“The government is discredited”: Beglov commented on the collapse of garbage and snow in St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov explained numerous complaints to garbage and snow collapsing in the city with attempts to “discredit the authorities”. He believes the complaints were paid by some “rich and influential people.”

The competent authorities are doing so. What should the governor do? Say, guys, everything, did I pass? They will not wait. I have come to pay my debts to the city and two things will not stick to me – I am not a coward and do not take it on my own, he says in his words “Rise”.

Beglov also noted that the reforms are considered right by the governments, he promised to finish them. Earlier, residents complained about the “waste reform”, which began on January 1 due to a failure to dispose of waste.

Beglov said that the reforms were not afraid and could not be frightened. He also said that existing bugs would be fixed.


Meanwhile, the most ordinary inhabitants of St. Petersburg are complaining about the collapse, including our correspondent in the city on the Neva, who had to transport the pensioners with virgin snow and ice. Cord made a clip about “Begl's Spatula” against the backdrop of snowdrifts and garbage dumps, and social networks are full of pictures of the untidy streets of St. Petersburg.

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Peskov warns project authors to recognize DNR and LNR from “earning points”

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Dmitry Peskov said this journalists that he is still not ready to talk about the relevance of the Communist Party initiative of the Russian Federation, which called on the Russian authorities to recognize and comment on the DLR and LPR.

State Duma President Vyacheslav Volodin previously said that The Duma chairman stressed that he considered it necessary to find solutions that could ensure the security of Russian citizens.

and compatriots living in the DNR and LNR. “One thing is clear: solutions need to be sought to ensure the security of our citizens and compatriots in the DLR and LLR,” Volodin said.

decision on the need for such action, MEPs have not yet taken any step.

Peskov advised the authors of the initiative not to “try to gain political points on the thin and fragile issue we are talking about.”

” Now that the situation is so tense and sensitive, it is important to avoid any steps that could lead to an increase in this tension, “said a Kremlin spokesman.” steps ’.

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The source spoke about Poklonska's new position

Natalia Poklonskaya, who has resigned as Russian Ambassador to Cape Verde, may take the position of Deputy Head of Rossotrudničstvo. An informed source informed about it. She herself said that it was premature to comment on the new appointment.

The issue is now being discussed, “said a spokesman for the agency.

He refused to talk in detail about the possible appointment of a former prosecutor of Crimea.

” I am ready to work with pleasure in any position where I will be useful to my the country and our leadership, “Poklonskaya said.” She said before that she had declined the post of ambassador for personal reasons. Political scientist Maxim Žarov indicated that it was a threat to her security. A citizen of the country had previously been extradited from Cape Verde at the request of the Venezuelan authorities. Ukraine could ask for the extradition of Poklonskaya and get its way.

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Volodin called the terms of the discussion with the faction leaders the recognition of the LNR and DNR

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Negotiations with representatives of the State Duma factions on the initiative members of the Communist Party on the need to recognize the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugano People's Republic will take place next week. The chairman of the lower house, Vyacheslav Volodin, spoke about this in his telegram channel.

On Wednesday, deputies of the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation States and also consulted the Heads of Republic as soon as possible to establish a legal basis for interstate relations and to regulate all aspects of cooperation and mutual relations.

Volodin said that after consultations with the leaders of the factions, the matter should be discussed at the State Duma Council. In return, the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday that he did not consider It is possible to say something about the MPs' call for recognition of the LPR and DLR on the eve of the vote in the State Duma.

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In Ukraine, they said that Zelensky was fleeing in the event of war with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will immediately leave the country in case of war with Russia . This opinion was expressed in his channel Telegram by the member of the Verkhovna Rada Ilya Kiva. He is a representative of the opposition Platform for Life

He is sure that the country's authorities will not even try to protect it in the event of an alleged conflict.

Kiva said that the government and their families will “leave Ukraine first”. “The Kremlin has repeatedly refuted statements by the West and Ukraine that Moscow was reportedly preparing an” invasion “of Ukraine. Moscow has noted that the West is using it as an excuse to deploy additional NATO military equipment near Russia's borders.


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Wagner's soldiers took part in a military parade in Mali

A military parade dedicated to the Army Day of Mali took place in the capital , Bamako. Photos from the event were published by world media agencies.

The footage shows Russian flags and Wagner fighters.

8. In January, the Malaysian army, with the support of the Russian PMC Wagner, engaged jihadists in the Bandiagara area in the central part of the state, according to the RFI.

that 300 to 350 PMC military specialists have been deployed in Mali since last week. Mostly in Segou and Bamako.

An agreement reached between the government of Mali and the Wagner Group has become known in the past, provoking a sharp response from Western countries.

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Biden called the question of one of the journalists about his approaches to Putin stupid

US leader Joe Biden asked a silly question at a public event On January 20, a journalist who touched on his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “Why are you waiting for Putin to take the first step, sir?” she asked. “What a stupid question,” Biden said.

At the same time, the fund did not specify what specific issue the Fox News correspondent was about.

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The expert called the timing of the highest incidence of coronavirus in Russia

Photos by AGN Moscow

Infectionist Evgeny Timakov in The interview told reporters when the peak of the new coronavirus “omicron” strain can be expected in Russia.

According to the expert, this will happen in mid-February, but in Moscow – a little earlier, at the end of January.

“The average incubation period for” omikron “- two or three days, a maximum of seven days. Count four incubation periods and the fourth will be the peak occurrence. In Moscow it will be the end of January – early February … We will see Russia a little stretched out … in mid-February, “he said. if they are ill, they may suffer from a new infection asymptomatically or in a mild form.

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Rogozin reacted to the possible construction of the spaceport with Ukraine with a scathing joke

Dmitrij Rogozin. Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The head of the Roskosmos state corporation Dmitry Rogozin ironically commented on reports about the possible construction of the spaceport by Ukraine.

He published a summary of media reports about Ukraine on his Telegram channel. plans to build a spaceport and illustrated a text video fragment from the film “Evenings at the Dikanka Farm” based on the works of Nikolai Gogol. In the footage, blacksmith Vakula sits astride the devil and floats together in the sky. expressed the idea of ​​building a spaceport on the border of the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions.

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Biden warns Putin against reaction to “green men”

Photo: AP.

US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that the US response would be a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, as well as any other aggressive measures, such as the appearance of “little men in green uniforms.”

“If the military “Biden told reporters, adding that during the talks he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that a serious economic response would follow. At the same time, Biden noted that Russia” has a long history of other aggressive measures “that do not involve direct paramilitary tactics. Among such measures, Biden called “attacks from” gray zones, “” where Russian soldiers do not wear uniforms. ” The President of the United States assured that Washington will respond to all the challenges that may come from Russia, including “little men in green uniforms, as well as cyber attacks.” Note that the Kremlin has repeatedly refuted statements by the West and Ukraine. that Moscow is reportedly preparing an “invasion” of Ukraine. Moscow has noted that the West is using it as an excuse to deploy additional NATO military equipment near Russia's borders.

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