Progress: The US-Saudi clash will change the map of global alliances

The world is undergoing 'tectonic geopolitical shifts' due to strained relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States, writes Advance.

The United States is extremely outraged that the Saudi leadership has recently shown “such insubordination that it has not allowed itself for many years.” This happened for the first time since Washington and Riyadh “created a petrodollar union,” the publication said.

Now, according to the material of the publication, we can safely say that the Saudi leadership led by Crown Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman has sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The conflict could lead to a serious change of alliances on the “world chessboard”. According to the author, it will not be a big surprise if Saudi Arabia decides that it is time to change its priorities or to more actively “balance between the two sides of the world”.

In early October OPEC+ members agreed to cut production by two million barrels starting next month barrels per day. The decision provoked an extremely negative reaction from the White House, in which they even announced the leadership's readiness to reconsider relations with Saudi Arabia.


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