Parliament recommended that MEPs ride armored cars

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Ukrainian politicians should They should move in armored vehicles and carry weapons with them. This was stated by Deputy Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the party “Opposition Platform – for Life” Ilya Kiva. This is how the politician reacted to the assassination attempt on the first assistant to Ukrainian President Serhiy Shefir by publishing a corresponding post on the Telegram.

Recall that the car of the presidential aide was previously fired Kiev. More than ten shots hit Shefir's car. Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are investigating the attack.

Kiva's representative again described the incident as a new phase of political struggle, which consists in the physical destruction of political opponents. . “I highly recommend that politicians turn to armor and carry weapons so that they do not become easy prey,” Ilya Kiva emphasized.


The new State Duma will meet for its first session on October 5 or 7

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Source in the faction ” United Russia “named the possible dates when the new composition of the State Duma will meet for the first plenary session.

“Two dates are possible – October 5 or 7, the exact date is still not,” he said.

The source added that he would not postpone the meeting, because the draft budget will be submitted to the State Duma by October 1.

“In fact, everything was calculated. The CEC will finally issue a verdict by the end of the week. There is nothing to wait for “, – added the representative of” ER “.


Satanovsky reveals why Erdogan repeats to Putin about Crimea

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Political Scientist, President of the Center “Institute for the Middle East” Yevgeny Satanovsky explained to the Telegram channel “Radiotochka NSN” why Turkish President Recep Erdogan continues to publicly deny the territorial affiliation of Crimea to Russia.

Recall that Erdogan had previously said that the peninsula had been “annexed” and that Ankara intended to defend Ukraine's territorial integrity. After these words, President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked his Turkish colleague.

Satanovsky stressed that there is a paradox in this situation – Erdogan personally has a very good relationship with Vladimir Putin, but the Turkish leader still believes that the Crimea belongs to the Turkey. This is despite the fact that Russia has conquered Crimea and other territories in more than a dozen wars with the Ottoman Empire. “But this does not mean that the collapse of the USSR would not be perceived in Turkey as a historical opportunity,” the political scientist explained.

Recall that this is not the first time that Erdogan talks about Ukrainian ownership of the Crimea. A number of Turkish politicians have also drawn attention to the situation with the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula, which they consider to be a related nation of the Turks.


Puskov responded to demands to increase gas supplies through Ukraine

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Senator Alexei Pushkov replied in the words of Foreign Ministry adviser Amos Hochstein, who demanded that Russia increase gas supplies via Ukraine to Europe.

“What Russia should and should not decide for Russia itself, and certainly not for the bureaucrats of the state of the Department”, – Pushkov wrote in his telegram channel.

He noted that gas supply is a complex equation that needs to be resolved through negotiations and compromises. Those who think differently should “learn diplomacy.” The reason was the lack of own energy reserves in European countries.


Moscow has decided to recalculate the results of the electronic vote

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Votes will count in Moscow, voters received during an online vote. Following this process, which will be completed by September 27, & nbsp; all data publicly available & mdash; on the web and on social networks, said the head of the Moscow public election observation center Alexei Venediktov.

Voting in the State Duma elections took place in Russia from September 17 to 19. By decision of the Central Electoral Commission, online voting took place in six regions of the country. In addition to Moscow, residents of Kursk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Murmansk and Rostov, as well as Sevastopol, had the opportunity to vote via the Internet. & Nbsp;

The results of the electronic voting were published after the CEC processed all the paper tickets.

Earlier, the CEC of Russia published a breakdown of the number of seats in the State Duma of the new convocation. & quot; United Russia & quot; as a result of the election, it won 324 seats. The Communist Party will have 57 seats. & quot; Just Russia – for the truth & quot; will take 27 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party – 21, and the New People – 13.


The main items of US defense budget spending have become known

“Be prepared for firm defense budgets in “The coming years,” Raytheon Technologies CEO Greg Hayes told Morgan Stanely at an investor conference this week. During a meeting at the Pentagon, Defense Department officials told Hayes “to plan for relatively stable inflation-adjusted budgets.

Meanwhile, Boeing's annual market forecast predicts “Boeing's aerospace and $ 9 trillion markets for services and services over the next decade.” Of this, about $ 2.6 trillion goes to the defense and space markets. “These large and stable markets have strong demand driven by geopolitical and security challenges,” the report said. “This expenditure projection continues to reflect the continued importance of military aircraft, autonomous systems, satellites, spacecraft and other products for national and international defense, with 40 percent of expenditure expected outside the United States.”

Defense exports between 2019 and 2020 fell 17 percent, according to a new report by the Association of the Aerospace Industry. Defense exports, which include military aircraft, space systems, missiles and other equipment, amounted to $ 13.7 billion.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the latest 30-year plan to build a Navy with a fleet of 398 to 512 manned and unmanned vessels will cost taxpayers $ 25 to $ 33 billion a year. Over the past five years, the Navy has spent $ 23 billion a year on shipbuilding projects.

