Putin crosses the last Rubicon: we are on the verge of something unprecedented

Behind the president's promise “It's not a bluff!”

Gaius Julius Caesar, from whom the expression actually comes, once crossed the Rubicon. Vladimir Putin has done this many times. The starting presidential Rubicon took place in 2014 – at the time of the reunification of Russia and Crimea and the beginning of the uprising in Donbass. Putin's second Rubicon is, of course, February 2022. And finally, we are watching the third crossing of the President of the Russian Federation across the “river of destiny” right now in real time – in the last ten days of September and possibly in the first ten days of October.< /p>

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In today's news stream, for completely understandable and logical reasons, he had the strongest impact on the mood of the country Vladimir Putin's decree on partial mobilization. However, this ordinance — only one element of a large package of solutions, of which only a part is currently known to the public.

The Russian leader clearly formulated a fundamentally new political strategy. In the coming days, weeks at the most, we will learn exactly what this strategy is.

Dmitrij Medvedev — a figure with a not quite defined position in the Russian power hierarchy. On the one hand, he is a member of the highest political leadership of the state, the only representative of Vladimir Putin himself in the Security Council. On the other hand, Dmitry Anatolyevich — the owner of a position specially created for him, which, strictly speaking, is not absolutely necessary. This raises the problem of interpreting his statements. 

In what capacity does he act — a spokesman for the official position of Moscow, or even an extremely high-ranking, but still commentator? Here, for example, is what is contained in the last & nbsp; records  Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram channel:

“1. Referendums will be held and the republics of Donbass and other territories will be accepted into Russia. 

2. The protection of all united territories will be significantly strengthened by the Russian armed forces.

3. Russia has announced that not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons based on new principles, can be used for such protection. idiots with general stripes” who “shouldn't scare us with talk of a NATO strike on Crimea”. It seems to me that he has already said the most important thing.

But this is not the only and not the most important problem when interpreting the statements of the top officials of the Russian state.

“I want to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction and for individual components &mdassh; and more modern than those of NATO countries. And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. This is not a bluff.

The citizens of Russia can be sure that the territorial integrity of our homeland, our independence and freedom will be ensured, I emphasize this again, by all the means at our disposal. And those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind rose can turn in their direction as well. — these lines from Vladimir Putin's address to the people two days ago have been quoted so often that many have learned them almost by heart. But what exactly does the presidential signal mean to the official Kyiv and NATO countries? 

I want to remind you that after adding up the official results of the referendums and other relevant procedures from the point of view of Russian legislation, Donetsk, Melitopol and Zaporizhia will become exactly the same parts of our country such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Kaliningrad. .

Of course, Ukraine does not recognize the new status quo and will not give up trying to regain its “lost territories” by military means. Now, however, the Kremlin will interpret such attempts as an attempt to, to quote Putin verbatim, “the territorial integrity of our homeland, our independence and freedom.”

The question is, how exactly will such interventions be stopped? Part of the answer to this question is contained in the very fact that the presidential decree on partial mobilization has appeared. But is this partial answer really complete and the only one? 

Today, I would not dare to give at least some unequivocal answer to this question. Vladimir Putin retained a very wide freedom of maneuver in his decision-making — perhaps the most fatal decision in the modern history of our (and not only our) country.

At the moment, there are no formal signs that the Russian authorities are ready to abandon the term “special military operation”. But here is a fragment of Vladimir Putin's recent speech, which has already become no less famous: “In Washington, London and Brussels, they are directly pressuring Kyiv to move military operations to our territory. They no longer hide and say that Russia should be defeated by all means on the battlefield, followed by the deprivation of political, economic, cultural, in general, any sovereignty, with the complete looting of our country.

This is definitely stopped. using such a serious, but at the same time rather local and limited measure, as a “special military operation”? I highly doubt that.

Turkish President Erdogan recently stated that Vladimir Putin wants to end the Ukrainian conflict as soon as possible. I fully trust the political insiders and the political instincts of the Turkish leader on this matter. 

But is it necessary to add that the president of the Russian Federation wants to end this conflict on his own terms as soon as possible? It could very well happen that I don't understand something and I misinterpret something. In the end, only Putin himself and the members of his closest circle have all the knowledge about Putin's intentions.

I will therefore speak very carefully and precisely. Quite possibly — it is possible, not guaranteed, that we are fast approaching something very fateful. For example, at a time when official Kyiv under the pressure of force majeure circumstances & nbsp; he will still be forced to make a clear choice. But in any case, we are definitely on the verge of something unprecedented — it is not clear what exactly, but exactly what the living generations of citizens of the Russian Federation have not encountered so far.  

Bright shots of the referendums in the LDNR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions appeared

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Serbia refused to recognize the results of the referendums in Donbass

Nikola Selakovich. Photo: Wikipedia.org.

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic said that Belgrade will not recognize the results of the referendums on joining the Russian Federation, which are taking place in the territories of Ukraine controlled by Russian troops – in the DLR, LLR, Kherson Oblast and Zaporozhye.


Selakovic noted to the journalist that in this matter the Serbian authorities will follow the UN Charter and the generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

According to him, the Republic of Serbia accordingly “cannot accept the results of the referendum in the Ukrainian regions.”< /p>


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Germans “did not speak” after Scholz's gas price remarks

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in a weekly video news that energy prices should fall. His words outraged the readers of the German publication Die Welt.

One of the participants in the discussion emphasized that the man who raised prices with his energy policy is now demanding their reduction.

“After such statements, one can lose the gift of speech!” wrote.

Another commenter supported him. He noted that the country was on the road to poverty just a year after the new government came to power. Moreover, it is not clear why entire concepts of life are crumbling into dust.

