The commander of the attack aircraft of the Western Military District Maltsev with the call sign “Kuban”, who covered the retreat of the wounded, died

Photo: Global Look Press

Assault Team Leader Western Military District (ZVO) Alexander Maltsev with the call sign “Kuban” died while covering the retreat of a group in which a soldier was wounded. For three days, attempts were made to capture and hold the enemy's fortified areas. This was reported by a colleague from the attack aircraft “Kuban” with the call sign “Carlson”.

He said that a group of five people attacked the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as a result of which one of the fighters was injured. According to “Carlson”, “Kuban” diverted attention to himself in order to have time to evacuate the wounded. After some time, the commander of the attack group stopped communicating.

“A machine gun fired in his direction. He took full care of our departure. In the evacuation area, they learned that the Kuban was not with us, “said his colleague.

Carlson noted that it was the Kuban who gave him a baptism of fire by launching him into the first battle.< /p>


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