decide independently which trade union it wants to join.


The French Foreign Ministry wanted to “prevent” Russia's victory in Ukraine


Russian victory in Ukraine. This was stated by Clement Bon, a minister delegated to the French Foreign Ministry for European Affairs. The French diplomat added that Paris now only sends military equipment to Ukraine, which strengthens it. Nevertheless, Paris does not intend to send an army into the combat zone. According to Bono, it would “irreversibly and seriously worsen the situation,” and no one would have liked it.

Bon also said that France maintains “difficult contact”; with Russia, which is not yet producing the desired results. He stressed that the dialogue could not be destroyed and the bridges burned. to Ukraine. According to him, they are dangerous.

In particular, he is sure that these supplies will only exacerbate the conflict in Ukraine and lead to irreparable consequences for Germany. If Germany does not want a third world war, then it is better to abandon the military escalation. Negotiations can save the case, a German general is sure.


Ukrainian media prematurely announced an extension of martial law


B V On Sunday, May 22, the Ukrainian media and telegrams began to inform prematurely about the ratification of the President's decision to extend martial law for another three months by the Verkhovna Rada. The first publication & nbsp; occurred at about 1:50 p.m. local time (coincides with Moscow time).

Jaroslav Zheleznyak, MEP, declined. An hour later, he confirmed that the vote had yet taken place and that a decision had been made.

According to a presidential document submitted to parliament, martial law is extended by 90 days & ndash; until August 23. The mobilization is extended for the same period.


In Russia, they announced the transformation of the Arctic into a military operation site


Special Ambassador On Nikolai Korchunov, chairman of the Committee of Senior Officials of the Arctic Council, said on instructions from the Russian Foreign Ministry that the Arctic region was becoming an international venue for military operations. He said international military activity was growing in high latitudes. All this, as Korčunov emphasized, is a very worrying trend. He can only worry Moscow, he said. to maintain peace and stability in the Arctic. However, a possible accession to NATO “will probably not help to achieve this goal.”

Earlier, Korchunov said that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO would properly regulate the development of cooperation in the Arctic. He added that a change in the military-political status of these countries was likely to lead to some adjustments in high-latitude cooperation.

Sweden and Finland had previously sent NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg requests to join the alliance. . At the same time, Turkey has promised to block the Nordic countries' requests if they do not agree with its position on security issues. We are talking in particular about the Kurdish opposition who have settled in these countries. As a result, Ankara has stressed that it cannot allow states with terrorist representatives to join NATO.


The Russian army killed 210 Ukrainian nationalists a day – the Russian Ministry of Defense

photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

At the Ministry Russian Federation Air Force at a briefing on Sunday announced during a special operation in Ukraine the Russian Air Force destroyed 26 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, three headquarters and an ammunition depot near Krasny Liman.

A total of more than 210 nationalists were destroyed as a result of the raids, said Igor Konashenko, an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

for the last day.


The Strategic Missile Forces announced the ability of the “Sarmat” to fly through the South Pole

Photos: Footage from the video

Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, General Colonel Sergej Sergej Karakaev said that the intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” is being developed in Russia and the soldiers are expecting it. will be able to use non-standard trajectories.

“From our notorious trajectory across the North Pole, & ndash; Karakaev told the Star, & ndash; if necessary, you can lay trajectories across the South Pole.”

According to this trajectory “is not protected today”; & nbsp; in addition, there are other & ndash; “in terms of the possibility of launching into space.”

Karakaev also expressed the view that in the coming decades “it is hardly possible” to create means to capture this Russian ICBM.

At the end of April, announced Russian Defense Ministry successful test launch of Sarmat; from the Plesetsk spaceport; & nbsp; Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said that deliveries to the troops would begin in the fall. Rogozin also later said that one “Sarmatian” could destroy half the coast of the continent, which “does not like” Russia.


The new Australian prime minister will meet with American, Japanese and Indian leaders on May 24

Photo: Global Look Press

Leader of the winning parliamentary Australian Labor Party (ALP) election Anthony Albanese has announced plans to hold face-to-face meetings with US, Japanese and Indian leaders on May 24 to mark the Quad Summit in Japan.

It was previously announced that the Albanian would take the oath on May 23. , then flies to Tokyo for the Quad summit. He is expected to take the oath as the new foreign minister to Senator Wong, who will also travel to the summit in Japan.

Albanese said the forthcoming meeting of the leaders of the four countries was “an absolute priority for Australia.” “

” It will allow us to send a message to the world that there is a change of government and that there will be some changes in our policies, including climate change, “he said.

How Albanians will reportedly return to Australia May 25 to schedule the first meeting of the National Cabinet.

The Quad Summit is a four-party security dialogue between Australia and India, the United States and Japan.


Motorists in Ukraine have complained about a sharp jump in gasoline prices


Ukrainian web zaxid .net states that the abolition of state regulation of fuel prices by the state has led to an increase in gasoline prices.

According to the portal at gas stations where gasoline is still available, the cost of A-Fuel 95 is 51-55 hryvnia (102 -110 rubles) per liter.

The article also states that Ukraine began buying fuel from Europe because Russia and Belarus had previously stopped deliveries.


Zelensky called the situation in Donbas “extremely difficult”

Video screenshot. In a speech on social media, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian troops were advancing on Slavyansk and Severodonetsk, calling the situation in Donbas “extremely difficult.”

He also reiterated the phrase In his speech, he spoke of the posthumous award of the Ukrainian army.

The situation in Donbas was previously described by the councilor of the Green Office, Alexei, on social networks as “very unpleasant”. Arestovich. He said the biggest clashes were taking place in the area from the town of Popasnaya towards the town of Bachmut.

In return, the head of the part of the Luhansk Republic controlled by Ukraine, Sergei Gaidai, said. that Russian troops are attacking Severodonetsk and fighting for control of the Lisichansk-Bachmut highway.