Afghan authorities impose a curfew in 31 of the 34 provinces

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Afghan authorities announce on Saturday on the imposition of a night curfew in all provinces of the country, with the exception of Kabul, Panjshir and Nangarhar. It will operate from 22:00 to 04:00 local time (from 20:30 to 02:30 Moscow time).

According to Agence France-Presse, with reference to a statement by the country's Ministry of the Interior, measures are being taken to curb the activities of the radical Taliban movement (banned in the Russian Federation).

It has not been announced how long the curfew will last.


Ukraine has lifted fines for violating the order of entry and exit from Donbas

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Ukrainian authorities accepted a decision to abolish the current system of fines for the people of Donbass for breaching the procedure for entering and leaving the region.

Exit from the part of Donbass not under the control of the Kiev authorities for persons with permanent or temporary residence in other countries, with the exception of the Russian Federation. Reasons for entering the territory of Ukraine are also serious illness or death of close relatives, the provision of medicines, treatment in the presence of serious and/or chronic diseases.

Entry is allowed for a child to issue documents proving identity and confirming citizenship of Ukraine, for the purpose of family reunification, inheritance, visiting educational institutions.

However, it is still impossible to cross the border at temporarily closed checkpoints. Persons who violate the order of entry will also be subject to administrative liability. Currently, entry to Ukraine from the uncontrolled part of Donbas via Russia is punishable by a fine ranging from 1.7 thousand hryvnia (60 USD) to 5.1 thousand hryvnia (over 180 USD). For the same acts committed by a group of people you can get a fine of 5.1 to 8.5 thousand hryvnia (300 USD).


Kiev announces liquidation of Russian “spy network”

She is said to have worked in the Kherson region.

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has announced the discovery of a “Russian spy” network in the Kherson region. It reportedly included security forces, intelligence services and officials.


The department said the network was allegedly organized by a former deputy head of the SBU's regional department, who entered Russia in 2014 and was allegedly received by a Russian special service there.

The spy network also included a police officer, a public prosecutor's office, a local government representative and an emergency officer.

The group allegedly hired Ukrainian citizens and transferred to Russia information about military units, the work of law enforcement agencies and the socio-political situation in the Kherson region. They received a reward for their services and the groups were allegedly supervised by a Moscow curator – an FSB career officer.

In early June, it became clear that Ukrainian citizen Aleksey Semenyaka, who had worked with the SBU, had been expelled from Russia. The man was barred from entering the country for 25 years on charges of intelligence and subversion.

The Ukrainian himself did not deny the fact of connection with special services, but said that he did not see anything reprehensible in this.

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Lithuania did not have enough fence wire on the border with Belarus


Lithuania must suspend construction of a fence on the border with Belarus. The ground ran out of barbed wire. This was stated by Deputy Interior Minister Arnoldas Abramavičius. According to him, negotiations have begun with other countries on the supply of thorns.

Wire of this diameter cannot be produced in Lithuania. Manufacturers do not have their machines configured for this. The easiest option is to order in Poland. However, it turned out that a government order had already been issued there. The Poles also want to secure their borders.

Negotiations are ongoing with other countries, including Denmark and Slovenia. Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas has previously said that 4.5 km of barbed wire was removed from military reserves. But she wasn't enough either. They are therefore waiting for confirmation from other countries.

Lithuanians want to install a barbed wire fence for 550 km. That is the length of the border with Belarus. The cost of the project is 41 million euros. The reason for building such a wall was the influx of refugees from the Belarusian side. At the same time, Minsk insists that there are no funds or forces left to detain migrants. Everything is spent on overcoming internal crises after the imposition of sanctions.


French fighter Rafale “eliminated” the Su-35 for training in Egypt

Cairo wants to acquire up to a hundred French aircraft by 2026

The Egyptian Air Force conducted an exercise during which the French fourth-generation fighter Dassault Rafale; defeated the Russian Su-35 in a training air battle. Both aircraft are in the arsenal of the Egyptian Air Force. The Indian Defense Research Wing informed about it.


According to media reports, during training battles, the Su-35 tried to attack Rafale and play the role of “aggressor”. With the help of the Thales Spectra enemy fire protection and prevention system (electronic warfare equipment), the French fighter managed to drown the phased array antenna (PAR) of the Su-35 radar. After his deactivation, the Russian fighter was unable to aim his weapons at the enemy, and Rafal easily eliminated him.

