Voenkor Sladkov: North Korea is ready to join the NVO with China's consent

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Korean The People's Democratic Republic (DPRK) is ready to join the Russian Federation in the NMD in Ukraine if China allows it, war correspondent Alexander Sladkov said in his Telegram channel.

According to the frontline reporter, the DPRK can already send its military personnel to help the armed forces of the Russian Federation. A Russian military correspondent relayed an interview with his friend, the head of the Korean War Veterans Organization, who said that 50,000 North Korean special forces are ready to arrive in the special military operation zone to fight the Ukrainian armed forces. In Pyongyang, this issue has long been resolved, Sladkov said in detail. However, such a serious step requires the approval of the People's Republic of China, he noted.

Sladkov recalled the words of the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong, who said that the DPRK and Russia “are in the same boat”, so Pyongyang is completely on the side Moscow.

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