Work and holidays of Russian diplomats: The reality of the “fighters of the diplomatic front”

Photo: Global Look Press

My Professional Vacation – Diplomatic Worker's Day – February 10 is celebrated by employees of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In today's complex reality, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a very difficult responsibility to defend the interests of our country on the international stage.

About what has changed in the lives of Russian diplomats over the past year, and what remains unchanged, on February 9 in 14 Andrey Glebovich Baklanov, guest of the MK press center, vice-chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats, ex-ambassador of the Russian Federation in Saudi Arabia strong>.

What are Russian diplomats like today? What qualities are most in demand among “diplomatic frontline fighters”? Does a sense of humor help them at work? And what helps employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to relax after a hard day at work? We will talk about it with our partner.


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