The incident with Timanovska was commented at the UN

whoever wants to apply for refugee status should be able to do so . “No one should be forced to return home under the threat of the use of force,” he added.

The UN responded in this way to the & nbsp; Belarusian athlete Kristina Timanovska in Tokyo. Dujarrik noted that & nbsp; the Japanese authorities have done everything to protect it.

Earlier, Timanovskaya, a short-distance runner, was outraged on social networks that the coaches had decided to put her on the 4×400 relay. Then it was decided to send the girl to Belarus “in connection with the emotional and mental state.” The Belarusian diaspora in Tokyo blocked the airport and did not allow it to be taken away. A representative of the All Japan Refugee Bar Association arrived at the airport later. After some time, Timanovskaya was sent to a safe place, where, according to an IOC representative, she spent the night. The athlete applied for political asylum in Poland and the Czech Republic also offered to grant her asylum.

They tried to take the Belarusian athlete Timanovska from Tokyo: photos of the athlete

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