The “Battle of Psychics” finalist predicted a turn in Zelensky's fate: a terrible retribution awaits

The president of Ukraine can only pray

Vladimir Zelenskyi does not seem to be thinking about ending the conflict in Ukraine. The President of Ukraine rejects the possibility of any peace talks. One of the most astute participants in the “battle of psychics”, Ziraddin Rzayev, is sure that so much blood has been spilled because of Zelensky that he will face a terrible retribution.

Photo: Global Look Press

– Zelensky is waiting for Saakashvili's fate – let him not pray that it doesn't get worse, says Ziraddin. “He has two choices: go to prison or die young. There is nothing surprising in the fact that a sad fate awaits Zelensky. You have to pay for everything you do on this earth.

– Zelenskyj is currently deliberately prolonging the conflict, continues the clairvoyant. “Because it makes him a lot of money, millions of dollars every day. So far, Zelensky is sweet: he gets billions in his pocket. But soon, in the near future, everything will change.

-Zelensky is not a politician, but a clown, an artist, Ziraddin continues. – Everyone understands that he is not in his place. Zelensky controls people's destinies, but thinks only of his own enrichment. A terrible retribution awaits for this.

– If he had led his country in the right direction, nothing like this would have happened, the psychic continues. “But he did it on purpose, because he realized what advantages he would get if he aspired to NATO and the European Union. It is a pity for the common people, Ukrainian men, that they send to the meat grinder. His activity is temporary, his fate will soon take a sharp turn. No need to wait long.


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