Estonia is strengthening border controls due to a possible influx of migrants


Police Department and Estonian border guards have stepped up border controls on the border with Latvia and in ports to prevent illegal border crossings if migratory pressure to the republic increases, the department's press service said.

Estonian Interior Minister Kristjan Jaani noted that he had had an interview with a Latvian colleague, with whom he was in constant contact against the background of events in Lithuania.

“As they have illegally crossed the Belarusian-Latvian border in the last 24 hours, border guards have detained 38 people, we have strengthened controls in Estonia's border areas,” Jaani said, adding that there was no migration pressure.

The Minister said that the Police and Border Guard Council focused mainly on borders, but that patrols would carry out on-site inspections throughout Estonia. According to him, detailed inspections will be carried out in ports. Police sent additional patrols to the Estonian-Latvian border area. Jaani warned that law enforcement officers would check buses, cars and trucks more often.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 4,000 illegal migrants of the year have been detained on the Lithuanian-Belarus border since the beginning of the year, which is 50 times more than in the whole of 2020.


The Taliban threatened Russian Tu-22M3 bombers

Extensive exercises are held in Central Asia with the participation of the Russian contingent

Joint military exercises of the country's armed forces and troops from Uzbekistan and Russia began in Tajikistan. The exercises take place in close proximity to the Afghan border. Similar exercises take place at one of the Uzbek army training grounds. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Tu-22M3 long-range bombers were involved in the maneuvers, which work to attack the positions of the militants. The joint maneuvers are intended to demonstrate Russia's readiness to respond to the increase in terrorist activities in Central Asia.

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The activity of the Taliban (recognized as a terrorist group and banned in the Russian Federation), which is approaching a full takeover of power in Afghanistan, is a serious concern for the Central Asian states. At the recent Summit of Defense Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Dushanbe, this issue was actively discussed by all participants.

The destabilization of the situation in Afghanistan is a major threat to neighboring states. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which share a border with Afghanistan, send troops to border areas and turn to partners for help.

The Russian Armed Forces actively participated in the exercise. On Thursday, August 5, joint military exercises of the armed forces of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia were launched. 2,500 soldiers and about 500 units of military equipment are involved in the exercise.

Russia is represented in the exercises by units of the 201st military base stationed in Tajikistan. Motor rifles, tanks, artillery units and special units are involved. & Nbsp;

At the same time, joint Russian-Uzbek military exercises are taking place at the Termez training ground. in Uzbekistan. 1.5 thousand soldiers take part in them.

There are also various scenarios to repel the terrorist threat. Russia is represented in the exercises by peacekeepers and reconnaissance groups of the Special Brigade of the Central Military District.

Long-range bombers Tu-22M3 of the Russian Air Force were involved in the exercise. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, four supersonic missile carriers were relocated to the airport in the Saratov region. From there, they will fly and conduct training attacks on conditional terrorist camps. According to the exercise scenario, the task of the bombers is to destroy the positions of the militants and ammunition depots. Air cover for the bombers will be provided by MiG-29 fighters of the Uzbek Air Force.

The joint efforts of Russia and Central Asian partners are to demonstrate a readiness to respond to any regional security challenges, including & ndash; threat of terrorism.

It has previously been shown that, for the first time in history, the Tajik armed forces have been put on full combat readiness due to a threat from the Taliban. Other states in the region have also decided to send additional military contingents to the Afghan border. Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran. & Nbsp;


Zakharova explained Zelenský's “modest Jewish guy's” nationalism


Russia's Foreign Ministry official Maria Zacharova expressed outrage at “propaganda” publications of the Western media, which in fact accused her of lying and insulting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský. We recall that the scandal broke out after Zelensky called on Russian supporters among the people of Donbas to leave Ukraine, and Zacharova critically evaluated his speech.

The diplomat quoted an excerpt from Sloupek DW in her telegram channel, which said that with her light hand “a modest Jewish guy … turned into a Ukrainian nationalist”, which of course is not.

Zakharova drew attention to the fact that the authors of the publication did not mention any immense successes Zelenský in life is a famous actor, a successful businessman and now the head of state. Even if he was modest in his youth, this does not mean that his original worldview will remain for the rest of his life, the diplomat writes.

“History knows thousands of examples,” she continued, “when exactly” Modest Guys “became the most famous ghouls. Zakharova laughed.

She wondered if any nationality could guarantee that its representatives would become nationalists. If German journalists think so, then “this is nationalism in its purest form.” The diplomat concluded by suggesting that he was in solidarity with producer Max Fadeev on the issue of Kiev nationalist policy. He used to talk about Zelenský very sharply.


The US sent B-52 bombers to Afghanistan


American B Bombers -52 Stratofortress sent to Afghanistan to fight militants of the radical Taliban movement banned in Russia. They took off from the US air base El Udeid in Qatar.

