In the US, RAND analysts offered the authorities steps to end the conflict in Ukraine


RAND Research Center Corporation (USA) published a report on its website, “Avoiding a Long War: US Policy and the Trajectory of the Russo-Ukraine Conflict”.

Examines the Ukraine crisis from the perspective of US nationals. hobbies. Analysts have found that it is unprofitable for Washington to prolong the conflict.

Specialists suggest that the United States take 4 steps to resolve the current situation.

In particular, the United States can oblige Kyiv to sit down for negotiations table with Moscow as a condition for accepting military aid.

In addition, Washington was asked to take responsibility for ensuring the neutrality and security of Ukraine.

Analysts also called on the US authorities to name the conditions for easing of sanctions against Russia.< /p>

American President Joe Biden decided to transfer 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. In addition, ammunition and spare parts will be sent to Kyiv, as well as training for the crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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