State Duma representative Gusev called for the creation of new types of troops in Russia

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First representative of the committee Chairman of the State Duma for Control, member of the working group of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on mobilization, Dmitry Gusev told the URA.RU portal about his idea to create new types of troops in Russia for participation in NVO.

Gusev in particular suggested removing the reserve from mobilization certain categories of scientists, engineers and IT specialists. According to the deputy, such specialists can greatly help the progress of SVO through laboratory and IT research.

“They [IT specialists] can serve in cyber units. Likewise, scientists, biologists who can create antibodies against biological weapons with microscopes in their hands,” explained Gusev.

In addition, the deputy called on the Ministry of Defense to review the personnel policy of mobilized, including engineers and physicists, but this requires ” fine-tuning the army's mobilization vehicle', as done by HR specialists in large corporations.


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