WarGonzo: French mercenaries have arrived in Nikolaev

Photo: Global Look Press

French mercenaries are starting to arrive in Mykolaiv. This is reported by the WarGonzo Telegram channel with reference to its sources, which are also involved in a detailed analysis of radio intercepts.

“Information about the arrival of the French in this direction is confirmed, among other things, by pro-Russian underground activists operating in the Nikolaev area”, — wrote the authors of the channel.

In addition, it should be noted that a large concentration of foreign mercenaries was known in the industrial and port zones of Nikolaev. Earlier it was reported that according to radio intercepts, it was possible to reveal that the fighters were speaking English and Polish, and now French speech can be heard.

Footage of the consequences of the new strikes on Kyiv has appeared: the city's infrastructure has been destroyed < p style ="text-align: center;">

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