Ukrainian refugees set fire to their house in an attempt to burn the Russian flag


According to media reports and telegram channels , Ukrainian refugees in Wulfen, Germany, set fire to the Russian flag using a “Tesla transformer”. As a result, the Ukrainians allegedly burned down a house provided to them by the locals.

Subsequently, information appeared on the Internet that the report on the burned house was not true, and the video was removed by the media. . who originally published it.


Senator Klishas: the import substitution program has completely failed


Chairman of the Council Committee Andrei Klishas, ​​a federation for constitutional legislation, said the import substitution program had proved to be a complete failure.

“The import substitution program has completely failed. There is nothing but brilliant news from the industry departments, “Klishas said in his Telegram channel.

He specified that this can be seen in many areas and especially in consumer goods.

he talked about the fate of the captured Azov militants (recognized as terrorists in Russia and banned) on social networks. He called for them to be tried under the laws of the People's Republics in an open trial where they committed their crimes.


The APU brigade in Severodonetsk refused to obey Zelenský's orders

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Next division The The 115th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is deployed in Severodonetsk, has announced its refusal to conduct combat operations. The video was filmed by soldiers of the Third Battalion, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenský, as well as to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny.

Despite waiting two weeks for this reinforcement, they are “sent to death.” “We do not refuse to defend our homeland, but we want to have proper rear and proper command,” the Ukrainian army warned. They complained about the conditions under which they had to operate. According to security forces, “there is no way to carry out orders.” They added that the enemy had “higher power” removed them from the positions they had occupied from April 19 to May 3. As a result, the Ukrainian fighters had to flee to the rear, as the General Staff did not prepare a reserve position. The Ukrainian Armed Forces stressed that they could not conduct combat missions “due to their low moral and psychological condition.”


NI: Turkey cannot afford a conflict with Russia


In Turkish magazine The National Interest published an article by commentator Harun Karcik stating that Turkey cannot afford a conflict with Russia because the countries have close economic ties.

According to him, Turkey is supplied with 45% of Russia's gas supply, 70% – wheat and 17% – oil. He stressed that Rosatom is building the country's first nuclear power plant.

the highest level in 20 years, ”added Karchik.

Among other things, the tourist flow from Russia plays an important role for the Turkish economy. For example, last year it was 4.7 million visitors. This is 19% of the total number of passengers.

It is for these reasons that Turkey occupies a neutral position in relations with Russia and Ukraine.


Ukraine claims that Erdogan is “blackmailing” NATO


Ukrainian publicist Yuri Panchenko in an interview with European Pravda said Turkey's chief Recep Tayyip Erdogan was blackmailing NATO into lifting sanctions for buying Russian S-400s in exchange for attitudes over Sweden's and Finland's membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to him, more In 2019, she bought Ankara from Moscow four air defense systems for $ 2.5 billion. The White House has again imposed restrictive measures against Turkey.

“What are Erdogan's goals? Turkey's demand for arms sales is most likely a key target, “Panchenko said.” He said Ankara, like Hungary, wanted to make money on sanctions and planned to significantly increase the flow of tourists from Russia.


Matvienko advised Europe to “turn across the Atlantic”

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Federation President Russian Council In an interview with reporters, Valentina Matvienko recalled the famous “Atlantic crossing” carried out on March 24, 1999 by Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, who flew on an official visit to the United States to protest the bombing of Yugoslavia.

that Europe should do something similar in its foreign policy.

“With this turn … Russia has finally opted for an independent foreign policy aimed at protecting national interests and its sovereignty … It seems to me that today's Europe should make its own turnaround across the Atlantic, “the president of the Federation Council recommended.

The West now feels that there is some timelessness, and there are no politicians who are absolute “Independents … who could make responsible decisions … I'm not sure if today's European politicians can take their eyes off them, stop lagging behind the United States,” Matvienko summed up. p>


The Russian consulate general has opened a bank account in Houston

Russian diplomats managed to solve the problem by US authorities “The problems with the US bank have been solved through the efforts of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy in the United States,” said Russian Consul General Alexander Zacharov.

At the end of April, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov announced that Bank of America had closed the accounts of Russian consulates in Houston and New York. At the same time, other US banks refused to serve Russian diplomatic missions. Later, the US Citibank opened an account in New York for diplomats.


NATO aircraft will take part in the largest military exercise in Estonia


Estonian Defense Forces Press Office sent a message announcing the participation of NATO countries in Siil 2022.

Note that Siil 2022, which began on May 16 and will last until June 3, promises to be the largest military maneuvers in the country. The purpose of the exercise is to test combat readiness and international cooperation in response to various threats.

“Estonian Air Force helicopters as well as air forces of Belgium, Great Britain, Spain. Czech Republic, “the report said.

& nbsp;


Azovstal collapsed: 785 people surrendered in a day

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Commander of the militia battalion DLR “East”; Alexander Khodakovsky said that on May 18 from the territory of the Mariupol plant “Azovstal” 785 Ukrainian soldiers came out.

Yesterday six hundred, today almost eight hundred only in our sector … & quot; – wrote on its channel Telegram.

On Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that 694 people had left the race in the last day, a total of 959 soldiers had given up since May. 16. It was also reported that about 80 of them were injured, hospitalized in a New Asian hospital in the DLR.

Tattoos and crutches: shots of new capitulates from Azovstal >

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Three Russian prisoners managed to withdraw from Azovstal

video clip

Three Russian prisoners from Azovstal surfaced along with the capitulating members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. & nbsp; This was reported by blogger and military commander Maxim Fomin.

Earlier Russian and Donetsk sources said that there were exactly three Russians in the Ukrainian army. race – two officers and one soldier. It is not yet known exactly who he is.

Today, according to the commander of the Vostok DPR battalion, Alexander Chodakovsky of Azovstal 785, he surrendered. However, the commanders of the “Azov” nationalists (banned in the Russian Federation, recognized as terrorists) are still in prison. ; “>

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