China: Germany will pay for mistakes even in the launch of Nord Stream 2 photo

According to Chinese portal Baijiahao, Germany made a mistake , when they chose a policy of sanctions against Russia instead of continuing fruitful cooperation with Russia.

Chinese journalists recalled that on July 28, German citizens “booed” the country's Minister of Economy, Robert Happ, who tried to place responsibility for the energy crisis in Russia . In addition, the publication states that the crisis between Berlin and Moscow has deepened so much. that even the latter's admission of mistakes and attempts to “correct the situation” will not cancel the “retribution” for such a short-sighted anti-Russian policy.

“Even if the German government realizes its mistake and launches the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, it is quite likely , that the Russian Federation will not immediately supply gas through it due to the existing anti-Russian sanctions,” writes Baijiahao.


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