Rustem Klupov named possible targets for a tactical nuclear strike in Ukraine

The target of a tactical nuclear strike in Ukraine may be state army corps formed in the armed forces of Ukraine, armed with NATO armored vehicles, including Leopard tanks. This was stated by a veteran of military intelligence, Hero of Russia Rustem Klupov, in the program “Full contact with Vladimir Solovyov” on February 9. According to him, the Ukrainian corps formed by the spring will be comparable in strength to American armored divisions. They can be used to break through towards Crimea, Berdjansk and Melitopol. Such military groups can become targets for so-called tactical nuclear weapons.

Klupov reminded that this type of nuclear weapons is divided into means of tactical range (up to 50 kilometers), operational-tactical and operational level (up to 1500 km ). Tactical nuclear charges can be delivered by large-caliber artillery (Tulip, Pion), Iskander missiles, Kalibr complexes, as well as Su-24M front-line aircraft.


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