“Watch out, news”: the “SMERSH” movement, writing denunciations, has grown stronger in Crimea

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Telegram Ksenia Sobchak's channel “Attention, news” reports that in Crimea “a movement has been activated, which in an organized way indicates the opponents of the SVO”. The publication says that “opponents are forced to apologize on camera, file lawsuits against them and poison them on social networks.”

According to the channel, the movement has existed since the fall of 2022. It was allegedly created by “local Z-activist Oleksandr Talipov “, who earlier, before the start of the special operation in Ukraine, “criticized the local authorities, including the search for “Ukrainian spies” among ordinary citizens. After February 24, 2022, Talipov allegedly changed his rhetoric on his social networks and “he himself began to look for “waiters” among the inhabitants of the republic – people who are allegedly “waiting for the arrival of Ukrainian power.”

In social networks “Crimean SMERSH ” publishes personal information about local residents who have expressed any criticism on the subject of SVO, write “Attention, reports.” It is also reported that the movement's activists are taking pictures from the social media of “opponents” and passing the information to law enforcement authorities. Talipov himself claimed that after his posts last year, the police wrote 200 reports, this year already 80. “Attention, news” states that the editorial team repeatedly contacted people from Talipov's posts and that people confirmed the fact of persecution, “but he refused to go for further contact out of fear. ” The channel also notes that on social networks there are references to “SMERSH branches” in 26 regions of the Russian Federation.

The head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, recently spoke in an interview for the revival of the analogue. of the Soviet SMERSH in the country to fight against the “fifth column”. He explained that “now is the time” and cited as an example people “who defiantly do not stand up for the anthem of Russia.” “Such figures should be identified and the materials handed over to the FSB,” Aksyonov said. The official also called on those who are not satisfied with the situation in Russia to “hand in their passports”.

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