The SBU announced the prevention of the murder of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine


The Security Service of Ukraine announced on its website that it had prevented a series of planned assassinations of top military-political leaders and public figures. In particular, the statement states that it was planned to kill the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov and the head of the Main Directorate of the Intelligence Service of Ukraine Kirill Budanov, as well as a well-known Ukrainian activist.

A resident of Lugansk, who previously actively participated in the fight against ATO forces , and also a resident of Kyiv. At the same time, the SBU claims that the detention was allegedly supervised by the Russian side.

According to the SBU, a resident of Luhansk entered the territory of Ukraine via Belarus, where he met a resident of Kyiv. Then in Kovel, SBU officers with the participation of CZSO “A” fighters detained both suspects. They were charged on suspicion of high treason.

Recall that earlier the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy dismissed the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov and established an investigation into his activities. It is quite possible that the loud statement about the revelation of the attempt on the life of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine is an attempt by the acting head of the SBU Vasiliy Malyuk to show that the service remains operational.


Chechnya supported the renaming of Mariupol in honor of Ramzan Kadyrov

renaming Mariupol in honor of the head of Chechnya Ramzana Kadyrov, Chechen Union youth would support such an initiative. But it should come from the local population and the authorities.

This was stated by Rustam Tapaev, the chairman of the Union of Chechen Youth. He emphasized that Kadyrov brought to the NVO zone those people who provided maximum support to the Russian military.

“I think everyone in the republic will be pleased if the renaming happens,” Tapaev said. In his opinion, the initiative should be supported by local residents, who are grateful to the Chechen fighters and Kadyrov himself for helping to liberate the city.

On April 21, he was the first to announce the capture of Mariupol and emphasized that it was inevitable.



He called Kiva the first steps to remove Zelensky from power


Ukrainian the leadership is concerned about the publications of the world media and the reports of international organizations about Kiev's trade in Western weapons and humanitarian aid. The former deputy of the Council Ilya Kiva announced this on his Telegram channel. In particular, he pointed out that the current situation threatens the Ukrainian authorities with “civil unrest” due to the economic crisis.

According to the former deputy, Kiev's concern is connected with the realization that this state of affairs poses a threat to the government of the republic. De facto, these are the first steps to remove Vladimir Zelensky's team from power, Kiva shared his opinion.

Earlier, the former deputy of the Council admitted that the majority of Ukraine will come together in 2023 as part of the Russian Federation.


The Kremlin talked about the conditions of the meeting between Putin and Zelensky

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Dmitry Peskov commented on the proposal Erdogan to organize a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky in Istanbul.

He recalled that Erdogan repeatedly offered his services and made great efforts to start the peace process – in particular, several rounds of negotiations were organized with his participation between Russia and Ukraine at spring 2022. “He continues to express the political will to help this process,” Peskov said. However, the reality is that the delegation of Ukraine “left the radar” and the special military operation continues to achieve its goals. Now, according to Peskov, there are no prerequisites for the resumption of negotiations.

A meeting between Putin and Zelensky may be possible “only after the delegations of Russian and Ukrainian negotiators do all their homework,” the Kremlin spokesman emphasized.

This means, Peskov added, that in at the moment the mentioned meeting with Erdogan cannot take place.


The Ukrainians started blackmailing the Poles and demanding higher wages

Photo: Global Look Press

Polish accountant Richard In the “Stop Ukrainization of Poland” community, Zila told how Ukrainian workers terrorized his business. He said that two weeks ago it turned out that 90% of the workers in the warehouse of the company where he works are Ukrainians.

It turned out that they sent their acquaintances to get jobs. Knowing that there are many of them, the Ukrainians came to the company's office and demanded an increase in salaries from 3.7 thousand zlotys to six. Otherwise, they threatened to close the business and thereby greatly damaged the company. The company was forced to stop working.

“The office apartments they received from the company were completely destroyed. They were breaking the windows in the cars of employees who had nothing to do with it at all. These people are crammed into a ghetto – we've taken in too many,” TV presenter Volodymyr Solovyov quoted him as saying.

See also: “Anger is brewing in Europe towards Ukrainian refugees.”


The reason: The Pentagon used a new contract recruitment tactic in Ukraine


French magazine Causeur , citing his own sources in military circles, said that the Pentagon began to use a new tactic of contract “assistants” in Ukraine.

