Japanese authorities have criticized Russia's idea of ​​tax breaks in the Kuril Islands

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Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi criticized the idea of ​​a Russian law to provide tax incentives to new organizations that have registered in the southern Kuril Islands.

According to him, this proposal runs counter to Japan's position on joint economic activities and the territorial issue.

“We intend to build a constructive dialogue with Russia on this tax issue, but without harm to both countries,” he added.

It was previously reported that the Eastern Military District was talking about starting training with shooting at the islands of the Kuril Ridge. It is said that members of the army rifle units began training.

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India is lobbying for the supply of Russian S-500 Prometey air defense systems

India has started to actively lobby for supplies to the country the latest Russian air defense systems S-500 Prometheus.

The United States has tried to stop the sale of Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems to India. This was announced today by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Indian partners “refused to obey Washington's orders,” Lavrov said.

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Peskov: NATO's presence in Ukraine will force Russia to defend its interests

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Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the potential presence of Western military formations in Ukraine was “extremely worrying” for Russia, and that if such NATO plans were implemented, the country would be forced to respond.

In an interview with RT Peskov, he said that the British military had previously spoken about its readiness to send a number of troops to Ukraine – “not only training but also combat.”> He also pointed to NATO's aggressive policy and refusal to recognize “Red lines”.

“We don't like that,” Peskov concluded.

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Kuleba expects clear signals from Biden to address Russia


Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said he did not expect any breakthroughs in the upcoming conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

“I think that tomorrow each party will declare its maximalist vision of the logic of further negotiations and then various teams will work to further develop the situation,” – said in the ICTV broadcast.

The head of the Ukrainian The State Department expects the US President to give “very clear signals” about what Ukraine's partners will do if Russia opts for an operation against Kiev.

Kuleba also noted that Ukraine is aware that they will not be fought by NATO, but by the countries of the North, and the Atlantic Alliance can do “a lot.”

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MP: The US has chosen Ukraine as a new place of tension in the world

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Deputy State Duma of Russia Federation Adalbi Shkhagoshev said that after leaving Afghanistan, US authorities “ found & # 39; & # 39; another, advantageous for itself, a place of tension in the world – Ukraine. Therefore, in his opinion, Washington has recently commented more and more on the plans that Moscow allegedly has for the military occupation of Kiev.

Shkhagoshev added that Washington specifically selects speakers, such as US Deputy State Secretary of State Nuland, President of Ukraine Zelensky, to keep tensions on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

“ When the United States lost in Afghanistan and left there, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars, the military lobby needed to find another place of tension in the world. They chose Ukraine, “the deputy added.

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The United States has decided to boycott the Beijing Olympics

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Washington will not send official delegation to the Winter Olympics in China. Jen Psaki, the US administration's secretary, said. According to a White House spokesman, the decision was made in connection with numerous human rights violations, including the Xinjiang genocide. The American delegation will not take part in the Winter Olympics in 2022 and the Paralympics in 2022 in Beijing, Psaki stressed.

At the same time, the White House has assured that a diplomatic boycott will not prevent American athletes from participating in the Olympic Games. According to Psaki, athletes from the United States will receive the full support of the US authorities, but from home.

It has previously been reported that the United States is threatening to boycott the Beijing Olympics. China has again expressed dissatisfaction with the issue.

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The US promises military aid for Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine

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If it is possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine The US could provide military assistance to the Allies on NATO's eastern flank. A representative of the US administration said this.

According to him, in this case there will be a request for extended support from the allies in the eastern wing. This will be followed by a positive response from the United States “with additional forces, capabilities and exercises to be conducted there.” At the same time, the American side does not intend to use military force directly against Russia in the event of an invasion.

In addition, the US administration believes that the Russian Federation is ready to attack Ukraine from three sides: the south, the west and the northeast. However, he added that it is not yet known whether Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to “invade” Ukraine. Sanctions may affect in particular the “narrower circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They can also be introduced against energy companies. The measures also include disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT system.

In addition, sanctions may affect Russia's national debt. In addition, action can be taken against Russian banks.

In recent weeks, the West has been actively discussing the issue of Russia's alleged preparations for the invasion of Ukraine. Moscow denies the allegations. Russian diplomats have repeatedly stated that this rhetoric is used to pull NATO troops to Russia's borders. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the country was not obliged to report to other states the movement of its troops through its territory.

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Germany has announced the fate of Nord Stream 2

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German Ministry Representative Nina-Marie Güttler's economy stated that the Nord Stream 2 & quot; will not be accepted until certified. She talked about it at a briefing in Berlin. & Nbsp;

Meanwhile, in the Nord Stream pipeline operator & ndash; 2 & quot; & nbsp; Nord Stream 2 AG has not yet commented on the ongoing legal and regulatory procedures related to the project. The letter Izvestija informed about it.

Earlier, Manfred Weber, leader of the centrist faction of the European People's Party and co-chair of the Bavarian Christian Social Union, said that Germany should close the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. in the event that Russia attacks Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko, described the German decision to allow Nord Stream 2 to establish a subsidiary as a “mockery”. He believes that Nord Stream 2 does not comply with EU rules and therefore cannot be certified. He also condemned the idea of ​​licensing only part of the pipeline.

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Putin invited Indian Prime Minister Modi to Russia

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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to Russia in 2022 to attend XXII. annual Russian-Indian summit. This was stated in a corresponding statement issued by the Russian side.

Last year, 2021, due to a coronavirus pandemic, the traditional meeting of the leaders of the two states failed. The previous Russian-Indian summit was held in 2019 in Vladivostok. Nevertheless, Putin and Modi maintained contact at a distance using online technology.

Recall that Putin arrived in India at the head of a Russian delegation to attend talks with Prime Minister Modi. The Russian president discussed with the Prime Minister of India a number of important issues concerning the political situation in the world as well as economic cooperation between the two countries.

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Biden warned against trying to intimidate Putin

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US Congressman Adam Smith advised President Joe Biden not to try to intimidate Vladimir Putin's Russian counterpart in forthcoming talks. In his opinion, the conversation should be limited to economic sanctions. Defense News quoted Smith as saying. “You can't hold him back by stretching his muscles and promising him military confrontation and defeat in Eastern Europe,” the congressman said. He expressed the belief that the American leader should make it clear to Moscow that the United States has allies who are ready to make them economically pay a high price.

The White House has previously confirmed Biden's intention to negotiate with Putin via a video link. The leaders intend to discuss bilateral relations and a number of regional issues.

Assistant President of Russia Yuri Ushakov announced on Friday a discussion between the heads of the United States and Russia on current issues on the international agenda, including the situation in Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Syria and Ukraine … Putin and Biden will also raise strategic issues. stability and are likely to discuss Russia's initiative to hold a summit of permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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