The Swiss president spoke of Putin's valuable quality

Vladimir Putin has valuable quality – straightforwardness. This was stated by Swiss President Guy Parmelin. On June 16, the heads of both states held bilateral talks following the end of the Russian-American summit, which took place at the Geneva Villa La Grange.


In his opinion, Vladimir Putin does not like too much decoration, ostentatious decency and too much protocol, but “he tries to get to the point.”

Parmelen also spoke about his impressions from the beginning of the Russian-American “Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin spoke for five minutes, and I immediately felt that things were going well between them, among the people,” he explained.

Putin replied in Tolstoy's words to US Relations issue

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The Ukrainian authorities have announced the impossibility of implementing the Minsk agreements

However, there is no alternative to them

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, told reporters that Kiev was unable to implement the Minsk agreements in the form in which they now exist.

, the NSDC secretary has admitted that there is no alternative to these agreements yet, states the television channel “1 + 1”.

“We have to work with the Minsk agreements … In its current form, it is a complete absurdity … There are no other agreements yet, but Ukraine cannot fulfill them in the current version,” Danilov said.

At the same time, the representative of Ukraine added that the country does not plan to terminate these agreements.

“We will work with that, that is, and we will continue negotiations,” concluded Alexey Danilov.


How the US military can overcome Russia and China: experts have assessed the Pentagon's chances

Modern warfare takes place in the space, cyber and electronic spheres

Washington is concerned about the growing military strength of the two main geopolitical adversaries of the United States – China and Russia. The US military is losing ground in a number of strategic areas, such as the construction of hypersonic weapons. As the US media notes, the emerging technological delay has serious concerns about the Pentagon, which is preparing a symmetrical response to the threat from outside.


The US media report that the US Department of Defense is seriously concerned about the country's security. Some time ago, Pentagon Military Intelligence issued a report listing threats to US national security. Among the most dangerous phenomena that undermine international stability are terrorism, the activity of “rogue states” (DPRK, Iran, Cuba, etc. – “MK”), as well as the strengthening of Russia's and China's military forces.

According to The National Interest, a separate threat to the US is the threat of hacking. The new challenges call for the development of new ways of gathering intelligence, technologies for the processing and secure transmission of information, and other measures aimed at protecting against hacking. The “Cold War” of our time, as the newspaper notes, is taking place in the space, cyber and electronic spheres. And the Pentagon is well aware of that.

“The expansion of the competitive space beyond traditional military areas and geographical boundaries increases and complicates the requirements for military intelligence, collection, analysis and planning,” the US Department of Defense said in a report.

$ 23.3 billion (with a total military budget of $ 715 billion) is allocated for the development of new information security systems in the new US military budget. According to the national interest, the Pentagon wants to neutralize new threats by introducing modern technologies that will significantly increase the chances of success in a modern war. The introduction of new information exchange technologies should reduce the time for handing over orders from headquarters to those who directly pull the trigger. The publication believes that the allocated funds will be used for the development of systems with the support of artificial intelligence, modern network technologies, improvement of the air combat control system and other cutting-edge technological achievements.

The US military also expects to create the most secure communications network in the world. After a potential adversary fails to break through defense algorithms and obtain data on upcoming US military actions, the US military gains a serious advantage. Among the most dangerous threats to information security, the American expert Chris Osborne named jamming systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems or other types of hostile activities aimed at suppressing communication systems.

These measures should theoretically allow the United States to maintain military dominance in the world, especially since other countries are not yet ready to invest such large sums in developing weapons for a “new type” of war.

However, the Pentagon still dominates a number of traditionally military areas, such as the Navy. The national interest states that the US Navy has greater firepower than any of its potential rivals. The publication concludes that in the near future, Russia, China or other countries “hostile” to Washington will not be able to form strike groups of aircraft carriers, unlike US Navy operational formations.

However, as military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky noted in an interview with the MC, US confidence in the integrity of its intelligence and information systems can play a cruel joke with the Pentagon.

– The fact that they are aware of the extent of the threat and are preparing to fight is definitely a plus for them. Simply because not everyone in the world has yet realized how this front works in general and how it fights on it. But so far they are losing not only with their leading rivals, but also on some fronts – for example in Iran. Because American drones often fall victim to Iran's electronic warfare. In addition, if you start creating information protection, it would be nice to pick up cell phones from employees, as they do here. Because there are known cases of classified information coming to the web from the United States through applications for rating hotels, beer, and the like. In a word, it is necessary to start not with technology, but with discipline, the expert noted.

The specialist also added that information security systems and methods of hacking them will be improved just like all other weapons. And sooner or later there will be a sword for any virtual shield.


The US will withdraw part of its troops and weapons from the Middle East


US President Joe Biden's administration has started downloading parts of American soldiers and weapons from a number of Middle Eastern countries, writes The Wall Street Journal.

According to the daily Washington, it will move eight Patriot air defense systems from Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The United States will also withdraw the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system from Saudi Arabia. Part of the military aircraft will also be moved from the region.

