Kremlin: “United Russia” has never addressed populism

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United Russia ” “I have never been involved in populism, and as a party in power, I have always been responsible for my actions,” said Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president's press secretary. Peskov expressed the belief that there are “different periods” with the evaluation. “The main thing is, of course, the overall picture, the overall result,” Peskov stressed.

Recall that former President Vladimir Putin he said their program was “live” and expressed hope that the party would maintain its position after the September elections.


Lukashenko explained why he grows watermelons in his place

Photo: AP. During his visit to the Ostroshitsy farm in the Logoisk district of the Minsk region, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, explained why he grows watermelons in his place.

“Melons are not, because some kind of PR ….>

In addition, Lukashenko criticized cases of poor management of equipment and crops during the harvest campaign in Belarus. He described the manifestation of “negligence, indiscipline and lack of performance” as a disaster.

“It must be managed,” Lukashenko emphasized.


“Will Russia return Crimea?”: The Germans discussed Zelenský's new statement

website of the President of Ukraine

German readers from Die Zeit commented on the statement made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the Crimean Platform Forum. Recall that Zelenskyj announced a “countdown” of the “return” of Crimea to Ukraine. The Russian side has criticized the forum – for example, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called it a “Sabbath.”

The heads of 15 countries participated in the “Crimean platform”. He is the leader of the Baltic countries, Poland, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries.

German readers expressed skepticism about Ukraine's possibility of regaining the peninsula and advised that they took the loss of Crimea for granted and take a closer look at new opportunities. “East Prussia will also never return to Germany – no matter how long 'forever yesterday' he could continue to dream of his return,” said one user of the analogy.

Many have noted that Russia has made a right by fulfilling the will of the people and annexing Crimea. “With all my will, how should this happen?” Will Russia return to Crimea? Just? Apparently, the actor and the comedian started talking to the Ukrainian president again, “the Germans write.

Readers also criticized Zelensky's statement, which said at the forum that Russia had turned Crimea from a resort to an army base. They stressed that the military base in Crimea has existed for 250 years and at that time Ukrainians did not even think of considering something separate from the Russians.


Russia's Defense Ministry is evacuating more than 500 citizens of Russia, Ukraine and the CSTO from Afghanistan


Press service from The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was informed that at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ministry is organizing the evacuation of more than 500 citizens of the Russian Federation, CSTO countries and Ukraine from Afghanistan by four military transport planes.

“The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, today organized the evacuation of more than 500 citizens of the Russian Federation, CSTO member states, on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus) and Ukraine from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Four military transport aircraft will be used. The planes are already concentrated at Ulyanovsk airport. Each aircraft will have, among other things, nursing teams of military doctors with the necessary medical equipment and medicines. The supply of drinking water, blankets and individual benefits will be provided on board.


Pakistan is testing a Fatah-1 multiple launch missile system

Pakistan has successfully completed tests of multiple launches of missile fire. “Fatah-1” system with guided missiles. The channel Voenniy Obozrevatel Telegram informed about it.

They are able to hit enemy targets with high accuracy at a distance of more than 150 km.

It has previously been shown that Turkey and Pakistan will jointly develop shock drones.

Turkey's TUSAŞ and Pakistan's NESCOM have signed an agreement to modernize Anka's offensive drones.


The new Israeli leader is traveling to the United States to promote a new Iranian strategy

Israeli new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett plans to push for a new strategy towards Iran on his first visit to the White House. He says he will urge US President Joe Biden not to renew the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

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Biden's aides hope the talks will set a positive tone for his relationship with Bennett, a far-right politician and technology-rich millionaire. In June, he ended Benjamin Netanyahu's record 12-year career as prime minister. His tenure was marked by years of tension between conservative Netanyahu, who was close to Donald Trump, and the last democratic administration led by Barack Obama, whose vice president was Biden.

The leaders' meeting gives the US administration the opportunity to demonstrate, as usual, with its closest ally in the Middle East, when faced with the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, Biden's biggest foreign policy crisis since coming to power.

Negotiations will be relatively easy, writes Arab News. The two leaders are expected to address a small group of reporters briefly during interviews at the Oval Office, but will not hold a joint press conference.

