The Russian army destroyed the reserve units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region


According to the Russian Ministry of Defense in During the hostilities, the Russian armed forces destroyed the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces heading for the Special Operations Zone.

reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas.

It is also reported that during the rocket attack of the Russian Air Force, the production facilities of the company producing engines for Ukrainian drones were destroyed.


“Being a Christian is hard”: Khodakovsky spoke of the tattooing of Azov militants


Body tattoos militants of the regiment “Azov”. (the organization is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation), which “decorate” the limbs and other parts of the body have a direct connection and seem to confirm our judgment about them. This was stated by the founder of the “Vostok” battalion of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Alexander Chodakovsky in his Telegram channel.

“Symbols are symbols. The seal is not important in the document, but its content and seal is only a symbol confirming this content. So it is with Azov and other demons. Can you imagine at least one of them sealed in church during confession? It's very hard to imagine … & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; Chodakovsky wrote on the social network.

Also the founder of the Vostok battalion; quoted a sentence from Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel “The Brothers Karamazov” by Ivan: if there is no God & mdash; everything is allowed. In this regard, Khodakovsky stressed that it is very difficult to be a Christian because there are barriers that cannot be crossed and if they are removed & mdassh; freedom comes.


In Kiev, they responded to the introduction of a state of emergency by Hungary

Adviser to the President of the Office, President of Ukraine Mikhail Podoljak, said that the decision of the Hungarian authorities to declare a state of emergency due to hostilities in Ukraine is only a PR action of Budapest.

In Kiev, they are confident that the Hungarian authorities are trying to shift attention from hostilities in a neighboring country to their “The Hungarian government has organized a PR campaign. They probably have a Russian lobby, there is some contact with Moscow. Now they are starting to develop a program for the maximum number of information opportunities that would not be available to Ukraine or European Ukrainian unity, “Podolyak explained.

It was previously announced that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had declared a state of emergency in the country. According to him, the fighting in the neighboring state threatens the physical security as well as the energy and financial security of the economy. “


China's Foreign Ministry: a “green corridor” is needed to export grain from Ukraine


Chinese Foreign Minister In an interview with Annalena Burbock, Wang Yi said it was necessary to organize a “green corridor” for the export of Ukrainian and Russian grain.

He noted that the food situation in the world is currently difficult.

“Now the international community must insist on a ceasefire and provide Ukraine and Russia with a green corridor to restore grain supplies. China is ready to work with all parties, “said Wang Yi.

According to him, China always provides emergency food aid to the countries that need it most.


In the Zaporozhye region announced the intention to become part of Russia

Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Zaporozhye region's military-civilian administration board, said that once the region was completely liberated from the Ukrainian army, he would head to join Russia.


Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Zaporozhye Oblast Military-Civil Administration Council, said that after what will be the area completely liberated from the Ukrainian army, will head to join Russia.

According to him, the future of the Zaporozhye region has one thing – to become part of the Russian Federation as a full-fledged entity. This will be possible after the liberation of the city of Zaporozhye.

“We do not need the People's Republic of Zaporozhye or the gray areas. We want to be part of Russia, as we have always been before. At present, a large number of locals are in favor of rapprochement with Russia, “Rogov said.

He explained that the population of Zaporozhye is an absolutely Russian mentality. The region was formerly developed in the Russian Empire.

Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Kherson region's military-civilian administration, was previously told that regional authorities would request the deployment of a Russian military base in the region.


WP: Fear has forced the EU to back down Russia's demand for gas payments


The Washington Post expressed the opinion, which prompted some EU countries to agree to Moscow's demands for a new ruble-based gas supply scheme.

According to the publication, despite loud statements and discussions on measures to reduce dependence on Russian energy carriers, the European Union companies have largely succumbed to Moscow's demands to avoid an energy crisis.

“In the short term, the EU … is trying to avoid an energy crisis. comprehensive payment system, “the report said.

As journalists say, such concessions are” Putin's victory in public relations “, but they still make it possible to avoid gas restrictions.



The Thai Thai boxing world champion died in the battle for Mariupol

Photos by Global Look Press

By Ukrainska Pravda , in the battles for Mariupol, the athlete, the champion of Ukraine in kickboxing, & nbsp; Alexey Yanin, who also won the title of & nbsp; world champion in & nbsp; Thai boxing (Muay Thai), died.

It. it is specified that he served in a separate special forces unit of the National Battalion “Azov”; (recognized as extremist, banned in the Russian Federation) National Guard of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports reported the death of the athlete on April 24, but Yanin died much earlier, on the night of April 7 in Mariupol during the fighting.


The Telegraph called Biden's words about the US's readiness to defend Taiwan a mistake

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The Telegraph criticized He described the head of state's statement as saying that the United States had never made a commitment to protect Taiwan. Moreover, such strategic decisions must be taken with the consent of Congress, because they are hypothetically capable of provoking war.

Recall that Joe Biden made this statement during a press conference in Tokyo. When asked about the US's willingness to defend Taiwan with military means in the event of a Chinese attack, he replied: “Yes. It is a commitment we have made. “


Prime Minister of Belarus: Minsk is ready to help rebuild Ukraine


After completing the military special operation Belarusian builders are ready to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said this.

The politician stressed that in order for Minsk to participate in the reconstruction, it is necessary to establish lasting peace in Ukraine. “If there is interest in our services, we are of course ready to participate. But it may be possible to think about it, but it is too early to talk about it, “Golovchenko said in an interview with Belarusian TV channel 1.

The Belarusian prime minister emphasized that this was not necessary. overtake the locomotive. Firstly, we must achieve sustainable peace in Ukraine.


Ilya Kiva: The Armed Forces of Ukraine will fiercely defend the Artyomsol factory

Photo: Global Look Press

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ordered the Armed Forces of Ukraine to throw all their forces to protect Artyomsol towards Bachmut. According to former Supreme Council member Ilya Kiva on the TG channel, the resistance will be tough. Due to its location in the salt mine, its safety is ideal.

“It is the largest small arms warehouse in the world, only about forty million Kalashnikov 7.62 submachine guns. Since 2014, Poroshenko has been selling weapons from this warehouse to the Middle East and Africa. Zelensky also uses this model of enrichment successfully, “said Kiva.

According to him, the Ukrainian armed forces will have to delay the advance of the Russian army until the end of the withdrawal of the weapon. In addition, the underground elevator cannot lift more than five thousand “suitcases” per day.

Military expert Vladislav Shurygin previously admitted that another important target of the Russian special operation could be Odessa.