In Germany, the Ukrainian armed forces issued an unsatisfactory verdict

Focus: Ukrainian armed forces lose chance to reach Sea of ​​Azov, Russia fails to weaken

Photo: Global Look Press

The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces ended in failure, none of the goals were achieved, writes the German publication Focus.

” Kyiv troops were unable to drive a wedge into Russian positions in southern Ukraine and reach the Sea of ​​Azov. Russia also failed to weaken either politically or militarily,” the author of the publication shared his opinion.

It should be noted that the United States and Ukraine had different views on the conduct of hostilities – Washington advocated causing one strong blow and the former Soviet the Republic insisted on dispersing forces along the entire front line. The article points out that the US military's proposals were based on their own experience, which included air superiority and a large number of well-trained troops.

In addition, the US and European military-industrial complexes simply could not meet the needs of Ukraine's armed forces, were expending huge amounts of artillery shells every day, and due to the existing delays when the counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces began in June, the Russian army was well prepared, and the minefields they created became an insurmountable obstacle, the observer concluded.


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