Arestovič explained the absence of an announced mass missile attack on Ukraine

Arestovich answered why Russia did not carry out a massive missile attack on Nezalezhnaya, which was announced by many members of the public on the web.


Advisor to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Alexey Arestovich in an interview with a journalist, expressed his opinion why the announced by some did not take place Telegram – channels of a massive missile attack on Nezalezhnaya.

According to him, Russian planes are really in the air for at least 4.5 hours over the territory of Ukraine.

“We expected a strike, but it did not cause a strike. They detected our air defenses, they were watching how we would react,” – the president's adviser said.


Washington is not ready to transfer F-16 fighters to Ukraine

According to Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder, the transfer of American fighters The F-16 on the Ukrainian side is not an immediate priority for Washington.

“As for combat aviation, we are thinking about it as a possible investment in the Ukrainian armed forces, we are thinking about its maintenance, as well as the training process Ukrainian pilots. So it's not an immediate priority for us when considering the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” — he said during a briefing.

Previously, former NATO Supreme Joint Chiefs of Staff James Stavridis said NATO members are discussing sending MiG-29 and F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.


Medvedev identified NATO as the target of the Russian armed forces in the case of Patriot deliveries to Ukraine

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

If NATO supplies Ukraine with Patriot complexes with personnel NATO, the alliance will immediately become a legitimate target of the Russian armed forces. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, stated this on his Telegram channel.

Shortly before, the ex-prime minister left another post. In it, he stated that “the civilized world does not need” NATO. He pointed out that the “arrogant upstarts of NATO” had forgotten the coup d'état carried out by their organization around the world, as well as the deposed heads of state. Moreover, they forgot about “supplying weapons to all kinds of scum, zoological degenerates and extremist regimes.” Medvedev added that NATO has repeatedly demonstrated its “purely closed corporate nature” since its inception. According to him, it acted only in the interests of “a handful of Anglo-Saxon countries and their henchmen.”

As a result, as Medvedev is sure, “the civilized world does not need this organization. ” In his opinion, it should “repent before humanity and be dissolved as a criminal entity.”

Meanwhile, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, representatives of the alliance are discussing the possibility of supplying Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine. He emphasized also that he considers the continuous supply of weapons to Kyiv to be the only way to achieve peace in Ukraine.


The reason for the hospitalization of Belarusian opposition leader Kolesnikova has been named

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In Telegram- The channel of opposition Belarusian politician Maria Kolesnikova named the reason why she was hospitalized on November 28. As it turned out, she was transferred to a surgical pathology hospital.

On Monday, she underwent surgery. He is currently in stable, serious condition with improvement. As early as November 30, she should be transferred to the surgical department.

Earlier it was reported that the oppositionist Maria Kolesnikova was in the intensive care unit in Belarus. She was taken to an ambulance in Gomel.

Maria Kolesnikova was sentenced by the court to 11 years in prison. The politician was a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Opposition and the election staff of ex-presidential candidate Babarik. She was charged with conspiracy to seize power, as well as calling for a power grab and creating an extremist organization. The activist did not admit guilt.


NATO countries have agreed to help Ukraine rebuild its infrastructure


NATO Foreign Ministers at a meeting in Bucharest, they agreed to help Ukraine restore critical infrastructure and protect against missile attacks. This is stated in a statement after the meeting.

Ministers said that NATO countries will strengthen political and practical support for Kyiv.

“We will support Ukraine in its efforts to restore its energy infrastructure and protect its population from missile attacks,” the statement said.

They also said they would continue to uphold the “open door” policy and earlier decisions on Ukraine and Georgia's potential NATO membership.


Let us remind you that the meeting of foreign ministers was organized in Romania and its continuation is also planned for Wednesday.


A resolution was presented to the Italian Parliament on the expansion of arms supplies to Ukraine

Representatives of the Brothers of Italy, League and “Forward, Italy” submitted A joint resolution to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, according to which it is proposed to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine in 2023.

The document proposes to extend the authorization for the transfer of military equipment, materials and equipment to Ukraine until December 31, 2023. The resolution also refers to increasing Italy's national defense spending to 2 percent of GDP and continuing work to create an EU armed force.

Members of the Left-Green Alliance have called for an immediate halt to arms supplies to Ukraine.


Psychiatrists strike quietly in Paris

Source: screenshot

Psychiatrists strike in Paris, RIA Novosti news . Given the general economic difficulties in the EU, no one sees this as a surprise.

The main reasons that have forced doctors to leave their jobs and leave with passwords are the lack of staff, which naturally leads to an increase in the burden on the working staff, and the lack of funds for the treatment of patients.

Doctors' strikes were also recorded in Madrid – primary care doctors are dissatisfied with the working conditions there.


Stoltenberg announced the colossal damage caused by missile attacks on Ukraine


General NATO Minister Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine suffered huge damage due to the missile attacks. As a result, he promised to mobilize more aid. NATO allies have already delivered generators and spare parts to help the Ukrainian side. According to him, this will help “restore its destroyed energy infrastructure.”

Russian troops launched missile attacks on Ukraine's military administration, energy and communications facilities on October 10. This happened two days after the explosion on the Crimean bridge. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was a reaction to the terrorist actions of the Kyiv regime.

On November 15, the Russian armed forces launched a massive attack on the military command and control system of Ukraine, as and related energy facilities. As noted by the Ukrainian media, it was the largest single missile strike since the beginning of the NMD. After that, the Russian armed forces carried out several massive missile attacks on the infrastructure of Ukraine.


Peskov spoke about Putin's attitude to Kudrin's resignation from the Accounting Chamber

Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Vladimir Putin received resignation letter presented by the head of the Chamber of Accounts Alexei Kudrin. According to him, the president has not met with Kudrin in person in the near future and is not planning to, however, the official had the opportunity to submit his resignation to the head of state. >

In response to a question about Putin's emotions after receiving his resignation from a man he had worked for for many years, a Kremlin spokesman said that “in such situations there is almost no room for an emotional reaction.” Peskov recalled that Kudrin himself noted in his statement that “he intends to focus on large projects that affect a large number of people.” “So some interference with the state will inevitably happen,” he emphasized.

Aleksey Kudrin wrote on his Telegram channel that he resigned from the post of head of the Accounting Chamber and explained that he wanted to work on projects related to “the development of private initiatives in in a broad sense” and having a significant influence on people.

Kudrin specified that he submitted a request to the president in the prescribed manner.

Earlier, sources from state press agencies said that Kudrin can accept a post in Yandex.


He explained the significance of strikes at railway junctions in Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Strikes by the Russian Army about railway junctions in Ukraine have an impact on the situation on the line of contact, military expert Vasily Dandykin shared his opinion in an interview with Izvestia.

equipment, ammunition and other equipment.

According to Dandykin, such actions of the Russian of the armed forces prevents Ukrainian troops from regrouping, transporting equipment for repairs to the rear and to European countries, and delivering ammunition to the line of contact.