Users were outraged by the “screams” of Scholz, who inflated the prices with unnecessary penalties. Some have admitted that they can no longer see him.

Since the beginning of the NWO, the West has imposed seven packages of anti-Russian sanctions on Ukraine. Including the import of coal and oil.

Olaf Scholz already caused indignation among his fellow citizens yesterday. He said Germany “could see through the winter months” because Berlin has gas reserves. The Germans remarked that in his place “they would have fallen to the ground.”

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The Daily Mail called for an end to the Ukrainian conflict after Putin's words

London. Photo: Pixabay.com

Analyst Peter Hitchens published an article in the Daily Mail in which he said that we should try to end the conflict that is going on in Ukraine. He emphasized that it is necessary to listen with all seriousness to the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, that the independence and territorial integrity of Russia will be protected by all available means.

“The conflict in Ukraine has already brought the world much closer to a real nuclear war,” he writes Hitchens, saying that the current Western policy of military support for Ukraine is old and controversial.

The author explicitly states that he calls on the British as a people and a nation to start discussing this in a mature way and not consider that the current policy is ” the only right or patriotic one”.

Hitchens also wonders why the UK continues to send arms to Kiev, even though the kingdom's budget is “stretched to the limit”. In addition, he points out that his own army has been short of money, men and equipment for many years.

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Kiva promised Scholz the division of Germany

Ilya Kiva. Photo: Wikipedia.org.

Former Verkhovna Rada deputy Ilya Kiva wrote in his Telegram channel that Germany could be divided due to military support for Ukraine and opposition to Russia.

“Scholz does not know that the war launched by the West against Russia will end in collapse of Europe,” wrote a former representative of the Ukrainian people.

Kiva added that Germany can expect to break up into East and West.

According to a policy report, this could happen in 2030. At the same time , as Kiva emphasizes in its statement, before that the denazification of the Baltic states and “Russophobic Poland” is expected.

Kiva responded to the words of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz criticizing the Russian special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

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Volodin urged to correct mistakes during the mobilization

Viačeslav Volodin. Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said that if there was a mistake in the partial mobilization, it should be corrected.

He noted in his Telegram that it is very important that the partial mobilization takes place in accordance with federal laws, decrees of the President of Russia, as well as decrees of the Russian government and orders of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

According to Volodin, appeals are accepted because different situations arise. “It is correct to deal with each case separately. If there is a mistake, it needs to be corrected,” emphasized the chairman of the State Duma.

The politician noted that partial mobilization cannot be dealt with formally. , from the combat effectiveness of the RF Armed Forces and solving the tasks of special operations.

He called on Russians to report if they encounter violations of the norms of decrees, laws or by-laws. Volodin warned that at all levels, “authorities must understand their responsibility.”

“We will certainly respond to requests. We will not leave anyone alone with problems,” assured Volodin.

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Scholz was asked to deal with pressure on referendum observers in Zaporozhye

Photo: Social networks

Chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia, Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Main Council of Administration of the Zaporizhia region, turned to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and asked for the protection of a German citizen who came to the referendum as an observer.

Rogov noted that German citizen Steffen Bruno Schaller arrived at referendum as an observer, at his own expense and in his spare time.

“Now in his homeland, pressure is being put on his employer,” Rogov said, urging. Scholz to intervene.

Rogov also noted that Schaller regularly participates in elections in various countries, and in the Zaporozhye region he managed to convince himself of the falsity of Ukrainian propaganda.

The referendum on secession from Ukraine and the accession to the Russian Federation take place in the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, as well as in the uncontrolled Kiev near the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. Voting will continue for five days, until September 27.

Ukrainian authorities have asked the UN to hold an emergency meeting of the Security Council in connection with the referendums. The meeting is scheduled for September 27 at 22:00 (Moscow time).

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In Kazakhstan, the number of Russians who entered and left the republic was named

Photo: Global Look Press

Since the beginning of the year 2022 1.66 million Russian citizens entered Kazakhstan, 1.64 million remain. Such data were provided by the Migration Service Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs.

regarding the increase in immigration of citizens of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Kazakhstan “.

In addition, the Committee assured that the Republic has an effective migration control system.

< p>Since the beginning of the year for violating the migration legislation of Kazakhstan attracted 3.2 thousand Russians or 0.2 percent of the total number of Russian citizens who entered the country.

It should also be noted that Russians, like others citizens of the EAEU, may stay on the territory of Kazakhstan for 90 calendar days from the day of crossing the state border of the republics.

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Ukrainian armed forces shelled Nova Kachovka again

Photo: Global Look Press

New Kakhovka in The Kherson region is shelled again. There were 10 air bursts. The city's military-civilian administration reports on its Telegram channel that the Russian air defense system worked.

The public reports that an air raid siren went off at 4 a.m. It should be noted that today is the first. The day before there were eight such operations.

For almost a month, since August 28, the armed forces of Ukraine have been intensively shelling several settlements in the Kherson region. including Novaya Kakhovka. Most of the residential buildings in the city were damaged. social infrastructure and schools were destroyed.

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Lavrov spoke about the discovery of graves in Izyum

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the discovery of graves in the Ukrainian Izyum. He emphasized that the Ukrainian authorities showed a cemetery with ordinary graves. These were not mass graves.

The Russian minister pointed out that each grave had an Orthodox cross. This means that people were buried and “Ukrainians began to dig them up.” In addition, Lavrov pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities did not allow foreign journalists to visit the cemetery.

On September 14, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy recorded a video message in English. He said a mass grave was allegedly discovered in Izyum. Subsequently, the chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov said that the burials in Izyum can only be mass graves of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine abandoned on the battlefield.

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