Macron: The concrete results of the dialogue between Russia and the United States do not yet exist

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French President Emmanuel speaks Macron told reporters after meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin that talks between Washington and Moscow on security guarantees have not yet yielded any practical results.

“It is very good that the United States and Russia have brought these discussions. “Any concrete results? I haven't seen them yet,” Macron said.

At the same time, the politician shared his own impressions of the negotiations between the leaders of the Normandy Four. always difficult. ”


Kiev has demanded a rebuttal of the Croatian president's threats to withdraw the army from NATO

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo:

Croatian Ambassador Anica Jamic was invited to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who was told that today's statements by Croatian President Zoran Milanovich were categorically unacceptable.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in particular was outraged by Milanovič's statements about the Dignity Revolution. In addition, Milanovich's announcement that he would withdraw his army from NATO in the event of a conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused deep disappointment in Kiev.

Kiev has noted that Milanovich's statements do not coincide with Croatia's official stance in support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and damage the unity of EU and NATO unity.

In this regard, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called for “a public rebuttal of these insulting statements by the Croatian President.”


Russian officials held a party with alcohol and weapons


V Kaluze kraje The scandal broke out after the publication of a video from the building of the regional Ministry of Ecology, at which the employees of the department had a party with alcohol, tobacco products and weapons. The video was published in one of the local communities on the social network VKontakte.

Local media staff recognized Ivan Glumov, Deputy Minister and Head of the Environmental Surveillance Department, as one of the participants in the assembly. The footage shows that he is holding a pistol-like object in his hands.

Vladuga Shapsha, the governor of the Kaluga region, commented on the situation. In an interview with Podyom, he explained that the video was shot at the end of last year. On January 25, he was told that all participants in the party had been fired. Shapsha also noted that the weapon in the video is not real.

“It was a plastic pistol, a toy given to him by these colleagues who filmed everything,” said the head of the region. Ecology Minister Volodymyr Zhipa said again that the ministry was conducting an inspection after the incident. He intends to take all measures to ensure that this does not happen again.


The British military began training Ukrainian soldiers in the use of NLAW anti-tank systems

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British military instructors arrived in Ukraine in preparation Ukrainian military personnel to use the latest anti-tank missile systems NLAW. The information agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “ArmiyaInform” informed about it.

NLAW is an anti-tank system designed for combat in urban areas. As they say in Ukraine, there is no parallel in Russia. The United Kingdom has supplied ATGM in accordance with the plan to equip the Ukrainian army with light anti-tank weapons for defense purposes.

The troops of Ukraine named after Captain Peter Sahaydachny.


Bloomberg reveals the content of the US response to security guarantees


United States intends to respond to Russia's proposals on security guarantees and to identify areas where they can respond to Russia's concerns. Bloomberg said this referring to an EU official who did not want to be appointed.

According to the agency, states will coordinate their response with the EU and NATO. The answer is unlikely to be a detailed discussion of Russia's demands, but will outline areas where the Allies can address Russia's concerns. It will also list Russia's actions of concern to the Allies.

Recall that on December 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry published draft agreements on security guarantees expected from the US and NATO. In particular, it is proposed that the alliance refuse to expand to the east and refuse to accept Ukraine.

Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was waiting for written answers to proposals after talks between the Russian Federation. and the United States with its allies. This will be followed by a “final analysis”. Peskov had previously said that negotiations on security guarantees with the United States and then with NATO had failed. He emphasized that “differences were noted on the fundamental issues of consultation between the Russian Federation, the United States and NATO in Geneva and Brussels.”


Croatia will withdraw its army from NATO in the event of an escalation in Ukraine

Zoran Milanovič. Photo: Croatian President Zoran Milanovich said on Monday that if there was a sudden military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Croatia would withdraw its army from NATO forces in the region. It should be noted that the Kremlin has previously repeatedly rejected accusations from the West that Russia is allegedly preparing a military operation against Ukraine. The day before, Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council also said it saw no reason to say that Moscow was preparing a large-scale invasion of the country.

reconnaissance vessels. & nbsp;

& quot; We have nothing to do with it and we will have nothing to do with it, I guarantee you, “the Croatian President promised.

