“Let's put a gun in the United States temple”: Kiselev warned the West against Ukraine

Dmitrij Kiselev. Shot from the TV show “Russia 1”. Well-known Russian television journalist Dmitry Kiselev told the BBC what Russia's actions could be if the West continued to involve Ukraine in NATO or deploy weapons on its territory.

“If we are talking about Ukraine's accession to NATO or the military development of Ukraine's territory, then we will put the barrel of a pistol in the United States Temple, & # 39; & # 39; Kiselyov said.

Moderator Vesti Nedeli emphasized that Russia has such military-technical capabilities thanks to hypersonic weapons. According to Kiselev, Russian missiles will have the same flight time as American or British missiles from Ukraine to Russia.

“It will be a situation of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but with a different flight time,” he said. he added.

Kiselev also noted that this would be a choice for the West, but Russia does not want such a development.

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