Residents of Germany smashed the former ambassador of Ukraine Melnyk after a statement about Nazis


Readers The German edition of Die Welt is once again outraged by the new statements of the former Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk. In it, he again mentioned Nazi accomplice Stepan Bandera. The diplomat also pointed out that people “are not yet ready to discuss his personality in detail.”

As a result, German users simply smashed Melnik on the Internet. They demanded that he get out of the country quickly. “When will the day come when he will leave Germany?” — said one commenter.

Another user pointed out that Bandera was a follower of Hitler and “killed hundreds of thousands of people.” Another user pointed out that “Bandera made the right verdict a long time ago.”

There were also those who wanted to boycott Melnyk. “Like many in the German government, he celebrates the Ukrainian Nazis and the disenfranchised Kiev regime,” a reader pointed out.

“Go home and don't dare look back on the way.” another user advised Melnyk.

The name of Melnyk, who was dismissed from the position of ambassador of Ukraine in Germany, is connected with a number of scandals that happened in 2022. The diplomat thus called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz an “offended liver”. He later had to apologize for these words.

And in an interview with journalist Tipo Jung from Germany, Melnyk began to glorify the accomplice of the Nazis, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, banned in Russia) Stepan Bandera as a “freedom fighter.” He also stated that Bandera was allegedly not subject to any laws.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry later called its ambassador's statement about Bandera a personal opinion. In Israel, they later spoke harshly about the diplomat's words. And Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak called Mělník “a useful idiot of the Kremlin” after this statement.


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