Lt. Col. Ivannikov: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are getting rid of the Russian-speaking army

Photo: Global Look Press

Ukraine Armed Forces send to perform the most difficult tasks of the Russian-speaking army to get rid of them, said in an interview to URA.RU the head of the charity institution “Law and Order”, lieutenant colonel of the reserve of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, candidate of historical sciences Oleg Ivannikov.

According to him opinion, the Ukrainian military is very biased towards Russian speakers, allegedly considering them “Untermensch”; (subhumans) as people of the second category, and entrusting them with the most difficult, sometimes impossible combat missions, in connection with this, the lethality in Ukrainian troops is so great. The lieutenant colonel believes that this is due to the fact that, as a rule, untrained Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine are sent to the front lines.

According to the agency's partner, the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine is forced to join the armed forces of Ukraine because the Ukrainian army has intimidated the majority population and denied the possibility of “democratic elections of the resistance”. He specified that it often happens that conscripts are simply “grabbed by the arms”, sent to the recruiting station, to short-term training camps and then to the front line. According to Ivannikov at the moment & nbsp; The Ukrainian people do not have the opportunity to put up any active resistance to the current regime.


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