Russia needs a return to a “common ideology”

Such a temptation is unnecessary and harmful

Every day, all-around political scientists, artists, etc., on leading television channels, spend hours discussing democracy issues around the world; study sociality and what it means; to mourn the loss of ideological foundations, to love and to hate Dostoevsky.


These are talk shows, which does not mean a serious scientific level (liberalism loves discussion, that's its style). It is a pity that everything is limited to this, because all the terms used in the interviews have long been revealed and deciphered by philosophers, theologians and Christian thinkers, and the new dead ends are said to be old riddles that have already been solved.

And let's try to talk about it. To come up with quite accessible material, after all, we live in a democratic, legal and welfare state according to the Constitution.

Let's start with the power of people – democracy. Since the end of the 18th century, the Liberal Democrats have diligently introduced the well-known principles of democracy into people's minds. These are legal equality, human rights, social justice, permanent elections and re-election of power, etc.

Democracy looks both white and fluffy in the text of its declarations. At the same time, the democratic methods of fighting the supposed enemies of democracies – the monarchy – were cruel and inhuman. In England, King Charles I was sentenced to death not by a court but by parliament (although the king was not subject to the supreme laws in force at the time). In France, King Louis XVI and his wife were sent to death by the Democratic Convention. In Russia, Tsarist Emperor Nicholas II and his children were destroyed by the Bolshevik Communists without investigation or trial. In Germany, Emperor William was deprived of power by a decision of an extrajudicial body (only unjustified). All parliaments and some councils were publicly covered by the will of the people. In fact, the overthrow and execution of the monarchs was led by a small group of people: in England, Cromwell et al .; in France, Robespierre et al .; in Russia, first the Western Liberal Kerensky and then Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, etc .; in Germany, a group of socialists. The will of the people was far from here. Its worst part, using the revolutionary turmoil, burned, robbed, stole, killed, sawed, and the most skilled quickly moved to new bodies of power (from the House Committee to the Supreme Soviet). In Soviet Russia, such people were actively promoted to parliament: if they were “from the plow” and voted on the orders.

Liberal Democrats are sympathetic to the crowd, because their political school does not recognize any dogmas, folk customs, traditions, etc. as a starting point for sustainable public policy; it recognizes no authority, absolute judgment or categorical conclusion. Full civil freedom of opinion, expression, judgment and action – everything is in accordance with the Declaration of Rights and Freedoms, everything is relative and everything is questionable. To this end, a kind of abstract community of people was invented – “civil society” in a kind of “rule of law” invented by lawyers in Europe at the end of the 18th century.

In their public speeches to the people no, no, and even remember the attitudes of famous Russian philosophers towards Russian soil, who warned the original Russia against the temptations of any European economic (socialism) and ideological schemes – blind faith in the omnipotence of “market” self-regulation and liberal values ​​of declarations … They remember, for example, NA Berdyaev, I.A.Iljina, F.M. Dostoevsky, but they remember it selectively so as not to cross the line of Europeanized tolerance.

Well, let's also recall them within the designated topic. So, N.A. Berdyaev: “Democracy is born through demagoguery (relevant to this day for the ubiquitous” talk show “- SD), despite the low flattery of the interests and instincts of the masses. Any higher thought in democratic societies dies. Democracy sees power as a right, not an obligation. The doctrines of liberal constitutionalism make a poor impression … Faith in a constitution is poor faith … It is indecent to make an idol of the rule of law … Democracy is a transitional state. According to IA Ilyin, “democracy is a transitional state from monarchy to anarchy.” Look at the so-called democratic Russia in its 30 years of existence: at all levels, power as a legal right and duty, as the highest duty to serve the country, the people (Berdyaev's “supreme idea”) is recognized only by a small circle of people. There is no concept of law as a moral obligation. Hence the massive irresponsibility for a given case, which is episodically stopped only by administrative or criminal sanctions. The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has a chapter – crimes against public morality. In the last ten years, five new articles have appeared to punish fraud. The Criminal Code on the protection of morals and protection against widespread fraud is a great success in the embodiment of the democratic institutions of a liberal state. And it's not evening yet, tk. our federal assembly (parliament) passes an average of 300 laws a year.

