China called the de-dollarization of Russia a mockery

He called the protests of American hegemony, ridicule and contempt Researcher at the Institute of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chen Yijun, possibly de-dollarization of Russia. He expressed his opinion in an article for the newspaper Huangqiu Shibao.

In his opinion, de-dollarization will not have a significant impact on Russia. The status of the ruble as legal tender is stable. He also pointed out that the volume of direct trade between Russia and the United States is negligible. Moscow's main trading partners are Europe and China. Chen Yijun says de-dollarization is only harmful to the United States. Washington will thus get into an awkward situation in front of its allies, which in itself is a kind of humiliation for the USA.

President Vladimir Putin announced the country's readiness to switch to agreements with partners in national currencies. He pointed out that this was also relevant for gas supplies to the EU. Putin is convinced that the US authorities themselves do not value the dollar, which uses it as a tool for competition and political struggle.


Biden talked about working with Russia

Monday, June 28, US President Joe During a video recording at a benefit event of the US Democratic National Committee, Biden said that Russia and the US have an opportunity to work together in the areas of nuclear non-proliferation and the fight against climate change. The transcript was published by the White House press group.

Biden said: “I have made it clear to President [Vladimir] Putin in Russia that relations with America must be stable and predictable, we must be able to work together where we have interests. The US leader also noted that the US will respond to specific actions that harm US interests and answer the issue of cyber attacks and interventions in the US economy.

According to Biden, Russia and the US are “competing for the 21st century” to see who will have the strongest economy. The American leader also believes that the rest of the world is conquering them. Biden demanded similar rules of conduct from China for the global economy of the 21st century. “/s>


Sullivan complained about the inability of American citizens to work in Russia


US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan in an interview with reporters, he regretted that recently Americans who wanted to work at the embassy had difficulty obtaining Russian visas.

“ We have American citizens who work at the US Embassy in Russia, but we can't get visas for them, & # 39; & # 39; lamented the diplomat.

Sullivan added that this is a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately, as it has become a problem for both the United States and the United States. Russian Federation, and was even raised at a meeting of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva.


Lithuania has announced the isolation course chosen by the Belarusian authorities


Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielus Landsberg is awarded the decision Belarus to suspend participation in the EU's Eastern Partnership initiative, says Lithuanian Sputnik.

The diplomat accused Minsk of “continuing to isolate” his own country. He also added that the Belarusian people will sooner or later use the “fruit” of the Eastern Partnership.

“We will demand the non-recognition of any changes and revisions to international commitments and the sovereignty made by the illegal government. The EU's proposal for reforms and support for a democratic Belarus remains valid, “said Landsbergis.


The British Ministry of Defense explained the loss of documents on the destroyer Defender

Photos of the Royal Navy

Deputy British Secretary of Defense Jeremy Quinn commented on the incident by losing documents containing plans for the British Navy destroyer Defender to pass through Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea.

“I don't want to say anything before the results of the investigation it seems, but it seems to be the fault of an individual, an individual official … who later confessed to everything,” Quinn said.

The Deputy Minister added that some lost documents were classified as “secret”.

“These documents were intended for members of the secret service. I am very sorry that such an incident has occurred, it will be investigated in the most thorough way, & # 39; & # 39; assured.


The US ambassador talked about his work after returning to Moscow


US Ambassador John Sullivan said on the state of affairs of the embassy after his return to Moscow.

According to the diplomat, after arriving in Russia, he met with aide to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov. It is suggested that the results of the Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden summit in Geneva were discussed. The ambassador stressed that he and his partner agreed that this meeting of the heads of state was useful.

“But that was just the beginning of discussions on a number of issues,” Sullivan added.

On Thursday, July 1, the diplomat intends to meet with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.


Singer Victoria Daineko led the “Green Alternative” in the State Duma elections

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Number one in the list of political parties Singer “green Victoria Daineko will go to the Russian State Duma elections in September 2021. TASS writes about this with reference to the Green Alternatives press service.

Victoria Daineko topped the top five on the party's federal list. The singer is 34 years old and holds the “Star Factory-5” (2004) and “Star Factory” awards. Return “(2011).

It was also revealed that rapper Vyacheslav Mashnov, aka” Purulent “and” Glory to KPSS “, who is also going to go to the Duma from the” Green Alternative “, is still not going to vote As the party emphasized, the “green alternative” could not agree with the rapper and find a common language.

