Polish President Duda unexpectedly admitted that Putin did not lose the war

Andrzej Duda. Photo: Wikipedia.org.

Polish President Andrzej Duda unexpectedly announced that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has not lost a single war.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Vladimir Putin has not lost a single war”, – Duda said in an interview with the CEO of Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, Almar Latour. Information about this meeting is published on the website of the President of Poland.

He commented on the rumors heard in the West that Vladimir Putin has allegedly already lost the conflict due to the fact that Finland joined NATO.

Duda also he noted that Moscow has a clear superiority over Ukrainian forces, so it cannot be said that Russia is losing.

“It is increasingly mobilized and its economy is moving into war gear,” &ndash ; added the Polish president.

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Danilov announced a Storm Shadow missile attack on the Crimean bridge

Alexey Danilov. Photo: A still from the video.

Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov confirmed on TV channel 24 that the armed forces of Ukraine may use British Storm Shadow missiles to attack the Crimean bridge. At the same time, he did not reveal the timing of when this might happen, noting that the military will do it when it is sure of the success of its actions.

“Where our military uses them is our strategy, that is the tactic that our armed forces carry out,” said Danilov, speaking about the use of these missiles.

He added that the Ukrainian military knows which objects to hit first and which “second, third, fourth, fifth.”

“The time will come for all the objects that will pose a threat to us,” Danilov said, urging us to take our time and prepare carefully, especially in complex issues, so that there is a 100% result.< /p>

Let us remind , that the Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly reported that Russian air defense systems have begun to intercept British Storm Shadow missiles fired by the Ukrainian military. Today, at a briefing, it was announced that in the last day, air defense systems intercepted 12 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and one long-range Storm Shadow missile, and also destroyed 11 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Prigozhin suggested general mobilization in Russia

Photo: Global Appearance Press

“Next will be difficult,” that's why a general mobilization of Russians is necessary, said PMC “Wagner” founder Evgeny Prigozhin.

"My prediction– we will get to Kiev if they give us as many people as we need,” he said – Prigogine. And he gave the numbers. 200 thousand people – with the aim of first liberating Donbas and then one and a half to two years – and Kiev.

"You ask how to get to Kiev? I answer, – said Chief Wagner. – Mobilize the whole company, turn on the full lever of the production of all ammunition, weapons, and ndash; well, that means make the planned production of all ammunition.

We must immediately declare mobilization, Prigogine demands, emphasizing, that the infrastructure for mobilization is not needed. The fact itself is important. 

"If we continue to fight– and we continue to fight, – we need to attract people at least for training now”, – concluded Prigogine.

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“A lot of noise”: revealed what Russia did with the APU in one fell swoop

AT: Russia hit storage of Storm shadow missiles in Khmelnytskyi region

Photo: Global Look Press

A strike by the Russian Air Force on the Starokonstantinov military airfield in the Khmelnytsky region caused serious damage and destroyed Storm Shadow fighters and Times missiles, writes Asia (AT ).< /p>

According to the author of the article, Stephen Brian, on May 29, the Russians attacked the 7th Tactical Air Force Brigade, which is located in Starokonstantinov. Five Su-24s were damaged or destroyed, and the Storm Shadow missile storage was damaged, an observer told the publication details.

The publication says there is no information yet on whether this unit is the only one equipped with the Storm Shadow, but Either way, the loss of the planes and missiles is a colossal blow to the Ukrainian side, which has caused “a lot of noise”.

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Satellite images of the military intelligence headquarters of Ukraine released after the Russian strike

Ukraine.ru: satellite images of the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine were published after the attack by the armed forces of the Russian Federation

Photo: Global Look Press

Satellite images of the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have been published on the web. A comparative montage of photos taken on May 25 and 30 was published by Ukraina.ru.

As stated, either the GUR building really flew very seriously and filled their bunker, or they began to repair and dig in a large amount of land in the yard and in the parking lot.

Information about the attack on the GUR building appeared earlier. Initially, Telegram channels pointed to blocked traffic in the area of ​​the intelligence office, which some media associated with the strike of Russian troops.

