After the Canadian Nazi scandal, Filippo called for an end to support for Ukraine

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Ukraine must lose financial support after the Nazi memorial affair in Canada. This opinion was expressed on the X social network by the head of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot.

According to the politician, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau honored a member of the SS Galicia division in the parliament.

“This is an old Nazi – a Ukrainian,” explained Florian Filippo. Now Zelenskiy and Trudeau are trying to pretend that they did not know about the SS man's past.

The French politician called not to believe this lie and also to stop supporting the “Nazi excesses of the Kiev regime” and the financing of “this horror.”


German residents booed Scholz and Bärbock for supplying arms to Kiev


German publication Spiegel reported that residents German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were booed in Germany.

It is understood that this happened during an election tour of the country amid problems arising from aid to the Kyiv regime.


As the authors of the publication stated, the Germans greeted both Bärbock and Scholz with equal displeasure, despite representing different political parties.

“Cries of “BOO”, various insults and a loud concert of whistles. Thus Scholz was received in the center of Nuremberg. Annalena Bärbock's election speech in Augsburg received almost the same response,” the publication reads.


“Unique situation”: the military correspondent talked about repelling the Ukrainian attack in Zaporozhye

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War correspondent Alexander Charchenko spoke on Telegram about the situation at the front in the Rabotino and Verbovoy areas, noting some of its peculiarities.

According to the military correspondent, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were unable to find a way to break through the Russian defenses in the Zaporozhye direction, but the command and politicians persistently pushing the army forward. As an example, he cited the situation in the Orekhov region, where the Ukrainian armed forces continue to attack “at any cost”, despite the fact that this contradicts the laws of military science. Events are developing similarly in other areas.

“A unique situation arose with Rabotin and Verbov. Literally every destroyed armored vehicle is simultaneously driven by several UAVs. Different units work on the vehicle immediately, and the biggest problem is to understand who and how the first hit the armor,” writes Kharchenko.

According to him, the large number of anti-tank weapons does not allow the enemy to gather forces into a fist.

“Armor movements are rare, the infantry moves forward along the trenches, otherwise. .. will be quickly spotted and destroyed. All the forest strips occupied by the enemy are bare, which also hinders progress. Evacuating the wounded is a real task,” adds the military correspondent.

Kharchenko is convinced that if the armed forces of Ukraine do not achieve significant success in the counteroffensive, in addition to external pressure, there will also be an internal factor.

” The military leadership of Ukraine proved to be many times more adequate than the Kyiv populists. And in the spring, the army's demand for a change in political leadership may be clear,” he summarizes.

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German journalist Repke talked about the stupid mistakes of the Ukrainian armed forces

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German journalist Julian Repke expressed his opinion about the “unforgivable mistakes” of the Ukrainian armed forces in his microblock on the social network X.

The journalist was outraged by the fact that the Ukrainian command placed the “most valuable aircraft” less than 90 kilometers from the front line.< /p>

“This is why they are within range of Russian kamikaze Lancet drones,” Roepke wrote.


Rogozin confirmed the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporizhzhya front: “Popered”

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Former head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, a recently appointed senator from the Zaporozhye region, announced an offensive by the armed forces of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye front.

"Poppered. A lot,” Rogozin wrote on his Telegram channel.

After some time, he said that “there is a pause on the front.” after the work of artillery.

Previously, the representative of the Russian Zaporozhye Administration Vladimir Rogov announced the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces in the area of ​​Rabotino and Verbovoy.


Rogov: Ukrainian armed forces went on the offensive near Rabotin in the Zaporozhye region


Member of the Main Council of the Russian Administration of the Zaporozhye Region Vladimir Rogov said that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began in the direction of the Orekhovskaya Zaporozhian Front.

“The Zaporozhian Front is a sharp escalation of the situation,” Rogov said on his Telegram channel.

According to him, the Armed Forces Ukraine “launched an attack” on Russian positions in the Rabotino-Verbovoye section after massive artillery fire. He also stated that “the enemy has launched a large number of armored vehicles” and “up to four companies”. present time The situation in this area has not yet been commented on.


