White House: Biden knows about Zelensky's stress

In the administration of the President of the USA in the background from the series media publications about the deep mistrust between Washington and Kyiv said that US leader Joe Biden understands the stress that his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelenskyi is in and admires his personal qualities and courage. This was announced by John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council.

During the briefing, reporters asked Kirby to comment on an op-ed in The New York Times that reported “deep distrust within the White House.” and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky”.

Kirby neither confirmed nor denied the conclusions stated in the article. He recalled that Biden “spoke many times about his admiration for the leadership qualities and courage of President Zelensky.”

The White House representative also added that Biden “had many personal conversations with Zelensky and understands what the President of Ukraine has now emphasized. Kirby said Biden respects Zelenskyi and is “fully committed to continuing to support Ukraine.”

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The US will sell missiles to Saudi Arabia for $3 billion

Patriot MIM-104 tactical ballistic missile system. Photo: Global Look Press

The United States Department of State has agreed to a deal to sell 300 Patriot missiles and related equipment to Saudi Arabia for more than $3 billion. This is stated in the report of the US Defense Cooperation Agency.

The corresponding statement of the ministry says that in total Riyadh authorities have requested 300 missiles of this type from the White House. “The Department of State issued a decision approving the possible sale of PATRIOT MIM-104E advanced tactical ballistic missiles and related equipment to the government of Saudi Arabia at a cost of approximately $3.05 billion,” the statement said.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation explained what is fraught with the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Ukraine

photo pexels.com

Representative of the Russian delegation Alexander Trofimov, at The The NPT Review Conference, which is being held in New York, spoke about the risks associated with Kiev's desire to acquire nuclear weapons.

According to him, such a development would be a violation of Ukraine's obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which would shamelessly undermined the implementation of this document.

“Statements by Kiev officials, … which can be interpreted as a request to review Ukraine's non-nuclear status, are cause for concern,” Trofimov said.

When At the same time he noted that the Ukrainian side has not fulfilled its obligations arising from the Budapest agreements for many years, for example in the sense of combating the growth of aggressive nationalism and chauvinism in Ukraine.

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Medvedev wrote a fairy tale about an old woman, a hammer and a sickle-shaped fish

Photo: kremlin.ru

Deputy Head Council Security of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev published the first post since the removal of the previous scandalous post that appeared on his page on the social network and was allegedly the result of a hacker attack. He posted a loose interpretation of “The Goldfish Story” on his Telegram channel.

“The old man liked to fish, throwing nets in the most unexpected places, often at the neighbors…” – Medvedev begins the story.

He goes on to say that the old man's neighbor did not like that he was fishing with them, but for some time they lasted because " he respected the old man for past merit, cunning and strength. However, his “fishing luck began to fail him” and “in a state of unconsciousness, the old man left for a foreign country”, where he decided to force the local fishermen to fish for him in exchange for a supply of fishing rods and other fishing equipment.

“But he is seriously ill, he is thinking hard, he is confused in his thoughts…” – Medvedev continues his story.

Then the plot develops quickly: the old man demanded that the fishermen get him the biggest fish, but they were not able to do so, and then the old man sent his old wife to them. Just like Alexander Pushkin, she wanted a goldfish on her land, but the old woman's plan failed.

“The fish swam out of the ocean. Not simple, but golden, oriental, – says Medvedev. – And with her there is also a whale, a sickle and a hammer … “

The result of the fairy tale – the fish waved their tails and washed away the old woman, the old man who was waiting for her at the broken trough returned to her.


"This is not over,' Medvedev promised.

On social networks, users are discussing versions of who wrote Medvedev in this "fairy tale" and who is this greedy old man hunting Most came to the conclusion that this is how the ex-prime minister and ex-president commented on the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan.

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Pelosi's plane was headed for Taiwan

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The plane on which may be US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, facing Taiwan. This is the Flightradar data.

Meanwhile, as of the latest data, the Flightradar website itself has been temporarily unavailable. More than 100,000 people watched the Pelosi special.

The website of the administration of the head of Taiwan also crashed. According to Reuters, a cyber attack is underway while Pelosi waits.