All arguments about the essence of the welfare state have ceased. Sociality in direct translation from Latin – public. Can the state as the embodiment (symbol) of power be generally public? The Communists were already building barracks-type social socialism in Russia, and in 1991 the barracks fell on the heads of the USSR. Why adore deliberate utopias when we know it's just an absurd statement and nothing more. The market economy and socialism as a tool of material well-being for the country's population on a voluntary basis are not synthesized in any way. For example, German scientists came to this conclusion in the mid-1940s: “There can be no social market economy at all, because there can be no social market economy. market economy has only one goal – profit “(1931, Prof. Otto von Nel-Breining), confirmed 50 years later by Nobel laureate M. Friedman:” There is only one corporate social responsibility: to use its resources and energy in the activities of leaders to profit ’. All this is not a discovery at all, because the World informed N. A. Berdyaev (“Capitalism is absolutely impossible to consider a sacred economy”) and, of course, the unforgettable K. Marx and F. Engels. In order to somehow balance the social status of the rich and the poor, there is a strict tax system where there should be no balancing, ie. more from the rich and less from the poor (and nothing at all from some categories of people). Most countries have a progressive income tax scale, while ours is flat (13%). Why? Many parties promise to change that, but when they are elected, they forget.

And finally, the passion for ideology. The predominant topic: there is no such thing in Russia, but without it it is bad. There was an ideology here in the USSR and there was a type of one “Soviet people” and now there is in China, and there is also one people. Let us ask ourselves a simple question: if ideology is so omnipotent, why in 1991 did the rigidly ideologist Communist USSR and all the countries of the so-called Soviet Union collapse so easily. “Socialist Camp”? It is so easy that in August 1991 no one even went to defend social communism. It is useless to look for a deep metaphysical meaning in the word “ideology” from philosophical dictionaries, there is one and the same thing – it is a system of opinions and ideas, among which there may be and even predominant spiritual irrational-sensory religious dogmas (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism) , and anti – religious, atheistic principles with an emphasis on material goods – economism may also prevail. It was the development of the ideology of materialism in Europe and Russia that led to the temporary defeat of the Christian monarchies in Europe and Russia, the power of the Theomachists, the militant atheists was established: and the souls of murderers, rapists, and indifferents were confirmed by the dead (they were buried in and around the mausoleum).

According to their concepts, the Liberal Democrats who wrote the current constitution for Russia are against ideology in general. To quote part of President Kennedy A. Schlesinger's historian and special adviser at the World Political Forum (New Delhi, 1962): “Ideology is a model that isolates and highlights only certain elements of reality, and it is reprehensible that people forget that they take it as reality itself. “At the same time, it honestly distinguishes ideals from ideology, presupposes spirituality (the spirit of the nation) and ideals is a rational, logical system. To this day it has one important observation: but it restricts their civil liberties, which is why America chooses pragmatism over an ideology that is “like a drug and a desire that remains.” The word “pragmatism” means “deed” in Greek. Can action be key in modeled ideology? Of course, because action can also lead from reality and become only a model of unprincipled behavior of people. In fact, all people are, to one degree or another, rationally pragmatic when looking for some material benefit – a superficial benefit.

Religious beliefs, unlike the symbols of ideology, cannot be enforced (violently) because he was in the USSR, but only the first are able to create the most stable worldview in all self-governing communities – family, people, nation. State power is capable of this – no, and even more so in a secular liberal-democratic state. 150 years ago, it was noted that “the more liberal the state, the more independent it is from the church” (Frenchman A. Foulier – 19th century).

The famous Soviet writer F. Iskander remarked that “The prodigal son returned to his father when he felt really bad. So humanity will return to God. “Hopefully, knowing Christian dogmas, God is a thousand years old. And there is no need for politicians in Russia to push for a return to ideology, to replace religious dogmas, and to remember wise warnings from the West as well. : “It is unfortunate that the earth has not accepted its religion from God” (C. Montesquieu “On the Spirit of Laws” – 1748).


The Japanese authorities will not send officials to the Beijing Olympics


Published by Sankei S referring to its own resources, it said Japan would not send members of the government and other officials to the Beijing Olympics to support the US diplomatic boycott of the competition.

According to preliminary information, the Japanese delegation to the Olympic Games will be the chairman of the sports management, Koji Mirofusi, and the head of the Olympic committee, Yasuhiro Yamashita. It is clarified that both are not government officials.

The country's authorities will take a final decision on this issue at a later stage, taking into account the actions of the G7 and the Chinese side.


The main culprit of the collapse of the USSR was named in Belarus

Photo: flcikr/Sofya Shchukina

Ex President The Supreme Soviet of the Belarusian SSR Stanislav Shukevich named the culprit of the collapse of the USSR. According to the politician, he triggered the disintegration of the USSR Gennady Burbulis, the first deputy prime minister of Russia in 1991-1992. He expressed his opinion in a comment on

Burbulis proposed the phrase “The USSR as a geopolitical reality and the subject of international law ceases to exist,” Shushkevich noted.

According to the former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Belarusian SSR, Burbulis' words made a huge impression on him. “Then I realized that [the leaders of the RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kravchuk] and I had a goal to make an important decision and that we had to think very seriously about how to implement it,” he said. Former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said that there was a quarrel between former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev and the first head of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin after the Belovezhskaya agreements were signed.


