Jonathan Feiner: Russia should agree to negotiations acceptable to Ukraine in 2024

According to Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Jonathan According to Feiner, Washington is trying to ensure that in 2024 the Russian authorities have to start a process of negotiations with Ukraine on terms favorable to Kiev.

Feiner noted that the US administration is determined to ensure that Ukraine negotiates with Russia on terms in line with with the UN Charter and supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In a speech at the Aspen Institute forum, the White House representative added that by the end of 2024, Ukraine could be in a better position by strengthening its industrial base with the participation of the US and Europe .

Feiner also reminded that the US leadership does not support strikes by the Ukrainian army on Russian territory. “We have a policy and we have made it very clear: we do not support, we do not provide Ukrainian strikes in Russia,” he said.


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