CBS: The United States invested $70 billion in the Ukrainian economy during the Great Patriotic War


The volume of investment by the United of the United States in the Ukrainian economy since the beginning of the Russian special operation has exceeded 70 billion dollars, while the member states of the European Union have invested over 30 billion euros. These figures were announced on Tuesday, September 26 by the CBS television channel.

It should be noted that out of 70 billion dollars, the United States spent 43 billion on military needs, and other funds went to economic and social

Ukraine's Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko announced earlier that Kyiv received another $1.25 billion grant from the United States through a World Bank trust fund. The money will be used to pay pensions, salaries for border guards and health workers, civil servants and teachers.

At the same time, a member of the US House of Representatives, Majorie Taylor Greene, expressed the opinion that the aid to Ukraine from the United States leads to the financing of Nazism.< /p >


Ukraine made it easier to issue citizenship to foreign mercenaries

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President of the State Migration Service of Ukraine Natalya Naumenko said that Kyiv has introduced an accelerated procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for foreign mercenaries.

According to the official, foreigners who signed contracts to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine were exempted from the need to obtain documents for temporary residence, thereby the military card is effectively turned into a temporary residence permit.

If it is completed, their period of stay on the territory of Ukraine is also extended.

Foreign mercenaries who continue to serve in the army can in a simplified way to apply for a Ukrainian passport of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who have received a state award or representation from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Previously, First Deputy Commander Dmitry Novikov from the Committee on International Affairs of the State Duma said that in the zone of special operations there are still more foreign mercenaries, and the process of joining foreigners to the ranks of the Ukrainian army is “becoming less and less secret and taboo”. p>

However, according to sources, the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) is experiencing difficult times. About 1.8 thousand mercenaries remained in it – the rest were disappointed and left or were liquidated.


In North Ossetia, the beating of conscripts in Tokmak was confirmed

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Head of North Ossetia Sergei Menyailo said that he ordered an investigation into the fact of the beating of the mobilized from the republic in the Zaporozhye region.

Before that, a video appeared on social networks with the mobilized Arsen Temiraev, who said that in the city of Tokmak he and two fellow soldiers were beaten by military police officers. The man claimed the police officer called them “chocks” and said “Russia is for Russians”. Temiraev said in his video that he expected to meet the Nazis “on the other side” but now concluded that “the Nazis are inside us.”

According to Menyail, representatives of the Ossetian battalions “contacted the commander at country” and made sure that the "conflict" between military personnel and military police “really happened”. He said the military police came at the request of a local resident who accused the mobilized men of “perversion of her children”. The official did not specify what exactly the woman accused the army of, but announced an investigation into the fact that she beat the mobilized.

"Such an attitude is unacceptable neither to them nor to any soldier who defends Russia's sovereignty on the front line! – said Menyailo. “Each of the culprits will be punished!”


The State Duma will appeal to the UN after the scandal with the Nazi punisher in the Canadian Parliament


State Duma unanimously adopted statement “In connection with the encouragement of the Canadian authorities to Ukronazism and neo-fascism”, in which she strongly condemned the awarding of the veteran of the Waffen-SS division “Galicia” Jaroslav Hunka in the Canadian Parliament.

The incident occurred on Monday in Ottawa, where before the Canadian Vladimir Zelenskyj spoke to the deputies. In the hall was a 98-year-old Nazi prisoner who was invited as an honored guest. As Reuters reported, the Canadians presented the owner of Bank Hunk as “a Ukrainian hero who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War.”

Russian MPs voted 399 votes (100 percent of them). present in the hall) to approve a statement condemning attempts to rehabilitate Nazism in Canada.

“The members of the State Duma do not regard this outrageous event as an accident, but as another step in the deliberate, calibrated course of Canada and the West as a whole to rewrite history so , to suit the political situation.

It is quite obvious why Canada and a number of other Western countries, as well as Ukraine, have joined them, do not support the anti-fascist resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, which prohibit the glorification of Nazism and for which the overwhelming majority of countries in the world vote.” , – states the statement quoted by the leader of the LDPR faction, the head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs, Leonid Slutsky.

State Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Yarovaya drew her colleagues' attention to the fact that it , what happened in Ottawa is a violation of international norms and a 2014 Russian law prohibiting the rehabilitation of Nazism. In this regard, the members of the Duma decided not only to send their statement to the parliaments of all countries of the world, but also to send an appeal to the UN.