Meanwhile, former President of the Supreme Soviet of the Belarusian SSR, Stanislav Shukevich, who was involved in developing and signing the Belovezhskaya Agreement, said that during the work, we drank cognac without a snack. According to him, everyone “had a fantastic hobby.”

The Soviet Union ceased to exist on December 25, 1991. Then Mikhail Gorbachev announced his resignation to the presidency in a speech to citizens. agreement on the end of the existence of the USSR and the creation of the CIS.


Australia joined the United States in a diplomatic boycott of the Olympic Games in China

Photo by AP

According to ABC TV, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that the country will join the decision of the US authorities to declare a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China.

& quot; Australia has joined the US -announced diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China … The boycott of the Games is in the national interest of our country, & # 39; & # 39; said the head of the Australian cabinet.

He clarified that a boycott does not mean that Australian athletes will not go to the games. They will take part in competitions. Not only politicians will go to the Olympics.

Diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Olympics by Americans has found followers


Saakashvili refused treatment in protest


Former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili he refused to take medication and treatment. This was announced by his girlfriend, a representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Elizabeth Jasko.

According to her, her mother came to the former governor of Ukraine's Odessa region a few hours ago, but she was not admitted because access to him was restricted. Saakashvili was also banned from watching television, he was even taken away.

“In protest, Mikhail refused drugs and treatment,” she said on Facebook.

Yasko said that such measures had been taken against Saakashvili to continue psychological pressure.


Putin warned Biden of Ukraine's actions to dismantle the Minsk agreements


As stated by the press service During the Kremlin, during talks with US leader Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin indicated that the Ukrainian authorities have recently made efforts to abolish the Minsk agreements altogether.

“ President of Russia & nbsp; He illustrated the destructive line of Kiev with concrete examples aimed at completely eliminating the Minsk agreements and the agreements reached in the Norman format, the report said.



The Kremlin reaffirms Putin's demand that Biden rule out NATO enlargement


The Press Service The Kremlin has given details of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden. Specifically, during a video conference, the Russian leader told Biden that Moscow had a serious interest in obtaining reliable guarantees, & nbsp; without NATO enlargement to the east.

Overall, the Kremlin assessed the conduct as sincere and matter-of-fact. Moscow noted that Biden had warned of allegedly “ threatening & # 39; & # 39; character of the movement of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. In addition, Biden outlined the sanctions that the United States and its allies will be prepared to apply in the event of an escalation at the Russia-Ukraine border.

In response, Putin gave concrete examples of devastating Kiev. line aimed at the complete abolition of the Minsk agreements. Putin also expressed serious concern over Kiev's provocative actions against the Donbas. At the same time, the Russian leader asked Biden not to transfer responsibility to Russia, because NATO is making dangerous attempts to conquer Ukraine.

In addition, Putin proposed lifting all the accumulated restrictions on the functioning of diplomatic missions in order to normalize other aspects of relations.

The Parties agree to instruct their representatives to enter into factual consultations on sensitive issues.


Sanctions on the Russian Federation's national debt have been excluded from the US defense budget

Photo: Michail Verny

US lawmakers remove budget defense from agreed proposal sanctions on the national debt of the Russian Federation.

According to the published text of the bill, there is no clause prohibiting US citizens from incurring government debt obligations in the Russian Federation.

Earlier, lawmakers removed the sanctions clause against Nord Stream 2.


Minsk has imposed a food embargo on the United States, Canada and European countries


In Belarusian law The Internet portal has published a list of countries in which the Republic plans to impose a food embargo. The list includes the countries of the European Union, Canada and the United States of America, as well as Albania, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and the Swiss Confederation.

Goods that are prohibited from being imported into Belarus include live pigs, certain types of meat and meat products, as well as salt, milk, fruit, confectionery, etc.

the main provisions of the decree will take effect during the first half of 2022.


US authorities have begun studying the evacuation of Americans from Ukraine

Photo: Michail Verny

The Biden administration is considering options possible evacuation of US citizens from Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion/

According to CNN, with reference to more resources, emergency planning is led by the Pentagon.

On the eve of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland at a briefing of senators, during which she spoke about a package of harsh sanctions developed in response to a potential Russian attack on Ukraine. At the same time, she noted that the United States' ability to suppress the invasion is “rather limited.” Planning only concerns situations where security deteriorates.

However, sources state that the very fact of such planning speaks to how seriously the administration takes a possible intrusion.

The Pentagon is currently planning a number of different evacuation scenarios, from a small evacuation of underage US government personnel to a larger evacuation involving a wider circle of American citizens.

The Department of State will be responsible for making the final decision on whether an evacuation operation is necessary.

It is not clear how many American civilians are currently in Ukraine.