Bennett is as adamant as Netanyahu and promises not to allow Iran, which Israel considers an existential threat, to develop nuclear weapons. “Iran is making rapid progress in uranium enrichment and has already significantly reduced the time required to accumulate material for a single nuclear bomb,” the Israeli leader said.

Bennett revealed what he would say to Biden: “It's time to stop the Iranians and not give them a lifeline to re-enter into an expired nuclear agreement.” Trump withdrew the United States from an agreement between the six world powers and Iran in 2018. He considered it too beneficial for Tehran and re-imposed US sanctions, according to a report released by Reuters last week. for Atomic Energy stated that Iran had accelerated uranium enrichment to a level close to weapons.

Iran has consistently rejected attempts at bombings, but enriching the country has increased tensions in the West as both sides seek to resume negotiations to renew an agreement to limit Tehran's nuclear activities in exchange for lifting sanctions.

Bennett told the government that he would present to Biden “the structured plan we have formulated over the past two months to curb Iranians from nuclear and regional aggression.” He did not provide any details.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said: “I have the Israeli Prime Minister present to the US President any ideas the Israeli government may have regarding Iran. “

Bennett, 49, is the son of American immigrants in Israel. The former head of the Israeli Settler Council in the West Bank leads a coalition of left-wing, right-wing, centrist and Arab parties. The Biden administration has already made it clear that it opposes further expansion of Jewish settlements. Bennett, who advocated expansion in the West Bank, is cautious about settlement.


The Taliban began killing Hazaras

Terrorists carry out public executions

The Taliban have introduced an amnesty for all members of the former Afghan government, in particular former President Ashraf Ghani and Vice President Amrullah Saleh. High Taliban leader Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani announced this on August 22. According to him, if politicians decide to return to the country, they will not be persecuted. Meanwhile, new evidence comes from Afghanistan of atrocities committed by a terrorist Taliban banned in Russia.

Photo: AP

В In an exclusive interview with Pakistan's Geo TV, Haqqani stressed that among the Taliban, the country's former president and other officials who have left Afghanistan, there is no animosity. So if they still want to return to the country, they will not receive retaliation.

“We forgive Ashraf Ghani, Amrullah Saleh and Hamdullah Mohib (National Security Adviser. – MK ), he said, adding that the animosity between the Taliban and all three arose solely for religious reasons. “” As far as we are concerned, we forgive everyone, from the general to the common man. “

Haqqani also said it was not the Taliban who started the war against the United States. According to him, the members of the group decided to take up arms only after the Americans “invaded their homeland to fight against their culture and religion.” However, the Taliban still won a “huge victory” over its enemies, especially given the fact that the Afghan army numbered about 350,000 troops, and according to him, it also gained support from the US and NATO.

According to the high representative of the radical Islamist movement, the Taliban really wants all Muslim countries to reconcile with each other. In addition, Haqqani called on all countries in the world to ensure their citizens' proper rights, and said that an “inclusive government” would be formed in Afghanistan. “The Afghan government in Afghanistan will be formed by very capable and educated people,” he said. “It will involve people who unite the masses.”

In addition, one of the group's leaders called on Afghans fleeing the country not to spread propaganda that the Taliban would take revenge. Haqqani promised that all nationalities living in the country could feel at ease. “The Tajiks, Baluchas, Khazars and Pashtuns are all our brothers,” he assured. “All Afghans are our brothers, so they can return to the country.” The only reason for our hostility was the desire to change the system. Now the system has changed. “

However, the human rights organization Amnesty International recently reported that the Taliban recently killed several members of the Afghan ethnic minority – Hazaras living in Ghazni province. Human rights activists noted that the incident was “terrible evidence of militant rule.” However, when some of them returned to buy food, they found their houses looted.

A report by the Human Rights Group states that the Taliban shot at least six Hazaras and tortured another three. One of them, 63-year-old Jaffar Rahim, had eye muscles cut, according to eyewitnesses, and tried to strangle him with his own scarf. The man was accused of working for the Afghan government after cash was found in his pocket.

40-year-old Sayed Abdul Hakim was again taken out of his house by gunmen and beaten with sticks and a machine gun. Then his hands were tied and then shot. Two bullets hit the leg, the other two – in the chest. His body remained beside the creek …

There were reports from Afghanistan that the Taliban had begun looking for Afghans to help the United States and NATO. The secret document of the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis, prepared for the UN, informs about it. The militants allegedly have a list of addresses of people who have cooperated with foreign forces.

