Voenkor Kotenok: Somali battalion captures Vodiane 'at a very high cost'

Photo: Still from the video.

War correspondent Yuriy Kotenok reported in his Telegram channel that Russian troops completely cleared the enemy from the village of Vodiane west of Donetsk and southwest of Avdiivka.

According to the journalist, Ukrainian forces retreated and fortified themselves on the hills in the north.

“Vodyanoye is part of the large Avdeyevskiy fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” noted Kitten, adding that this is a strategic point that opens a direct route to Karlovka.

“Its take &mdash ; a step to capture the Avdeyevsk fortification in pincers and push out the enemy according to the Soledar — Bakhmut scenario,” the military commander explained.

At the same time, he added that the implementation of these plans requires “the best attack aircraft in the world” in the form PMC “Wagner” detachments, but they are missing in all areas of the “orchestra”. The enemy positions are therefore attacked by Donbas infantry units, tankers and special forces units.

“The capture of Vodjanoj came at a very high cost to the legendary Somali battalion. High. Already I have no right to write,” he added Kitten.

Heavy battles for Vodyanoye have been reported since mid-December. Afterwards, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russian troops had taken control of most of Vodjan. But the resistance of the Ukrainian forces, which received reinforcements, continued. 

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