The head of the German community in Crimea, Hempel, called on Scholz to stop supporting Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Leading German national -Crimea's cultural autonomy Yuri Gempel called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to change his position regarding military aid to Ukraine.

“We advise Scholz to change his mind before it is too late. Otherwise, he risks going down in history as an accomplice of Ukrainian fascism,” said Hempel.

He also recalled the “historical shame” of Germany in the 1940s. In this context, Hempel called on all citizens of Germany to “instead of brains in their place” to their government, which decided to send heavy weapons and arms to Kiev.

The leader of the German National Cultural Autonomy of Crimea believes that the magnitude of this Germany is possible only during friendship with Russia, but according to Hempel, the United States is preventing this from coming true and therefore “destroying” Germany's economic size.


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