Western MPs adopted a statement against SP-2

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Chamber of Deputies The United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine have issued a joint statement against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

States and Germany on “Nord Stream-2”. In accordance with this decision, the construction of the gas pipeline is actually resumed.

The statement also says that SP-2 is allegedly a geopolitical project aimed at expanding Russian influence in European countries and creating the dominance of Russian gas in the energy market in the European Union.

In addition, the authors of the statement believe that the construction of the Joint Undertaking-2 threatens the national security of the USA and EU countries. The statement paid special attention to issues of Ukrainian-Russian relations: the authors of the document believe that the pipeline will give Russia the opportunity to “blackmail” Ukraine by blocking the pipeline passing through its territory.

Senator Robert Menendez of the Democratic Party signed the statement on behalf of the US Congress.

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