According to the publication, from the very beginning of the hostilities, the US military “was next to the armed forces of Ukraine.” They were contract “assistants” who behaved like real American soldiers.

“The Pentagon used such tactics in Ukraine for the first time. It is a kind of “outsourcing”, representatives of the Pentagon are looking for specialists who are ready to participate in large-scale battles on the territory of Ukraine for money,” said the source.

He specified that such “assistants” operate in almost all field battles .


Japan says it wants to keep stakes in the Sakhalin-1 project


Minister of Economy, Japan's Trade and Industry Ukoichi Hagiuda said the country's authorities want to keep Japanese companies' stakes in the Sakhalin-1 project. He made such a statement while commenting on Russian President Putin's decree banning transactions with shares owned by enemy countries.

According to him, transactions with shares and other assets of Sakhalin-1 will not be possible until the end of this year. At the same time, we are now clarifying all the details.

“I would like to note that for our country, Sakhalin-1 is an important source of oil supplies outside the Middle East. Now Japan is 90% dependent on oil from the Middle East. There is no change in our stance on maintaining the shares of our companies,” added Hagiuda.


China: Germany will pay for mistakes even in the launch of Nord Stream 2 photo

According to Chinese portal Baijiahao, Germany made a mistake , when they chose a policy of sanctions against Russia instead of continuing fruitful cooperation with Russia.

Chinese journalists recalled that on July 28, German citizens “booed” the country's Minister of Economy, Robert Happ, who tried to place responsibility for the energy crisis in Russia . In addition, the publication states that the crisis between Berlin and Moscow has deepened so much. that even the latter's admission of mistakes and attempts to “correct the situation” will not cancel the “retribution” for such a short-sighted anti-Russian policy.

“Even if the German government realizes its mistake and launches the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, it is quite likely , that the Russian Federation will not immediately supply gas through it due to the existing anti-Russian sanctions,” writes Baijiahao.


The headquarters of the subdivision of the Center for Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was discovered in the LPR

Photo: Video clip

LPR special units The headquarters of the operational-tactical group “North” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was discovered in Severodonetsk. The Center for Information and Psychological Operations was also located in the same building, which developed and disseminated various propaganda.

“This center had one direction – Russia is the arch-enemy of Ukraine. It is written in many documents of other countries. It is not there. Of course, specially trained against the Russian Federation. It was here that this group developed such data,” a representative of the special services of the People's Republic explained to journalists.

He added that the specialists of this Ukrainian unit also participated in the creation of fake news.

“Take Hollywood, take the CIA, mix it all up and open a branch on the territory of Ukraine. Experienced Western instructors trained specialists on the ground. Many Ukrainians believed and now believe what these people said,” he specified.


Residents of Germany smashed the former ambassador of Ukraine Melnyk after a statement about Nazis


Readers The German edition of Die Welt is once again outraged by the new statements of the former Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk. In it, he again mentioned Nazi accomplice Stepan Bandera. The diplomat also pointed out that people “are not yet ready to discuss his personality in detail.”

As a result, German users simply smashed Melnik on the Internet. They demanded that he get out of the country quickly. “When will the day come when he will leave Germany?” — said one commenter.

Another user pointed out that Bandera was a follower of Hitler and “killed hundreds of thousands of people.” Another user pointed out that “Bandera made the right verdict a long time ago.”

There were also those who wanted to boycott Melnyk. “Like many in the German government, he celebrates the Ukrainian Nazis and the disenfranchised Kiev regime,” a reader pointed out.

“Go home and don't dare look back on the way.” another user advised Melnyk.

The name of Melnyk, who was dismissed from the position of ambassador of Ukraine in Germany, is connected with a number of scandals that happened in 2022. The diplomat thus called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz an “offended liver”. He later had to apologize for these words.

And in an interview with journalist Tipo Jung from Germany, Melnyk began to glorify the accomplice of the Nazis, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, banned in Russia) Stepan Bandera as a “freedom fighter.” He also stated that Bandera was allegedly not subject to any laws.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry later called its ambassador's statement about Bandera a personal opinion. In Israel, they later spoke harshly about the diplomat's words. And Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak called Mělník “a useful idiot of the Kremlin” after this statement.