Medvedev specified who should not save in Ukraine


According to the Vice-President of the Council Russia's security Dmitry Medvedev, the Ukrainian Nazis should not be spared during a special operation, because they hide behind the civilian population as a human shield. These nationalists do not represent the people of Ukraine, they should not be spared, he stressed in an interview with the newspaper Argumenty i Fakty.

“The Russian army carries out precise strikes against military infrastructure, not civilian targets. Unlike the Ukrainian Nazis, who hide behind civilians as a human shield, we saw it in Mariupol in Azovstal, a similar situation in Azot. This is just a mocking scum that the Ukrainian people do not represent. We should not be spared, “Medvedev explained.

At the same time, Medvedev stressed that the Russians have a deep respect for the Ukrainian people. “We have the closest ties with Ukraine – kinship, historical, cultural,” he concluded.


AS: in Poland, they are afraid of Ukraine's transition to Russian control


American Magazine American Conservatives report that Poland is afraid to transfer the entire territory of Ukraine under the control of the Russian Federation and Russian success in the Donbas.

According to commentator Anthony Tokarz, he spoke with local residents and refugees from Ukraine during his trip to Poland. They told him that they were very concerned about the development of the situation in the war zone.

“Most of my partners, although pleased with the generosity of the Polish people, were concerned that refugees. Among other things, they expressed concern that with the weakening of public interest in the events in Ukraine, most of the country could go to Russia, “said Tokarz.

take any effective action against the progress of the Russian armed forces in Donbas.


Special vehicles “Sarmat-2” arrived in the NWO zone

The Military Informant telegram channel states that ultra -light military vehicle “Sarmat-2” was delivered to the zone of special military operations in Ukraine. These cars have a hood arrangement, two-axle composition of 4×4 wheels. They can carry up to 3 people. In addition, it is planned to install a 7.62 mm PKM machine gun, a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun or an AGS-17 Plamya 30 mm automatic grenade launcher.

Such machines can be transported by air by military aviation helicopters on an external suspension. and carry a maximum permissible load of up to 600 kg with a total permissible gross vehicle weight of about 2000 kg. They were first demonstrated during the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2021” in units of Russian airborne forces.


Exdiplomat said that the EU wants to force Ukraine to give up part of the territory


Author According to former Ukrainian diplomat Rostislav Ishchenko, Europeans are forcing Kyiv to find a compromise solution to the conflict with Moscow through territorial concessions.

In an article for explained that, following the results The Euro-Atlantic Alliance has split over Ukraine's issue. even trying to open a second front in the Baltics, the EU is already evolving, “stressed Ishchenko.

According to him, Brussels, Rome, Paris and Berlin clearly see Russia's warning about the inadmissibility of further deterioration of relations.

“Europeans, who have faced the apparent threat of destroying the decisions of their economies this year, want at all costs to find a compromise with Russia and force Ukraine to make peace, even at the cost of losing important territories, “added the exdiplomat.


NBC: Biden will announce an extension of US troops in Poland this week

Photo: Global Look Press

US President Joe During a trip to Europe this week, Biden will announce the extension of the presence of a US military contingent in Poland sent in early 2022, NBC said on Monday, citing sources from the White House administration. Biden will also announce changes in the deployment of forces in the Baltic States, the TV channel said. of 2,000 American soldiers sent to Poland by the army in February. As for the deployment of troops in the Baltics, NBC does not specify what changes it is talking about.

In February 2022, when another contingent of American troops was sent to Europe (about 2 thousand people to Poland, about 1 thousand – to Germany) The Pentagon said they would be temporarily stationed there due to growing tensions in Ukraine. But now, according to a statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday, the alliance intends to strengthen battle groups on the eastern border and also increase the number of rapid reaction forces from the current 40,000 to more than 300,000 people.


Azot employees in Severodonetsk are ready to start rebuilding the company

The employees of the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk are ready to start the renewal of the company, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the chief mechanic Eduard Aliyev.

