The West has called on Russia to withdraw recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Several countries, including the United States, Britain and France, demanded in a joint statement that the Russian Federation withdraw its recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

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The statement is timed to mark the 13th anniversary of the events of August 2008. On this day, Moscow recognized both republics. The document was circulated to the UN Security Council,

“Today we call once again on the Russian Federation … to withdraw its troops and security forces without delay and to reconsider the recognition of the so-called independence of the Georgian territory of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region of South Ossetia.” , – is stated in the document.

The declaration was also signed by Estonia, Ireland, Norway and Albania.

President Vladimir Putin previously approved a draft agreement on dual citizenship between Russia and South Ossetia. Therefore, he allowed the country's foreign ministry to “make changes in it that are not of a fundamental nature.”

The order appeared on the official internet portal with legal information. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now been authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the Russian Federation.


Senator Puškov disagrees with Chubais's view on the impending change of the world's elites

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

Senator Alexey Pushkov made on his Telegram channel disagrees with Anatoly Chubais's view of the immediate change in the world's elites.

Recall that Russia's deputy president for relations with international organizations previously indicated that the world's elites would change as a result of the energy revolution. According to Chubais, if Russia is not ready for change, then its economy may face a blow. On the other hand, transformations can open up new opportunities for the country.

Pushkov said that there was no point in talking about a revolutionary change in the world's elites for several reasons.

“A change of elites is possible only in the event of a political revolution, but not in the field of energy or any other,” wrote a member of the Federation Council on social networks.


Putin's kolobok: the president's literary preferences have a secret meaning

How Vladimir Vladimirovich was Affected by a Russian Fairy Tale

During his recent “Straight Line”, Vladimir Putin called Tolstoy “War and Peace” Tchaikovsky and the fairy tale “Kolobok”. I dare say that the first two masterpieces are nothing but a tribute to fashion. As for Kolobok, the fairy tale has no roots only in the president's system of values. And this is not about instructing officials at all.

Photo: Alexey Merinov


The story of Kolobok is well known in detail to many in Russia, and not only in Russia.

There was once an old man with an old woman. The old man asks, “Bake, old man, bun.” – “What to bake from? It's not flour. “-” Eh-eh, old woman! Scrape the box, mark the bottom; maybe it'll have some flour. “Knead the sour cream, fry in oil and put on the window to cool.

The gingerbread man lay, lay, and suddenly rolled over – from window to bench, from bench to floor, from floor to door, jumped over the threshold to the entrance, from the entrance to the porch, from the porch to the courtyard, from the courtyard to the gate, and so on.

This is followed by an encounter with a Hare, a wolf and a bear, from which the gingerbread man escaped with a funny song – a conspiracy. And only with Lisa the musical magic didn't work.

“Kolobok” is one of the oldest pre-Christian fairy tales that have come to our day: look at the name- “Kolo-bok”. “Round” – rotation, circle, or rather the axis of the circle, the basis of the round dance and “side” – the edge. The “wheel”, the “circle”, the “round dance” return to the pagan Sun god Khors, borrowed from the Persians. Hence the adverb “good” (sunny).

There are about 40 variants of “Kolobok” in the world. However, foreign counterparts do not have similar connotations (typically Russian poverty and at the same time the atypical absence of children, as well as the advanced age of the creators-parents), just as there is no hidden mental meaning that we will soon reveal.


One of the most common explanations for Koloboka's metamorphosis is his credibility. Followers of this variation state that the cheerful Kolobok, who happily bypassed the troubles of the cowardly weak Hare, the cruel greedy Wolf, the domineering, powerful Bear, came across the cunning, insidious Fox. She cheated and cheated on our Kolobok with tricks and flattery. According to the reviewers, too much trust and a tendency to flatter can destroy a Russian, as our wise ancestors warn us.

But Englishman Johnny Donut, American gingerbread, Norwegian pancake and even our related Belarusian pie were naive and simple. What turns out – the whole world, moreover not only Slavic, is helpless in front of some red vipers? Proverbs like “The dog boasted, but the wolves ate” or “What are you arrogant, you stop there”?