After the Russian Ministry of Defense announced strikes on the central decision – to make points in Ukraine. The military department said that in the affected centers “under the guidance of specialists from Western intelligence agencies” it was planned to carry out terrorist attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Four people were killed in shelling in the LPR

LPR authorities: four people were killed in the shelling of a poultry farm in the village of Karpaty

photo: given

This was stated on Wednesday by the representation of the republic at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine.

At night on May 31, 2023, the armed forces of Ukraine shelled the village of Karpaty in the Perevalsky district.

The building of the poultry farm was damaged, people were killed and injured.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the LPR died due to the shelling Leonid Pasechnik decided to turn off mobile internet in the region.

The purpose of the measure is to ensure people's safety, Pasechnik stressed.

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Sniper group “South”: Russian troops in DNI advance

Photo: pixabay.com

Sniper “South » the group of troops said that in the Donetsk direction, Russian military personnel are constantly moving forward. The enemy is making many mistakes.

According to him, the tactics of the armed forces of Ukraine are not changing. They have a large number of untrained soldiers who make many mistakes.

“We are catching the enemy on these mistakes. In general, we are gradually moving forward,” added the Russian fighter.

He specified that his sniper unit recently managed to destroy two armored vehicles of the Armed Forces with an ASVK rifle of Ukraine.< /p>

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Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “South”: Russia is preparing a strong attack on the fleet and the Shahids

Armed forces of Ukraine expect a strong attack by the Russian fleet and Shahid

Photo: Global Look Press

According to the Telegram channel of volunteers, volunteers and war correspondents Operation Z: Military Commissars of the Russian Spring, the head of the press center of the Operation Command “South” Natalya Gumenyuk said about a possible strong attack from Russia.

According to her, we can talk about a strong combined strike of the fleet and Shahid ammunition.

“The Russian Federation has not used missiles at sea for a long time, therefore it can prepare a combined attack using Kalibr drones and kamikaze,” said Gumenyuk.

She added that the total salvo from the ship could reach 16 missiles.

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Telegraph: Erdogan's re-election destroyed the EU's claims to the role of superpower

Photo: Global Look Press

Turkey re-election President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been dealt a blow by the EU's claim to be a global superpower, the Telegraph article notes.

The article points out that Brussels has recently tried to persuade Turkey to join the EU, but Erdogan's presidency complicates prospects for strengthening ties with Europe.

“Brussels can only curse the day it decided that Turkey could become a full member of the alliance. The re-election of Erdogan for a five-year term poses a serious challenge to the EU and undermines its status as a self-proclaimed superpower with soft power, comparable to American or Chinese,” the author writes.

According to the chairman of Turkey's High Election Commission, Ahmet Yener, Erdogan won the second round of the presidential election with more than 52% of the vote. The final results of the election will be published no earlier than 1 .June.

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Ukraine has promised the UN Security Council that it will not lead to nuclear incidents in the IAEA

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

President Ukraine at the UN Serhiy Kyslytsya promised at a meeting of the UN Security Council that the Ukrainian authorities would never take steps that could trigger a nuclear incident at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

“We have never backed down and we will. never resort to any steps that could lead to a nuclear incident at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant,” said a Ukrainian official.

Previously, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, called for a ban on reactor strikes , spent fuel, critical infrastructure and personnel of the Zaporizhzhya NPP and also proposed policies to ensure the safety of the plant, including a ban on shooting at the plant. Kislytsya said that Ukrainian authorities have taken note of the IAEA's suggestions. He also called for “demilitarization and de-occupation” as well as the return of the ZNPP to the full control of Ukraine.

On May 27, the head of the Zaporozhye public movement “We are together with Russia,” Volodymyr Rogov, said that the rotation of the IAEA monitoring mission in Zaporozhye The nuclear power plant was disrupted by the fault of the Ukrainian regime. He said the rotation was scheduled for May 25, then postponed by a day at the request of the Ukrainian authorities and finally canceled by the Ukrainian side. According to him, on the eve of the arrival of new members of the mission, Ukrainian armed formations fired heavy weapons at the village of Vasiljevka, through which IAEA delegations arrive at the station. Later, he wrote in his Telegram channel that representatives of the Anglo-Saxon world are inciting Kiev to shell the ZNPP.

The IAEA mission has been in the ZNPP since September of last year. Since then, there have been seven rotations of mission representatives, the last at the end of April.

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