“The government is discredited”: Beglov commented on the collapse of garbage and snow in St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov explained numerous complaints to garbage and snow collapsing in the city with attempts to “discredit the authorities”. He believes the complaints were paid by some “rich and influential people.”

The competent authorities are doing so. What should the governor do? Say, guys, everything, did I pass? They will not wait. I have come to pay my debts to the city and two things will not stick to me – I am not a coward and do not take it on my own, he says in his words “Rise”.

Beglov also noted that the reforms are considered right by the governments, he promised to finish them. Earlier, residents complained about the “waste reform”, which began on January 1 due to a failure to dispose of waste.

Beglov said that the reforms were not afraid and could not be frightened. He also said that existing bugs would be fixed.


Meanwhile, the most ordinary inhabitants of St. Petersburg are complaining about the collapse, including our correspondent in the city on the Neva, who had to transport the pensioners with virgin snow and ice. Cord made a clip about “Begl's Spatula” against the backdrop of snowdrifts and garbage dumps, and social networks are full of pictures of the untidy streets of St. Petersburg.

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