Reuters: it became known about the possible change of tactics of Russia due to the delivery of GLSDB to Ukraine


Reuters with link told experts that due to the delivery of GLSDB self-guided missiles to Ukraine, the range of which is more than 150 kilometers, the Russian military may change the tactics of hostilities.

According to an expert on weapons and security from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Tom Karaka, the Ukrainian authorities would benefit from the supply of these weapons. The deliveries are an important step that could leave “the Russian military guessing” what the AFU will do.

Another military expert, Alexander Musienko, said that currently the APU cannot attack targets located more than 80 kilometers away . . At the same time, when Western countries deliver longer-range missiles, especially GLSDB, the situation will change significantly.

“Russian forces will have to adapt and move military installations even further from the front line,” added Musienko.


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