Adepts of mystical theory offer their own version. They are sure that Kolobok is a bearer of the Christian-pagan double faith. The gingerbread man knew the amulet song (conspiracy prayer), which, I repeat, did not save him from a fatal collision with the Fox. So is the point of the story really just to run away from your parents and go through the satiety? Of course not.

Much less often, researchers classify Kolobok as a scratch, the last unexpected children (an old woman scratched the bottom of a barrel: “Scratch along the box, mark the bottom of the barrel”). Such children were considered a heavenly gift and supervised with special magical power.


Gingerbread is undoubtedly a scraper (last, scraper, peeler, scraper), a swan song of parents. Scratching allegorically obtained from the “tails” of former health, happiness, power. Such children were often born weak, unhealthy. A natural compensation was the fact that scrapers often had the gift of a wizard, who sees, was able to resist divination and shamanism, was predisposed to the irrational.

Poskrebysh is not just a Russian phraseological phenomenon: similar lexemes can be found in French, Swedish, Danish, Croatian, Polish and other languages. In Russian, comparing a person to bread is not so rare: take, for example, the term “freshly baked.” They can be both bread and, for example, an expert (university graduate). And phraseological units “in the heat of the heat” or “someone will burn out”?

Scratches, in a broader sense – later children, always enjoyed special attention, not in vain in Russian fairy tales from various tests came the victorious youngest son. The scrapers are not alone here: the reputation has been endowed not only by late children or those born in a shirt (in the bladder membrane) with natural “anomalies”, but also by first-born, bastards (illegitimate), posthumous children. after the sudden death of their father, as well as twins and twins. And those born before the deadline, fighting hard for their lives from the first breath?

As already mentioned, according to the prevailing opinion among Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian peasants, scrapers are often endowed with a healer. They are said to have “good, clean blood” that cannot harm the patient. Previously, the latter were thought to be the best in the treatment of dislocations, hernias, barley, rashes, toothache and even epilepsy.

Thus – a version that has a right to life about the human envy of relatives endowed with special talents, about jealousy of those whose natural abilities are favorably comparable to the average (“To whom is given more – from those who demand more”). Another of our national features that is hidden there.

In life, scrapers are usually responsible, eager and respected workers, who are characterized by high and especially productive efficiency. Unlike their surroundings, they have developed an intuition, a supernatural feeling that allows them to capture both social processes and waves emanating from specific people. Scratching is a kind of psychological litmus with which a smart leader and only an attentive partner will be able to calculate prospects, the near future, what ideas, what individual, what institution.


So what is the lesson of this story? Let's go back to the beginning: parents are not only old, but also poor – “there is no flour”. The dialogue between the old man and the old woman may have taken place in the spring, when grain supplies ran out, but what's the difference? More or less well-managed peasants always had grain, in extreme cases they could shoot at neighbors. But either pride or a hungry year – the old woman did not apply for a loan. Note that poverty here is not the same as poverty: the older couple still had a cow (“kneaded in sour cream, fried in butter”), but that also means nothing.

The wonderful message of “Kolobok” is that scrapers, younger children, and even more so only one child, are personally responsible for the care of older parents, such children who grew up always stayed in their father's house. The way of life was unchanged: the only children of older, sick parents, both in the Tsarist era and in Soviet times, were not even accepted into the army. And even if it did, it would not be in abstract Afghanistan.

Most readers don't even know about Russia's primary obligation for the youngest child, rooted in national consciousness, to stay with their parents until their last breath. And if the son is alone, then even more. One of Ilya Muromets' claims was that once he left his old people and did not return.

“Kolobok” is a story about children's responsibility to their parents that no matter how smart, rich and not a talented child, his first duty is to be close to his elderly, and not to run, to try destiny, through fields and forests. So Lisa treated Kolobok fairly at most.

Call your parents if they are alive. Call so that later on you don't subconsciously identify with a fairy-tale thing for nothing.


