The Russian governor offered the Polish president a map

According to Anton Alikhanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad Oblast, Polish President Andrzej Duda should be presented with a geographical map after he said that the Baltic Sea is a NATO inland sea.

“Well, let's look at the map, it's not a NATO inland sea. If they didn't include our country in the alliance , maybe I'm behind, maybe Duda knows something that we don't,” explained the head of the region to RIA Novosti, saying that he can send a card. to the Polish leader as a gift.

In his speech earlier on the occasion of the opening of the meeting of the National Security Council of the Republic in Warsaw, Duda declared that the Baltic Sea is now becoming an internal basin of NATO.


In Kiev, they said “that Lisichansk is the last success of the Russian army”

External adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich he said on Feigin Live that the transfer of Lisichansk (a city in the LPR) to the control of Russian troops is “Moscow's last great success”. In his opinion, in the future, Russian troops will no longer be able to recapture a large city from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I can make a bold assumption… This is the last success of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. A great success means when captured city, I don't know where they will take operational reserves to capture another city. They can capture more villages, but they won't get the city,” Arestovich said.

Recall that on July 3 it was revealed that the Russian army had taken over Lisichansk, and on July 4, the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense informed President Vladimir Putin of the liberation of the LPR. Putin stressed that the military units that participated in the liberation of the People's Republic should rest and increase their combat capabilities, while the East and West groups should fulfill their tasks during the special operation according to the previous plan.


In Kyiv, they found out the lie about the installation of the Ukrainian flag on Hadi Island

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine admitted that the country's flag , which they did not install on Snake Island, but simply dropped it from the air. This was announced by Natalya Gumenyuk, the head of the press center of the security and defense forces of the operational command “South” of the military department of the republic.

“The flag was delivered to the island. It will wait for the arrival of the troops and then it will flutter,” Gumenyuk explained to CNN. According to her, the statement that the Ukrainian flag was raised on the island should be taken “metaphorically”.

“At the moment, the Ukrainian army has not landed on the island. Who will build it, pick it up?” – she added.

The Russian Ministry of Defense had previously announced that they had left Zmeiny as a gesture of goodwill so as not to interfere with the UN's export of grain from Ukraine by sea.


London again expanded sanctions against Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

UK expands list of sanctions imposed on Russian organizations and individuals, the British government website reports.

The report shows that new restrictions have been imposed on seven natural and legal persons. The daughter of the philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin, Daria, Evgeny Glotov, Aelita Mamakova, Yuri Fedin, Alena Chuguleva and Mikhail Sinelin were sanctioned.

A statement from the British authorities says that these individuals “carry out propaganda” using the NewsFront and SouthFront portals.

New sanctions for the same reason have affected the Turkey-based United World International project.

The UK Foreign Office has previously announced on its website that the sanction will be imposed on July 5 against Belarus for supporting the conduct of a special operation by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. The statement refers to the upcoming ban on iron and steel imports from Belarus. Belarus will be banned from supplying refined products and luxury goods.


Putin announced the proposal presented by the generals to continue the offensive in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, said that the commander of the Central Military District, Alexander Lapin, and the commander of the Air Force, Sergei Surovikin, reported to him today on the progress in fulfilling their tasks.


According to the supreme commander, they presented “their proposals for the development of an offensive operation.”

Putin added that the units that participated in the liberation of the LPR should rest and increase their combat readiness, while other formations, including the Vostok groups and “the West”, must perform their tasks according to the previously approved plan.

Putin also noted that he will award the title of Hero of Russia to Alexander Lapin and Russian Major General, Commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the People's Militia of the LPR Esedulla Abachev.


Expert Rozhin explained the activities of Russian troops in the Kharkiv region

Photo: Video frame of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Expert of the Center for Military-Political Journalism Boris Rozhin explained why Russian units participating in a special operation on the territory of Ukraine are now operating in the Kharkiv region and have taken the initiative in this direction.

< p>“We are gradually pushing the enemy back in this direction ,” he said in an interview with URA.RU.

According to him, positional battles are now taking place there, but the Russian army is “pushing them down” and taking control of several villages.


” We are forcing the enemy to strengthen the defense towards Kharkiv, that is why these forces are not participating in operations in Donbass,” the expert explained.

Rozhin added that the Russian troops increasing the tension near Kharkiv do not allow the enemy to maneuver with reserves and thus help the grouping on Donbas to solve the assigned tasks.

The expert also expressed the opinion that the higher the activity of the RF armed forces in the Kharkiv region, the less mortar and rocket fire will be. border settlements on the territory of Russia, because the armed forces of Ukraine will not be able to do it.

However, he noted that there will most likely not be a major attack on Kharkiv before the completion of the operation in Donbass, since the main forces are now there, but to conquer Kharkov needs to be surrounded.

“But that does not mean that there are no plans for Kharkov,” he added.< /p>


The FSB has identified a Russian who transferred money to the Ukrainian military

Photo: Still from the video.

The press service of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region announced that a citizen of the Russian Federation who transferred money to the Ukrainian fund Come Back Alive was identified. This fund is engaged in the purchase of high-precision equipment for the Ukrainian army, and also finances the training of snipers, engineers, gunners, drone operators.

As reported in the department, during a special operation, the young man transferred money to the bank account of an international charity the “Come back alive” foundation.

The FSB issued a warning to the man due to the fact that his actions create the conditions for the commission of a crime under the article “Treason”.

At the same time, the young man was left free .


Ukrainian army announces “establishment of the country's flag on Snake Island”

Snake Island. Photo:

The head of the press center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyukova, said at a briefing that the Ukrainian army placed the country's flag on the island of Snake Island.

“The territory has been returned to the jurisdiction of Ukraine,” Gumenyuk believes.

p >

She did not provide any details. Gumenyuk also did not answer the question whether there are currently Ukrainian troops on the island or whether this act was committed by a small group that left Zmeiny after the flag was placed.

Recall that earlier the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from the islands as a step of goodwill to demonstrate that there are no obstacles to the UN's efforts to organize the export of Ukrainian grain.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu today informed Russian President Vladimir Putin about the liberation of the territory of the DLR.


In Uzbekistan's Karakalpakstan, 110 people were detained for violating the curfew


B Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan, 110 people have been detained for violating the curfew since the state of emergency was imposed. This was announced by the press secretary of the National Guard of Uzbekistan, Davron Jumanazarov.

“Since the introduction of the state of emergency in Karakalpakstan, 110 people and 12 cars have been detained for violating the curfew, which have been impounded,” he said.

< p>Jumanazarov added that most of the rioters were interviewed preventively, after which they were released. And a total of 516 people were detained for taking part in the riots

He also said that in Karakalpakstan, banks, markets were restored within the allowed time , business enterprises, catering and others.

Let us recall that the inhabitants of the republic previously went to a demonstration after the country's authorities decided to change the constitution and remove from it the clause on the sovereignty of Karakalpakstan.


The Kremlin responded to Turkey's detention of a Russian grain vessel

Photo: Mikhail Verny

Presidential Press Secretary Russia Dmitry Peskov answered the question of the Kremlin's reaction to Turkey's detention of a Russian grain vessel. Earlier, Ukraine's ambassador to Turkey said the ship was detained at Kiev's request because it was allegedly carrying Ukrainian grain.

“Unfortunately, we do not have this information in the Kremlin,” Peskov said. offer to request a statement from the Ministry of Transport or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Peskov added that the Turkish side must provide official information to the Russian Embassy during the arrest.