In Ukraine, they decided to convict and imprison the deputy commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet in absentia

The so-called “Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea”, created in Ukraine, He decided to convict the vice-admiral, Deputy Commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet Denis Berezovsky, in his absence. However, he refused to carry out any decisions, orders and orders of Kiev.

In Ukraine, Denis Berezovsky is considered guilty of “carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine”, and therefore they want to be imprisoned


Zelensky appoints the head of the SBU's counterintelligence

Alexander Poklad was appointed head of the SBU counterintelligence department in place of Alexander Rusnák, According to Russian special services, Poklad, who at the time headed the 5th DKR SBU directorate, and Rusnak in August 2020 were responsible for the attempted abduction of one of the Donbass militia leaders from Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired Oleksandr Rusnak, head of counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine, without giving any reason.

Zelensky himself has previously accused counterintelligence of failing the Wagnerite operation.

On August 20, 2020, the Russian FSB announced that one of the leaders of the Donbass militia and to take him to Ukraine was prevented from trying to kidnap.

The Security Service of Ukraine was being prepared by the same people as the assassination of former DLR chief Alexander Zacharchenko. According to Russian special services, the perpetrators were supposed to be representatives of one of Russia's criminal groups, to which the Ukrainian side paid $ 200,000. As a result of the special operation, 7 people from the group were detained.

According to the FSB, the Ukrainian special services were preparing several other kidnappings and murders in Russia, in which the same group was executed.


The German ruling coalition promises visa-free travel for young Russians

Germany's new ruling coalition plans to overhaul laws countries on citizenship and migration. The new legislative initiatives are outlined in a 177-page coalition agreement, which was introduced last week, DW specifies.

For example, in the section on Eastern European and Russian countries, representatives of the governing coalition pointed out the possibility of introducing visa-free travel to Russians under 25. According to German politicians, such a measure should support the development of civil society in the Russian Federation.

“We are opposed to a comprehensive restriction of civil and democratic freedoms and expect the Russian authorities to give civil society the opportunity to maintain ties with German partners … Our aim is to create visa-free entry from Russia to Germany for particularly important targets. groups, including young people under the age of 25, ”the document states. Recall that the ruling coalition of Germany includes: the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), the Union 90/Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP).


Psaki assessed the chances of a native of the USSR for a high position at the Ministry of Finance


Official White House & In an interview with reporters, only Psaki expressed her opinion on the chances of a native of the USSR & nbsp; Saul Omarova to gain a high position in the US Treasury Department.

The official said that despite the protests of the Democrats in the US presidential administration, Joe Biden, was looking forward to Omar's candidacy.

“We at the White House continue to support her nomination,” Psaki said.


NATO has begun to form a new military group in the Baltics

Why the Alliance is moving forces to Eastern Europe

Foreign media and eyewitnesses on social media report the relocation of other NATO troops to Latvia. The people of Poland filmed several army convoys moving north and east. The alliance claims that the increase in the contingent is due to “growing aggression” from Russia. Armed forces of Germany and the United States have previously been deployed to the eastern borders of the European Union. Experts combine the actions of Western countries with possible plans to invade Belarus.

Photo: Still from video

The convoy of heavy military equipment advanced from Slovakia via Poland and Lithuania to Latvia. As part of the column, experts identified self-propelled artillery of large caliber Zuzana-2. Artillery, accompanied by supply vehicles and army trucks, was later seen in the border area between Latvia and Belarus.

According to an official statement from NATO Command, the military equipment of the Slovak army is directed to the Baltic states to “ensure a flexible and effective ability to respond to Russian aggression in the region.” Large units of the United States and German armed forces have already arrived at the western borders of Russia and Belarus. The U.S. military deploys large-scale artillery in the border zone, while the Bundeswehr deploys tanks and light armored vehicles.

The strengthening of the NATO contingent takes place against the background of a statement by a number of officials about the planned “Russian invasion” of Ukrainian territory. Washington says armored groups are concentrated near the Russian-Ukrainian border. Kiev claims that Russian aggression may begin in January 2022. The United States, Britain and Canada have already announced that they want to send troops to support Kiev.

According to military expert Alexei Valjuzhenich, publicly available information on the transfer of NATO forces indicates the Alliance's desire to increase its group's firepower in Europe. Such preparations may indicate the preparation of a large-scale military operation.

– When you look at photos and videos taken in recent weeks, the trend is obvious. The West is pushing heavy artillery to our borders. The Americans carry 155mm self-propelled artillery guns Palladin, the Germans self-propelled guns PzH 2000, also 155mm. Now the Slovaks are sent with their self-propelled guns Zuzana-2 caliber 152 mm. This means that everyone is pulling large-scale artillery to the east. Such weapons can, of course, be used for defensive purposes. But in general, these are offensive weapons. They were created to break into the enemy's defenses, suppress its artillery batteries and cover the concentration of troops. In short, this is a very serious weapon.

