Peskov warns project authors to recognize DNR and LNR from “earning points”

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Dmitry Peskov said this journalists that he is still not ready to talk about the relevance of the Communist Party initiative of the Russian Federation, which called on the Russian authorities to recognize and comment on the DLR and LPR.

State Duma President Vyacheslav Volodin previously said that The Duma chairman stressed that he considered it necessary to find solutions that could ensure the security of Russian citizens.

and compatriots living in the DNR and LNR. “One thing is clear: solutions need to be sought to ensure the security of our citizens and compatriots in the DLR and LLR,” Volodin said.

decision on the need for such action, MEPs have not yet taken any step.

Peskov advised the authors of the initiative not to “try to gain political points on the thin and fragile issue we are talking about.”

” Now that the situation is so tense and sensitive, it is important to avoid any steps that could lead to an increase in this tension, “said a Kremlin spokesman.” steps ’.


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