China's Foreign Ministry earlier said the PRC would take strict measures to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity if Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan.

Meanwhile. Taiwanese media reports that Pelosi's visit, announced Tuesday, will last longer than expected. The American delegation booked 48 rooms at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei's Xinyi District for one night. The composition of the delegation is estimated at 40 people.

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Business Insider: Germany is no longer attractive to migrants

Photo: Global Look Press

Germany threatens collision with a shortage of workers due to a decrease in the influx of migrants. This opinion was expressed by Polish journalist Mateusz Madejski in an article for Business Insider.

The author believes that Germany has ceased to be an attractive country for migrants, despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of vacant jobs. country.

“The recent actions of the government in Berlin do not contribute to this either (increasing migration flow – “MK“),” said the journalist.< /p>

Madeisky recalled, that in 2015 more than a million migrants entered Germany, mainly from Middle Eastern countries, while in 2020 it was only 200,000.

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Pelosi's special flight departs from Malaysia

Photo: pixabay.com

US Air Force aircraft , which brought the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to the Asian region, departed from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The special plane is heading south, according to Flightradar.

The plane is believed to be heading towards Singapore. It is not yet known if Pelosi herself is on board.

There were earlier reports that Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan on Tuesday, August 2nd. The visit is expected around 17:30 Moscow time. The navies and air forces of China and the United States are already around the island.

Meanwhile, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has announced the start of military exercises in the South China Sea. The beginning was given against the background of the escalation of the situation connected with a potential visit to Taiwan by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

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Business Insider: The gas situation in Europe has gone from a “bad” to a “horrible” scenario

Photo: Global Look Press

Gas crisis in Europe amid anti- Russian sanctions imposed by the West and the United States began to strengthen. At the same time, the gas tanks for the winter may soon be empty. Business Insider reports this with reference to a Bank of America study.

“Over the past month, the gas situation in Europe has rapidly shifted from a 'bad' scenario to a 'terrible' scenario,” the study reports.

According to analysts, the Russian Federation is the largest supplier of energy resources to the West. It accounts for 40% of the gas consumed there. Since Russia stopped supplying fuel, Germany and France were forced to impose a limit on gas usage in order to have some fuel reserves for the winter season.

It is worth noting that due to the decrease in energy imports, Germany turn off the lighting of historical monuments and buildings.

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Global Times: China will fight back if the West strikes first

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

People's Liberation Army China (PLA) will fight if a potential adversary—the United States or a Western country—attacks first. This is stated in an article published by the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

It does not specify what exactly it is about – a military attack or political provocations. For example, a possible visit to Taiwan by the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

States and Western countries prefer China to “hide its teeth”, figuratively speaking in the material. “We do not attack until we are attacked,” the article points out. “If this happens, the PRC will undoubtedly launch a counterattack.”

The authors remind you that there have been many wars in the history of the Chinese people. External aggression and invasion caused much suffering to the population. It should be noted that the Chinese nation, which survived this torment, loves and appreciates the world more than “anyone else.”

At the same time, the PLA, as the publication points out, “has never been afraid of battles. and always fight.” Over the past decade, the combat effectiveness of the Chinese military has increased – both in terms of armaments and equipment, and in terms of organization. “The country is building military power to protect its sovereignty, ensure security and promote development interests,” the authors write. At the same time believe that Beijing should constantly strive to strengthen the defense of the PRC and create a military commensurate with China's status.

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China Times: Six-member delegation led by Pelosi to fly to Taiwan

Photo: Global Look Press

China Times News that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is likely to visit Taiwan at the head of a six-person delegation.

According to the publication, after taking off from Malaysia, Pelosi's plane will head into airspace to the east. coast of Taiwan. It is specified that the aircraft will enter Taiwan's air defense identification zone from the north.

In addition to Pelosi, the official delegation will include five members of the US House of Representatives from the US Democratic Party.< /p>

At the same time, it is accurate route Pelosi currently under wraps. According to preliminary data, Pelosi's plane may arrive at Taipei Airport in the evening, around 21:00-22:00 local time.

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