The Russian soldier who threw the Ukrainian grenades explained his action

Photo: Frame from video trenches, Ukrainian grenades dropped from a drone, commented on his brave act to Readovka. In his opinion, there was nothing unusual about his behavior at that moment. 

"All Russians are calm enough at such a moment, I can't surprise you with anything here,", said the service technician. 

Earlier, a video of a Ukrainian drone that appeared on the Internet, probably after the drone was destroyed, gained popularity among Russian users. A Russian soldier lying in a trench and cold-bloodedly throwing grenades that fell on him from a height over the railing turned out to be a successful symbol of the courage of the soldiers of the Russian army Ukraine. Drones are used by both sides, the presence of drones must be taken into account as a significant factor in the combat situation. The fueling of drones of various profiles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation takes place, among other things, with the help of public funds and private donations.  


A military psychologist explained the danger of Polish mercenaries in Ukraine

Why a woman is the most unpredictable opponent on the battlefield

Polish mercenaries took part in the Ukrainian offensive together with men. This was reported by the RIA “Novosti” agency. referring to a Russian soldier who participated in the fighting in the Kharkiv region. How effective can mercenaries be in assault squads and what psychological impact does a female enemy have on a man, “MK” said military psychologist, fighter Alexei Zakharov.

Photo : Global View Press

As the Russian army told journalists, the participation of female mercenaries in battles was recorded during the enemy's offensive. “There were a lot of mercenaries. There were even Polish women among these mercenaries. Our people saw them there, they even collected the corpses afterwards,” said the soldier.

According to the military, the Ukrainian army used dishonest methods of warfare during the offensive. Cases were recorded when the enemy dropped ammunition from underbarrel grenade launchers from drones on positions of Russian military personnel and sent women to attack.

– It's not cruelty. If you understand the nature of a woman, then of course they are more sophisticated and accurate opponents, – says military psychologist Alexei Zakharov. “Sometimes they behave more fanatically and in a more directed manner. But the manifestation of cruelty in the system of sophistication is already personal. If a woman finds herself in a situation in which she has aggression, then this aggression will be unpredictable. I would say he has more of an animal character.

Also, women are more cunning than men, that's a fact. Men are much simpler and more predictable. Again, these factors are given to ladies for a reason. They form a survival system for the woman herself and for her offspring. If these feminine qualities are used purposefully, for example, one woman is trained to perform a specific task, then it can become a very serious & nbsp; professional and have advantages over men.

But that is one side of the coin, the other is that the physiology of a woman is not adapted to conduct hostilities, so to speak, on a mass scale. I am talking about the so-called maternal reactions, which are the basis of every woman's existence and which hold her back considerably in war. 

Above all, it is an involuntary reaction associated with the protection of the abdomen. A representative of the weaker sex cannot cope with it or control it in a situation associated with danger.

The main difference in the system of physiological reactions between the sexes is that a man can straighten his body and act with his feet in case of a threat to his life. while the woman, on the other hand, bends her legs at the knees. and pulls them to his stomach. I can say from practice that such a reaction, for example, leads to serious consequences in case of non-standard situations while driving, because against the background of fear, a woman blocks the steering wheel with her knees

– A psychologically normal man is always difficult to resist a woman, because he has psychological reflexes and instincts that determine the overall relationship of the sexes. A man cannot take a swipe at a woman because he does not deny anything to her. On the contrary, he is attracted by sexual impulses. A man, even if he realizes that there is a female opponent in front of him, it is still very difficult to shoot at her, even more difficult to kill her. In general, almost all situations where a man kills a woman are associated with a state of passion. It is therefore not possible to clearly underestimate the role of women in armed conflicts. 


10.1 million tons of grain have already been exported from Ukrainian ports


As part of the food agreement, 432 flights with dry cargo were carried out from Ukrainian ports, carrying 10.1 million tons of grain. Such data was given by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey, Vahit Kirishci, in an interview with the TV channel A Haber.

According to him, the lion's share of this volume of grain, namely 6 million tons, will be received by European countries, approximately 21.4% Asian countries will receive and the remaining grain will go to African countries.

“The main thing is that the countries that the UN qualifies as needy only get 5%,” Kirishchi said.

He also added, that Turkey is ready to take over the processing of Russian grain, which Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to provide free of charge to countries in need.< /p>


A drone attack turned into a fire at a logistics company in Ukraine's Dnipro


Strong A fire broke out at a logistics company in Dnipro, Ukraine, as a result of a drone attack, reports the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration, Valentin Reznichenko.