Foreign experts believe that the outcome of the training air battle could affect Egypt's plans to buy the Su-35, which would lead the country to choose in favor of the French manufacturer. The force, according to some information, consists of 24 Rafale and 5 Su-35. According to Breaking Defense, Egypt plans to buy from 72 to 100 French fighters, depending on its financial capabilities.

Su-35 is a multi-role fighter of the so-called “4 ++” generation manufactured by Suchoj. The aircraft is in the arsenal of the Russian Air Force and is also exported to a number of countries. It has the Russian air radar “N035 Irbis”.

“Rafale” is manufactured by the French company Dassault Aviation. This multi-purpose fighter is equipped with Thales Spectra electronic warfare, which allows you to throw enemy missiles off course, as well as hack the radars of enemy aircraft. In addition to the French Air Force, “Rafale” is in the arsenal of the air forces of Egypt, India and Qatar.


Spetsnaz “Vityaz” showed techniques for eliminating terrorist groups

The conventional enemy didn't get a chance

Screams, explosions, shooting, the roar of “turntables” … At first glance, everything that happens looks like shots from modern action movies. But for Special Forces soldiers, it's just a familiar training. Our correspondent visited the ODON training center near Moscow, where a demonstration lesson on the destruction of a conditional terrorist group took place as part of the Zaslon-2021 operational-strategic exercise.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“Training is difficult, easy in combat,” said Russian commander Alexander Suvorov. Centuries later, repairmen were still following Suvorov's advice and constantly improving their skills.

Special operations to destroy the conditioned terrorist group were carried out by soldiers of the special task Vityaz Russian Guard with the support of aviation and artillery. A special tactical lesson took place as part of the large operational-strategic exercise “Zaslon-2021”. According to the Federal Service of the National Guard forces, this is the first time since the establishment of the Russian Guard an exercise of this magnitude. It takes place in several regions at once. The goal is a comprehensive preparation for the extensive September exercises under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Defense “West-2021”.

– You can only watch a special operation from the headquarters building. They will shoot for real, – the officer orders journalists. – Go up to the balcony on the third floor.

Everything is ready for training at a specially equipped location of the training center. Below is an imitation of a one-story building that, according to legend, is seized by conditioned terrorists. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters. Everything is visible at a glance. The skyscraper, which will become the second object of combat events, is a little further.

The sounds of gunfire force those gathered on the balcony to stop their idle shaking. The army all-terrain vehicle “Tiger”, which attracts the attention of the audience, quickly drives into a captive household. From the hatch of the armored vehicle, the fighters “Vityaz” fired continuous machine gun fire.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The rear door of the car suddenly opens and from there two attack groups of special forces will fall. To determine the exact location of terrorists and make quick decisions in a complex and rapidly changing environment, military personnel use an unmanned aerial vehicle – a multicopter. Within minutes, the operator detects the bandits and passes their coordinates to the special operation manager.

National Guard soldiers hiding behind armored shields head for the building. With the help of a special inspection device and a “wall imager”, which allows you to see everything even behind an obstacle, they thoroughly inspect the structure. All the militants who resisted were killed.

Suddenly, it turned out that one of the repairmen, whose role was assigned to the manikin, was conditionally injured. He is urgently removed from the building. A pool of “blood” spreads under the mannequin. One of the commands provides first aid to a “colleague”: a hemostatic tourniquet is firmly attached to the thigh above the site of injury and pushes the bandage at the top. The hygienic “loaf” that had arrived by then had evacuated the victim. The soldier's life is saved.

Task completed

The second group of gunmen sat down in a high-rise building. Attack groups cover special forces in firing positions. Snipers control access to the building so that aid does not penetrate the terrorists. The roar of turntables overhead is a giant Mi-8 cutting air with its knives. “Eight” hovers above the high-rise building, and a group of special forces search for air rises from the helicopter by rope to the roof. It's really like in the movies. You will not see such an impressive view in everyday life. And thank God. The paratroopers attacked the upper floors, while the ground group had already begun to “clean up” the lower floors, so there was no chance for the bandits. Artillery fire blocks access to bandits of reinforcements.

The appearance of the skydivers in the sky again forces one to divert attention from the events taking place below. Using the special Stayer parachute system, commandos with weapons and cargo containers land on an unprepared limited area and begin to perform their assigned task.

The forces of the “enemy” exceed ours and the leader of the special operation requires air fire. There is a deafening explosion, nothing can be seen behind a column of black smoke. Behind him – another.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova The radio traffic manager reports: “The task is complete. All terrorists were destroyed. “

After the demonstration class, Colonel General Viktor Strigunov, the first deputy commander-in-chief of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, spoke to journalists who rated the work of the special forces as” excellent. ” able to perform the tasks set by the Commander-in-Chief, “the Colonel-General summed up his speech.