“We control the restoration work (Azot” – ed.). Above all, we want to try to make water, there is a well. This will enable the city to be supplied with water. First you need to decide on the situation. We haven't seen the plant in three weeks, “he said.

It was previously reported that Chechen troops cleared the Severodonetsk industrial zone and the airport of nationalists. Now the area is completely under the control of LNR units.


Medvedev announced a “very harsh” response to Lithuania

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russia will take action in response to the Lithuanian ban on the transport of goods across its territory to the Kaliningrad region from Russia. Dmitry Medvedev, vice-president of the Security Council, told the Arguments and Facts newspaper.

“Russia will, of course, retaliate and be very tough,” he said. to cut off oxygen to the Baltic neighbors, who have taken hostile action '. In addition, Russia may apply asymmetric measures. This will lead to a critical escalation of the conflict. However, escalation is the wrong way, it will suffer ordinary citizens of Lithuania, whose standard of living, according to Medvedev, is “not the highest.”



Zelensky threatened to strike Transnistria


President Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyj said what Kyiv would do in the event of an attack from the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic of Moldova. According to him, the Ukrainian side will respond with a blow.

Zelensky stressed that a possible attack by the PMR would be a global mistake. At the same time, he noted that for Ukraine it would be just a slap in the face, but according to him, Kyiv would respond with a real blow. Zelenskyj said this after the results of negotiations with Moldovan President Maia Sandu.

Zelensky also said that Ukraine is the guarantor of a settlement of the Transnistria conflict. Kyiv will help Moldova in the future, according to the Politika Strana channel. Telep. Without being in the EU, the Moldovan authorities are “trying to please their new masters” and are ready to join the sanctions against Russia. According to him, in this case, Chisinau can be sure that he will not receive from the Russian Federation “not only” expensive “energy and other resources, but none at all.”

from Transnistria, Vadim Krasnoselsky, said that military action did not approach the borders of the region, but it still creates tension for the population. In the current context, he said, it was necessary to be pragmatic in order to be able to make informed decisions, and also “not to be subject to provocations, not to get involved in any conflict.”


Latvian politician announces NATO's first move to “conquer Kaliningrad”


Former Latvian Interior Minister Maris Gulbis said Lithuania's restriction on transit to the Kaliningrad region is a signal from NATO and the EU to Russia about the possibility of “taking Koenigsberg”. He said this on TV24.

“This is the first step by Europe and NATO to cut off Kaliningrad, the former capital of East Prussia, from Russia … I began to think that Europe understood very well what it was doing, “He said.” According to him, a clear signal was sent to the Russians – if you show off, we will take Koenigsberg.

The politician also said that Western leaders are now “too soft” compared to the former US. President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Gulbis believes that from the very beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden should have addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin with a statement: “Vladimir, we are now taking away Kaliningrad.”

Previously, Lithuania banned the transit of sanctioned goods through its territory. from Russia to the Kaliningrad region. Russia's Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakhar said that Lithuania had crossed enemy lines.


Kyiv marks the conditions for the inclusion of artists from the Russian Federation on the “white list”

Vera Brezhneva Photo: Liliya Sharlovskaya

List of requirements for artists from Russia on inclusion in the so-called “white list”. Anyone who gets there can stay in the Ukrainian broadcast.

According to the Ukrainian edition of on its Telegram channel, artists from Russia must submit an application on the prescribed form and a declaration in support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in internationally. recognized borders. It should include a call on Moscow to “stop aggression against Ukraine immediately.” There should also be an obligation to “refrain from any action or action that might indicate support for aggression against Ukraine.”

And these artists should not be on the list of persons who pose a threat to Ukraine's national security.

It was previously known that the Ukrainian authorities intend to create a “white list” of Russian artists. It will include celebrities who opposed Russia's special operation in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed a law banning the broadcasting of Russian music in the media and in public places. The document says that songs and videos of artists who are or were citizens of the Russian Federation after 1991 will be banned.