The UN invites the IAEA to visit the Zaporizhia NPP


Delegation International Atomic Energy Agency Energy (IAEA) should visit the Zaporizhia NPP (ZNPP) as soon as possible, the United Nations is interested, said the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

He noted that the IAEA is already discussing the details of the visit with all interested parties and the UN is ready to support this initiative “by any means possible.”

Dujarric said it is important for the IAEA to visit Zaporizhzhya NPP experts are increasing every day.

Earlier on Wednesday it was revealed that the Russian diplomats asked to hold a meeting of the UN Security Council on August 11 to discuss strikes by Ukrainian military formations on ZNPP facilities. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the issue should be brought up for discussion because the consequences of attacks on nuclear power plants could be catastrophic.

As reported, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi decided to cut short his vacation to attend meeting of the UN Security Council convened by Russia on the ZAPOROG NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. Grossi is scheduled to speak at the event.

Russia's ambassador to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, said the West was essentially encouraging Ukraine to continue attacking the facility, and Kyiv felt impunity. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that “the world is on edge” in the situation surrounding Kyiv's strikes on the ZNPP, and recalled that the UN Secretariat had previously blocked Grossi's trip to the ZNPP through international inspections.


The adviser to the head of Crimea confirmed the explosions in Novofedorovka

Oleg Kryuchkov, adviser to the director of Crimea, confirmed that several explosions rocked Novofedorovka in Saksky district on the peninsula.

“I ask everyone to wait for official news and not make versions,” he said.

LPR. Ambassador to Russia Rodin Miroshnik said earlier in his Telegram channel that it could be the arrival of the armed forces of Ukraine at the airport. However, the front line is 200 km away. There are no official reports of strikes from Ukraine yet. At the same time, local residents are posting videos of billowing smoke and saying they hear sounds similar to the detonation of grenades. Eyewitnesses also report the smell of sulfur in the air and communication disruptions.

Explosions thundered in Crimea: tourists shot video from Novofedorovka beach

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In the UK, he revealed a “war nightmare” scenario for the entire planet

Armed conflict between the US and China for control over Taiwan will lead to an “economic and military nightmare” for the entire planet. This is reported by The Telegraph.

According to commentator Roger Bootle, the Taiwan crisis, which was aggravated by the visit of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taipei, will not subside after her return.

“The situation around the island will have a terrible consequences that go far beyond economics, the author predicted. “If this escalates into a war involving the United States, the results will be devastating.”

Taiwan plays a significant role in the global economy and produces a significant portion of microchips, Bootle noted, recalling that China accounts for 15% of the world's goods exports .

If Beijing succeeds in blocking Taiwan, its economy will cease to function normally. Against the backdrop of pre-existing problems that have accumulated as a result of the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict, the commentator believes that a new global crisis will disrupt global economic supply chains.


Putin held talks with the President of Mali about the supply of Russian food, fertilizers and fuel

photo: assimi goita. source: wikipedia

The press service of the Kremlin said on Wednesday that the presidents of Russia and Mali spoke by phone and were satisfied with the level of interaction between the two states in the field of foreign policy, including through the United Nations. They also agreed to intensify practical cooperation in the delivery of Russian food, fertilizers and fuel to Mali.

It should be noted that Assimi Goita called Vladimir Putin on his own initiative. He gave the Russian leader “a detailed description of the processes taking place in Mali” and informed his colleague “about the efforts of the country's leadership to stabilize the situation and the uncompromising fight against terrorist groups.”

Goita also thanked Putin for the diverse support that Bamako provides to Moscow .

Putin expressed hope that the Russian-African summit scheduled for 2023 in St. the ceremony of handing over Russian military aircraft and helicopters to Mali, which the country requested to fight against terrorists.


The West sent Zelensky a “black mark” due to the failure of the counter-offensive

Weapons given to Kiev did not have the desired effect

The West is dissatisfied with the President of Ukraine Zelensky, because all the statements of his entourage about the impending “fatal” counter-offensive turned out to be empty and unsubstantiated actions. So says military expert, editor of “Arsenal of the Fatherland” magazine Alexey Leonkov. As proof, he cites the facts about the decrease in the volume of supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine.

