Crimea has announced a change in the status of the Sea of ​​Azov


Permanent Representative of Crimea Georgy Muradov, President of the Russian Federation, said that the Sea of ​​Azov had become a sea of ​​joint use by Russia and the DLR. Recall that Mikhail Sheremet had previously noted that Ukraine had completely lost access to the Sea of ​​Azov during a special military operation. Thus, it was possible to disrupt NATO's plans to consolidate in the region and build military bases.

Muradov again noted that as a result of a special operation, DLR units managed to reach Mariupol and secure access to the Sea of ​​Azov

“We managed to liberate the southern part of the republic occupied by Ukrainian nationalists. This made it possible to provide access to the Sea of ​​Azov. That is why it is now the sea of ​​our joint use with the DPR, “said Muradov.


The European Commission has detained EUR 100 million for Poland's failure to comply with the court ruling


European Commissioner for Affairs Judge Didier Reynders said the EC had withheld € 100 million in funds owed to Poland over Warsaw's refusal to comply with an EU court ruling. The RTL channel reported.

Poland is reported to be fined one million euros a day for failing to enforce a decision on a disciplinary panel for judges.

p> < "More than 100 million euros have been seized so far. The total amount reached 160 million euros, "said Reynders.

Recall that the Court of Justice of the European Union, based in Luxembourg, has previously ruled that Poland must pay one million euros a day to the European commissions. We are talking about a fine for non-compliance with a court decision terminating the activities of the disciplinary panel for judges.


Evidence of involvement in the crimes was destroyed in Azovstal

RIA Novosti video snapshot

Russian military correspondent Roman Polshakov spoke of his experience with the descent to the Azovstal catacombs, along with sappers after the surrender of the Azov battalion's militants (recognized as a terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation).

laptops, so explosions could be heard in the factory walls.

& quot; destroyed evidence that could prove their involvement in crimes against the local population, “said the journalist.


Armenia, Azerbaijan and the European Council have agreed to work on demarcating borders


According to the press In Brussels talks between the President of the European Union, Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, and the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, concluded.

It is clarified that the Azerbaijani border.

& quot; The participants in the meeting reached an agreement on the continuation of the trialogue. The next one is scheduled for July or August, “the report said.


Britain admits unprepared for soaring food prices


According to The Independent , Ian Wright, chief of the advisory board at the cabinet, acknowledged the country's unpreparedness for the sharp rise in food prices and supply disruptions.

According to the official, the impending food crisis may be much greater than the energy crisis, so the government must be notified. plans to overcome it.

“The situation can be quite frightening – with a sharp rise in prices and food poverty … The government urgently needs to address this issue,” Rfyt said.


“It is beginning to cut the earth”: Satanovsky indicated why Zelensky gives the Poles a special status

Photo by Vladimír Zelenský: Global Look Press

News Russian scientist, orientalist and political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the fact that the President of Ukraine had announced the adoption of a law on the special legal status of Polish citizens in Ukraine.

He wrote in his telegram after holding Pereyaslav Rada, he broke up with Poland, it seems, in favor of Russia. And now Zelensky “twists the story r times. And Ukraine will be part of Poland again. “

Satanovsky believes that” it seems “that Zelensky is” starting with a big cut of his country and distributing elephants to his neighbors “and, in his view,” Europeans are formalizing the matter from a bureaucratic point of view, That's right. “

The poliologist suggests how it could be:” They will start a media campaign around the world stating that Poland is with Ukraine (meaning, of course, the current ruling regime in this country), trying to save at least part of the country, and therefore their bosses agreed. “

And -” Hello, the new Commonwealth Hello, Greater Poland, from sea to sea! “.

on some details of the draft law on the special status of Poles in Ukraine, which is currently being prepared, and will be similar to what is working in Poland, where temporarily displaced Ukrainian citizens are practically identified with Polish citizens – they just do not have the right to vote.


Zakhar explained Poland's request to Norway to share oil profits

Photo: Global Look Press

Official Ministry Representative Maria Zakharova commented on the statement of the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that Norway should share part of its revenues from oil and gas sales with Ukraine.

According to Polish politicians, because in the current conditions excessive profits, part of the money should get Ukrainians. According to Morawiecki, Norway's profit has risen to 100 billion euros.

“From the point of view of the Polish leadership, Kiev's income is Warsaw's income,” Zakharová wrote in her Telegram channel. .



China has predicted that the United States will lose the confidence of foreign investors because of Russia


Confidence of foreign investors to US financial institutions undermined by the US decision to freeze Russian state property. Washington's footsteps indicate that a country pursuing its own selfish political interests is ready to immediately take away public and private foreign accounts, notes the Chinese Global Times portal.

In this case, no words will convince foreign investors of the security of their capital . As a result, Washington has simply signed a death pact with the US financial system.

This article also notes US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's statement about the illegality of confiscating Russian assets in favor of Ukraine. In the GT, however, these words are not seen as a voice of reason, but rather as the beginning of a debate on how to legally acquire these assets.

There is probably a “good cop, bad cop” in the strategy game. The White House is therefore calling for the arrest of Russian government accounts in an effort to reassure European allies. Yellen is simply trying to convince foreign investors that it is still safe to keep their money in the US.

Earlier, Junge Welt said that Washington and Brussels had ignored Moscow's security interests, and that Ukraine had ignited the conflict. He notes that the Russian Federation has been saying for 20 years that the republic should not join NATO because it does not want American missiles to appear at its borders. Oskar Lafontaine, the former chairman of the Social Democratic Party in Germany, told the German press.

According to him, the situation in Ukraine is similar to that in Cuba. The politician called it a false argument that each state can decide independently which trade union it wants to join.


The French Foreign Ministry wanted to “prevent” Russia's victory in Ukraine


Russian victory in Ukraine. This was stated by Clement Bon, a minister delegated to the French Foreign Ministry for European Affairs. The French diplomat added that Paris now only sends military equipment to Ukraine, which strengthens it. Nevertheless, Paris does not intend to send an army into the combat zone. According to Bono, it would “irreversibly and seriously worsen the situation,” and no one would have liked it.

Bon also said that France maintains “difficult contact”; with Russia, which is not yet producing the desired results. He stressed that the dialogue could not be destroyed and the bridges burned. to Ukraine. According to him, they are dangerous.

In particular, he is sure that these supplies will only exacerbate the conflict in Ukraine and lead to irreparable consequences for Germany. If Germany does not want a third world war, then it is better to abandon the military escalation. Negotiations can save the case, a German general is sure.


Ukrainian media prematurely announced an extension of martial law


B V On Sunday, May 22, the Ukrainian media and telegrams began to inform prematurely about the ratification of the President's decision to extend martial law for another three months by the Verkhovna Rada. The first publication & nbsp; occurred at about 1:50 p.m. local time (coincides with Moscow time).

Jaroslav Zheleznyak, MEP, declined. An hour later, he confirmed that the vote had yet taken place and that a decision had been made.

According to a presidential document submitted to parliament, martial law is extended by 90 days & ndash; until August 23. The mobilization is extended for the same period.