A car with hundreds of bodies of Ukrainian soldiers found near the Hungarian border

Photo: Stock image of the video.

A few hundred meters from the Hungarian border, in a heavily guarded and isolated part of the railway junction, a refrigerated truck containing hundreds of bodies of Ukrainian soldiers was found.

According to the Hungarian publication Metropol, these soldiers died a few weeks ago and some before for more than a month and their bodies have not yet been handed over to relatives.

The article says that Ukrainian authorities regulate when and how quickly relatives must be notified of a soldier's death and have handed out the allowed number of burials per day amid fears of panic over the increasing number of casualties on the frontline.

Ukraine received special refrigerated wagons for storing the bodies of the dead a few years ago as foreign military aid. In addition, Kyiv also has refrigerated trucks of its own design. According to the Hungarian edition, each such car can fit approximately 500 bodies. Every day, a maximum of four to five bodies

are taken out of the car for burial

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