Zakharova explained Zelenský's “modest Jewish guy's” nationalism


Russia's Foreign Ministry official Maria Zacharova expressed outrage at “propaganda” publications of the Western media, which in fact accused her of lying and insulting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský. We recall that the scandal broke out after Zelensky called on Russian supporters among the people of Donbas to leave Ukraine, and Zacharova critically evaluated his speech.

The diplomat quoted an excerpt from Sloupek DW in her telegram channel, which said that with her light hand “a modest Jewish guy … turned into a Ukrainian nationalist”, which of course is not.

Zakharova drew attention to the fact that the authors of the publication did not mention any immense successes Zelenský in life is a famous actor, a successful businessman and now the head of state. Even if he was modest in his youth, this does not mean that his original worldview will remain for the rest of his life, the diplomat writes.

“History knows thousands of examples,” she continued, “when exactly” Modest Guys “became the most famous ghouls. Zakharova laughed.

She wondered if any nationality could guarantee that its representatives would become nationalists. If German journalists think so, then “this is nationalism in its purest form.” The diplomat concluded by suggesting that he was in solidarity with producer Max Fadeev on the issue of Kiev nationalist policy. He used to talk about Zelenský very sharply.


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