Photo: Global Look Press

So the United States delivered 16 HIMARS multiple launch missile systems, although it promised 20. In addition, it did not announce the delivery of long-range missiles for this complex, capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 300 km.< /p>

Washington is also temporarily refusing to deliver promised F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv. “What is temporary can become permanent,” Leonkov said on his Telegram channel.

According to Leonkov, scandals and revelations surrounding the person of the Ukrainian president in the Western media are another unfavorable sign for Kyiv. Well, the reason for the “collision”, the expert argues, is that the 4th week of the offensive against Kherson, announced by Zelensky, has begun, but “in reality there is no counter-offensive.”

At the same time, the West has done its share of the work. In particular, AGM-88 HARM anti-radar air missiles were delivered to Ukraine. Their purpose is to destroy the radars of the S-300, Buk, Tor and Pantsir air defense systems so that the Ukrainian Air Force can send its aircraft into combat without fear. Slovakia handed over its 11 MiG-29s to Kyiv. Poland – more than 200 tanks.

“To summarize,” concludes Leonkov, “the work on the preparation of the counteroffensive has been done. Forces and resources are allocated, deadlines (until September) are set. The result is zero. The attacks on Zelensky by the Western media and the restriction of arms supplies are therefore not accidental, they are links in the same chain. Zelenskyi received a “black mark” and his fate is predetermined.”

Military expert Mikhail Chodarenok agrees with him. He believes that the supply of Western artillery – American M777 howitzers, M109 self-propelled guns, German PzH-2000 guns and the Polish KRAB “should compensate for the lack of weapons for the armed forces of Ukraine on the front line.”

But this in didn't actually happen. Violations of the terms of use, fire from Russian armed forces and “Russia's five-fold and in some places 20-fold superiority in firepower made any military assistance impossible,” notes Khodarenok.


Pushilin announced new attempts by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to shoot at the isolation ward with Ukrainians

Photo: Press service of the head of the DPR < p>Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) continue to attempt to strike at places where Ukrainian prisoners of war are held. DPR head Denis Pushilin spoke about it.

According to him, the work of air defense and intelligence helps to avoid a tragedy. Drones are also working to detect these intentions of Kiev and “all the maximum possible measures are taken from our side to prevent such shelling”. Pushilin noted that prisons with prisoners of war are under strict control. The strike was carried out with the help of HIMARS multiple launch missile systems supplied to Ukraine by the United States. 53 people died. 71 prisoners were also injured. Following the event, Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Fomin said that the placement of prisoners in this investigative detention center was agreed with the Ukrainian side.

Meanwhile, the DLR Prosecutor General's Office informed about this. that the investigation qualified the attack by the armed forces of Ukraine on the prison in Jelenovce as a terrorist act. Currently, the direction of impact and also the type of ammunition are being set.


The head of the German Ministry of the Interior had to apologize for the photo with Klitschko

Photo: Global Look Press

German Interior Minister Nancy Feather was forced to apologize for the pictures taken in July in Kyiv, Die Welt reports.

During a meeting with RND journalists in Potsdam, the head of the department commented on the photos from the trip to Ukraine, where together with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Hubertus Hail and the mayor of the city, Vitalij Klitschko, are drinking champagne and laughing on the balcony. Phaser emphasized that she regretted the images.

She explained that she and her colleagues were invited to an evening with the ambassador and mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, as a result of which they chose the same drink as the mayor. “I wouldn't do it again,” the minister said, explaining that it expresses everything that is inappropriate about being from another country. According to her, the picture as a whole corresponded to the atmosphere in the Ukrainian capital: “People go shopping. Flowers are being planted in public places again.”

However, readers of the publication did not have enough of such explanations. Many commentators have accused Feather of hypocrisy, since such visits to Ukraine are paid for by taxpayers.


China issued Russia's main military trump card against the United States

Test firing of the Zirkon missile from Admiral Gorshkov's frigate “. Photo : Global Look Press

Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrated his military trump card to the United States and his message should make Americans nervous, writes the PolitRussia portal with reference to the Chinese publication Baijiahao.

The publication refers to the Russian hypersonic missile “Zirkon “, which in China is considered Moscow's main trump card against the United States. “Russia showed the 'sword' and Putin directly 'pulled out' his trump card – the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile,” writes the author of the article.

