Japanese Prime Minister Kishida left the faction over the scandal

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Japanese TV Channel NHK announced that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has left his own Kochikai faction.

As the publication reports, this was due to a scandal related to years of concealment of funds by party factions for kickbacks to MPs.


It is specified that Kishida initially wanted to leave the post of the head of the faction, but in the background of the scandal that broke out, he changed his mind and decided to leave the faction for reasons of unprincipled and objective assessment. of what was happening in the party.

“This scandal broke out because of the money that politicians collect through receptions,” the TV channel emphasized.

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There were strong explosions in Kharkiv

According to information, an explosion occurred in Kharkiv publication “New News” (Suspilne noviny) on its Telegram channel.

From 2:54 Moscow time, air raid sirens sounded in the area and an alarm was declared in the Dnepropetrovsk and Poltava regions and also in Kyiv-controlled parts of the DPR and the Zaporozhye region.

The explosion was previously reported in the Poltava region. On the morning of December 7, damage to port infrastructure facilities in the Odesa region was reported.

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Senator Graham admitted that he fears a terrorist attack in the United States more than ever

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, representing the Republican Party Party and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee admitted that they fear terrorist attacks on American soil more than ever.

“I have never feared a terrorist attack on our country as much as I do right now. ” said the politician.

Graham explained his concerns by saying that currently the number of people who want to “punish” the United States for helping Israel is “just off the charts”.


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Tucker Carlson reported that the head of the Pentagon threatened congressmen over Ukraine

Head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin, according to American journalist Tucker Carlson warned members of Congress about the possibility of sending their relatives to participate in the conflict with Russia if lawmakers do not support the government's request for new aid to Kiev.

Carlson quotes Austin's words from a closed briefing in the House of Representatives, where the Pentagon chief, according he said: “We will send your uncles, cousins ​​and sons to fight Russia.”

Information about “open threats to Americans” attracted the attention of businessman Elon Musk. He turned to Carlson with a question about the authenticity of Austin's statement, to which the journalist confirmed that such statements were made.

Previously, US President Joe Biden expressed confidence that Russia will attack NATO countries after the victory in Ukraine, which according to in his opinion will lead to US involvement in the conflict. Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov expressed regret that Washington is using the demonization of Russia as a tool to influence lawmakers.

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Norway reduces child benefits for Ukrainian refugees

The Norwegian government is taking steps to control the influx of refugees from Ukraine, the introduction of restrictions on the payment of child benefits and the regulation of travel between Norway and Ukraine. This was announced in an official press release on the Norwegian government's website.

According to the document, Norway accepted “approximately 60 percent”; all Ukrainians entering the Nordic countries. Justice and Public Security Minister Emilie Enger Mehl said the government is taking a number of measures to reduce the number of arrivals in Norway and bring the figure closer to the level in neighboring countries. on children for refugees with temporary collective protection during the first year of their stay in the country. The amount of these payments previously amounted to 42,000 crowns for a family with two children under the age of 6.

The report also states that travel restrictions will be introduced between Ukraine and Norway. In case of violation of the conditions of the residence permit, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration reserves the right to cancel previously issued permits. In addition, there are plans to limit the use of hotels as temporary reception centers for refugees.

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British Foreign Secretary Cameron says 'Putin will be back for more'

2015 Photo: en.wikipedia.org < p> British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that the fighting in Ukraine threatens the security of not only Europe, but also the United States. In an interview with Sky News, he noted that aid to Ukraine was essential and “this is the fight of our generation.”

Cameron also said that “if we don't stop him (Russian President Vladimir Putin) here, he will come back for more, ” emphasizes RBC.

Cameron expressed the opinion that this argument is strong and understandable.

In addition, the politician suggested that if the United States agreed on a new aid package for Ukraine, which will become "impulse" for Europe.

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AQN: Kerem Shalom Checkpoint to Open Soon at Egypt-Gaza-Israel Border Crossing

Photo: AP

It will take a controlled opening instead in the coming days – the Kerem Shalom checkpoint, which is located at the intersection of the borders of Egypt, Israel and the Gaza Strip, reported the Egyptian TV channel Al Qahera News.

Egyptian sources confirmed to the TV channel that the Karam Abu Salem crossing is preparing for operation “(Kerem Shalom). According to their information, this will happen very soon – in the next few days. Kerem Shalom is located south of Rafah, the only active checkpoint.

Rafah is the only border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. According to Egyptian authorities, over 11,000 foreigners and Egyptian citizens, as well as 682 Palestinian patients, have left the Gaza Strip through Rafah since November 1.

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AT: The Pentagon unjustifiably accused the Russian Federation of plans to expand the conflict into Europe

Photo: Global Look Press

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin unjustifiably accused Russia of a possible expansion of the conflict beyond the territory of Ukraine – into Europe. This opinion is expressed by the commentators of Asia Times.

The publication states that “Austin imagined the threat that Russia, when finished with Ukraine, would launch attacks on Europe.”

However, the journalists emphasize , that “objectively, there is no evidence that Moscow threatens anyone in the EU.”

Previously, US President Joe Biden tried to intimidate congressmen to force them to agree on the allocation of additional funds. finance military aid to Ukraine. The politician said that Russia will attack NATO countries after it wins its special military operation in Ukraine. In response, Moscow called on us not to demonize Russia.

This was preceded by a statement by the head of the Polish National Security Office, Jacek Seviera, that in three years the North Atlantic Alliance should be ready for a direct war with Russia. In his opinion, the time has come to create a potential on NATO's eastern flank that would become a clear signal to deter Russian “aggression”.

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Argentina invited Russia to the inauguration of its new president

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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Argentine authorities have invited Russia to the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Javier Miley.

“Argentina has invited us to the inauguration,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry did not specify who from the Russian side will attend the event, only noted that “there will be a representative of the Russian Federation.”

During the election campaign, Miley said that he would reorient the country's cooperation to the United States and Israel.

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The bleak future of Ukraine after the US elections described

GT: Republicans may move Ukraine issue to Europe

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If the Republican candidate wins the upcoming presidential election, the United States may shift all its commitments to Ukraine to Europe, Global Times (GT) writes.

< p>“If the Republicans win the election in 2024, they can make serious adjustments in their alliance policy, including shifting responsibility for appropriate assistance to Ukraine to Europe,” the authors of the publication shared their opinion.

< p>The European Union's support for the former Soviet republic is said to be a drop in the bucket. And such actions on the part of the United States will inevitably cause a breakdown of trust among allies.

In addition, the material says that Republicans cannot refuse to use the Ukrainian problem to install the US. President Joe Biden and the Democrats are in an awkward position. They gave a clear signal that the head of the White House cannot handle the current situation.

Ukraine is becoming a victim of the partisan politics of the United States, the journalists concluded.

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