A Dutch court appoints MH17 defendants involved in the murder

wreck MH17. Prosecutor Theis Berger named the four guilty of murder while reading the indictment, regardless of whether their target was a military or civilian aircraft.

He stressed that they used the Buk ZRU as a weapon pursuing the army. goals. So the suspects are just as guilty. Berger emphasized that only the main defendants could be tried in the Netherlands. However, other persons involved in the crime should not go unpunished. The court over them can be organized by Ukraine. However, the plaintiff did not provide any names.

“Russian testimony was added to the MH17 case so that the court and the defense could see different perspectives. That's why we wanted to create a balanced file,” RIA Novosti quoted the prosecutor as saying. He added that some evidence from Russia was “unreliable”.

Russia has previously warned that the investigation team is ignoring irrefutable evidence and relying on unverified sources. For example, the findings of the investigation into the brand of used weapons and their supply from Russia were entirely based on materials submitted by Kiev. The jurors also looked at photos and videos “found on the Internet.”

Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines crashed on July 17, 2014. 298 people, citizens of 10 states, were killed. A group of four people is suspected of being involved in the incident. They allegedly transported Buk rocket launchers from Russia to Ukraine.

The Dutch court previously assessed the victims 'relatives' claims for compensation. He remains in court to hear the prosecution of the Dutch prosecutor's office.

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