The US sent B-52 bombers to Afghanistan


American B Bombers -52 Stratofortress sent to Afghanistan to fight militants of the radical Taliban movement banned in Russia. They took off from the US air base El Udeid in Qatar.

According to the Times, the planes are already hitting targets in the provinces of Herat, Kandahar, Lashkar Gah and Helmand. Aircraft are also used to support AC-130 fire.

The US Embassy in Kabul previously called on US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately. The reason is a dangerous environment, as stated by the embassy statement.

US Representative to the UN Jeffrey Delorentis previously said that the radical Taliban movement banned in Russia would be in international isolation if it seized power in Afghanistan … He also called on the Taliban to return to the path of political settlement. situation in the republic and stopped the attack on the positions of government troops. Recall that Taliban operations in Afghanistan intensified sharply after the United States began withdrawing troops from the country.


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