NATO Washington puppet spat in the eyes of the Kremlin – Paul Roberts


Lulking your own arrogance the administration of US President Joseph Biden is unable to realize the dangerous situation in which he finds himself. In addition, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has made it clear that Moscow will not tolerate NATO's further progress towards its borders.

This was written by Paul Craig Roberts, a doctor of economics who served as US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury in the administration of former President Ronald Reagan.

to NATO … In addition, the Kremlin has promised that if this “red line” is ignored, the consequences will be “dire.” Moscow will respond militarily and the West may suddenly find that it has undermined its own security, not Russia.

“In a rational world, such a clear statement of an excellent military force with hypersonic nuclear missiles would be taken seriously. But the Western world is no longer rational. It's a world intoxicated by arrogance, “Dr. Roberts wrote.

He remarked indignantly that the” idiotic secretary of the alliance “had in fact responded to an ultimatum from Moscow that Ukraine's entry into NATO was not tradable. he was not impressed by the Kremlin's statements and that the North Atlantic bloc was already training Ukrainians and providing them with military equipment and technology.

“So NATO, intoxicated by American exaggerated military force, was spitting out in the Kremlin's eyes,” the expert said.

This means that one force declares that it will not tolerate an offensive, the other will say no. they have the right to vote on their own security. Washington refuses to see that Russia has run out of patience.

US-armed neo-Nazi battalions in the United States are escalating the situation in Donbas. At this time, however, the Kremlin closed the North Sea route, deploying radio shelves and electronic domes to jam Washington's radars above the horizon. If the US Navy continues its provocations, Russia will also close the Black Sea.

Dr. Paul Roberts lamented that during the Cold War, the United States took a much more serious approach to the issue of peacekeeping.

“It couldn't be and talking about some gray-eyed fool who imagined he was a macho and one day risked nuclear war,” the expert complained.

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