“I can't say for sure.” I think that part of the soldiers who arrive on the border with Ukraine (these are mainly US Army units) can be used to fire support the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. During the trench warfare, LPR-DPR forces there created a deep defense with many secrets. That's why I see such a scenario of events. At some “X o'clock”, NATO declares that Ukraine is in danger of invasion and sends its troops to Donetsk and Lugansk. Artillery, controlled from satellites and drones, covers the positions of the DPR and LPR forces. Turkey, for example, in Syria acted as follows: guided self-propelled drone cannons, which destroyed several Syrian batteries thanks to their advantage in range. After creating such an advantage, the Ukrainian army enters breakthroughs: tanks, infantry, reinforced by all sorts of Nazis and mercenaries.

– Demonstration of force. Like, don't interfere, because all your borders are aimed at weapons. At least now, NATO's statements and actions look extremely aggressive. This is not just the usual rattle of sabers. This is the real pressure on our western borders, an attempt at intimidation. In a word, the pressure on our country. So far, it has been mediated through Ukraine and Belarus. But the ultimate goal is our country.


“Remember Stalingrad”: The British spoke of a possible war with Russia

Photos: Photos from the video

British Telegraph readers commented on an article about the possibility of war in Ukraine. The publication pointed to Alexander Lukashenko's words that his Belarus would stand by Russia if war broke out in Ukraine. The publication also recalls earlier exercises between Russia and Belarus on the border with Poland and accuses Lukashenko of creating a migration crisis at the border.

However, the view of most commentators did not agree. editorial board. They noted that British citizens are not interested in Ukraine. “To anyone who wants to start a war with Russia: get ready to sacrifice your sons. The UK has a professional army, but it is extremely weak, and for a conventional war, if it does not immediately turn into a nuclear one, they will take everyone, “the reader warned.

Some have even called the NATO Armed Forces a “slag” that will not “hold out” against Russia for five minutes. Some British people remembered that the Russians had fought well in the cold and reminded them of the Battle of Stalingrad, while others stressed that talking about a “Russian threat” was more advantageous for Kiev. “Ukrainian duck” Russians are coming ” “said one commentator.


The head of the Belarusian football association Bazanov was detained in the Czech Republic

Vladimir Bazanov. Photo:

President of the Belarusian Football Association Vladimir Bazanov has been detained in the Czech Republic.

At the same time, the Czech media warns that the police of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the north-east of the Czech Republic, where the Belarusian sports official was detained, still refuses to comment.


A possible reason for the arrest is the fact that Bazanov could have come to the match between the Czech Republic's football players and Belarus without permission to enter.


Lukashenko called Crimea Russian

Photos of the Belarusian President's website. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has announced that Crimea has become Russian following a referendum on the peninsula.

“We all understand that Crimea is de facto Russian Crimea. After the referendum and de jure, Crimea became Russian,” the Belarusian leader noted.

He added that he now expects from the Russian side an invitation to Crimea with specific dates

According to Lukashenko, his trip to Crimea will mean recognition of the Russian peninsula


Putin has announced the right to be elected for a new term

Photos: Still from video

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Investment Forum & nbsp; “Russia is calling! & Quot; he answered the question of the possibility of going to the polls again.

“I have the right to be elected for a new term,” Putin said, adding that he had not yet decided whether to do so.

& quot; My re-election is not the goal of Russia & quot ;, he also stressed & nbsp; Putin.

He noted that US President Joe Biden did the right thing by declaring that he was ready to run for another term.

“ Having the right to run for a new term in itself stabilizes the situation in Russia, & # 39; & # 39; Putin added.


Korotchenko summoned an unexpected figure in Zelenský's place

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: Footage from the video

The editor-in-chief of the National Defense publication, Igor Korotchenko, commenting on the decline in viewership of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský in the TV show “60 Minutes”, appointed an unexpected candidate for the Ukrainian head. According to the expert, citizens could vote for this policy.

The next president of Ukraine, if defeated in the upcoming elections, could be 40-year-old DLR chief Denis Pushilin Korotchenko. he said. He added that in any case, Zelensky most likely had no chance of re-election because he had disappointed not only his constituents but also the oligarchs. “Kiev will only be able to get out of this situation if a” good politician “, such as DLR chief Denis Pushilin, wins the next presidential election,” Korotchenko said, adding that after Pushilin's arrival, Ukraine would forget about Rusphobia and will join the triple alliance of Slavic states.

It is known from open sources that Pushkin was born in Makeyevka in the Donetsk region, served in the National Guard of Ukraine, graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Pushkin was an official of the MMM movement of Sergei Mavrodi and a member of the corresponding party, but failed in the elections to the Kiev Verkhovna Rada in 2013. After the events of 2014, he became chairman of the Presidium of the Donetsk People's Republic Supreme Council, then Permanent Representative to the Trilateral Contact Group. group and in 2018 he headed the self-proclaimed republic.