Putin's shadow was seen over Askar Akayev's return to Kyrgyzstan

Why the former president “spoke at Calvary”

Delivering to the main repressive department of his home country directly from the ladder of planes – for any other post-Soviet ex-president, such a format for ending a comfortable and well-nourished exile in Moscow would seem like an apogee of political tragedy. Former Kyrgyzstan leader Askar Akayev was never “one of many,” but he was always the only one of his kind: an idealist among cynics and realists, an occasional guest from the world of science in a battle circle where opposing political clans fiercely crushed each other. Akayev, as an idealist for whom man is much more important than political, has emerged even now. It is not a kidnapping, as many originally thought. This is a “negotiated match”, an agreement between the former and current presidents of Kyrgyzstan – the exchange of a “sincere confession” during the interrogation for the right to finally return home.

Photo: Michail Kovalev

Askar Akayev, who ruled Kyrgyzstan from 1990 to 2005, is a great example of the fact that intelligence and personal decency, the presence of strong democratic principles and the desire to do good for his country are not to be confused with a guarantee of political success. The soft and kind scientist Akayev, who came to power in an atmosphere of euphoria on a wave of expectations, faced a harsh reality a few months after the collapse of the USSR – the reality in which the country around him was crumbling, and he, formally the first person in the state, could not help. .

Naturally, Akayev was not the “absent professor” of this world. He understood perfectly well what was happening in power structures and in the country as a whole – but he understood it more as a witness and an external observer, and not as an active participant or, moreover, a leader in political processes. “This is all a clan fight!” – this is roughly how the former president of Kyrgyzstan reacted during our informal talks during the exile in Moscow to my confused questions about the numerous political scandals under his government.

The idealist Akayev simply had nothing to rely on. The second, third, and fourth in the Kyrgyz power hierarchy enthusiastically recognized the joys of the market economy and entered into dubious deals with equally dubious foreign entrepreneurs. For example, such a spicy fact: in the first years of independence, smuggled goods were exported from Kyrgyzstan, even on the personal official plane of the then Prime Minister of the country.

One of Kyrgyzstan's main economic assets, which have fallen into the hands of foreigners in conflict in recent years, is the largest gold deposit in Central Asia, the Kumtor in the Issyk-Kul region. This circumstance now allowed Askar Akayev to return to his homeland. The current President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov, comes from the Issyk-Kul region. The fight against Kumtor's foreign owners is a key part of his political career and the basis of his popularity. As an opposition politician, Japarov organized rallies and mass protests under similar slogans and even tried to attack the government house in Bishkek. After becoming president, Sadyr Nurgozhoevich unleashed all state power on overseas businessmen.

In this context, Askar Akayev's statement was of particular value to President Japarov. It is not a problem to simply kick foreigners out of the mine. The problem is to ensure the “legal purity” of such exile. Kyrgyzstan is not a Russia that can afford to ignore foreign court decisions to award billions of dollars in compensation to former Yukos owners. Why would Askar Akayev help Japarov solve this problem? If you don't know Askar Akayevich personally, it may not seem necessary at all. Akayev found himself in Moscow – in a scientific career. Unlike many other great post-Soviet statesmen with scientific badges, these badges are not tricks for him and bells and whistles. Akayev is a truly outstanding scientist who makes serious scientific discoveries.

But life in Moscow was still not entirely satisfactory for the former president of Kyrgyzstan. In Akayev's eyes, Moscow is his second home, but not his first. In addition, Askar Akayevich has always longed for his political rehabilitation, the opportunity to clear his name and reputation. Under the four previous presidents of Kyrgyzstan, this was clearly impossible. The political elite in Bishkek used to hang “all the dogs” on Akayev and could not get rid of this habit. But under Japarov, everything worked – at least from the point of view of Askar Akayevich himself. The former president did not give in to persuading his family not to do risky acts and decided to return to Bishkek voluntarily.