According to the Times, the planes are already hitting targets in the provinces of Herat, Kandahar, Lashkar Gah and Helmand. Aircraft are also used to support AC-130 fire.

The US Embassy in Kabul previously called on US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately. The reason is a dangerous environment, as stated by the embassy statement.

US Representative to the UN Jeffrey Delorentis previously said that the radical Taliban movement banned in Russia would be in international isolation if it seized power in Afghanistan … He also called on the Taliban to return to the path of political settlement. situation in the republic and stopped the attack on the positions of government troops. Recall that Taliban operations in Afghanistan intensified sharply after the United States began withdrawing troops from the country.


Iraq suspends all passenger flights to Belarus


Iraqi authorities accepted decision to suspend all passenger flights to Belarus. This is stated in a report of the department on Facebook.

The ban on flights to Belarus applies to all national carriers, including Iraqi Airlines. Lithuanian authorities, meanwhile, welcome Baghdad's decision to suspend passenger flights to Belarus.

As stated on his twitter page, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielus Landsbergis, Iraq should not stop there in the fight against illegal migration. “Only by working together will we be able to eliminate the network of human smugglers in the EU,” he wrote.

It has previously been shown that illegal migrants are trying to get to Europe via Belarus. They fly there from airports in Turkey and Iraq.


Producer Fadeev wanted to spit on Zelenský: “uneducated creature”


Famous producer Maxim Fadeev on Instagram confessed to the hatred of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenský. As a result, he insulted the Ukrainian leader.

“I dream of seeing this uneducated creature in the dock! And it will be! ”The father's family was“ killed by such Nazis. “As a result, the producer's father grew up in an orphanage” without his last name and first name because of belonging to the Jewish people. ”

According to Fadeev, the Ukrainian president is “very stupid and without a picture.” He also accused him of quoting the classics of Nazism. accuses Fadeev of Zelensky.

“Now replace the word Jew with the word Russian and you will get an interview with Zelensky,” Fadeev added.

Earlier, Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview with journalists that issuing Russian passports to residents Donbass divides the country into two rival camps, comparing Donbass to the Berlin Wall, which divides the people of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian leader said that the people of Donbas must go to the Russian Federation if they want to join Russia.


In Ukraine, they predicted which countries would break away from piece by piece


Former Representative of the Supreme council Yevgeny Muraev informed about the impending, in his opinion, the partition of Ukraine. On the air of the NASH television channel, politicians said that radicalized citizens are mobilizing in the country, who roam into groups and can be used to “rock” the situation and provoke as early as next autumn.

“I think they are preparing us. To the section, – said the former deputy. – They will play in the right field. “

According to him, the financing of radicals comes through the International Renaissance Foundation and former President Petro Poroshenko. And current leader Volodymyr Zelensky is unaware of the gravity of the situation because of his “childish thinking,” Muraev said.

He is convinced that if the internal confrontation develops into a “global” one, then Ukraine will “save everyone”: the “Poles” will save the “Galicia, the Hungarians will save the” Transcarpathians “. Romanians, the politician thinks, are committed to “saving” Bessarabia and Bukovina. As a result, only a “small piece” of land can remain, Muraev concluded.

Former People's Deputy Naděžda Savčenková also expressed a similar opinion.


Afghan Ministry of Defense announces liquidation of Taliban “shadow governor” *

Photo: AP

Taliban Governor of the Taliban Movement ( The organization is banned in the Russian Federation) Abid Mawlavi, the Ministry of Defense told Twitter.


It is noted that Taliban members were killed at a meeting in Zaranj, Nimitz province, captured by militants the day before.

RIA Novosti also denies reporting the death of Mawlawi, citing a spokesman. outside the Taliban Qari Yusuf Ahmadi.


Estonian Prime Minister to the UN Security Council to raise the issue of migrants in Lithuania


Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas promised to raise the issue of the migration crisis in Lithuania in the Security Council.

According to the LRT, Tallinn has decided to support Vilnius through diplomatic efforts.

Lithuania) … Meetings are planned for September with representatives of the USA and European allies, with whom we will also talk about the support of Lithuania, “said the Estonian Prime Minister.


Participants in the attack on the US Capitol have pleaded guilty for the first time


Two participants in the attack on US Captain Scott Fairlamb and Devlin Thomson confessed to the attack on police officers on January 6, 2021, ABC News reported.

Scott Fairlumb confessed to inciting, attacking, resisting and thwarting police officers. He now faces up to 3 to 4 years in prison.

Devlin Thomson confessed to the attack, defending and thwarting the work of police officers using weapons. According to the Department of Justice, Thompson held a metal baton and tried to blow a pepper spray at the officer.

This is therefore one of the first confessions in which the participants in the attack on the Capitol admitted a violent act.