Many show business representatives are preparing for the State Duma in this election, so it is known that the party's list in St. Petersburg led by Tatyana Bulanova.


Zelensky introduces “Google tax” in Ukraine


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a law passed by the Verkhovna Rada on the introduction of VAT for non-resident companies that provide electronic services in the country. Google, Facebook, Viber should also fall under the new law.

The law changes the tax law of the country – 20% value added tax transactions for the supply of electronic services by foreign companies to individuals. Non-resident companies will be included in the Ukrainian list of taxpayers.

Due to the bill, such a practice is common in EU countries, “Australia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and others”. . For example, in Russia, VAT on the sale of electronic services has been introduced for non-residents since 2017, in Belarus – since 2018.


The US has accelerated the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan: a new war awaits the country

The government's chances of maintaining power are slim.

The military situation in Afghanistan is constantly escalating. In many ways, this process was provoked by Washington's decision to withdraw its troops. Taliban fighters (an organization banned in Russia) are actively seizing opportunities to strengthen their positions.


It was known that the withdrawal of most of the US military from Afghanistan would be completed in early July and the remaining 650 troops would leave Afghan territory by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the famous terrorist attacks in the United States.

General Mark Millie, chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, said the Taliban had control of 81 of Afghanistan's 419 regional centers as of June 23. According to him, only 21 districts have been captured in the last 2 months. He also noted that the captured cities have no special significance because they are not the centers of the provinces.

The Pentagon's estimates differ from those of independent military analysts, who say the Taliban already controls about 50 percent of Afghanistan's territory. 17 of 34 provinces.

Mark Milli is convinced that the Afghan government army will be able to deal with the Taliban alone. However, the US intelligence service is more pessimistic. The US intelligence community has announced that it estimates that the Afghan military has a great chance of being defeated just 6 or 12 months after the final withdrawal of US and NATO forces. The Wall Street Journal reported.

After the withdrawal of US Taliban troops despite the resistance of Afghanistan, it continues to advance through the territory of Afghanistan. Here is a military chronicle of the last days. On June 21, the Taliban captured a military base in Takhar Province and seized weapons depots. On the morning of June 22, the Taliban captured the area of ​​Imam Sahib and the Afghan port of Sherah Bandar, and in the evening it captured another 12 districts in eight provinces.

On June 24, the Taliban published a report on captured trophies in the Gusfandi and Sancharak areas: 7 undamaged Humvees armored vehicles (military version of the Hammer), 11 Rangers, ZK-1 anti-aircraft complex. The trophies include 11 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 20 hand grenades, 25 hand grenade launchers, 4 PK machine guns, 2 DShK machine guns, 1 cannon, 2 mortars, 50 bulletproof vests. A large amount of ammunition and 6 radio stations were also confiscated.

The military victories of the terrorists stunned the Afghan army so much that & nbsp; in addition to regular soldiers & nbsp; Taliban forces & quot; ; Even special forces of the Afghan army began to surrender. Some Afghan military units fleeing the Taliban cross the border into neighboring countries, including Uzbekistan.

Intensive hostilities have continued in recent days in various parts of Afghanistan. The Afghan government has not given up on terrorists and is using military planes to attack their positions. For example, on June 25, the government army launched airstrikes on a Taliban concentration in Kunduz Province and even successfully completed a ground operation in the Sajed Karam area.

The coming weeks and months will show what forces will prevail in Afghanistan.


Moskalkova will check the legality of inclusion in the foreign agents of the center “”

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Russia's Human Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova promised to address the inclusion of the human rights center “” (recognized in Russia as a foreign agent) on the list of non-profit organizations – foreign agents. She promised to send a request to the Ministry of Justice.

“In the case of an organization that has been recognized as a foreign agent. If you provide details about it, I will take them for verification and send the necessary appeals to the Ministry of Justice, “Moskalková said in response to the listener's question during her speech at the summer school” Human Rights for Future Generations “in Kazan.

The official noted that she had no information as to why an organization protecting women from violence was recognized as a foreign agent. She emphasized that she was a supporter of the law on the fight against domestic violence.

“I think it is useful and has produced good results in other countries,” Moskalková said.

The Ombudsman was also asked whether it was necessary to establish the post of Ombudsman for Women's Rights in Russia. Moskalkova replied that it was not worth “diluting the institution of the commissioner.”