Would this decision return to him? Due to the harshness of Kyrgyz political customs, anything is possible. However, the owners of these morals themselves will again have to take something into account – or rather someone. Namely, Vladimir Putin. Akayev has not been an active political player for a long time. But as a former fellow of the VVP in the business of heads of state and politicians, who has always been loyal to Russia, he is still believed to be under Putin's informal protection in the circle of informed people. There is no place for personal hobbies and displeasures in political analysis. But I still hope that this defense will work for Akaev. One can argue about what a politician is like, but about the fact that he is not a good and good person.


MEPs accuse Zelenský: “Ukraine faces disaster”


Press party service & quot; Opposition Platform & mdash; For life & # 39; & # 39; Yuriy Boyko, co-chair of the HLS, published a statement calling on the authorities to stop a new rise in gas and electricity prices.

According to Boyko, today the citizens of Ukraine have already accumulated a huge debt for housing and communal services. Therefore, a further increase in tariffs looks absurd.

“Zelensky's team lives in a kind of parallel reality, where there is no poverty and unemployment, where everything is in line with the economy and the income of citizens.” . They are absolutely not interested in the problems that Ukrainians face every day. It's time to end it, “& mdash; said the politician.

He called for the re-election to “ stop the destruction of the country and begin to restore order“.

“ This Ze-team (President Vladimir Zelensky. Approximately.) lives in a kind of parallel reality, where there is no poverty and unemployment, where everything is fine with the economy and the income of citizens. They are absolutely not interested in the problems that Ukrainians face every day. It's time to end this. We must go to re-election to stop the destruction of the country and begin to restore order & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; Boyko said.


Biden's adviser talks with “Bucharest Nine” about construction of “SP – 2”


Bely's press service at home, sent out statements referring to talks she had with ambassadors of the Bucharest Nine Adviser to the President of the United States & nbsp; Joe Biden & nbsp; National Security & nbsp; Jake Sullivan. It is clarified that Russia and the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline were discussed at the meeting.

“ Sullivan briefed the ambassador on Washington's views on energy security in Central Europe and on the measures taken by the White House to combat the risks associated with Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the report states.

The negotiators also discussed the situation in Belarus and the interaction between the US and Russia.


The explosion occurred near the building of the St. Petersburg village Smolninskoe

Photo: Dmitry Katorzhnov

Representative of the Smolninskoe City Hall Dmitry Baltrukov said that on Wednesday evening there was an explosion near the building of the Moscow region.

According to the deputy, after 19:00, ten representatives gathered on the porch of building 60 on Suvorovsky Avenue, because they did not have access to the building and began an impromptu meeting … Five minutes later a fire broke out under the porches, and when the smoke faded, MEPs continued the negotiations.

“Towards the end of the council, an explosive device went off under the porch bars,” Baltrukov said.

He noted that several locals were in need. No damage is caused. Interfax sources said law enforcement officers had arrived, but no official statement had been made by police.


“Public opinion will be created in favor of the abolition of Moldovan statehood”

Political scientist announced the creation of the “pro-Roman vertical of power” Maia Sandu

On Monday, August 2, the candidate for Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilita will present to Parliament the composition of his cabinet. The vote on the new government will take place on August 5. There is no doubt that it will be approved: the pro-presidential PAS (Action and Solidarity) party, of which the government is formed, has an absolute majority in parliament.

Maia Sandu Photo:

Following the victory in the parliamentary elections on July 11, the PAS is building on success. And he does not intend to share this success with anyone. As the Speaker of Parliament and PAS Chief Igor Grosu warned, all ministers of the new government will be either members of the pro-presidential party or its supporters, including “representatives of the diaspora”. “” They're good, famous people whose names you'll find out soon, “he promised Gros.

In fact, it means concentrating all power in the hands of one person – President Maya Sandu. The PAS itself, as they say in Moldova, is a “one-person party” – its founder Sandu. He has no political figures comparable in weight. Now parliament and government will take all decisions at the behest of the president. But that's just the beginning. Sandu's other plans are even more ambitious: purges will take place in all state institutions and structures in Moldova. The previous management will be removed and all important positions will be filled by PAS representatives.