According to the Chinese journalist hypersonic missile is the “killer” weapon of the Russian army, which has no analogues in the world. The publication reminded that not a single army in the world has yet come up with a system capable of intercepting a missile flying at a speed of up to Mach 9.

Zirkon's range reaches a thousand kilometers , states the article specifies.According to Chinese military experts, if Russian troops will deploy submarines equipped with zircons in neutral waters 400 kilometers from the US coast, then the missiles will easily “reach” the capital of the United States. It will take just four minutes to attack Washington and destroy government and military facilities, the publication said.

Earlier, Putin's announcement about the imminent start of deliveries of Zircon hypersonic missiles to the Russian armed forces caused panic in Russia. UNITED KINGDOM. On July 31, in a speech in St. Petersburg, the Russian president announced the delivery of hypersonic missiles to the Russian military in the coming months. The first ship to undertake combat duty with Zircon will be Northern Fleet Admiral Gorshkov's frigate.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast August 9

Developments, comments and statements, economics

The Pentagon will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package worth $1 billion. It will include Javelin and ammunition for MLRS HIMARS and NASAMS air defense, armored medical vehicles and medicines. The Armed Forces of Ukraine fired more than 300 “Lepestok” anti-personnel mine grenades and 13 “NATO” 155-millimeter grenades at the DLR. The SBU announced the prevention of the assassination of the head of the Ministry of Defense, which was allegedly prepared by Russia. The deputy commander of the people's militias of the DLR, Eduard Basurin, announced the irreversible loss of 193,000 fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Read the previous broadcast here.

Photos source: video screenshot.

13:25 "Ukrtransnafta" stopped the transit of Russian oil.

13:22 The main thing from the morning briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense:

– The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the operational underground command post of the Ukrainian Air Force in the Vinnitsa region;

– The battalion of the 14th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost more than 340 people killed and wounded, the remaining army left their positions without permission;

< p>– RF Armed Forces destroyed more than 300 shells for HIMARS MLRS and M777 howitzers with high-precision weapons;

– Russian air defense shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 and three UAVs, and also intercepted ​​17 HIMARS MLRS shells;

– In four weeks, as a result of the offensive of the Russian armed forces and the forces of the LPR and DLR, the number of mercenaries in Ukraine decreased from 2,741 to 2,192 people. From July 8 to August 5, Russian troops destroyed 335 foreign mercenaries, another 389 left the territory of Ukraine. Specifically, almost 100 Polish mercenaries, 36 fighters from Canada, 33 from Romania and 21 from the USA were killed.

– During the last weeks, another 175 foreign mercenaries arrived in Ukraine, including 81 fighters from Georgia. .

13:07 "Stop issuing tourist visas to Russians. Visiting Europe — it's a privilege, not a human right,” Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas wrote on social networks.

12:47 The Kremlin appreciated the possibility of a meeting between Putin and Zelenskiy at the G20.

12:22 Allied forces have repelled all UAF counterattacks on the Knauf plant in Soledar, Vitaly Kiselev, deputy interior minister of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), said on his channel on Tuesday Telegram.

11:53 Two people died as a result of shelling of the Kirovsky District of Donetsk by Ukrainian troops, the DLR Territorial Defense Command reports.

11:30  The expert explained the US statement about the sufficient number of HIMARS near Kyiv.

11:28 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People's Republic is negotiating the participation of builders from the DPRK in the restoration of DPR facilities. About this on Tuesday in the broadcast of the TV channel “Soloviev Live”. said the head of the republic Denis Pushilin.

11:06Pro-Russian boss Vladimir Saldo, who was in a coma, has regained consciousness but is still on a ventilator in Sklif. At the same time, doctors excluded the point about “poisoning by an unknown substance” from the diagnosis.

10:51 Canadian Chief of Staff Wayne Eyre refused to discuss the presence of the country's army in Ukraine due to the sensitivity of the issue.

10:20 Faina Savenkova, a young writer from Luhansk, turned to the international non-governmental organization Amnesty International with a request to investigate the murders of children by the Ukrainian army in Donetsk and other cities of LLR and DLR.

09:15 Deputy head of the regional administration Kirill Stremousov said that the Kherson region is ready to repulse attempts by the armed forces of Ukraine if such an order is issued by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy

08:48 Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that despite anti-Russian sanctions, 77.6% of foreign companies did not close their business in Russia.