As reported, drones attacked a logistics company in Dnipro. The fire spread to more than 3,000 square meters. Rescuers managed to extinguish the open flame. At the same time, the company's warehouses were destroyed, the official noted in his Telegram channel.

According to him, it happened at night, the name of the company is still unknown.

Let us recall that Ukrainian infrastructure of Russian of the armed forces began to be completed on October 10 — two days after the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, which Russian authorities say is behind the Ukrainian special services. The attack is directed at energy facilities, defense industry, military command and communications throughout the country.


The special forces of the Russian Federation used the new “VPK-Ural” armored car in Ukraine.

During a special military operation in Ukraine, Russian special forces used the updated VPK-Ural armored car with additional protection.


A law enforcement source said that during a special military operation in Ukraine, Russian special forces used an updated armored car “VPK -Ural »with additional protection.

He specified that updates of armored vehicles take into account the experience of using light wheeled vehicles in armed conflicts, for example in Syria. Specifically, the VPK-Ural has windows made of armored glass, as well as improved protection of the gunner located on the roof.

“Russian special forces used the latest multi-purpose armored vehicle AMN-590951″ VPK -Ural. The vehicle is equipped with additional protection of the machine gunner's seat on the roof and the engine compartment,” the source added.

At the same time, he did not specify in which areas of combat the so-called ato armored vehicles find. used. There is currently no official confirmation of the use of these machines.


There are fights: the mayor of Snigirevka talked about dancing in the city

photo DAN

Head of the municipal office from Snigirevka in Kherson's Yury Barbashov told reporters that fighting is going on in the city.

“Tanks are driving around the city of Snigirevka, judging by the information, there are very heavy clashes,” he said.

Barabashov specified that mobile communication in Snigirevka is not regular, but local residents called in during the day and said that they saw the equipment on the streets of the city center. that on Tuesday, November 8, Ukrainian troops launched a massive attack in the Snigirevka area, trying to advance the front line.


The UN General Assembly will consider a document on the creation of a “reparations” mechanism for Kyiv

In the draft resolution on Ukraine for discussion in the UN General Assembly 14 On November, an international mechanism for the recovery of “damages caused to Ukraine” is registered; hostilities.

The draft document states that such an international mechanism will be created in cooperation with Kyiv. His main task – to compensate Ukraine for all the material damage it suffered in the confrontation with Russia.

In particular, for this purpose, it is planned to create an international damage register, which will contain all information about claims, including damage costs and justification.


Puškov mocked Europe, which was struggling with the impossibility of introducing a limit on gas prices photo

Member of the Federation Council of Russia of the Federation Alexey Pushkov scathingly commented on his Telegram channel a statement warning the European Commission to EU countries about the impossibility of actually introducing a gas price ceiling.

“Has the European Commission opened an economics textbook? I don't believe it!”, he joked.


According to the Russian senator, this is not the last disappointment for Europe against the background of the paradoxical policy that the EU authorities are implementing in an attempt to put pressure on Russia.

“The European Union is facing a number of “impossibilities”. I think these two – the inability to set a gas price ceiling and the inability to allocate three billion euros to Ukraine are not the last “impossibility”, Puškov wrote.


Sean Penn visited Kyiv again and left Zelensky with an Oscar statuette


One of the most titled actors of modernity, film director and producer Sean Penn came to Kyiv for a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This time, the Hollywood actor left an Oscar statuette for the Ukrainian leader.

“Sean brought us his Oscar statuette, which should become a symbol of our faith in victory. There will be hostility in Ukraine until the end of the year,” Zelenskyy said.< /p>

This is not the first time that the American actor has visited the capital of Ukraine: three of his visits to Kyiv and two meetings with Zelensky were reported. This time, Zelensky awarded him the Order of Merit of the third degree and thanked him for his support and “popularization of Ukraine in A sign with Sean Penn's name is also reported to have appeared on the “Alley of Courage” in Kyiv, where a sign with former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's name was unveiled in August.

< /p>


The State Department confirmed the future meeting of the Russian Federation and the United States at START

photo frame from video

State Department Press Officer Ned In an interview with reporters, Price confirmed the resumption of discussions of the bilateral commission on the implementation of the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Arms previously announced to the media.

Bloomberg previously reported on the possibility of such a meeting, indicating that it could be held in the coming week in Cairo.

“A bilateral advisory commission will meet in the near future… to discuss the implementation of the START agreement…. The work of the commission is confidential, but we hope for a constructive meeting,” Price said, without specifying the location and time of the meeting .