The headquarters of the subdivision of the Center for Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was discovered in the LPR

Photo: Video clip

LPR special units The headquarters of the operational-tactical group “North” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was discovered in Severodonetsk. The Center for Information and Psychological Operations was also located in the same building, which developed and disseminated various propaganda.

“This center had one direction – Russia is the arch-enemy of Ukraine. It is written in many documents of other countries. It is not there. Of course, specially trained against the Russian Federation. It was here that this group developed such data,” a representative of the special services of the People's Republic explained to journalists.

He added that the specialists of this Ukrainian unit also participated in the creation of fake news.

“Take Hollywood, take the CIA, mix it all up and open a branch on the territory of Ukraine. Experienced Western instructors trained specialists on the ground. Many Ukrainians believed and now believe what these people said,” he specified.


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