He added that Croatia not only will he not send his army, but he will recall every last soldier if there is an escalation. & nbsp; According to the Croatian president, he was the only one in Europe who supported Biden's internal policy, but he sees his dangerous behavior in matters of international security.


The Kremlin told Kadyrov that Putin is setting a policy “to the delight of all”


Dmitry Peskov, at the request of the journalist, they commented on some of the statements made by Chechnya chief Ramzan Kadyrov, especially his words that if he had been president of the Russian Federation, he would have taken Ukraine a long time ago.

The press secretary stressed that Kadyrov, like all Russian citizens, can run in the next presidential election – a right enshrined in the constitution. “In general, I would like to remind you that the head of state formulates the basics of foreign policy. And to our general delight, the head of the Russian Federation, which includes Chechnya as an entity, is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, “said Peskov.” He also commented on the words of the head of Chechnya that the republic is not an interesting investor and 300 billion rubles a year can not do.

According to Peskov, there are no hopeless investment regions in Russia, in any case “there are reserves for the development of certain sectors and the creation of preconditions for increasing investment attractiveness”.

“There are regions that have succeeded in this, and there are those that have done less and must catch up,” a Kremlin spokesman said.

Read “How Chechen Security Forces Scare People: Stage Makeup.”


The Guardian: Ukraine has rejected the only way out of the crisis


The only way out of the crisis in eastern Ukraine is the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which the Kiev authorities continue to sabotage. This view was expressed by British publicist Simon Jenkins in an article for The Guardian newspaper. bringing their security borders closer to Russia's borders.

& quot; Any reasonable observer will understand that Minsk & mdash; it is a practical and fair way of dealing with the crisis. The agreement is blocked, in particular, by the Kiev regime, which has long feared pro-Russian sentiment in the Donbas and defied its “self-government”; and autonomy, “notes Jenkins. In his view, the Minsk agreements are a perfectly sensible solution to the conflict in Ukraine. The observer recalled that not only Russian President Vladimir Putin but also Western diplomats had repeatedly In particular, US Attorney Samantha Power called them “the only viable way out of this deadly conflict.” However, no one has yet made sufficient efforts to put the agreements into practice.

Russia has repeatedly denied reports of a possible attack on Ukraine. and noted that such statements were used as a pretext for the deployment of a NATO army near the borders of the Russian Federation. & nbsp;


The General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine named the date of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine


Commander of the Joint Force Ukraine Force in Donbas Alexander Pavlyuk named the alleged “date of the Russian invasion.” He said that according to one scenario, the date would be February 20.

“This date worries us,” said The Times.

Pavlyuk noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin probably did not want to. overshadow relations with China by launching hostilities during the Beijing Olympics. In addition, the Russian-Belarusian exercise “Allied Resolve – 2022” will take place during this period. Western intelligence agencies believe that the invasion will begin with a gradual transfer of forces to eastern Ukraine and the sending of “thousands of troops” by rail to this area, according to The Times.

Pavlyuk added that the task of the Ukrainian army is not to deter the Russian army, but to cause them maximum damage. The distribution of weapons for a protracted insurgent war has already begun in areas where Ukraine's regular army can be defeated, he said.



The United States has shortened the validity of GAZ licenses


Office for the Control of Foreign Assets (OFAC) ) of the US Treasury Department reduced the validity of the Russian GAZ group's license to 90 days. It was previously extended by one year.

The decision was taken against the background of the situation in Ukraine.

“These licenses were previously renewed on 23 December 2020. New licenses are renewed for a shorter period – 90 In April 2018, the United States blacklisted (SDN) Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, a company controlled by it and subject to restrictions, including the GAZ Group. Deripaska reduced its stake in En + to 44.95%.

He and GAZ Group remained on the sanctions list, but the introduction of prohibition measures was postponed. The Treasury has closed the case.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously promised Russia, on behalf of NATO members, that it would impose unprecedented sanctions in response to the “invasion” of Ukraine.