I'm not afraid

Special forces cannot tell journalists their names, their faces are half covered by balaclavas. A special forces officer with the call sign “Batyr” told reporters that Rosgvardia is armed with state-of-the-art technical means to help repairmen handle even the most demanding situations at a glance.

– You yourself just saw what happens during the exercise, all the equipment was combat, the shooting was done from real weapons. Perhaps the only difference is that in real life it can take a little longer.

The second officer with the call sign “Demon” explained that the fighters train their skills daily for the subsequent successful completion of various tasks.

– I don't feel scared, – the officer replies. – All actions are processed to the smallest detail, every fighter knows his place, he knows what he has to do. Any force majeure, such as adverse weather conditions, is agreed in advance. If there is a real obstacle in the task, we are looking for other ways to solve it …

Russian National Guard fighters “freed hostages” with drones during the Zaslon-2021 exercise

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On the same day, another hands-on lesson took place at the Elektrostal training center near Moscow with repairmen and special forces staff from the Rosgvardia Central District. Soldiers of the “Peresvet” special unit and SOBR officers of the Russian Guards Headquarters in the Moscow region improved their professional skills. The main goal of the lesson is to increase the level of coordination and interaction of forces and resources in the joint performance of service and combat tasks.

The actions of the special forces were evaluated by the first deputy director of the Russian Guard, Colonel General Viktor Strigunov and the commander of the Central District of the National Guard, Colonel General Igor Golloyev.

According to their evaluation, the members successfully coped with the assigned tasks.


The Russian embassy called on the IOC to correct the map with Crimea as part of Ukraine

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Map published on the official website of the Tokyo Olympic Games, where it turned out that Crimea is part of Ukraine, they are wrong, and therefore it should correct the International Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Games, says a report of the Russian Embassy in Japan on Facebook.

As the Russian diplomatic mission emphasized, Crimea is an integral part of the Russian Federation and the question of its ownership is “finally and irrevocably closed.”

“We assume that the IOC and the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, make the appropriate corrections to the above-mentioned map and bring the image of Crimea into line with the apparent legal and objective reality, “the report said.


Biden allowed up to $ 100 million to set aside the evacuation of Afghans


Up to 100 United states will spend millions of dollars to evacuate those people of the country who cooperated with US troops from Afghanistan. This decision was made by the President of the United States Joe Biden. He has already sent a notice to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The funds will be spent through the state fund to help refugees and internally displaced persons. First, they will go on issuing special immigration visas. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about 2.5 thousand Afghans can claim this document.

However, the media mention other figures – 18,000 Afghans who worked directly for the US military and 53,000 members of their families. Washington can easily evacuate them. In that case, they will be temporarily deployed to Fort Lee Military Base in the state of Virginia in the USA. At the same time, the evacuation does not guarantee that all these people will be able to stay in the United States. Their eligibility for a visa will be assessed in general. And if they are denied residence in the territory of the states, they will simply be deported to their homeland.


Psaki: Chinese sanctions against the US will not stop Washington


Washington will continue political sanctions against China. The US administration will not be stopped by the restrictions imposed by Beijing. This was stated by White House press secretary Jen Psaki. She commented on reports that the PRC imposed sanctions on seven US citizens. The list includes politicians, human rights activists and researchers.

According to Psaki, the restrictive measures in place only show that Beijing is ready to punish individuals for “sending a political signal.” She believes that these measures will “worsen the investment climate” in China.

At the same time, the representative of the White House noted that the imposed sanctions will not affect the planned visit of the First Deputy Foreign Minister to China. Wendy Sherman will travel to China on July 25. There he will meet Chinese officials. including talks with Foreign Minister Wang I.


Ukraine has imposed sanctions on the richest woman in Russia

Photos from Tatiana Bakalchuk's Facebook page

President of Ukraine , Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree imposing sanctions on a number of citizens of the Russian Federation and organizations. According to the document, the blacklist is presented by Tatyana Bakalchuk (founder of online retail, according to Forbes the richest woman in Russia), a division of her company in seven countries, co-owner Vladislav Bakalchuk and Andrey Revyashko (IT director).

Sanctions are also being imposed on those involving the self-proclaimed DNR and Crimea, non-profit organizations in France and two French citizens – Geral-Hubert Fayard and Christel Nean.

The sanctions are valid for three years. It provides for the blocking of assets, a ban on the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine and a number of other measures.