The development of the situation in Moldova, especially for the Ministry of Culture, was commented by Ivan Skorikov, a political scientist and press secretary of the CIS Institute.

– In fact, Party Sandu PAS completely captures the Moldovan state and gives it to external control. – says Skorikov. – It is no coincidence that the party leader Igor Grosu said that the government will be composed entirely of its members. It is important to note that it will involve some supporters of the diaspora party.

“This means that the victorious power says a huge” thank you “to those people in the diaspora who gave it more than 10% of the vote. In both the December 2020 presidential election and the recent parliamentary elections, the lion's share There was, of course, insane participation: he rose alive and dead, with almost 200,000 Moldovans voting for Maia Sandu abroad.

– Yes, they were mostly EU citizens. people from the diaspora who are absolutely West-oriented and invite them to the government.The victorious party has an absolute majority and will not share power.The maximum that the Communist and Socialist bloc and Ilona Shor's party, which occupied 2nd and 3rd, can get. instead, are some of the symbolic seats of the chairs of the various parliamentary committees.

– The president's hands are completely untied. It has its own parliament, it will have its own government, and it all listens not so much to the will of Sandu herself, but to those who seated her on the Moldovan throne. The most important figure in Moldovan politics will now be the President of the Constitutional Court. Any illegal and discriminatory decisions against the Russian language, Russian broadcasting, etc. will be conducted through the Constitutional Court. This means that Moldova is now under absolute external control. This political cadence will be designed to legitimize the process of liquidating the Moldovan statehood.

– Public opinion will be formed on a union with Romania with a view to unification, which will give Moldova a chance to join the European Union. Recent opinion polls show that almost 50% of Moldovans are already in favor of leaving the CIS integration. Why was such a provocative survey conducted? To show that Sandu's victory really reflects the direction towards Europe, that all the people of Moldova are completely pro-Western.

– We cannot verify this. But the publication of such opinion polls by European structures should shape public opinion. If anyone has doubts that all Moldovan citizens are in favor of the EU and NATO.

– Given the rhetoric of Sandu and her supporters, their main task now is to fight corruption and directly appoint thieves to leaders of opposition political parties – Dodon and Ilona Shor – it is possible that criminal cases will be fabricated against them. As we see on the example of Medvedchuk in Ukraine.


Sledkom spoke of the atrocities of Finnish invaders during World War II

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

During the Great Patriotic War Wars Finnish troops in the occupied territory of Karelia organized a brutal retaliation against the civilian population. This is evidenced by the declassified documents of the FSB in Karelia, handed over to the Committee of Inquiry of the Russian Federation.

Children also fell victim to reprisals by the Finnish army. For example, a former prisoner of the Finnish concentration camp in Petrozavodsk tells how two thirteen-year-old boys were beaten in the camp and then shot dead. Their only mistake was that they left the camp without permission to get bread in the city.

On October 22, 1942, according to submitted documents, a Finnish soldier of their camp guard killed a 12-year-old boy Alexander Demekhin. Punishers beat other children with whips and sticks. For any violation of the regime, children were severely beaten and killed with firearms.

According to the RF IC, after the invasion of the Karelian-Finnish SSR, Finnish troops set up at least 14 concentration camps. The ethnically Russian inhabitants of Karelia were taken to these camps. According to the ministry, food standards, labor service and detention conditions in concentration camps were incompatible with life.


Lev Shlosberg returned to the list of candidates for deputies of the Pskov Duma


from “Yabloko” Lev Shlosberg was again included in the list of candidates for the Regional Duma of Pskov. According to “Dozhda”, the status of his party member Nikolai Kuzmin was also restored.

On the eve of the election commission, Pskov announced the withdrawal of candidates from the elections due to their involvement in the FBK (banned in the Russian Federation and included in the register of foreign agents). It was reported that Schlosberg and Kuzmin had attended one of the rallies organized by the opposition structure.

The new decision of the Electoral Commission says that the decision to ban Alexei Navalny's structures has not yet been taken by force.