The commander of the second fleet of the US Navy considered cooperation with Russia to be adequate


US-Russian military cooperation enabled ” adequate ”level. This was stated by the commander of the second US fleet, Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis.

“I think we have adequate cooperation, but there are areas where we can work together to be more considerate (treat each other), well and for the common good,” he said, adding that the United States advocated any opportunity for positive communication with colleagues.

Lewis also identified possible topics for cooperation between Arctic countries – fishing, oil, gas and precious metals exploration, rescue operations and maritime safety. According to him, the hunting grounds of Norway and the Russian Federation are recognized as the richest in the world thanks to the cooperation of countries in this area.

“In terms of cooperation, this is professional behavior when there is a standard of such behavior that everyone understands” No questions. This is the main and most important thing, “- explained the US Vice Admiral


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