WSJ writes that hundreds of US troops will be relocated from the Middle East. Air travel has already begun, as part of Washington's efforts to “redirect the military to challenges from China and Russia.” Sources say Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin announced these plans by the US authorities on June 2 to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.


The British Minister of Defense demands conditions for the Johnson-Putin summit


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on television that a summit was possible between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Boris Johnson is obviously open to meeting anyone,” Wallace said.

He noted that if an important step towards the normalization of relations had to be taken, it would be done.

Wallace also described the condition that Russia must meet before such a meeting. According to him, President Putin must show “some positive signs of change.”

The British Minister of Defense stressed that while London still sees harmful activity. “But I think we will judge President Putin by his actions,” he added.

At the same time, Wallace expressed hope that the Kremlin would like to improve relations with London, noting that the ongoing disagreements between Russia and the West are not in anyone's interest. As for the lifting of sanctions, Wallace said it could follow Russia's “respect for other people's sovereignty and the international rule of law.”


Turkey has responded to the launch of flights with Russia

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Turkish authorities are with welcomed the decision of the Russian Federation to resume air traffic with the country. The Turkish Ministry of Tourism informed about it.

“We are satisfied with the Russian side's decision to resume flights,” a source from Turkey's tourism department quoted RIA Novosti as saying. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova has previously indicated the timing of the resumption of air communications with Turkey. From June 22, Russian planes will be able to fly to Turkey with tourists.

This decision was taken by the Russian authorities after examining the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Turkey. According to Golikova, the vaccination of hotel staff is organized in Turkey, the regime of masks is observed and a curfew has been imposed on the local population.

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Zelensky announced sanctions against Chemezov

Photo: Still from the video

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky wrote in his telegram channel, which the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, at the proposal of the Security Service, adopted at its meeting a decision to impose sanctions on the head of Rostz Sergei Chemezov.

It was previously announced that sanctions were also imposed on Russian businessman Pavel Fuks and Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash.


Surkov offered Navalny to obtain a German passport and go to the Bundestag

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Authorities suppress illegal anti-government speeches in all countries, and the opposition Alexei Navalny, if he appeals to the Germans, can be elected to the Federal Assembly. This was stated by former presidential assistant Vladislav Surkov in an interview with the Financial Times.

He described Alexei Navalny as an “unacceptable” figure in the Russian political scene.

“It is unacceptable. It should not be part of Russian politics. The Germans love him, let him be elected to the Bundestag … They can give him a German passport, “Surkov emphasized.

The former president's assistant also noted that the state protects his interests everywhere. “In all countries, illegal demonstrations are being suppressed by force.” Why should it be different with us? “Surkov said in an interview with this publication.

Recall that Alexei Navalny is currently in prison: his suspended sentence was replaced by a real suspended sentence for violating the rules.

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He named the cost of the glasses he gave Biden to Putin in Geneva

Photo: AP

Randolph's flight goggles worn by US President Joseph Biden he gave to his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin, it costs $ 299, which is about 21 thousand rubles. Putin wears aviation goggles, but prefers the Chrome Hearts and Cartier brands. In addition, Biden presented Putin with a bison-shaped crystal statue.

Putin, on the other hand, presented Biden with a writing set decorated with a plume.

Earlier, the journalist compared the cars in which the two leaders arrived at the summit in Geneva. Biden left the Cadillac, nicknamed “The Beast”, for $ 1.5 million (108 million rubles), while Putin left the Aurus Senat limousine, which is estimated to cost 18 million rubles.

Recall that the meetings between Putin and Biden took place in Geneva on 16 June. The negotiations lasted 3 hours and the leaders kept a statement of their results. Putin noted that the parties had managed to agree on the return of the country's ambassadors to their seats.


Bulgarians spoke of Putin after Geneva: “They are afraid of overthrow”


Readers of the Bulgarian edition of “Deník” discussed on the publication on the summit of the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, in Geneva. Many were interested in Biden's words that Putin was reportedly afraid of overthrow. They also argued about whether Russia would fight the United States with China.

“Putin is really very worried that one day human love will overtake him …” – wrote one of the readers.

“It depends on how you understand this phrase,” another argues about Biden's statement. He added that in his opinion, Putin was concerned about NATO surrounding Russia and overthrowing as a result of the intervention. “In my opinion, it can be understood, especially because Americans are afraid of the same things,” the user writes, noting that Americans talk a lot about the fact that the Russians do not influence the American election.

“Putin was overthrown. The oligarchs who actually rule Russia. Biden and NATO don't care, “says another participant in the discussion.

But the author of the following commentary quarreled with those who criticized Putin's subsequent press conference. According to the author, Putin was ready for any questions, he answered promptly, intelligently, accurately and with humor. “Compared to him, many Western leaders seem incompetent,” he said in a commentary.

Another reader writes that he and many experts were impressed by Biden's attitude at the beginning of the talks. Biden sat cross-legged like a woman and Putin sat like an alpha male.