The US Chamber of Government accounts believes the Pentagon is preparing relatively well and is in line with current resolutions: funding measures that freeze spending at the previous year's level. The Pentagon launched 11 of the last 12 fiscal years in the Czech Republic – 2019 was the only year in which legislators approved measures for appropriation before October 1.

While today's US military is close to its lowest military strength since the end of World War II, personnel costs are at historically high levels, especially the cost of maintaining contingents in Iraq and Afghanistan, “he said in his new cost report. to military personnel Seamus Daniels from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.


He revealed how technology abandoned in Afghanistan reveals US secrets

Even off equipment now in the hands of the Taliban will provide a wealth of information how the United States creates and uses weapons, writes Defense One.

China will probably be the ultimate winner of the two decades of the war in Afghanistan, the daily claims. The aircraft and armored vehicles left over from the US withdrawal will provide China with knowledge of how the US military is building and using some of its most important war tools. The Chinese military is expected to seize this unexpected opportunity to create and export new generations of weapons and tactics adapted to US vulnerabilities to client countries. This radical view has been expressed by several US military experts.

Even the relatively primitive command, control, and communications equipment found in vehicles left behind by the United States on runways and airports carries much information about the technology. These are specially crafted items that are protected from hacker attacks.

“The only reason we don't see any more attacks on military equipment at the moment is the veil of secrecy surrounding these systems,” said Josh Lospinoso, CEO of Shift5, a cybersecurity company.

Lospinoso spent ten years in the military conducting penetration tests on radios, small computers and other IT equipment commonly used in Afghanistan.

Radio and communications equipment remained on board the Afghan Air Force C-130 captured by the Taliban. The Pentagon has made sure the device is not working properly. But the enemy, with time and will, can break them down one by one.

“You now have some or all of the electronic components in this system and this is a representative lab; it is a platform for creating, testing and repeating cyberattacks, where an attacker could have had very difficult times, “said Lospinoso.

Georgina Shih, who spent five years at MITER and helped the Pentagon research and test new technologies, said the loss of key equipment “reveals everything we do in the US Department of Defense: our action plans, how we set things, how to protect them . This gives them unlimited time and access to search for vulnerabilities we may not even be aware of. “It's not just a Hummer.” It's not just a vehicle that takes you from point A to point B. This is a Humvee full of radios, technology, cryptosystems, everything we don't want our rivals to take over, “said Shi, now Chief Technology Officer at the Defense Fund's Transformation Innovation Lab. democracy.

Of particular concern are electronic countermeasures or ECMs, which are used to detect improvised explosive devices.

“Imagine the research and development that has been put into developing an ECM device to combat improvised explosive devices,” said Peter Christensen, former director of the U.S. military's national cyberspace. “Now our opponents have them.” They will have the software and hardware that is part of this system. But also develop the ability to defeat or reduce the effectiveness of these ECM devices. “

According to Shi's device, which was” demilitarized “or” deactivated, “as described by US officials, abandoned planes and vehicles can still reveal secrets.

Once an attacker gains physical control of a device, there is little to prevent it from detecting its vulnerabilities, and Shi says that there are always vulnerabilities.

In accordance with current purchasing procedures, most new protections are not tested for vulnerabilities until the end of the design process. Testers often spend too little time on extensive testing.


The Polish president says there is a lack of solidarity during the pandemic


President of Poland Andrzej Speaking at a general political debate at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly (GA), Duda said that countries in the northern part of the world did not show sufficient solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Were we solidarity enough? Did they behave as they should in the fight against the virus? Have we helped each other as the basic moral instinct of man requires of us? I have serious doubts about that, “he said.

The Polish president said more than 4.5 million people had died since the beginning of the pandemic.

” I am convinced that some countries in the rich north have as Poland, which has donated 6 million doses of vaccines, even to our partners in the south, but that was enough to fill the apparent gap in access to the vaccines that some countries use – am I useless while others are not available? that our part of humanity still has something to blame, “concluded Duda.


Zelensky: Ukraine is ready to consult with EU Nord Stream 2


The press service of the office of Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky published a statement that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing for energy security consultations in connection with the completion of the construction of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Ursula von der Leyen on the sidelines of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly.

“ President Zelenský said that Ukraine expects official consultations on the Nord Stream 2 program in the near future and other issues related to the monopolization of the European gas market in Russia, & # 39; & # 39; the report states.


Erdogan reminded the UN that Turkey does not recognize Russian Crimea


Turkish President Recep Erdogan during his speech he told the UN General Assembly that Ankara supports Ukraine's territorial integrity and does not recognize Crimea's entry into the Russian Federation. He stressed that he considers the transition of the peninsula to Russia to be an “annexation” – Kremlin secretary Dmitry Peskov expressed hope that the position of the Turkish party would change. Meanwhile, Moscow does not approve, Peskov said.