Earlier, Afghan media and social media users reported that militants in Kandahar had publicly executed four commanders of the Afghan national army. TOLO News Muslim Shizrad tweeted that the execution took place at a local stadium. Among the victims is Commander Hashim Regwal, who is close to the former head of the provincial police, General Abdul Razak, who was killed in 2018.

The journalist published a video showing a large crowd of people. Voice-over also claims that residents were gathered for public execution. According to the Afghan media, militants with Razak's supporters have a long-term score. It is noted that he was particularly cruel to the Taliban.

We recall that on August 15, the Taliban announced the establishment of control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. The militants said they would soon announce the creation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and also demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

President Ashraf Ghani resigned the same day and left the country, which he explained as a desire to avoid bloodshed. The Afghan leader admitted defeat to his government in a post on his Facebook page. According to initial data, the politician went to Uzbekistan with his wife and two advisers. Other sources say the president flew to Oman or Tajikistan. According to a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Afghanistan, Ghani fled the country with cars loaded with millions of dollars that did not even fit in his helicopter.

The UAE Foreign Ministry later confirmed that the Afghan leader and his family were in the country. The ministry said the former head of state, who had fled Afghanistan, had been accepted for humanitarian reasons. Ashraf Ghani himself denies exporting a huge amount of money from the country, claiming that he only took with him the clothes he was wearing.

Despite the fact that the fugitive president has announced that he is consulting to return home. However, as a politician whom the Taliban called an American “puppet,” it was more appropriate for him to wait for time in a foreign country. Because the Taliban's guarantees are hardly worth much.

An eloquent example is the story of an Afghan brother who worked as a translator for the Americans. The man was accused not only of helping the United States, but also of ensuring the safety of his brother, who was translating for the US military. Several threatening letters were sent to the poor man. “You are accused of helping the Americans,” the Taliban wrote in the first of the reports, adding: “You are also accused of ensuring the safety of your brother, who was a translator.” The second handwritten letter is a notice of his absence from the hearing. In the third letter, the Taliban informed the man that by refusing a previous warning to stop “serving the invading crusaders” and ignoring the summons to a hearing, he was found “guilty in absentia” and would be sentenced to death. . “These court decisions are final and you have no right to object,” says the third letter. “You have chosen this path for yourself and your death is inevitable.”


“Sense of déjà vu”: The Federation Council praised American weapons abandoned in Afghanistan


By NSN, Member Andrei Klimov, on the Committee on International Affairs of the Russian Federation, commented on the situation with US weapons and military equipment left by the US military in Afghanistan.

MEP recalled that in Afghanistan in the late 1970s & ndash; In the early 1980s, with the help of the CIA, serious tensions arose, which led to the USSR being drawn into the Afghan war.

“ Then, with relatively serious US support, the Mujahideen were armed … And now I feel déjà vu … The United States deliberately left weapons in Afghanistan that they allegedly did not have time to draw. A serious network of agents is being set up there, … a source of tension is being prepared against Russia, China and the states we border, & # 39; & # 39; Klimov is sure.


Satellites record crowds of people at Kabul Airport


Newspaper The New York Times published images from satellites of the American company Maxar Technologies, which captured crowds of people around the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The pictures show hundreds of people besieging the airport building in hopes of leaving Afghanistan as soon as possible. It can also be seen that many kilometers of traffic jams from cars and public transport have formed on the access routes to the airport.

Citizens waiting for departure are lined up in the airport itself.

& nbsp;


In Ukraine, a case was launched after the attack on green goods on Poroshenko


Print -The service of the National Police of Ukraine has issued a statement stating that criminal prosecution has begun on the attack on the country's former president Petro Poroshenko.

„24. August, during ceremonies in the center of Kiev, an unknown person poured the President of Ukraine Poroshenka green. Law enforcement officers immediately stopped the violator and took him to the Pechersk police department. The attacker turned out to be a native of the Chernihiv region, born in 1999. The Pechersk Police Department initiated criminal proceedings under Part 1, Article 296 (rioting) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

The attacker faces up to five years in prison.