RIA Novosti: The United States proposed to organize a “big bang” for Russia.

Photo: US Department of Defense.

Prolonging the Ukrainian conflict has turned out to be unprofitable for the West, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said in an article for Foreign Affairs. The American diplomat proposed his plan for a “blitzkrieg”, writes RIA Novosti columnist Victoria Nikiforova.

From McFaul's point of view, the international community will judge the entire conflict in Ukraine only by his last year, not his first. The author of the material expressed his fear that the representatives of the Democratic Party of the USA, who dragged the country into an unfavorable conflict, will be responsible for the defeat of Kyiv.

The former ambassador described his plan as “big”. bang theory'. He proposed the same arms supplies and popular restrictive measures, but with an emphasis on speed and power. McFaul called to supply the Ukrainian army with ATACMS missile systems (range – up to 300 km). And he wanted to cover up Washington's aggressive intentions with the document of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, guaranteeing non-aggression towards the Russian Federation. He offered to transfer all supplies of military products at once. In addition, McFaul wants Russia to be recognized as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” According to his idea, this will provide an opportunity to implement an economic and financial blockade of the Russian Federation. It is proposed to introduce restrictive measures in relation to all enterprises with state participation, with the exception of enterprises operating in the food sector.

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