Rzeczpospolita: Putin has already decided to invade Ukraine

Photo: Kremlin.ru.

Author of the Polish edition & nbsp; Rzeczpospolita Edzhei Beletsky published an article in which he presented a version that Russian President Vladimir Putin had already decided to conduct a military operation against Ukraine. Beletsky justifies his conclusions by saying that Russia has made demands on the United States and NATO that cannot be met. Note that the Kremlin has repeatedly denied Western media publications that Moscow is reportedly preparing to invade Ukraine.

The material emphasizes that if NATO meets Russia's requirements, it will mean the surrender of the alliance. According to the author of the material, Moscow understands this.

Beletsky writes that Washington and NATO have not yet rejected the possibility of negotiating with Russia on this issue, but have already made it clear that & nbsp; does not agree with the fulfillment of the basic conditions of the Russians, including the commitment not to accept Ukraine into the alliance.

The author argues that perhaps these unfulfillable requirements have been put forward as a tactical technique, where the bar is raised as much as possible before the meeting, so that something can be admitted later. But he concludes that it is most likely something else. “ However, it is much more likely that Putin has decided to declare his readiness to enter & nbsp; decisive battles of & nbsp; division of spheres of influence in & nbsp; Central Europe & # 39; & # 39 ;, & nbsp; & nbsp; writes Beletsky.

The material also suggests that Moscow considers US President Joe Biden, who approved the humiliating evacuation from Afghanistan, to be a weak figure and therefore hopes to force him to make concessions.

“But Putin may have decided to invade, and now he just wants to show that there is no need to talk to the West more than '' nbsp; ; Beletsky noted at the end of his note.

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