The IRGC's secret bunker was damaged by an explosion of unknown nature.

Secret site of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Tehran area a few days ago damaged by an explosion of unknown nature. According to some reports, missile weapons are being developed in the area of ​​this complex.

The nature of the incident is close to the recent attack on the Natanz nuclear facility, for which Tehran blames Israel.

It should be noted that this object in the Tehran region covered the Tor air defense missile system, which he considered a threat to Ukrainian Boeing, which on January 8, 2020 changed course towards a secret complex.


Russia's ambassador: 20 years of NATO stay in Afghanistan have made the country a drug state


Russia's representative to the UN Gennady Kuz & # 39 The 76th session of the organization's General Assembly said that Afghanistan had become a drug state in the 20 years that NATO troops had been in the country. “In the 20 years of the NATO contingent presence, the country has become a drug state. The signal to us is that Afghanistan will soon become a world leader in the illicit production and consumption of methamphetamine after opiates,” he said./p>

He says it is difficult to strengthen the drug potential of Afghanistan and neighboring countries.


The DPRK authorities have announced a test of a new anti-aircraft missile


As the radio station states & quot; “ Voice of Korea & # 39; & # 39 ;, an experimental launch of a new anti-aircraft missile took place in the DPRK on September 30. It is specified that the tests were performed both to assess the integrated combat power of the projectile itself and the operation of the launcher.

A member of the Politburo Presidium and Secretary of the TPK Park Central Committee Chjon Chong took part in the tests.

“ During the tests, the combat power of the new anti-aircraft missile was confirmed, in which the ability to react quickly, control accuracy and distance to destroy an air target was significantly improved, & # 39; & # 39; the report states.


Poklonskaya allowed her to return to Crimea: only the prosecutor

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Vice-Chairman of the Duma State Committee Russia's international affairs Natalya Poklonskaya, in an interview with journalists, did not rule out her return to the Crimea, reports radio KP. However, he does not feel a burning desire to do so, because many years have changed there recently and “it works in a way.”

“I do not want to return to Crimea. this “in its own way” is not appropriate … But if the leader makes an appropriate decision “I do not discuss it,” said Poklonskaya.


DPR informed about the flight of Bayraktar drones on the contact line

Photo: Photos from the video

Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin said that on the contact line were seen unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar Turkish production. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informed that the first Bayraktar TB2 for naval forces had been delivered to Ukraine.

“We are recording the use of Bayraktar near the contact line,” Pushilin told Russia's TV channel 24. He added that this raised serious concerns.

Recall that today the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov stated that the transfer of these weapons to Ukraine is full, with the fact that Ukraine can use these weapons against its own people.


Former Defense Minister Tonoyan was arrested in Armenia

David Tonoyan. Photo:

The Yerevan court upheld the investigation petition and opted for restrictive measures in the form of the arrest of 53-year-old former defense minister David Tonoyan. He resigned last November due to protests after the signing of a declaration on the end of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. Now, according to his lawyer Sergei Hovhannisyana, the investigation suspects the ex-minister of embezzlement and counterfeiting of arms supplies.

Tonoyan himself is not considered guilty. His defense lodges a complaint against the arrest with the Court of Appeal.

David Galstyan, the director of the supply company, is also involved in the case.


Kim Jong Un looks like Al Pacino after changing her hairstyle

Photo: Still from the video

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un se According to the American actor after the change of hairstyle, according to the author of the journalist of the telegram channel Dmitry Smirnov. He drew attention to the fact that now Kim Jong-un not only makes a hair mat, but licks it and now looks like a famous actor in the role of a godfather.

It is worth noting that the press closely monitors all changes in the appearance of the North Korean dictator. So Kim Jong-un recently appeared in public noticeably thinner and in a white suit. And last year there was a rumor of his illness & ndash; some saw a dropper mark on his hand.

Meanwhile, Sister Kim Jong-una received a new contribution & ndash; she will become a member of the commission for state affairs.


The Kremlin rejects the threat to freedom of speech from expanding the list of foreign media agents

Photo: Mikhail Verny

Presidential Press Secretary Russia Dmitry Peskov answered a question from journalists whether the expansion of the list of foreign media agents threatens freedom in the Russian Federation.

“No, the law is being followed. If you receive foreign money, you will be included in this list, “said a representative of the Kremlin.

The head of the presidential press service added that many media outlets that have gained this status continue their work.


Bagdasarov criticized the US proposal for Russia to share its bases

“Washington's dream: to provoke Moscow to war with Afghanistan”

US proposal to the Russian Federation to jointly use Russian military bases in Central Asia to fight the Afghan Taliban (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in the Russian Federation) is aimed at Russia's involvement in the unnecessary war in Afghanistan. This is the view of Semyon Bagdasarov, director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia. In his opinion, Russia should reject such an offer.


Citing its sources at the Pentagon, The Wall Street Journal previously said that the issue of sharing Russian military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan was raised during a recent meeting in Finland between US Army Chiefs of Staff Mark Milli and Russian Chief of Staff Valery. Gerasimov.

The Russian Ministry of Defense informed about the meeting that military leaders discussed issues of “common interest”. No more specific information was available. The Pentagon also did not officially announce the subject.

“If, God forbid, we get involved in this conflict, it will be a real dream of the United States and its allies, including our Ukrainian” friends, “Semyon Bagdasarov said in an interview on Soloviev LIVE YouTube. , not Serbia and not Syria … The efficiency of the use of aviation (in the mountains – “MK” ) tends to zero! Or send Russian troops there to fight? But why, for whom and for what ? (Pro) Greater Tajikistan? “- the political scientist asked a rhetorical question.

According to the expert, “negotiations with the Americans should be conducted as carefully as possible.”

“They come and say,” Let's use your bases! “How will they use them? Can we handle our bases on our own, but without you? – said the political scientist. – You fled Afghanistan in disgrace. Do you want to involve Russia in this? Well, they praise us, they pat us on the head and then they start pounding us full again. We swam, we know. “

According to Semyon Bagdasarov,” there is no need to intervene in Afghan affairs. ”

“Otherwise they might be angry.” The Taliban have repeatedly repeated since the time of Mullah Omar (founder of a Taliban organization banned in Russia. – MK ): “We will not interfere in the affairs of other states, but only if we do not interfere in our … to force something, so what actions? The Wall Street Journal wrote: “The Biden administration regularly states that it is ready to work with Russia in areas of common interest, despite the fact that, in general, Russian policy is against the interests of the United States. The government said it would pursue its own goals in the negotiations. At the moment, Russia is one of the elements in stabilizing the situation in this region (I mean Afghanistan. – MK ), so we have no choice but to work with them.

In Central Asia, Russia and CSTO have two large bases: the 201st military base in Dushanbe and the 999th air base in Kantu (Kyrgyzstan). Several thousand Russian soldiers serve them. In the summer, they participated in exercises on the border with Afghanistan.