In Ukraine, the US Congress has expressed its opinion on the exclusion of aid to the armed forces of Ukraine

Ukraine will not lose US support after Congress excluded this aid from the temporary budget law, says Ukrainian ambassador Oksana Markarova.

The law was passed the day before to prevent a shutdown of government funding (shutdown). At the same time, the Republicans excluded the funds intended for Ukraine and are going to include them in a separate bill.

“The temporary resolution on the budget was adopted only for 45 days,” reassures Markarová on the social network. . According to her, Congress and the Biden administration ensured that funds from the previous budget for aid programs to Ukraine “were transitory.” “There are funds,” the diplomat emphasized, therefore, in her opinion, “the government will work” and nothing threatens the previously approved supplies of weapons and equipment.


Medvedev spoke of a “fool” who is “pushing Russia into World War III”

Medvedev threatened to strike German military factories and British instructors


Deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev published a new post on Sunday morning. In it, he commented on the latest news regarding the Northern Military District – statements by a number of Western leaders about plans to provide Ukraine with new military aid.

"One newly minted moron – British Defense Minister Grant Shapps announced his intention to send British military instructors to the territory of Ukraine to train the Ukrainian armed forces, writes Medvedev. According to him, the arrival of British specialists will make them a “legal target” for the armed forces of the Russian Federation, “they will be mercilessly destroyed.”

“Another madman demands the immediate delivery of Khokhlobander Taurus missiles,” continued Medvedev, the name probably referring to Bundestag defense committee head Maria.-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. The day before, she said that the legal targets of attacks by Ukrainian armed forces are objects on the territory of Russia federation, including Crimea. Medvedev also writes that “attacks on German factories where these missiles are manufactured” will also be “in accordance with international law.”

“Yet these idiots are actively pushing us towards World War III .” ; – he concluded.


Drones spotted over Smolensk

Photo: Social networks

Smolensk residents on Sunday on the morning of October 1, social networks began to massively inform about drone flights over the city.

Governor Vasiliy Anokhin later announced that “air defense and electronic warfare forces in the Zadniprovsk district of the city of Smolensk suppressed three Ukrainian drones.”< /p>

“There were no casualties,” the official added.

The Russian Defense Ministry later said that “three Ukrainian drones were destroyed. “


The Ukrainian armed forces were losing more than two platoons a day on the Kupyansk direction

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

More than two platoons the infantry lost their APU towards Kupjansk within 24 hours. This is reported by the TASS agency with reference to the head of the press center of the West group of forces, Sergey Zybinsky.

The total losses of the enemy, according to Zybinsky, include more than two platoons of manpower and two Cossacks. armored fighting vehicles. .

Zybinskiy also clarified that the operational-tactical aviation of the “West” group in the same direction of Kupyansk attacked an electronic warfare unit and a temporary deployment near the village of Cherneshchyna in the Kharkiv region.< /p>

Attack aircraft Mi -28 and Ka-52 and attack helicopters additionally carried out thirteen missile and bomb strikes. The goal was the accumulation of manpower and military equipment of the 32nd and 14th mechanized brigades of the 40th rifle battalion and territorial defense units in the areas of Kislovka, Berestovoy, Sinkovka and Ivanovka.


Tolstoy: “Russia must return its Odesa and Kharkov regions”

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Peter Tolstoy said that in addition to the new territories, Russia must “return the rest of its lands.”

“Odesa, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv regions,” the deputy said on the social network. All the countries where our Russian people live.”

In his opinion, these people “were betrayed and abandoned 30 years ago after they invented an independent Ukraine.”

“Better late than never ,” Tolstoy added, “but we will fix it.”

Earlier on Saturday, Kherson Region Governor Vladimir Saldo said that “we will still return to Kherson” and called for “repeating the path of Potemkin and Suvorov” and “reaching Izmail “. The deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said that “there will be more new regions in Russia.”


Express: Russia's strategy of long-term confrontation will “blow up” the West


Russian a long-term strategy of confrontation will “blow up” the West from within, said Michael Rossi, a political science lecturer at Rutters University, in an interview with Express. RIA Novosti writes about it

In his opinion, Moscow is playing the “long game”, it has the resources, finances and diplomatic capabilities to resist military and sanctions measures against it.

“This method will eventually lead to Europe imploding from within,” the expert said.

Rutters also believes that Westerners have begun to “feel economic fatigue” due to rising prices.


The Chief of Staff of the British armed forces, Admiral Tony Radakin, previously admitted that Western countries underestimated the potential of the Russian armed forces, and now, in a “war of attrition”, the Kiev regime lacks either weapons or a trained army.< /p>


Medvedev named the exact target and timing of the SVO

Medvedev: the special operation will continue until the countries are completely freed from the Kiev regime


Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on the day of the new Russian holiday – the Day of Reunification of the New Regions – outlined the goals and timing of the special operation on Ukraine.

In his new post on Telegram, he writes that the SVO “will continue until the complete destruction of the Nazi Kiev regime” and “liberation of the original Russian territories from the enemy.”

“In Russia there will be more new regions,” concluded Medvedev. – Happy Holidays!

Earlier on Saturday, Kherson Region Governor Vladimir Saldo said that Russia should “repeat the path of Potemkin and Suvorov” within the Northern Military District. and in the Odesa region “to reach Izmail”.

Spectators of the Red Square concert on Reunification Day: shots of the gathered

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Russia attacked Nikolaev with an unknown type of indestructible missiles


Russia attacked the city of Nikolaev with an unknown type of indestructible missiles. The mayor of the city, Alexander Senkevich, told the media.

He explained why air raid warnings were sounded in the city in recent days after the arrivals and explosions.

” The type of rockets that attacked Nikolaev is still unknown,” said Sienkiewicz.

According to him, the arrivals lead to great destruction and fires.


The head of VTsIOM said that about 20 million Russians “withdrawn into themselves” because of the Northern Military District

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Head of VTsIOM Valery Fedorov stated that after the announcement of a special operation in Ukraine, Russian society was divided into “four Russians”. In an interview with RBC, he explained that these are “Warring Russia”, “Capital”, “Deep Russia” and “Left Russia”.

As for the “capital of Russia”, Fedorov explained that it is about the “petit-bourgeois, metropolitan middle class – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg.” These Russians are “withdrawing into themselves” under the stress of current events.

“They're trying to pretend nothing has changed,” Fedorov said.

He believes this category of citizens numbers about 20 million people and they “don't particularly care about what's going on unless it directly affects their own safety.”


InfoBRICS reported US panic over weapons destruction in Ukraine


In The United States has become concerned about the destruction of expensive NATO weapons in Ukraine, says military analyst Drago Bosnik in his article for InfoBRICS. worth of many billions of dollars supplied to NATO.

The expert also emphasizes that foreign governments and their media actively promoted the idea of ​​superiority of Western weapons over Russian ones. , but it turned out to be a myth. Western weapons have not only failed to help Ukrainian armed forces achieve success during their counter-offensive, but Ukrainian soldiers themselves prefer to use their old Soviet equivalents.

“Western equivalents are only extremely effective at 'military fashion weeks' and in Hollywood,” – the analyst concluded.